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04-05 Sports Saturday (LSU)

Apr 5, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and T-Bob Hebert discuss LSU football with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back you know count them last bit here put it out -- so hopefully -- have to be LSU sports network and you hear. Doug Morrow. Or Derosa beaten and as outlined in the fourth it's him off on the Q does bring. Game today the Oakland's three game that would work at 1 o'clock the fake football players on the field and the guy the on the court man. One via kickers snapper on the field like him or and a want to say tell me. I want to see if anybody else maybe have a little mom. Bit of an issue here can't figure out there two days guys sweat and -- you know the curtain. Kickers in the players lounge Q -- ballgame and they think McNabb -- Run around the tree active well it got so bad. My senior year them off explode. It to end yet Pittsburgh company from go outside -- practice -- to make a it's terrible -- noble has done that they'll. -- -- having access. I -- all that stuff really doesn't matter to them if they don't want you both thinking like you go to a and I'll give it to get out your desk and only he would never failed a stroke related -- didn't bailed out a lot you can do you can do whatever if you -- like -- -- everyone on the -- -- your -- made -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He may have been. In the trainer room players loudly for all whatever but there are also multiple practice. Where it was all right if he makes his kick won't run if it's it's -- -- -- right jobs always made decade. We're here for the L clubs -- game elation of that purple and white. Welcome the talk about that the earth is our. And -- your take is it to 60187866890. Rates in the Texas 87870. Egos BT WW dot com. -- it or you -- -- to -- sports wise. This week in New Orleans the wrestle mania -- the hall of fame tonight all sorts of activities going on -- -- -- tight -- -- -- On Monday night it is the final four win at Kentucky and Wisconsin. Before that you have Florida and Connecticut -- on the network here at 230 and I -- baseball all the -- football being cast a vote on right now. At that -- that you will dot com quarterly is on the Blanco yesterday's saint seeking a veteran and future hall of fame defensive back quarterback. Champ Bailey to -- -- -- big week for the Saints also from the current three year deal with safety Marcus ball and then giving parents Harrelson to 81 year deal. That in the mix this week the pelicans to follow last night on the road. To the Utah Jazz and it just announced in here we -- to -- -- with him before we take -- is our. With the new ESP NN network it is coming up a Yemeni SEC two of the greatest defensive linemen in Tigers history. I'd just announced they will be as analyst in that capacity for the ACC network that being Anthony. And -- known as -- McFarland and Marcus the man. -- Spears. A huge fan of them obviously grown of those you an idea. I'll never forget like forty sets with him this season on one of those NCAA games it -- put out there on the edge would be UV was incredibly. Furcal will rate in the game that -- man. Lone voter first is that -- you and then that's huge Michaels out there and I was all about the Buccaneers like Carolina the outlook Michaels in a year ago Michaels but. Although Buccaneers and so voters obviously -- them there for a while. Got that too aware that he gave -- another one with the Colts. Monday I don't know I think you can you. At -- -- don't -- them looking among them either way like you said through the greatest through the greatest players to ever put on for -- No doubt about it no doubt of that of course until this year that 01 recruiting class that with in mind for the Tigers. But Michael Clayton and -- -- -- it was considered the greatest recruiting class and -- Louisiana history zone with the LSU. And rattled by their class the issue is also featured the number one player in the country answer because I thought. That being the minute four minute so a lot of it -- -- -- -- or online at W give you attack on the latest on the Saints and Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans. We'll take a timeout welcome back and look at the rest of the conference says this getting sick. But this month -- -- -- wrap -- the spring game that we can that they Alabama has their annual eight days agreement that the time where you can. That Warrick and that's the all season before fall camp. In August date to seem to cope with LSU football and be -- easy for espn.com. With Jonas appear in the press. Alabama really like 100000 Heatley does that it is going to hit the -- in it to be happy to camp Tuesday and made a -- one of baseball's golden they don't got I mean it's cool -- -- where they can't -- it got to wrestle -- and down. Right and got all this other stuff going on well not only doubted -- they -- -- I -- -- rounds I