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Apr 7, 2014|

Dave talks about rain?!? Wrestlemania, and do you give back the ring?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news as we've made our way all the way to April the seventh 1014. -- opt out of its monetary now welcome to another workweek as we await the -- that. Finally may actually get here we've been promises -- Seems like forever again this would be the fourth day. And it's -- it's coming it's -- Friday I think it rained at my house. Approximately. Two minutes. Media. Am not exaggerating know what other -- right on me and I did not give any single drop of rain on me any time this weekend ice on to. Minutes of -- The entire year weekend. I don't know what's going on at these computer models I don't know what's going on with the difficulty over the weekend getting the forecasts. Out to the people correctly down sides. This is the third out of the last four weekends I can remember where we were told it was going to rain 80%. The -- National Weather Service said yesterday a 100% chance to regulate and nobody knocked up between midnight and 4 AM to my son died a 100% and the -- is. In -- -- my house overnight. Not a single. Well now we're being told about seven. In between seven and nine -- -- the lightning right man yeah. Off in the distance. Could be yet. Penalty here listed off off in the distance. Oh we've had this discussion a few times in the last month or so about how. Just yeah they canceled the Irish Italian honestly nine noted so that's a favorite to -- -- in next Sunday with no idea what the weather is going to be like next Sunday because numbered being told it's gonna rain it's not a race it's definitely gonna rank. Did you see any. -- steps to boost its students but it's only been on the windshield you know owns about I didn't which lepers in the times in the development. -- -- -- So you were out in about. An amendment on -- -- two minutes of rain and that the men in time but it was definitely a very brief. Late rain and we stand every one out to the movie theater hey great weekend go see a movie -- and know -- specially when you look at the numbers will look at those numbers -- America when he met here on -- -- WL for business. But I get a head of I'm probable find out where they are. After the related work after the news at 530 and I discuss your box office project and now. -- -- Easy easy easy easy. But there was a rough weather out there there was -- here where. Well then -- Mississippi in a few little places and -- RN over the weekend -- and it's 78 that it. That tells its gonna come this morning Sandra tornado watch -- please do take that seriously the potential exists for the possible formation of hail and tornadoes. The route southeast Louisiana. I united side just now. But -- guys walk in on the street -- Debbie WEB. Wrestle mania stuff now there's still party I'm telling you. And I largest grossing event in the history of the superdome and when I heard then I just I had to do it tripled to right. -- that I can't -- why you see the consent of the superdome which. There was an inch of open space in -- every possible place it could be ST there was and people were in every one of them. And guess what they wanna come back out again -- to be easily it's darn right work Allen back and people loved it here. And we got to get time to. Yet people pain I mean even that the that the face price on the -- close to the rank. With more than 2000 dollars that was done on stuff up for more than 121000. Dollars apiece. -- by the convention senator during the day Saturday and again on Sunday and they were just. Hordes of people streaming in and out of there for the WWB access. And I heard like -- joke so weak and I saw a lot of people post posting on their FaceBook pages about how it's just rednecks you know another resident now. People from every walk of life taken part -- wrestle mania thirty here in new war. Whenever you -- to say about wrestling in the professional wrestling in the Debbie Debbie -- if brought tens of thousands of people in New Orleans spending lots and lots of. Money -- hotel rooms. And enjoying themselves. I think is good for new war. Guys with a heavy rain is falling now with some severe thunderstorms potentially from Hammond commander of going coming to and we have heavy rain fall some looks like up and northern Washington parishes well also down around the coast from home mine tidbit -- Through books and maybe Belle chase system of the heavy storms are coming now we expect in the next half hour some of this stuff to be moving into metro New Orleans. Metairie tanner and the downtowns. Do expect some of that. I guess I just lucked out this weekend because as I am getting text messages from people. Who -- more rain than I did once that rain Saturday and beat him pretty good. Notices on the causeway Saturday night reigned briefly. -- -- in independence on and off all weekend torrential rains since Friday in Slidell I'm not sure about that. It -- twice and Holden yesterday. So oh there you go folks rein in out of in park -- -- another text message no rain in -- available over the weekend. I was a rainy weekend invoke -- so I guess it just depended where you are some people did indeed. See the forecast rain let's find out what the forecast is for the start of -- work week. Starting up it's Monday morning with showers and thunder storm a line of rain charging into the New Orleans metro area by about 7:8 o'clock. Now we should be drying out as we move into eight and nine but we do remain under a tornado watch. Until 8 o'clock this morning later today the -- chance to really dropped off after we get that line of rain -- -- 10% chance into the afternoon hours. 