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Sports Saturday 4-5 11:20am, Jeff Palermo

Apr 5, 2014|

“Sports Saturday” with the Big Chief Deke Bellavia and T-Bob Hebert live from Tiger Stadium. At 1 o’clock we’ll bring you all the action from LSU’s Spring Game. Join the fellas as they talk to Jeff Palermo (WWL.com columnist & LN Sports Director) about the LSU spring game that is going on today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That is on the Saints and Tigers and the pelican visit WWL dot com columnist at WW dot com and it was -- -- sports director Jeff Palermo. Who joins us now big weekend here in an event -- -- at the final four lock on all wrestle mania in the Big Easy. And Tigers -- game today where I was gonna see us some of the skill position players. Warmup on the field -- we come to know what this is -- -- -- excited and the kind of showcase keep the fans our campus or. Outside of football season probably biggest -- football odds on campus outside -- a football season when you think of everything with all the activities. But today people wanna get a look just to see what type of progression. That that young quarterbacks have made. They have that to me is really this but he it. Obviously the main story line in this game and you know finger kind of waited when you look at the two rosters and are weighted toward. Anthony can examine that successful day he got the veteran receiver with them straight and narrow. Take it lightly. He's got BD. -- -- squad so. I don't know maybe they'll use some fortune around here a little bit during the course of the game and today. But things looked pretty -- -- -- and to -- Jennings statement on the roster it's not who loaded on -- but you know. I don't know how much you know I I think that -- that you -- that game is just kind of warm up you guys are. Been back that the comfort level to get the team in and out of the oh. Think -- a look at some of the little things here and just this week as far as that type of progress that they've been able to make. Jeff -- open question marks on how's your team right now records nightly brilliant fell aura transfer schools do you think is this year's spring game. It may be a little more importance than some of the past three games. Well you know that thing is that then I think to. This spring game it's weird because I think two of the more important players on this. 2014. Team or not on the roster that out you were. And -- -- net so you're you're kinda. Be hearing here now Watson that he you're not related to get a sense from that game I probably can really make any kind of adjustments. I know what that's what his fourteenth season will be like they the game and it's been that -- -- game but. For sure as well because it's ever except that the two key -- how would you dolphins' next year or not he'd been here. You know defensively. I think there is. You know you watch and at defensive line I think that'll be interesting that the pathetic after going up against. You know the starting the front line as it would be now there are up against. You know seconds. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Jeff Palermo as the weather is a columnist at WW dot com was an -- sports director of big dale own campus is bringing that 1 o'clock here and a -- -- -- radio later this evening -- to get in. The baseball game last night that errant no look fine performance Tigers went 320 Jeff's in now on looks like the forecast there. May not be able to get him out the rest of this series and I think if they can anyone the next day be pleased with that. Yet so it's just this game and hope pulmonary just prior -- the weather. Tampering with the series. You know and it TV trying to and constant here a little bit you know it it you know got an area point in the post game last night. You know they talked about possibly. They declined it Sunday game this afternoon. But if they started that Sunday or they started again in the afternoon and then right move there and and all that it and then pick thirty came around well they won't be able to conclude that one game at the start. The other -- -- whatever the third game of the series because of TV reasonable. You know they're they're kind of hampered by that obviously a lot of activity on campus. So a lot of things kind of go against them here. As far as tried to get this series then but at least they got one and -- know that the -- last night it will be -- -- -- kind of variable life. And Jeff that's where I was go and X man just talk about -- and all of a little bit and just I guess have credible. The cut it is the. He's he's Baird for a bit I mean. He's going down the best pitchers and analyst you've never had -- look at them they've had the great ones that. You know Kevin that was dominant. And accurate though you know -- and a relentless around for -- -- I can't really. Compare it or you know guys like Cameron called murder -- -- the other great Ellis pitchers but. You know that the market duplicate the ERA in -- it that the -- of College Baseball network. You know win when -- night in and out. Half -- rather archer earned run average. Band and it's -- it's -- and it is ability is his ability to grow as many. Strike that he does it's it's unbelievable but you know without -- -- It's great -- that he put you know you market promote what the pro scouts are saying about them. -- automatic idea and say you know a guy like the -- get from parents who we. It's kind of it. What I've read and they must be stopped and it and it quote under it again at a higher level up standards would be better whenever they'd be it. -- He is the most dominate pitcher. -- Ellis you know and I think he's got a good shot it you know winning the the golden spikes award this year based on number but he a couple of right. Jeff what without Noah and the quarterback situation and so forth affair took to put the expectation level on his team and all I see that counts where you know. And I went and wins total fought for the season including post season that's what they wore. But you know when you look at that is what games you play at home vs away I think -- into that probable cause of Auburn. A bounce back on that they're really effective LSU -- don't know history when they were down played a tight game. And it's a tight series but you -- what would be some expectations for these three move -- But certainly it would would be unbelievable I. I think that offenses it's gonna struggle I mean it and you know bit yeah what the quarterback the -- -- column that bowl game. You know maybe it will be a -- -- that will make you think -- things will be a little bit better but. You know the wide receiver. You're just wasn't so much there and think defensively they're going to be okay. I didn't look at the schedule when he got to go to Auburn. Obviously at Alabama hold. You know -- -- -- -- Ellis you can play wanted to neutral site game that are gonna come out and -- And it might be a game what. Would happen in. You know I delegated an 848 support -- coming up maybe not agree with you get the breaks well. I did don't expect much out of the that. I mean you're you're lose and Belmont now. They got a great running back and -- -- politically on cattle lot by I don't know -- -- defense yet though is that. It comedy stage as it was when you're -- about. The super they were pretty credible -- those -- I think that alone. One interesting part here it is yeah. Would you -- I don't have too much expectation for the season. However I would say one feather in the cap for those shoes that I love out of a bias. Four out of five. Terry an O lineman I think that's huge for you even with this many question marks trying to work guys in the air and to that point -- who do you think takes over that right guard spot vacated by Terry Turner. That's a question I mean it obviously. Quite battled there and you know I think it's just going to be -- comedy you know. You know several different guys they put -- on that spot it. Whether it's post what others. I can't pronounce that one guys in the -- whatever it may. And that. It. And then you know. But that they added that -- great that they -- thought that that the O line pretty much act and they should be pretty good. You know it's triple operating Michael they'll -- it BenJarvus -- it really become. -- adopt -- play you know yeah obviously at the big game his freshman season. How golfers and struggled to stop or year before it really became prominent player yet seen -- you know his junior -- so now it's at they'll top you know but. We've seen guys come out of nowhere. Today you know you know we've we've seen can't come on you know we've -- -- -- oh. Auburn quarterback as it comes I don't know I don't know it -- Or branded areas and that and maybe I don't you know guys and these you know it is unbelievable breakout years that you know so it is. Right there in the thick of things and you know see -- Yet Palermo columnist that at UW product on the reasonable sports director Jeff how can people volley onto the job form aren't. Thank you so much for the time we appreciated. And I come and ask what his previous day's final four Kentucky Wisconsin and Florida and -- -- that it video news at 1132 of the first things will go to 1130.

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