can't. And if I don't. Mobile -- aircraft carrier I think you're battleship there's of these though and so there's that. Get on an area that it is either vacation that is one of the -- Coming back of the -- -- the league debut and welcome back. You know get down to the LSU spring game this afternoon and and we had college basketball the final four from falling and we don't and it worked it to thirty along with anybody there -- the that'll be it. And can't answer that LSU baseball tonight whether the meeting seem to this season against Mississippi State the Tigers a 10 after a dominant performance a defense in and around the -- 30 -- the -- last night here. On WWL. Radio. Well we are bringing him special guests that throughout the program and throughout college football and about the entire season with token. And Simmons on a cope with LSU football and the SEC for years in the European background. -- team he's up in the press box tick now that tiger isn't -- David. A new era for -- -- first time in what 33 years at this point in time it's unsettled at quarterback we knew -- -- burger. I've got into the situation of being -- junior. That he would be the main anywhere with the may have the last company has put. Now moving forward as a legitimate quarterback battle going on -- bedroom. Yeah I think obviously that's -- -- -- there -- much in the data to see now. I think innings and bring -- here -- some particular pulling. I think they've both been kind of inconsistent in the little bit that we've gotten to see. You know they. They don't let -- be watching me competitive so. This will be the first team that even the guys that come to practice every day and get some really see how they function in the offense and I think -- -- is actually looked more consistent as a passer in what little we've seen. Out and see how he does they -- that. -- you know it's from all accounts it's it's a two man race and he's on the outside of that. We look at it is in the and is it just the way I take on a David snapped. It -- seems to meet you hear it when you have a situation where if you lose in 2000 yard receivers -- -- -- -- -- good backs thing I would have us this Phillips they were running backs. Anderson called up if he you're looking to say -- we have it makes it feel confident and it's a veteran offensive line. That's what LSU does hand and then also you have a guy now who is intelligent quarterback and offense that I think people more confident with his most recent performance was a a record -- yearly issue with LSU. On a few expect the same production -- -- you have a guy who knows an awful lot about quarterback that's been with them at the highest level. That is teaching and training in new new new leader. It out of acting I think the biggest question coming in the season and has -- how quickly he turns those guys in the SEC countless. It it's gonna happen. No other evidence when he fourteen is is what I think is going to be the difference between them being great this year and being great it's 115. That they're there's greatness ahead of him I just don't I don't know how quickly that's gonna happen I think that's really. Going to be maybe the deciding yeah the season yeah. David. One what are we don't talk about alternate -- because there are so many questions at quarterback -- but something that needs to be mentioned. Is -- dual line coach Jeff Grimes if you look at coach stood that was a guy that day. I mean he 067. Years I know he was there for my entire five years always there which was very rare. Nowadays so I guess how is coach Grimes -- and have you heard anything in how the players responded to his -- to. I like the -- what's interesting to watch you know up covered college football for awhile now and what I'm accustomed to seeing from an offensive line coach is a maniac you know at -- tags at a I think picks that probably had that. And that he's not had a -- I'll -- look at. I think -- -- Lanka to throw like that and an interesting thing to watch with Grimes is of these market teacher. He doesn't seem to raise his voice alive he's he's a technician it seems like and I think they've responded well to it I certainly never seen it but it's it's it's interesting to see the difference between him and most of the guys that causes them. So cousins and screening I know they're -- they're definitely have an answer. David I mean I guess looking at these teams today if it -- and I've been teaching and you know at least we have to game but I'm here watch yes. You meet some highlights what battles should not be rested. Besides -- what's going on there and -- The one thing for your record is his offensive line we're gonna see the guys that have been kind of rotating at right guard them both teams. An eight. Evan Washington -- the policy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DJ wilders and Kendall that was played at middle linebacker and that was new to the middle this year. It was it's it's an enormous dealing. And yeah