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4-7 6:45am Tommy, pit bull attack

Apr 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dane Ciolino, a Professor of Law at Loyola, about possible charges for pit bulls owners

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I saw this last week it sounded like a -- Like a horror movies center and pit bulls on steroids were you you put a couple of different news items together and come up with. That movie where it like the bees the killer bees came in the superdome along time ago but this isn't funny a four year old girl was killed in home last week and now. Both of the dogs are being tested for steroids and are ready jaguar opinion poll was asking you this zoning a dangerous pet come with the same responsibility is owning a gun. 94% are saying yes 6% are saying no one is sort all of this sound our friend. -- ceiling you know professor of law over at Loyola university thank you Dane for coming on here tomorrow. Tell me about all of this will be it will what does a loss Sammy were asking people moral question on a pretty jaguar opinion poll book. Was a loss say about owning a dangerous dog and where would steroids Zander in all this. Well only dangerous argues that it's possible that part of -- -- -- but once so once that dog does not properly restrain their confined didn't. -- at -- injuring or unfortunately -- in this case. Killing someone and then of course you're going to be criminally responsible. About maybe 45 years ago legislature. Amended the negligent homicide statute to include. Killing by animals that -- properly restrained and and in this case I would think that's something that the that the DA is looking at. Minimum of two years in jail maximum of five years which some -- populist. Serious enough that. But that's what no doubt the DA is looking. And other steroids. This steroid question does that have anything to do with additional charges or is it just I guess for the knowledge and ended -- did the investigation is what exactly happened or why. Given the -- -- already dangerous animal steroids obviously would detect it spectator and and play into whether or not these people the owner of the dog apparently is the boyfriend of the child mother. Whether or should have known that the dog post arrest of of danger. And that's the most the most relevant aspect about the news about these steroids and and that ultimately is going to be something -- considerate. Professor I'm -- in the back of the room -- treason is an anti -- horizons LA asked me after class a tank. But I got to know if that doesn't relate to the owner only because if as an owner -- I leave the dog in somebody else's care and that person fails to properly restrain the dog who who is charged or might want to -- on -- jail. Of them could be could be charged if the mother was negligent in letting the child go to your dog or or not properly. I'm watching the child in the presence of the dog than they've been able to beat arch. -- -- with negligent homicide possibly. Certainly cruelty juvenile. Or second degree cruelty to juvenile because. Well of course it's the mother's duty to watch the four year old child and if you breaches that -- that you can be. I just like the owner of the dog criminally responsible. You can -- comes the -- role when you -- -- -- Tommy let's talk about this class. If you don't want to it's not yet. So if I get my own two pit bulls -- Lehman in the custody of my neighbors and I you know on a plane. And ward child is playing across the street just in the yard in hand and they know the neighbor that I left the dogs with doesn't. Restrain improperly they get out the attack this child and god forbid the worst happens. -- -- in trouble and offered trusting neighbors that the neighbors follow the money at the other house wouldn't be in trouble because it resistant. Yeah it's about what would view as the person attracted the dog viewership of note if you. If he -- that this neighbor or someone who are responsible person who wouldn't keep the dog chain -- -- -- of the secure cents. That you would have negligently entrusted that -- to the neighbor and the major neighbor would be negligent for not properly restraining the dog so. Yes and it's just about what it was negligent and and and whether that negligence which responsible for the but the injury that. I but what if notes on that we have to move on really. Work we -- thank you professor appreciate your time -- convert to argue that -- bad.

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