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Sports Saturday 4-5 11:35am, Terrence Payne

Apr 5, 2014|

“Sports Saturday” with the Big Chief Deke Bellavia and T-Bob Hebert live from Tiger Stadium. At 1 o’clock we’ll bring you all the action from LSU’s Spring Game. Join the fellas as they talk to Jeff Palermo (WWL.com columnist & LN Sports Director) about the LSU spring game that is going on today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back this afternoon -- -- Westwood -- coverage of the 2014. Final four in Arlington here on WW are greater that it's a national semi finals. The Florida Gators the favorite to win and -- Against the Connecticut Huskies who perhaps have the best player in the tournament right now they did a couple of years ago on Kemba Walker -- into the championship. They're hoping to continue to run the play of some bad as they get a few watching it part of his timing part of Connecticut he has Vienna another -- back to -- you can. -- -- Who like he hands like Kemba Walker. It benefits some player on the other hand a team like Kentucky those guys at seven freshman all American came in and this reaching their potential now on that side of things. Parents -- joins us now to talk about the final four this afternoon and Owens and in the national semi final games you'll hear on WW radio contribute college basketball talk. Dot com intense pain you know even though Kentucky were -- away or eight. And you know came into the season -- it -- -- -- Florida in the SEC it was had to beat down. They the expectation level folk and took it was to be exactly where they are now and that's in the final 47 all American people they did a couple of years ago when -- Davis and Michael KEO Chris came into all of that won the national championship. But this the team went dead talented runners on hit it distract. Yeah I mean or dark out our nature of this season you know on the marathon not a sprint and they went through a lot of bumps -- road but it means you start seeing them in their potential that he needs -- against Florida. They're down double digits -- mating game. You know we -- just that potential really be reached -- and and then determine used look at the road having goat -- They and it Wichita State its first loss and they played a great game I don't care what anyone says stopped it was a great team and and Kentucky need everything to get by them and then to be their rivals so playing time this season and then play Michigan. And beat them with this measurement the bat sooner than the regular season and by the best conference and in the nation to they had to go to an incredibly offer it to get here and you know -- seen just how good this. This seem more than all the hype that was the right and in in the pre season. Now the -- that far in this talk about this and now relies on how to beat some of the commentators are when you look out there and and -- -- the mall. But if it is an SEC final if it's Florida Kentucky for fourth time this season what does -- say for the southeastern conference for the minimum amount a team they guiding -- and then look it is what it is. But to have two teams from the same power play for the national championship what -- that say about the the FCC it's just 22 good teams in. Maybe competitive about that order that it that -- and asked -- look at the SEC different basketball last. I don't think he would it's so much change in the perception of the conference. And we knew what she was going to be like point so you'll be top heavy it is surprise that. The final could be an SEC chairman rematch of course it would be. Blame it not surprising. Given how good we -- Kentucky and Florida we're going to be. In an intense heat played great department's budget -- all that strong at the Big Ten big twelve this year. But -- include and that that and you know obviously Arnold. -- If you could choose one player. Out of these two games one player that the team absolutely. Cannot live without -- can't go any further with that player being. And here that are are fortunate mileage as much about Napier. He just. Such a great leader who's says all the right things have been just does all the right things. You see him up there used just a floor general sense -- just directs the offense he's. He's always you know he's he's -- -- -- all American market by the one. Player let's not feel that you want with the ball on the and hands with the time winding down and you know line. I just say he's a great leader he's been in. He also being in the and that's this spot before he was that he was a key player on that title in team in 2011 for UConn. -- -- Eight I guess to speak to UConn in a large did you come and all the penalties. On their coach Kevin Ollie how impressed. Are you with they had their ability to reach sought out and almost got knocked out first round. Yeah and -- at all -- -- polished or -- that can change or should have won that game but you know just. -- you're asking me you know you aren't just -- it's it's such a great story if you look at. It's so hard to all the legends like Jim. You know -- and given everything that. It happened you know image from the approach you lose easily lose they would to a transfer. I is another player transfer. And you know I think maybe. The EPR. Sanctions -- couldn't play in the potent but I would that's never happened for you parts. Because I just got a chance just Casey Blake's guilt and a chance to put that chip on the shoulder and he did -- -- and that's something you can't remember in the -- -- attitude. I mean and then I think that's a reason why there are four. We're visiting with -- Lancaster to the college basketball thought doc on this afternoon the national semi finals here from the final phone on -- on WWR radio. Brought in Connecticut and Wisconsin Kentucky would've token do you and it's not by your own drama about a loss and not I've gotten his spiel. Of the other those that are -- on site -- thing it from a national was effective. Is that we we talk about the final full and we don't match in Wisconsin and is the ballclub this Komansky who is coming in and he's as -- thirteen points and -- offseason any thought that he he's averaging 56 more points per game. Bow around it is a coach that has done a tremendous job of being close before you know winning at Orlando took on some good teams in the past. This is the one he gets there. And this is a team that you know when you talk about the final four. That kind of like -- as Wisconsin but this has been a solid program for a long time this is really Wisconsin opportunity take that take that next step. In the common national promised they're really not enough about their own dorm that kind of get out the shadow of some big programs. In their own conference semi skin in the final game -- here we know how they without authority here coming out of the -- -- -- -- state but this Wisconsin program makes the big team in probably the best in the country. I think you're right I think a lot you're saying Opel Wright made a final four it's a great achievements spoke you know Scotland not done yet. And in your right Wisconsin -- deal that -- just because of the tradition animal in the recent tradition. Other recent success of Kentucky Florida at UConn. But yet Wisconsin. You know. This can be a huge weekend for them as a program and I mentioned Shabazz Napier is the best players still available that that. Maybe one more court -- -- -- eagle was part of mismatched just because of his -- in the post and it in his and ability to score -- back to the basket and then also his ability to step out and shoot threes. And the seven order. I'm so hurt and thought it gonna be -- -- Portland when you're guarding him and -- and we saw it again there's only eat. Torched them and that's on line with children is he and Eric Gordon and B you know I don't think that's here. -- I mean you like albeit some bonus and enemies have got I have that kind of arrange another comeback three of them -- -- -- outside. It painted area mean this is an in this afternoon from people who haven't seen it was contemplate. If he's on he's -- parents the rest of the country will be a treat it to him -- not go back and remember -- -- -- Montrose had a seat. At UCLA and and again I've Bryant Reeves I mean people knew about them. But when you get this final four is just that it's a different platform it's a different state if he comes up big in -- teams -- and that's -- -- -- The -- what he did this season will be more glorify. Especially given it is career lead up to it. I think you've played some experimenting and got a game last year so he's really kind of come out of nowhere. Birdies more so he's. -- more of a computer program where you see these kind of big men develop and it just -- prime time and I think -- exceeded any expectations that Wisconsin has happened this season. All right and it's give us your take now you've -- his thing ball aloft at the -- began a couple of weekends ago pool will play for the national championship Monday night. I'm -- for their national champion -- yankees my neck and my national champion. And you know I think it's really hard just -- know it in fact you're out or Florida or Kentucky and I realized how crazy that going to be. I think in Florida over Kentucky for the fourth time this season. Can't tell if I can folks probably won't put. Our errant underscore -- Stance thank you so much and -- and we appreciate. Our our the national semi finals this afternoon it to thirty enemy today in the in Florida Connecticut thirty minutes at -- that. Wisconsin and Kentucky on -- home of the men's national championship this is WW.