I think they really expect that he's you know one -- here it plays ESP three prospects and either team. Among their classes among their -- too. Out of -- and it's up there in the kind of knock some -- I think he's. Don't want to -- really good player here. Additive skating with us this is coming LSU in the SEC for years -- that you as the unit that. Davidson the rest the conference. The west looks to be -- -- -- that ahead. Of the East Coast big question mark now isn't it I thought both both athletic players -- Conference it certainly college football is he no longer hit a ham and also the top target in Mike Evans -- -- they also going to be interested him but. All on the east side a little bit of of the change South Carolina and Vanderbilt with changes -- -- with star players on both sides of the ball. Coach you've seen it and fifth in a program that is really did a good job disarmament. And it beat Tennessee with my focal they're really good team to make some ground here. I really think this going to be a year where they start big hits and struck the side that's on. Really talented players and a bunch of party school you know Taylor hurt the running back just one of the receiver. I just came from -- George and I know they really chase I just -- hard at Georgia and he still wound up signing with Tennessee in state school. You're gonna have a bunch of freshmen that play for the team that's in the belly and takes months because they're so young. But the next 23 years Tennessee's going to be a dangerous thing about. Think so I think though a David other than what we have pointed out anything goes on Ellis -- interest that you you painted to do today. I think the interior defensive on -- on the lots of team -- got -- always -- the redshirt last year Spain and great Gilmore our game -- it's surges and that sounds -- doesn't let them -- repeat that I. Frank Caron who I think is get them maybe play Italy and then tackle for wins here. And we'll see -- is that. Together we haven't seen playing games I'm out they're going to be playing gets expert experienced players. Good for the season it was a group that I think has been a little bit erratic last year. And the those guys have a ton of potential that you know they're they're brand names will be just I'm curious to see how that there. Absolute David how can folks who you work you probably won't with ESP n.'s SEC blogger Ellis as she blogs and then nine at Twitter it's at ESP -- it's ninety's and now. How long have you been -- doing this is -- -- -- you become -- -- while -- the opinion that does -- fourth year with the ESPN at four season it's been a four season is the last three current Georgia in Athens on that in the what was it like -- another big red fan base of course -- same pretty much around his confidence but that's a big football players over there absolutely. Very -- yeah -- -- -- they'll -- up. Out to media day. Million unofficial. My -- here -- you know it's like it perfectly or if it was ridiculous it's who. I think -- -- team. But go out there and get to go to a game for free. It is getting -- -- your bullets you know at school there it was -- -- yeah it until -- -- Got the guy got -- back and got a ticket out. If it gets them. David scene that was LSU football -- the FCC -- -- the unions and that David as always thank you so much man we appreciate -- -- -- would have gone against some more than any time I think I have absolutely. Well coming up at the bottom of the Allen and who lived with two of the formal greats and LSU football this year who just announced. Thank ESP and they will be joining him as analyst in that capacity cobra football that -- Anthony government opponents. And Marcus Spears both opponents and great teams -- in Baton -- people spoke on the phone when only two championships. In the National Football League with Tampa Bay and the Indianapolis Colts and my experience and at the championship here. With the LSU Tigers in the superdome that go -- yet. 21 to fourteen. Is LSU won that one there is start the second half right the it's have Marcus Spears it all the way out -- decently and roll when he was in high school all man he was tremendously -- them angry at all. Tremendous blitz man it is gimmicky or would you have to battle every year it's gonna it's easy that size reminds me anyway he was a man among the ball really well hopefully when he got to the dome if they fail to Gainesville India won the championship so all that is Theo yeah. Come in which on the network coming up and about thirty in the veto the only time is 1230 on the first news on him and they've given so much. Well through the program here in advance roots and to the -- the late. In a purple and gold you know on now members of the SEC network -- analysts agree -- is Anthony McFarland book on the fallen Jonas now tournament. Thank you so much that now howry. Do an outstanding may not say listen there's no better place are the B right now in the press box at -- they're not on