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4-7 7:45am Tommy, Wrestlemania impact

Apr 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kelly Schulz, the Vice President of Communications for the New Orleans CVB, about the impact and success of Wrestlemania

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker we'll tell you are playing this music in a moment but you know I get a text here it comes -- why did you cut the chicken off the chicken was making a good point you always got people -- that you don't agree with. And I don't cut people or chickens off that I don't agree with only if a chicken won't give me -- turn to speak. Kelly -- our friend from the new loans convention and visitors bureau vice president of communications we've known this lady. -- since she showed up in a ragtag outfit with white trooper's boots from -- -- looking to make a name for herself and she did now she's moving on in their right Kelly. Cape -- they get morning -- -- I'm doing great -- yeah. -- well remember we go back to the day when you know just a little girl from shell met clunky and upper saint Charles avenue knows -- -- boots and here we are headed for big old giant things now. That's right I am going to be moving onto a great opportunity with saint Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis and I just could not say no. This opportunity that I love New Orleans the -- -- of homes I will be back very often. And I would never ask you private information or put you in an awkward position but I certainly hope you. You leverage that offer against NO not just what I tell me about wrestle mania isn't in some text here and it says com. The a bomb went to wrestle mania wife and I went place is packed no offense with the demographic to the crowd is not double WL listens they -- business votes PS it was a great time. So apparently there were some people and -- WWL audience. There announces wrestle mania. Probably better on TV. And and Ayers finally won it says went to wrestle mania had a blast well worth the money very good entertainment for the way these guys put on a good show. So -- Kelly did you go. Yes I did get out. And I thought it was a great show I've worked with the deputy partners from the beginning may have been great client they'd love -- violence. You know from our perspective it's a great fit for new violence because they didn't have very very very loyal fans to travel from. Every state and all over the world to candidates. The people that I were enjoying the city they had a great time. Deputy had to put on a great chance overall grade and we look at it as. You know tens of thousand of visitors are leaving the city today and tomorrow and they'll go back as -- brand ambassadors for awhile and. I don't know you know the demographics of who goes there or what kind of people go be easy way to say it but. At a -- did you apply and from all over the world from all over the country yet you don't wanna buy some stuff and inexperienced new loans as well. Exactly you know this -- major special event I mean people. You know last night was left Romania thirty. But there is an event and I called raw there was -- hall of fame gala on Saturday night there were events. Really going back through last Wednesday so it's an entire week of activities. I'm local fans were able to bring their families to the convention center and experience. Wrestle mania had access and you know see the superstars in -- doesn't get their autographs and take photos with. So you know these people are here they are going to wrestle mania of fans but they're also. You know going to ensure that they do in the national World War -- museum in the taking and the restaurants and enjoying the culture of New Orleans so. I don't have any vital economic impact numbers but I know it was one of the most attended events ever in the history of the superdome and it was just a great crowd I'm really enjoying the violence so hopefully we'll be able to get this event back. Did they seem to indicate that they wanted to come back there -- has any. Thing like that been said. While we certainly we want every apparently has -- major special event like this you know also in town. This week we had thirteen thousand people with the National School Boards Association convention so. And he currently work with the customer like that we want them to come back we want them have a good experience and you know we'll certainly be talking them and at that time. Talked to different merchants scheme merchants and as well as the crowds and being. Restaurant owners certainly no one of the nicer places and I guess the overall question Kelly is -- determine what kind of economic impact direct into economic impacted in -- on the city. Well you know the BBB has about 11100 members senate members are. The shops and restaurants and the hotels -- leaking surveyed and we do ask them about how their businesses going especially actually have a big week long. Series of events like this. I'm last week we took a survey of hotel occupancy. And you know lifted the major hotels and and all the accounts earlier represented in our membership and they said the hotel occupancy was very very strong. Pretty much -- -- just about every night for the past couple of nights and again there's -- -- -- so we think people will stay over. It tight and have another strong night in the city was hotel occupancy. At any point did you get involved and stand of insert scream and throw anything in the ring jump honoring yourself. I can not comparing myself but I'll tell you that I would watching with some of the leaders of the terrorism and hospitality industry and it really is. Just a fascinating. Performance and it's it's really exciting they know how to get the crowd engaged I don't think I have ever means. More loyal excited and you know cheering for their favorite superstar like -- that. It's really exciting you know that anyone is it having a chance to get a -- tonight I would encourage it again because they really really do. Has put on a great event the production quality is spectacular. And our partners at that began he has just an amazing partners an absolute pros and everything we do. Now were you up. In any -- but he up boxer redone or the peeps some ways you know really really screaming or not. I was gonna lead the league agreement in -- We had a great -- and everything. Yeah you could you cult did and in city put on a great show you -- and entertain you know anybody delivered to you -- ways they tell you what. When they put professional wrestling on the board in Vegas and start betting on it. Then it's real. But it still entertaining regardless. It's very entertaining and it's great for the city no matter how you look at it it was a great week for. Or don't terrorism and again we're gonna work -- to get out of and back we -- really get things from the fans who were here. One gentleman I think it traveled from Australia he said it was worth my 120 hours at an airplane it was absolutely worth it to come in violence. That's that's incredible summit would travel from Australia not to just come into long ones but for wrestle mania -- -- god bless you good luck TI don't know if we get to talk -- Again and not let -- is moving them Memphis I think it is and and Morgan saint -- correct. That's correct thank -- -- -- these -- and I love you too would -- thank you Kelly.

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