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  1. 9-23 5am Dave, What's the BEST TV show of all time?


    Fri, 23 Sep 2016

    Dave Cohen talks about a new poll of actors, writers, producers, critics, and showrunners (whatever that is) on the top 100 TV shows ever. Also: predictions for the winner of the LSU/Auburn game. And What is Wrong with People?!

  2. 9-22 5am Dave, not the right amount of sleep...get a heart attack?


    Thu, 22 Sep 2016

    Dave Cohen talks about how tragedy has been good for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards's approval rating. Also: if you don't sleep enough...or too're more likely to have a heart attack. And another Blue Bell recall.

  3. 9-21 5am Dave rants on chip vs. swipe


    Wed, 21 Sep 2016

    Dave Cohen goes on a rant about the frustration over chip vs. swipe when paying with a credit or debit card, plus the PIN vs. sign and credit vs. debti. Also, What is Wrong with People?! And will Brandon Harris ever see the field for LSU again?

  4. 9-19 5am Dave, Saints find a way to lose


    Mon, 19 Sep 2016

    Dave Cohen talks abotu the Saints finding ways to lose games, LSU picking up a win, special paint to fight public urination, and a man who really wanted to get his cell phone from between some rocks.

LSU fired coach Les Miles & named Ed Orgeron (D-line coach) the Tigers interim head coach. Right moves or not?
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