the field in the press box I. I know when I go back to win when you were here in adversity it's -- impact it might which you. What you he would in guys who come bad route him and wanted to one of the competitive games in -- 95 season with the year. Tying coach DiNardo -- the floor -- when relatively inactive and beat teams you know you ought. But it being hands and picked off a pass went for it a competitive game want to lose him but -- -- ought to be out there -- that he would throw it -- picked off the ball and handle it often. If you Bassett hit it in brakes in turn things program. Well it was just an opportunity win you know and in 95 when I first got here with back class with Kevin Faulk and Todd McClure and panic and those guys well. You start to turn losing football around and it's -- me was more of a mindset anything else. And LaMarcus we would talk and just a minute ago Altman to be here no one and have a problem lancet 2001. It came I ask who. -- that that the greatest recruiting class of history the greatest group who go players at one point I'm going to use. College opponent Michael's the other guys and it meant -- -- did hear it then. Definitely I mean you know you look at the year we have an opportunity. Who have a lot of guys right -- their positions in the state -- -- -- -- -- that was. Myself Michael Clayton Moore keeps you it was worth. All of us played in the national our house all American games and we just made it this -- -- and that's one thing we know this we -- liberal leave school about visits. If that's most of these successful program that college football. We're winning we got from the state. And now we wanted to -- they'll if you rail coach Saban had a real nice -- to Lewis you know. You know the rest is history but you know -- have a opportunity to play here though it would be from -- for myself probably. Marcus what was it like. Six -- him are with you yeah you know whatever in the day. When a lot of people write about it or you will culminate everything happened throughout the NC. You know we were good defensive football team that whole year we made a lot of plays -- mean we knew we ran top five in the nation in scoring defense so. You know that play was something that that they're gold around his threw for me is probably the highlight of my football career because they brought -- back here after the when and in 1958. Atlanta no -- -- 2001 we were able to take that thing but. You know that that game is that is in the testament to that football team and that play is also well I didn't hit the nuclear by the place you only ran about ten yards and -- Gonna let you talk about what they're going to let Obama. To the way it ought to and I had outright and I had our Garko holds -- thought. The goal that I know I can't be -- Yeah yeah. Did you look at you look at the plays that he made it LSU and we -- -- compare apples then probably he will -- he was the big touchdown because of my -- you you want to -- -- I had -- -- there. Talking with all of that he but it I Hawkins. Ask your I mean being from a from a fan bases in football in LAQ in on the pro level plane in Dallas Dallas -- like the Yankees -- their credit you know if they say it is three things in the state of Texas -- was. That Dallas cowboy football and they think this football in his Dallas cowboy football looking at how Big -- -- been in to be applauded it. Don't assume. You know you don't understand that it -- you a little bit older and the younger you -- in the knows it's -- Dallas Cowboys -- Don't understand what it would be what it means to the requisite store when you play for the Cowboys but at the end of the day. Right now where that team mis it knees that it it he's the Tony Palestinians or are. But all Brady. Yeah they already -- something that happened. You know I think they and they rebuilding phase out you know they don't like he used that word that the Braves they are what they are rebuilding phase. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction but you know rep position -- in the come from LSU and what I -- know. Is how many people from Milledge you. Followed the Cowboys. Not -- follow my career followed the Cowboys are written in the so many people in Dallas that knew me from cart mark college and our school days so that made the experience a lot. -- stick it -- it's an NFL talk you obviously over the Buccaneers pretty closely we're Hawkins 88 or seven. Down -- so I guess what what he can go bucks chances how they look in and that -- -- it's all season has gone so well. Obviously Lovie Smith can be in the -- everything around you know he's changed thirteen of fourteen players. But he's trying to create news that you get rid after Revis and start making impact moves like that you can tell he's trying to give his philosophy. Installed in the program and to me that's what had to be done you know great you know wasn't a real god. From a NFL stamp when he was a college guy yeah and I think now you bring in a real