77 for the high camp under mostly cloudy skies tonight turning much cooler with little south of the lake around 58. North of the lake 53 tomorrow a return -- about a 30% chance for spotty showers on the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandre cracker. A thunderstorm and Hammond a thunderstorm in Gonzales a thunderstorm and homo right now otherwise here in the metro New Orleans area it's cloudy at the airport was 73 degrees cloudy downtown. Also 73 degrees with winds gusting over twenty miles an hour Slidell no rain there cloudy and 74. Sports time now I'm WWL for that we welcome and Steve Geller a weekend where the LSU baseball team bounced back and the saints. Lost to -- but again do about that with that much more we say good morning to Steve galleries if. Good morning how's everyone doing that threat of bad weather didn't interrupt LHU baseball series finale against Mississippi State. Has the only thing that rained down it was the tigers all fair. They don't pitch to evict his fit very well -- -- Vickerson going back looking up that golf is out of the -- third Grand Slam home. The exclamation point. LSU slugged their way to a seventeen to four week completing a series sweep over the bulldogs. -- of Vick went three for five with a Grand Slam ball mark later went three for four with four RBIs. The tigers improved to 248. And one overall and are now 65 and one in SEC play. This efforts were edged out 21 by Colorado Springs. Disease fall to one and three on the year and now begin a four game series at home against Oklahoma City tonight. The pelicans have now lost five straight wrapping up a three game road trip with a 11094. Loss to Portland. Anthony Davis gut it out of fifteen point performance with five rebounds four blocks as the all star continues to play harder. That's got some new stuff to play too good you know blues started I know these guys in every news to me it's all one room floor. You know a time when every unit I don't know matter of political themselves enough. Am Brian -- La Puente has signed a one year deal with the Chicago Bears. He started all sixteen games at center for the saints in 2012 and 2013. -- on sports talk saints head coach Sean Pate in what grade do you give the black and gold all season so far. At 530 our coverage of the NCAA men's basketball championship starts tip off between UConn and Kentucky is that savage. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. So you have -- neither of those teams left in your -- -- know Florida was my remaining team and they were balanced by -- you haven't officially busted -- cannot get the winner correct this might have been my worst year at predicting the NCAA tournament ever now I'm -- -- alone a lot of people a lot of trouble predicting this year's. Eventual champion will see if anyone. Gets it right tonight we've taken go to Kentucky rooting for the SEC I've made you think they're gonna weighs one I think the young kids have an -- taking here. On Anthony Davis. He'll be. If it continues to play with a bad back it's like please register -- -- against -- left to sample here just five games left of the delegates. No playoffs. It -- here while. Came back with a vengeance took all three games they really needed to have a very good Mississippi State team and no rain -- interfering any of the games a weekend as in Batman. -- -- know like you willow and Tulane has pushed up some games to -- double headers on Saturday because everyone was worried about Sunday's weather forecast good. Ended up -- all right and you don't like you were saying. I got no -- were always living I was kind of yeah I end of renting a bunch of Oscar movies to catch up on my my movie viewing but it had to be the decent weekend. Yes thank you was such -- -- misses more sports on WW I want to what the center gonna do with Saturn. With -- started all sixteen games from -- -- -- -- the -- who's gonna play senator for the saints will find out from Steve -- when he five minutes here on WWL. Under under under a tornado watch -- a line of nasty storms -- and we'll get more after this on WWL. -- 27. Time they've come under tornado watch this morning let's get the details. As strong storms moving in this morning we do have a tornado watch in effect from the National Weather Service until 88 and we could be -- rounds of heavy rain with a squall line that'll be looping through. Especially by about 7 and 8 o'clock now by that time frame it will have cleared the area and things will. Improve a great deal after that. Rain chances drop drastically to about 10% for the afternoon and we'll see hide it pretty mild around 77 under mostly cloudy skies. Then the cooler air arrives tonight. Look south at the lake around 58. North of the -- as cool at 53. Tomorrow a return of the 40% chance for spotty showers from the. Eyewitness forecast center and meteorologist Alexander rapper okay we do have pretty -- a pretty heavy line of showers now stretching from ham and all the way up. -- the Mississippi. Louisiana border in Washington -- do expect heavy rain across the north short -- made it despite Dahlia but the rest of the north -- and it now and also down. Moment -- -- and down along the coast. It's common folks to -- New Orleans I think we'll get around here in the next thirty minutes ago. For all of you are texting me at -- 7870 who did not see a drop of rain all weekend you're about to -- them I'll share some text messages -- -- after this. -- like my 6 o'clock every one will be getting rained down in southeast Louisiana but that wasn't the case over the weekend one person says it rained a little enveloped days but I fertilized my yard -- in the -- would take care of the watering part didn't happen. As it had spotty rain didn't last long and Hammond does it just had to kind of molecule leverage for the first time since Friday. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's April it's the seventh it's 2014. It's -- day gas and that line of showers and thunderstorms is already pounding. Most of the North Shore from -- Ham and over to Covington and man to go all the way up in Washington Paris like now about the only part of the North Shore up now. Not getting him and then from home at a Tippett knows there's a line is another line that's covering parts of lower Jefferson. Black commence in Saint Bernard parishes. It looks like and we'll check in with mr. meteorologists on -- Sanford in just a moment. Looks like it's coming here in the next twenty to thirty minutes and that again died in the but two minutes of rain -- All week long one president text into the guest on our offerings Saturday -- relic that one hour -- does it poured down and -- briefly Saturday afternoon. So yes -- most people -- no rain over the enemy got about a hundred text messages and so far. Almost know once. And he's just being humble rain all weekend long so I just feel bad for the -- who canceled events and -- go to answer yeah it should close our hands as the models showed the rain coming it just didn't happen but the rain is definitely coming this morning -- it and were under tornado watch until 8 AM but it looks like will get around. In the next twenty minutes for those who -- are not getting it right now some people already getting it in the you know another round before. He gets on here by 8 AM a lot of people got out after the movie theater of the weekend does that -- but it across the country. Captain America the winter soldier set a record as the biggest domestic April release. And number I think amber yes 96 point two million. Dollars. That's a nice little weekend at net -- -- way if you look at -- do well 96 point two million dollars best opening in April -- now. In note that not a lot of movies open in April. Are generally going to be huge blockbusters but it. They've figured this was a good date to do it and I meant to go see it. And I'd just never know that you're either under the midnight I was earlier died Thursday just too tired. So then I said all right well I'll go Saturday morning that's my favorite band's legacy movie -- an event that I was attending. -- Move back if they started early as a started to it started noon because -- the pregnancies so I couldn't go see -- 10 AM shelling of Captain America senator more ink that had to be somewhere at noon because of the alleged rain. And didn't make it there says oh yeah it's going to be around I would suspect for a little while on the you can chip -- might well. Yeah I mean. I definitely want negotiate so we should now try and make that happen by the league in 96 point two million dollars. Knocking the past number one movie. Which is no way down to second place -- only -- -- seventeen million and divergent but in thirteen million to come in third place chicken -- thing. What is. I don't know I just added Google image search for chicken pox. Because all the reports are from at least one lawmaker. That this new law that kind of expands and clarifies the ban on cock fighting in Louisiana. -- also outline what he says the legal sport of chicken box. And allegedly that. Chickens Wear gloves yeah a lot of clubs that don't like killing each other with their talents and gas. Which is cock fighting the fight to the death taken -- and a -- figure out who wins record by the single dual image that actually showed chickens with clubs. Some some cartoons. So I've got Kristin Miller assigned to try to figure out what is taken boxing. And what's gonna happen that and the lightly here with this bill that way now. Something is legal -- boxing. I'm still not clear how it differs from cock fighting. And -- the chickens really Wear gloves and a little gloves who makes -- things the cameraman like you said how do you determine a winner. I don't know be somebody out there knows Agassi could be -- technical. So. That it earned an analyst at tournaments -- first news again interest known existed knows more about the so called chicken pox. This meteorologist. Alexandria cramp bird in forest again on this Monday morning. Get morning now she deserves it I get a lot of text messages and 87870 people does one make sure Laura is OK he just took vacation people. You find it ought to be back tomorrow. Just dead a week and a day a -- I -- then yeah wyandotte street. Hardworking woman -- at 1 o'clock in the morning all year round online now and allies well today. Anybody get number 1 o'clock in the morning that was under the threat of rain and finally for those of us I'm -- I didn't see a drop of rain. But for two minutes all weekend long -- and any kind of bothered me because I cleaned up my car over the weekend. And I've banged my floor mats on the driveway to get the dirt out on daddy's little piles of dirt -- weren't as that while technically inept 'cause it's gonna rain. It was priceless -- at its restaurants on it's it's not gonna worry about it you know as thousands are still on my driveway. Yeah well I'm sorry about that -- that it's not your fault. Well we are expecting that rain and you know like it kept getting pushed farther and farther later and later and now we're seeing the rain of course. You know kind of overnight Sunday into Monday it last night of course but it practical help and heavy rain to really make it layover. We're looking at your pinpoint doppler right now I mean it's there are big. Watches have read just like your dress all over that -- Yes there sure are you know let them. -- -- was very heady early this morning back toward Baton Rouge and accurate and damage reported golf ball sized hail. It was a severe line of storms moving into that -- national board seeing it kinda broken up lines and scattered showers and storms instead of that. One really had these squall line that's not gonna -- people like the creeping over the past. Couple of hours. -- the gusty winds not quite as strong as they work. They re not quite happy not as concentrated and that's good news it'll still be it'll still be salary and stormy for the morning commute the lock up -- lightning and thunder. Heavy rain all of the roadways. But the good news is that the bureau of warnings are not what we're seeing this morning and we are still under a tornado watch bill that -- be clear that reward. We don't have any hail we don't have any unusually high winds we don't have any tornadoes this severe weather it looks like not hitting us. Will still keep an eye out for it but everyone that looks like we'll see at least a little bit of rain before they get to work this morning -- school right. I think Dell and by that we are all -- another kind of strong -- of rain developing farther to the towel and that -- you know sacrament parish. Kind of streaming a line up pretty heavy rain down their -- and mentioned that party people who happen to be down and that. -- area okay so the piles of dirt in my driveway they came out my format will finally be washed away at some point this morning. I think it will be yeah. After the line through the rain chances drop pretty significantly for this afternoon to what we have this afternoon. I think it'll be okay it will be cloudy we'll have about a 20% chance from maybe a couple of -- shower. And that it'll actually mine field for the front is charging -- as we speak. But it will be in the seventies for most of the date today and and the colder air will filter ran late tonight and into early tomorrow that you -- Will be in the -- For those eight or overnight lows. And it left me warmup tomorrow. Tomorrow into the upper sixties tomorrow. I get ready for the wind -- -- Hurdler. -- -- tomorrow we may actually have a scar borrow it yeah it -- really windy day at three mile per hour wind Fiat could that be prepared for. Came when we will make sure and consult this meteorologist Laura -- on her return yeah he will issue an official skirt alert he created it. She gets to decide when to issue but you're putting us on a -- watch for tomorrow morning that's right officials learned -- I don't ask your question. If a man propose to you. As due to be his -- Gave you a big old -- But later things just didn't workout. Which you give the ring back. You would give it back -- what you would have you think you should have to give it. Who now that the good -- well we had a story at a Buffalo, New York where a guy. Proposed filming -- a 50000. Dollar ring. And that broke up with her by text message the ball at all and accidents that it's over but then. -- he says he was joking but she says it was serious. Texted quote what should get a 50000 dollar parting wring enough for a down payment on the house. A judge in New York is now ruled that after the guy apparently changed his mind and demanded the ring back. That he has no right to it and she gets to keep it -- her ring to do with what she wants for -- Wow really. Happen and I've seen court case after court case in state after state they say if you give a woman -- It's hers it's a gift you can't demanded back even if you break it often must sign a contract. That says the ring is conditional upon you Mary. Now you can give it back on -- -- -- give it magnet yeah I was an ugly break up and you're mad. -- Text -- really can hang on something like. Selling its cash and really. I don't know I think that that the rated to be rid of it -- -- -- there. -- -- Thank you Alexander leisure market with the thinking you can. Alexander grant for alive and right now Eyewitness News forecast and your folks not crazy torrential heavy severe rain coming but it looks like. Rain will cover the entire metro area at some point between now -- 8 AM will cover -- sports with Steve Geller. So it's gonna do -- senate now that they lost the senate will find out after the one -- -- and -- -- -- says if the woman breaks off the engagement she should give the ring back in Ellis says if a man breaks up with our. She should keep it do you agree. Then the courts have said over and over that the woman gets to keep that most of the contract. That's as its conditional upon them actually getting married. As for chicken boxing will learn more about that coming up at the top of the color but. One person texted -- -- 8787 needs as they fight until one chicken gives up. Then and on cock fighting it was to the death that's now illegal home Louisiana I'm pretty sure -- and was the last state in the nation outlaw cock fighting. But apparently chicken boxing continues in a bill up for a vote today could and that. Am and they claim that the chickens Wear gloves in this text message does that -- the one of the chickens gives up but he knows. All right well we're not gonna -- chicken boxing and sports but we will cover what happened with LSU we got final -- finally wrapping up with -- championship tonight the saints have no senator went all that in Mubarak. -- welcome Steve Geller on this Monday morning. Good morning everyone and fight tiger baseball T ball far Mississippi State pitching in the series finale. This week the bulldogs right out of ballot box stadium this. Through war and the so this is well left field -- going back watching this ball sail out below the ballpark. All of the bleachers for a home run of. LSU belted their way to a seventeen to four victory over Mississippi State. Christian a borrower went three for three with that solo shot locates -- launched a Grand Slam as the tigers notched twenty hits on the today. The bayou Bengals improved to 65 and one in conference play. This effort strut their series to Colorado Springs with a 21 loss New Orleans is one in three on the year and now gets separate four game homestand against Oklahoma City starting tonight. The pelicans wrapped up their three game road trip with a 100 to 94 loss to Portland. -- deputy Mora says the trailblazers who just came out red hot after halftime. We have trucks parked cars -- -- Iran's history and they're pitching at home and home run for its shots. As -- office there what should. The -- have dropped five straight and next take on Phoenix in this movie -- that are on Wednesday. And Drew Brees will have a new senator this coming season as free agent Brian de La Puente has signed a one year deal with the Chicago Bears. That movie so is believed to be a candidate to fill the void for the -- gold what he has only played guard the last two seasons. They have -- sports talk saints head coach Sean Pate in. What grade do you give the black and gold offseason so far. At 530 our coverage of the NCAA men's basketball championship starts tipped ball between UConn and Kentucky's that set him. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports I'm 537 before six Dave and Steve. -- with you on your radio to announce him now light rain to move into the area that heaviest stuff breaking up Steve. Saints in their senator Braylon dad Brian Doyle appointed breaking up. I started every game for the -- last season. Who has early to start at center for the -- to the have to go find senate. While that's a good question -- because right now. You would think -- Alito is a guy that's in the mix but he's only played guard last two seasons although Mickey Loomis and the rest an organization have been very high on him. And he could possibly move -- to the senate position. You that they can end up spending a mid to late round draft pick someone war if there is Jonathan good would -- mean that's familiar to -- it's fair but that's still available on the market. He was with the team for quite some time. Think from -- 2010. Then went to the San Francisco 49ers. And was replaced for a younger senator. And is now looking for a job he's done his -- anymore but still could be serve as a serviceable serviceable stopgap. Until they you know you're not worried about the senators for the thing to think they'll find a way to make it work they had that we have. A wealth of options and ahead of them on the up too concerned that it's. It's going to be something that's a problem that the problem for them it went into the business. They get these kids I -- about fifteen minutes of my sports here on WWL. AMF and and a as close as you're heading out of New Orleans dvd toward New Orleans east we have. Two separate crashes just before the high rise near Luis. One in the right while playing no one in the left -- several vehicles involved had to do please be careful. If you're heading that way your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast senator calling for this line of showers and thunderstorms it was very heavy as it moved from Baton Rouge and Hammond. And ended David go and -- -- is now breaking up and falling apart bits and now it's going to be more scattered light rain that we expect. For most of southeast Louisiana between now and 8 AM we aren't a tornado watch until 8 AM. And then that we will see dramatically improving conditions very quickly. Around 8 o'clock this morning I'm Dave Cohen at the early edition of W -- Well -- news right now we are getting thunderstorms and Gonzales Hammond. That murders. And I hear this immediate again I -- two minutes of rain all weekend long and I've yet to see at the windows here in our studio it there's too. 34 drop out of it -- prevent them. I we got two crashes on I ten heading from downtown right before the highrise and Louise carnage -- 55 by Hammond. And Iraq I 59 south near pearl river be careful -- and got its that it truly. -- tin can -- road near ticked off that they got Tommy tiger what you -- for the next while the -- well it'll help the need to tell you that we've talked about pit bulls on steroids believe it or not sounds like a horror movie but that's what they're looking at. In -- home until they're committed videos the guy arrested -- river ridge Jefferson Parish. What do you think about it and would you go quietly would you demand to know why you're being rested. I'll go quietly and -- -- make room for Tommy in the next four hours a little rain coming into -- careful out there have a great Monday.

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