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WWL>Topics>>4-7 9:35am Tommy, New Orleans min. wage raise?

4-7 9:35am Tommy, New Orleans min. wage raise?

Apr 7, 2014|

Tommy talks Dr. Ed Chervenak, a UNO Political Science Professor, about Mayor Landrieu's proposal to raise the minimum wage for city employees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know much in the monitor that we have and a couple of different different TV monitors and final I don't get the fascination over this Oscar. Perez has stories that is -- -- Is that to me would seem like a local murder case. I mean it's tragic -- and I'm not being disrespectful here I don't know of it's because the guy. Has these prosthetic legs and was able to compete in the Olympics I don't know about the woman that he's accused of killing but I I don't get the sensationalism. It was a model and -- gorgeous. And and it's tragic elements and it's already strategist -- tells a completely different story I guess maybe that's part of it. You know that it was an intruder. And the prosecution says no you fired multiple. Rounds at us and South Africa -- -- but I mean you know anywhere and -- a case like then why do you -- that I don't get a fascination with a -- it's on all the front pages and of the supermarket -- and doctor Ed Sherman -- joins us right now from my alma -- UN Allen and -- Ed thank you for your -- first off easy you know political scientist and secondly keen on -- you don't wanna comment on this mysterious murder trial when I was just thinking of an end. In the vein of politics where. Who is that part of the reason not this case specifically but life so few people vote in. And when they do some album you know polls indicate -- not that informed because they. They worry about the sizzle not the -- the things that really affect him. You know one of the things you have to realizes. That the American -- that's profit driven out of business and so it's all about ratings and so if they. Have historically -- story and they see that it's gonna get high ratings they're gonna continue. Airing that story. -- again this year -- addicted to what was -- one on. Is -- the newsroom I forget exactly with a name was but it it's of the inner workings of that wearing you know mountains did pretty well last night so let's keep on whether we're -- news bullets make somewhat. Tell me about did the mayor's plans to change a minimum wage in Orleans parish oh any other parts of it as well right. What the mayor seeking to do. -- it -- some -- market based principles and to the public bureaucracy. Does that ever work -- well it's it's difficult because. A public bureaucracy operate in the political world and that would vote that could goes beyond just making money you know after the operate in a fair transparent manner and treat each individual client impartially. And so. It is difficult to do because they're they're just two separate separate world but the the -- find a balance between. Operating a public property and getting it to. Institute these market reforms and have it operate more efficiently and more productivity. -- -- more productivity. So what LC is planned assigns the increase in minimum wage. Greater flexibility in hiring. Rather than just relying on the top three candidates from the civil service commission that department heads would have some flexibility. In selecting a candidate for job. And to me wanna hear that it seems like well maybe it's good and that maybe it. Brings favoritism intuitive. You know that's solid the -- is whether this is. A patronage issue whether you know you're recording your friends as opposed to the best qualified candidate. What the mayor's team and arguing is that. They're looking for the best qualified people and the department -- should have some flexibility in determining. Quality. See you wanna hear that day in -- -- non economists are you may be docking go to you know you're Smart guy -- -- But you've had some economic certainly and I just wonder about. When you talk about raising the salary get a better grade of employee and now -- is any personal slated all that. That seemed to me the corollary to that is everybody else that's there now has to go because if you talking about teachers again I don't mean to single them out. But you be saying you have a problem with the employees you have now. And you want to attract better people by reason salary well. If you work in there than maybe arrays to be the worst thing that happens to somebody more qualified than you is gonna come in and take you -- Well what are the -- forms don't say anything about the muscles. That it's about. Basically they're hiring. And promotion of of new employees so there's nothing in there about dismissing. Employees that are there now. And the argument that. -- a -- that increasing the minimum wage there will increase the morale of those people who weren't working there now and we'll track. Better and more able talent. In the. I got a doctor -- when Randall let me ask you quickly about the you've -- -- -- -- come onto this here you've had time look at it that. Results where David bitter and Mitch Landrieu dead heat when he comes run for governor. Yeah very interesting I think a lot of the plan to support his name recognition. Certainly is well known throughout the state. But we have to realize that we are becoming a a red state becoming -- -- every day and so you know it is let it be interesting to see him. Take. Campaign statewide elective. Definitely be better David duke you know whenever it's a day that that's true thank you doctor appreciate your time I'm sorry we made you wait to be integrated you know like what -- -- thank you.

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