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WWL>Topics>>4-7 6:15am Tommy, Saints free agency moves

4-7 6:15am Tommy, Saints free agency moves

Apr 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL & college football analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints moves in free agency

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like it's Ilya got a W wells and a telling college football expert to. Join us in and take a recap and where the saints stand now -- it relate agency and also looking ahead approach it -- issue I don't like. Our ability -- -- thank you for coming on -- tell -- I vessels are with free agency in the latest saints. Defection. Now -- Brian de La Puente ranked. -- -- -- went in usually side with the bears. Reunited in there -- more. You'll be competing for a starting job with the air so. That the economic one we that jobless you'd go to -- I think it was no doubt that he was going to be guys that they wanted certain that that in a position. Last year as a rookie came in did a great job. Picking it up -- -- -- what they -- you a couple of years earlier. -- never played that position hold on. And it it's a middle position wanted to -- the position to come into play. So what you wanna do now the struggle and a veteran player breached again just in case insurance policy. One of those guys available dollar in -- and with this football team and great Roland what difference as well. And -- being played budget player so it would make a lot of it's the bridge to gap here. Between -- went in the legal are bringing in the people. And I think getting more short term deal and I didn't. How does that work Mike when you bring a veteran guy and an. Salary cap is there Menem and -- blame but not as much as a free agent and everybody wants. It's basically minimum contract would get together as Asia as a bet it. Eight in this business but one of the things that you can put into that contract playing time incentive. You can get more than just what effect it would get some incentives would be involved there. Would have been. And the public around the opportunity -- that each year. Brought up against the guy that walked in the in the regular season. As a artists that. So if I'm going what topic a wall look at that say. Go back in your apartment here not getting opportunities that we could make a lot of them. Wanna come back we'll talk more about saints free agency and also LSU -- coming up in three specific players -- it is amazing though how. It seems like players go off get their money than they come back and in a lot of ways wrap it up where they started. Yet you know it. The market would didn't get -- -- internal audit like it like this Catholic Church -- the collection. The -- collecting baseball we like it the second time trial. What time as a man as a nickname around four times and like not enough on nine. Now not -- I'm coming back and -- it's creating questions yeah 760187203. Eggs exit it's early it's them. It's a true story for the fourth time in the fourth basket game like I was waiting -- negative -- -- actually -- -- lot of -- -- here. Raining hard where you like you wanna. Yet that with -- everybody he seeks a winning 87 Neitzel 3866. An 89087. Right now time for debit WL traffic and that would Terrell Robinson. Six point six. Gates seventy -- WL 1053 got a W -- left them on Tommy Tucker led to be that we go back to -- to TA in a second but. Jesse innocent traffic problems traffic loud it light out royal desperately needs he treat that as a four way stop and multiple crashes blocking lanes of I ten east heading from the CBD toward a high rise so. Against the item. -- guess the flow of the of the morning rush hour but be aware of that heavy delays and I'm guessing there's going to be some problems on the other side as well with rubber -- Some like real quick before we get -- and Perot today as it stands now if you were to evaluate the saints moves in free agency. Are they a better team at this point than they were last year yeah one. I mean it's not even a debate. I mean Jared Burton they should be spent so much better if we're guilty plea to his game at free safety. And so inept -- these -- court that the -- on that. About a -- field bush in Atlanta in the big money -- A -- on that. Is typical the thing and that that -- what you voted market fall. The Canadian Football League in there as a -- really great it may not look we got got that you'll change. But at that picture don't you bring in -- for a that you told him in the compete for a starting job but yeah out yeah. Help all of it at that age where it's you -- football team out piquant thing now is that the nickel back. They're not done the numbers on -- 68% of it. You're playing -- -- the record about the war. Where could really help this football team. Where the income last year was outstanding. But is one area turnovers. While they brought him when -- -- stay in the game. There -- guys that the real ball all at cornerback and champion Nicole -- can say now in big number record of course. Mike Bo let's move on a pro day now oil issue three players when you talk about the exact -- -- Jarvis slandering -- Beckham give me take on each and where they're likely to wind up as you. I guess if you put the finishing touches on you draft guide. And it -- while ordeal I don't believe. I'm not sure what. To do -- -- kick myself at Belmont. Arnold was -- -- the real figured. Out what anybody who went out that I am and you know what to do. He -- it up 22 pick in round one it's important for joy he did not run well. On injury when he ran a lot of improved as tolerant I still think he goes to immediate and Ronald. -- -- -- Is that a total football just think about. Eight well certainly you know you're -- doubt -- -- -- -- What -- know help. And I'll get it not being here it means you've got to go out and you could put that ball anywhere on the showcase. I think what really good work. But -- in the immediate -- around here. What about oil premium. And there is no question about it launched. And -- and quickly. On -- but basically what he did early on him. Bill I think one of those guys that. I don't want you wouldn't ankle mobile force -- to relate the dog went in. And replace them abortions football this year. There. In Egypt Cuba. And that would drop the he didn't -- -- normal -- into being a football player does not mean. We did that. Mike I appreciate your time and sighed again -- -- them more about traffic and weather and everything I'll hit it -- Have a great day my friend thank -- we'll talk to you again you do.

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