enough -- -- -- -- -- -- -- running NFL program and he's gonna do a great job in. Hopefully you know that whole thing being. You know last to first. It takes place example against Pitt that that for quite well you you can actually hear right now you announced today -- analysts view the colon and CC even a lot of knowledge there. And they we know having you on -- you know what you want to you're in did move Marcus. Quoted inactive for that -- blow them off a small -- football tone Coughlin and the SEC now he has what was -- And you know you can directly related back to -- days here you can directly related back to the type players that breaks Disco was on the field. The most exciting thing for me is that you know every year it is easier to be competitive football. You know you you have those top two teams that's won a lot of games over the past years. But come on -- I'm starting to see that -- in this see. Where a lot of these seems like the fans the bills are in -- South Carolina -- -- game. So it'll be a lot of people when the -- and I think that helped the audience come back -- really be a peck away SEC football. What golfers is just the be in downhill and agreeing -- -- -- but I understand from that standpoint. And home series -- of view. Without viewers. A ball was really going over the football and I owe him that's the thing that almost excited about is -- being able to help them what is -- better. Why teams don't why or how they all. And the -- -- used to be your radio and anti India and you from a television standpoint just to be able to work -- you work with the SEC network. And covered this Kyle McCarthy yeah OK I realized -- -- won the national title this year we give or take a player to -- had -- in a row that's right and for the -- this conference to put war. That type of players that type of team we do Jiri and you're out in a pretty coveted break some knowledge having been out the gate entrances. Been out did chase that plated Brian Danny played in Jordan hare play in the swamp. Understand what that's like -- understand what these kids go through on a day that they out bases that's almost the reports there is -- -- football is is talking football about the best conference in the country it couldn't be any better. Two of the great was that oak lane stadium folks that great broke Koreas and now they -- analysts that he has been examined the Southeastern Conference rightly so and the equipment on and walked with these guys great to see you as always I have got to look at it probably been as cool event or not especially like -- -- -- -- -- was -- at a pregame write all -- they'll sort out there with you guys take it been looked at -- I was a student athletes folks that are already a year ago. Also -- -- you know I think they saw him I mean you who they are coming natives they noted doing like hard as -- game day saying all look they both thought they'd bring a perspective to his two years the end that a lot of people. -- will be. -- looking forward to BC five they've got Olivia and Obama called among his peers you're listening to that because you and welcome back a lot going on this week in the world of sports gets it to -- on the LSU sports network this after the spring game at 1 o'clock it's the final for the national semi finals. Florida and Connecticut. Followed by Kentucky and Wisconsin Monday evening news on it. The Al west went over to the Internet for -- game at 530 what's the Monday afternoon. Sean Payton with the owners and the 5 o'clock now right here on WW radio talk about all the offseason moves and getting -- For the you know workouts and the course in the equipment man is definitely the Packers now and the stadium my -- went. It's -- for the spring game in a lot of people obviously be focused in on. The quarterbacks and unite this week it will be a very interesting one of them or follow Prodi's -- -- 21 round receivers. Be out there working out -- Beckham Judy Jarvis Landry and -- -- -- -- will throw so. A lot on line eagle Ferguson and Nick Johnson lot of players participating. In the pro Vick the benefit of a few this week so be timing on campus yet. No definitely. I mean you mentioned there lot of talent -- going to be a details subverted talent draws the scouts in and especially the with a big time quarterback coming now that always seems to -- Gartner -- little more interest and Zach is a guy where it is even more critical for him personally. Because it's you want to show everybody -- yes look at the ACL surgery but it hasn't slowed me down. The only couple months out -- run around throw the ball great so why I think he wants to show. Like any other quarterback does on his -- at that you want to show great footwork and his ability to make every throw. That will be required it. Admit it felt it it it is my own personal preference -- out but it was always mean. LSU coming out with a pro -- and -- openings that that would that that's the uniform -- -- me do you have a -- like we like purple jerseys all identical thing he has in the man pummelled the watchers for a -- entity he's got to keep it. Keep the traditional -- in it but I -- overall I like how they do I like how they -- purple mound where it fits the team your deathly could -- like a small. Out of conference school that I Wear the purple put it this thing within the line any kind of game matters. Look at that white Jersey oh in Norway always -- and I have felt like always meetings like the role of -- -- would it was mostly purple is the one owner why don't jurors I don't got some obviously in regular digital -- do you know an open course beautiful -- over the course -- time. Most most though because the who have with a sponsor is -- whoever. B company B is that those designed by then it's all money but. LSU on today's purple and white scenario book by me. It's your Nike actually. The interesting. It's like Colorado -- -- -- -- water to those schools that are Nike that's the tonight's -- your relationship with -- so yeah -- at the forefront of all. -- -- out of that goes back to -- they. Great -- ball yes -- lose a lot of time out. Man open beyond program here and that -- -- think Phil is equipment manager of for the LSU program had a chance to work on the coach balls and not. Came up with no one of the guys who format it and formulated the balls -- Cleats -- we have war. For five years ago where the ball just -- is a great man on man flyers incredible lady she worked over the Chase Bank right here. By the west campus apartments -- yet -- -- huge impact. On the field early and has -- Steele does great man and that's why it's Geoff -- locker room no doubt no doubt. I think there's only a familiar face on the sidelines yet experience today and he's been -- -- I -- -- -- he was the keynote speaker at the tolerate Lewiston that he go to QB this week. For the pro day he about it speaking -- think he wanted to Rob Brown. -- point him out it's so easy. To see him because of that air -- even appear in the press box -- -- and put together there's no mistake and there's beautiful silver locks yeah. Coach Bryant and the guys that the quality wooden then added a lot to the -- and so forth. With years birdied yes they do you do you fool with chant thing and I think Rex said it this offseason to kind of you know like why did not have a head coach -- -- like garbage on my brother which. He makes pretty good point. Yeah the worst defense in NFL history 32 a little over the top five again he's done. An incredible job a program if you talk to anybody. Who's played with him. It's nothing like -- players in the negatives about it no and I just outside looking in I don't know how to operate that dated -- but couldn't eat. It looks like he's the type coach where. He's willing to change his philosophies. His police -- to match the talent that he has in that locker he tries. To maximize the outplay. Of the guys he has to work with and he's not afraid to. You know to improvise a little bit yeah or or -- well Alter. Some ways of speaking which he's flexible which is huge a lot of guys like that. You heard of -- to have a great job coach -- is doubtful what flexible. -- would but it would have been the other way -- come back and ramped up. This is a sports all the sports that it is to keep Bob Hebert and Deke Bellavia the into the LSU spring game is just a few moments on WW. And welcome back these moments away from Johnny -- -- sports and -- a big big day here in a sports it's the spring game for the Tigers. It looked it's been on this end it Jim Hall opponent tomorrow and Cody Ross from the silent to bring you all the action. It it to thirty who don't Westwood one's over to the final four tournament today final four supreme being number one Florida against Connecticut. And then thirty minutes after the completion of game points game two between Wisconsin and Kentucky and you continue listening to. Basketball on a 70 AM or you can have a total of 53 F them man to count the Tigers. And -- -- -- 8:17 AM 01053 at him that the use the basket so a pee Pee-Wee team in sports team and B yeah. Tigers incentive. Had this spring game propels this I don't think that was a severely with two former greats and in the fall. And you know I was feeling that you're there like my injury computers I would like it's at -- all talk about early so it. Such big fan vote those guys nowadays that you hear that with them talking on the radio. Just got it makes makes things right you know puts you puts you expected to sell lucky we are -- this. Job joy you know events like this does have a good Saturday and bottom line will stay in -- that. Will that -- -- by the Christian Monday morning at 6 AM on LT wake up AM and it's democracy advocates who appointments and it's a noon Monday afternoon as -- paint and Jones is here. On got you here you have -- -- -- -- -- Libya next it is swallow all sports on with the LSU spring game riding on the home of the Tigers. This is Debbie did you have an afternoon.