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4-7-14 10:10am Garland: on Bobby Jindal and Obamacare

Apr 7, 2014|

Garland talks about Bobby Jindal's proposed replacement for Obamacare with Dr. Daniel "Stormy" Johnson and Dr. Donald Palmisano, both former presidents of the American Medical Association.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Conducted via -- tonight busy buried today. Will and fund probe noon hour there are actually go like Steven Spielberg. Lucas. Has some big movie people. The movie business may be dying. -- going through it he Juba multiplicity. Of media. And theaters and -- beginning. So we'll talk to -- couple experts have sent a barber and the other film in media studies that use to you urban and one from UC Santa Barbara. And get their ideas on what's happening and and if -- or changes are buoyancy. Also you probably know by now -- record decides that another limit on the individual donations blue quote and the on -- until put a limit on the individuals to nations. To political candidates actually violated and there's these brief speech. So consequently very -- open together -- -- Donors a whole lot more freedom. -- try to get handle on whether or not a good idea bad idea and so -- and -- We're doing the same -- itself or would governor Bobby Jindal. Health care plan. Not a lot of a meat on the bones of his sport but he's put -- can about. Skilled -- idea what he would like to draw obviously and run for the presidency. Here to talk about it we have bug doctor -- stormy Johnson former president of the world medical association. Former president of the American Medical Association -- he's a radiologist. Doctor thank you -- told him I appreciated call. Thank you very much drama -- the richest. -- before getting to belittle belittled what Jindal. Has been suggesting. What do you think about through portable. Care act. It'd. On the on the plus side is of more plus than mine is sore. Do you see -- a train -- and future. -- anybody plans have been punished in this subject at all on ten and I would agree that boat. The president and others missed it what we -- -- or is unsustainable. And we need to do so -- Lots of people have lots of ideas about what to do and so. I had tried did you mentioned nicknames -- -- as guns keep it simple -- trying to. And reduce these topics stopped extend into. Areas that we can get our program and I -- street paint whether it's. For Obama care. -- vote for anybody else's proposal. And those three benchmarks very expressed in court support -- -- doesn't expand orange or does it limit church. The second one -- to -- as little out beneficiaries to choose an all girl on. And the -- in his. If there's a subsidy has to be provided by employer government some. Benevolent organization. -- the same subsidies apply no matter what chores in the picture. Now if we apply that to obamacare. To answer your question. Doesn't expand to limit George wanted to -- -- the major dilemmas -- Obama cares much chores. A lot of people upset about it. Problem with the role of Obama care committee that's just demand the station some administrative. -- it doesn't speak to the core problem. And the core problem is that about limiting choice should limit the ability to get a handle clocks. So choices crucial parts choice is something that most of one thing Specter. One does it have been injured to -- -- old -- plan. Obamacare election to choose from them a limited -- short you don't call Euro. Tabulated and why it's important to be it -- you know check it as -- -- that. When you talk about passenger automobile church a church yeah. We call -- church and we can stick with it for a long time that we want to I'll be charged. Company have been with. Forty. And the -- company and it's a mutual it's all about. Certain. I'm tap the top like a little bit but Dan back occurs we policyholders used to. -- and cost effective way. With respect the subsidy. There isn't a huge difference -- Not in the substance but in the reality. That the yes there are -- subsidies paid Obama care. No matter what choice you make the problem is the cut the late choices it is limited. -- -- This subsidy. -- -- -- -- It copper does limit choice compliments that I compromise excuse me that that. Where is. In other plans for the choices expanded. -- you can have taken the same subsidies and you'd decide. What makes sense to you you're pretty -- you can be much more cost effective. So that subsidy issue has been up there. When did you and the plane came out. Their opponents 200. Candle until this whole idea that -- approached houses. Were quick to credit that effective. Governor Jindal plan calls. Our brought church they call that it voucher system. And elect. Obama -- has church. The subsidy is not them but it captured its fair -- you're gonna take this money. That the government in the case of obamacare is gonna regret. And -- could come from the employer but. Sprint and -- management -- just. Didn't. Bat whatever insurance is available. Among the limited choice it's a rapture. At the same issue occurs in school choice that you commitment to programs. People criticize used in the archer but the action just does that are used in the subsidies to get used thank you -- -- -- -- the when people Christmas. So I'm tired to obamacare. The transit users that captures obamacare as a -- they reached -- Parkersburg. Was. Where they screwed up their original perpetual file and in the choice -- to. Choices that crap up the cost care and -- that program church back to pick which is -- the program and so on popped. Our bridge Bergen is cigar or -- freak here. But I think you could understand you on the bases controllers or new room planned subsidy. Oh Obama -- the metro to in the U those three right. Matchup in terms of that subsidy you intercept these same no matter which George. Article and didn't break here we'll come back lip stuck around a couple of the -- Proposal from governor general. Or his own health care program. Coming right back WW. Suddenly he and will -- the -- -- thinking about held here in between one more time this that's not exclusively. About obamacare. It's about general here on Bobby Jindal the governor has yeah helpful in all of his own. And we're talking with the doctored Daniel Johnson former president of the world -- whose -- about this. Doctor -- it's so with the detailed not a whole lot of it. But well Lou let me do this before we get -- item for item. Jungle seems to be saying his basic belief you. That states ought to be left alone to conduct the -- health care maybe a blanket. Subsidy. Put in two a federal spending who return your period. -- -- talking about a hundred billion dollars but after that the states decide -- what are your thoughts there. -- Apparently -- it is going invective federalism and states there being opportunity and the responsibility to try and figure. Works best for him but also to innovate -- what he mentions that there. Some ways it Andy and I used to incentive there is equal to take better care so user system at all cost effective or. That would be an example here. Thrilled with governor general's approach to to do that Medicaid program program and terms of reliance so -- on. Managed care models I wish you would expand the -- disadvantage people. -- state I think that that would be puts an argument he'd ever get over that. But I'm talking about the kids. Valued at. Age and maturity his -- your point is is given. The state of flexibility. To see what works and and what doesn't and and adjusted their own thing because drug -- across the in New York is -- -- -- is. Other similar import pictures. Are what works for a I'd be very different from what we're frustrated -- -- for drug given before William and -- Details of display and what news or. Of the Medicaid debate. Manager and I've had experts on here's some important ways something the other. Basically goes to go along with Jindal. Save that 10% whatever it is we would pay doctors certain period of time would we just -- -- -- boarding your thoughts. Well. Look at this to go back that the party that he just a bit and went went governor general's plan was announced -- can burst and Spectra the flat land someplace America so are -- listeners go to and art art. All of America next to it and that's the web site is America in XP at all awkward -- but in there. Governor Jindal -- the forward to it that it took this poignant and it's a couple or three pages long but it is. Just it's clear they can -- the planet is is more complicated. That reading and the point and that. And it I have to get a plastic Medicare trying to solve these problems is that the focus -- Where the dilemmas and it should cost me the reason that we're having trouble obamacare because cost. Obamacare was supposed to reduce cost and increasing. Cost and dubbed -- gentle discussion of what we call. And what we could -- and is. Little to do that in itself is where everyone I think it it is to conserve exported being. And people might agree or disagree with it. But at the -- count everyone's interest YouTube there's should we pay it forward I am an American tax cut pork. Unable boy in the total planned -- couple of the talking sports French forming a tax exclusion. For an employer provided health and sure -- in to a standard deduction parole all forms of health insurance you are your thoughts there. It's been very important -- one and has been an advocate for Japanese spare part for the average person. That and so I'd never go there and ask about it but what -- -- report. And -- it's an important part of what he's opposing camp and the Republican proposals such suggestion that is it. That we have a distorted system if you. Get your insurance through your employer. And you pay income tax. -- the amount of money for the -- client. When it comes from your employer is before your taxable income so let's just like Barbara I doubt about it. You would do this year taxable income about a thousand dollars but take a net benefit. Before taxes as opposed to. It could take him the benefit premiere after textile. Individuals -- -- buy insurance as individuals we have. Opportunity we have to bat with have to text. That's huge difference between getting your. A year interest through your employer and getting it on individual patients. What he proposes to do is instead of -- Exclusion. Of year. Health plan. Funnier taxable income went about it -- is to simply give effort. The same deduction. Whether they're employed -- getting nature. All cute as an individual. What this would do it and -- much more robust individual insurance market and I think that's an important. Reforms that can be very difficult for the -- which are staying there is not. It just when you start pocket that. Deductions exclusions credit refundable credit did and it's all -- -- people. -- they -- but the financial incentives for healthy behaviors. A number wonders of cup obamacare and not do that and what do you think about Jim wells I'd. Well it's it's very important to get to some extent obamacare also focused on. On what people in charge for plans to -- and they'd give it their way on this. -- mandating that the plants that sort of meet certain performance standards the emphasis is on the people that this Ayers is not actually uses sure. And then it's up to the people that are used to create incentives for people who sent up here. Clinton -- used to to achieve those Google took me it makes more sense to go back of sorts where if you have someone as well. And and here she realizes that if if -- you stops smoke that. -- and insurance costs so long one too bad individual not to the system not to. In order to get to that individual would go to the person would benefit glass used it's just. And from I think it -- -- Olympians whose -- question moved forward run out of time. Red three under from books about health care systems all over the world. Where -- supposedly. The top ten being named. An all of them so he -- is number one that think Switzerland news to somebody answers to. But every woman in the top ten that I can bind all have billion dollar deficits. Bad or increasing. And the benefits are slowly being cut back. UC and the health care plan that works. -- A wonderful. Understand that. That has -- Be patient treatment and I don't recommend. That we -- But that. Being. I think it's important for me here and it is instructive argue for change is that we're not the enters as well. I agree with the president and -- an agenda as it and you agree it should change. And there is. Park it anywhere but and -- it would be happy. On expanding in shorts at what what expenditure. And you market. Responses to people in the choice it gives the patient. But the beneficiary of the potential patient there's -- in the choice is upon this important topic. And that's -- work like it will be like televisions bank Colbert in terms where there's competition. Edward the people they're making a profit are paying attention to the people there. The beneficiaries. For their -- Serbs is -- as a ago. Regulations -- employers or somebody yeah insurance companies have been most of that money wouldn't. The great if it checked to make money -- do a better job of people. Doctor Jones and Berry called didn't subject extremely good to have you won't show I understand a little bit better. Appreciated until I'm very much a great -- Coming right back we'll talk to another elected former president of the American Medical Association stay with. Are welcome back were they get a -- governor Jindal health care plan. -- lauded details. And issue goes through area -- site it's yours and side. To moon. There -- may bear with me again and consumers it's called a miracle is next in -- six -- And you get some details of -- unfortunately I didn't find out about that -- to move forward the mayor's program kind of book bare bones. In response is what is put together but. We're called experts we abroad doctored double almost son of former president of the American Medical Association doctor. Welcome back to sure appreciate the time. Thank Colin great to be would you include and just got -- and a you know confident. And now I could got. I've worked with him but he made actor billionaire he's kind of the being shot. -- before we get into the kind of bare bones. Spotted don't know what the governor wants to do. I think basically. What he's saying is. That. States should have the option to -- their own programs. Rather than federal government a federalism health care plan -- what are your thoughts that are. Well. Governor Jindal. Absolutely correct and I eat is. Free market approach what we currently. Epoch Lola a patient protection and an affordable care equitably -- -- -- And threatening calls and Obama. Is the government controlling everything and dictating what you can -- him. It. Decrease access the tradition and these news works for the coming into play the man that -- on it. And all these promises will be less expensive not truth be in the -- doctor not necessarily true. So -- I think this is a wonderful sport and that governor Jindal can tremendous experience and health care planning bulk. The statement the federal level. And. I think it's a wonderful. Approached her to move ahead in the cockpit and all these element I would need for years. You know put the patient in control with a doctorate struck by a stroke patient -- -- to help -- account. And. All of the different drink and look at the most vulnerable individuals with these grant who got eight and oh come on Craig Christy condition. Can be arrow to the state plan so. A wonderful approach and that is what we do it -- -- on a -- and -- like. -- economic. Measured about. And been an advocate free enterprise the recent. And here -- read. Kindle. Do you think -- -- by America -- -- free market approach. They can -- first bought one out and early adopters that a couple of doll. And that read the price drop would not took over the line. Of Mosul it was because it -- about what you got. A couple of Google came out the milk -- you'd -- economic -- -- perhaps. Depending on what he'd get but at the free market working. And we need people in control. Account. For the good and tax money in -- right now age. Increasing the cost of medical care. And that the new law that the president has pushed through. The majority American targets it because there are feeling the all of the acts of. -- board one of the guys it is or people with preexisting conditions. They -- -- don't think they've prepared routes out of a hundred billion dollar -- whom. Of federal funding. What can the -- end up controlling that or is there. So incredibly bad it is just the pool sitting there that the states can pull pro. Not that did. This did. You. Mentioned. You -- the -- talking about John and repeated. All you -- is American. -- dot -- G-8 and go to. And you'll see that freedom and empowerment plan and three. If you look at BJP news -- A couple of put that somebody put critical questions and put people. But everybody ought to read -- what -- plan. They say government to get that amount and EP used his right cheek and must fulfill. And so there must speak up -- insurance hello -- individual and I am a big anti. -- A pre existing conditions so. The cool and so on. But nobody school you take care about. The for the people who kind of what age -- aren't in the -- in the middle of the Johnson pointed out. Three market opened it for years. You should get tax. Deductibility. Of Hugo. Insurance that comes out he attacks with what you do that the deduction or credit credit would you be more. In the context Korea but the cards that people -- by only two people. -- that no government -- often referred to in the book. All but all I'll call eight become a more equal and honored in this. Abide by the government you noted -- the wonderful plan that people in congress and the federal employed. Plan to. Asia a money and choice that I'm an insurance company. -- real competition and suppose it could mean we can't buy across state lines. Some health insurer. And -- control the marketplace and that and that's what the actual. -- it moves -- a -- first break here. Coming right back. That complicated to him any questions you have read comments rude talk and bug governor Jindal it's. Health care player and that he has on the web site called America and next in the sixty. Governor right back Colin -- -- -- would you would call with the -- We're talking to experts and the thing to think in order to think about go -- the -- health care plan. You can see details -- website called America next. In the achievers. Talking to doctor -- bill Paul's son of former president American medical -- some execution. Doctor won't have the things. And again I think you'd care who read -- whole player but. He talks but cracking down on fraud in and I hear that all the time. And I think everybody on the side agrees that it could happen. But the the budget office in Washington -- supposedly. