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WWL>Topics>>4-7 8:15am Tommy, viral video of JPSO

4-7 8:15am Tommy, viral video of JPSO

Apr 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chuck Drago, a police practices & procedures expert, about the video of an incident between a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Officer and a man

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- If you go to Debbie WL dot com you'll be able to -- From the video that was taken by a cell -- of as I understand it a friend. Of done -- row and only of these names accurate right Jordan -- bro -- is gentleman was arrested. And it went viral I mean as soon as it was posted on the Internet and public questions I have is if you saw it and if not I suggest you go to WWL dot com and take a look at it it's. You'll see Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies seal. And it says. Unlawful and you click on any vehicles story. Com. You know I think a couple of questions here are. Was the officer overreacting. Or was. And a -- -- suspect the gentleman was arrested with -- over acting. We invited the sheriff's office on they did it declined and we also invited done grow grow on. And responses what Jordan that. He is speaking to an attorney today. So will last you for your opinion then and also in terms of are ready jaguar opinion -- does. -- have you ever had to call police on a neighbor chuck Draco joins us right now our friend -- talk about police procedures and practices he's an expert of former police chief and president. Of Draco consultants that I guess consult police department shock is that right. Extra commentary -- -- do consultant for police departments and helping them with their policies and procedures and so forth. Now tell me about it. The video on presume you've watched it right. Tell me what you think is a former police chief says as a person that consultant advises police departments. Let you know of course we we don't actually when he or we don't see it happens before work. But police officers are are trained. To understand that the search warrant going somebody's house. However there are some exceptions and one of the exceptions -- or a couple of exceptions are involved. Emergency situations. Thank you to -- situation. Wore hot pursuit or -- pursuit situations and -- situations when a police officer is trying to arrest somebody probable cause. To make the arrest -- trying to arrest somebody and that person runs in two. -- -- -- -- residents. The officer is now -- -- he doesn't stop the virtual dissident it is like. The persons on homepage now in and you can't touch him and meet in at the end of it he can pursue him. Into the into the residence. Especially at that to serious crime a felony. Where becomes more -- is when it's a misdemeanor. And -- allowed in courts have not choke on its that are. It's not as it is easy -- open as we might and it's it's it's gonna be decided by -- court as to whether he had a right to follow lenient. Any interest -- it and it depends a lot of what went on beforehand. What we -- -- source bank game. It's a reasonable in this situation well Wednesday at the boxer told me under arrest. What is the -- -- in the year would serve rate might -- great having gone behind the door there's a lot of information that we don't know at this point. You know having chalk it have made this analogy before that when your parent and you tell a child do something you better make dog on your. That you're gonna stick to it because if not and they say -- and you -- follow up on it will then -- credibility is gone and likewise when it comes a police officer I don't know if you have any empirical data on this but. It would seem like once the police officers say -- are under arrest and tries to -- few. I can't imagine. Any condition under which he would say if you object he would say you know what dollar about it. It well aren't typically don't knock it happened but still there are partners officer is star and can't cross and -- to work within. That the key issue here and especially for the police department. Is to look at how we cabinet position of the officer got himself into that position the start off. That's the concern from somebody like me who might be called in the police department it's how we train the officers. So that you don't get into that particular. In other words that the governor arrest him he needs to rest and get it done quickly. If he's gonna let him away and go inside the house still look for -- right ear whatever they can't it be opening up. A huge. Box of possible problems. One win that. Now you're faced with a -- going to go out like -- will happen in your face with possibility of them. -- himself and hurting him. So officers can be trained so that he doesn't get himself into that position to begin. So again and when you look at the video it seems like the officer was having a hard time. -- and a suspect it seems as though. This suspect could have at any point yeah. I don't know exactly was going on tuchman has an expert I would ask you like a football coach look at the film. It was -- like the offices gun. Could have been grabbed at any point. Do in a case like that I mean do you just back off and wait for assistance so true will will what is the police -- -- on that. Well again and it's not a very serious crime. It is it is you could he had backed off and just. I've gotten today one for terrorists to come back in the day probably. There wasn't really a concern that -- like this is as far as he knew at that point -- -- really dangers in the visual and had to be afraid. Would be loose on the street. So -- assert that. Make decisions in those kind of situations. On the safety aspect and sometimes. That officer is better off retreating or backing off. -- better ground. To fight another -- so speaks so he couldn't he could have back off call for another officer. Tied and then attempted to. Contact this person. That later on ordered a war first arrest or other ways to do it. You can see once he's inside out now all by himself into a terrible situation because. He's struggling with individuals -- deal in temples and Jewish that it that the officer the -- because now. The struggling with the individual he's got people behind him. Are not on how many people. Who knows who's in -- people he's in a very very bad situation there's nothing wrong. When you get yourself in position like that there's nothing wrong backing off. And getting to better ground. And I'm not talking about. Who's right who's wrong here and decide about generally speaking. If a police officer tries to -- few probably the best thing to do is -- just Letterman. And sorted out when you get to -- jailer court what have you. Well absolutely. They -- -- there's no sense in trying to struggle or fight with the officer at that point is that he's being arrested and put handcuffs on. And then you can go to your lawyer later -- bigger all and it's time -- time this. Did debated or or try -- case is not -- officers trying to put handcuffs on. I think that's that's the thing that struck me about the video chuck I appreciate -- time. So I'm --

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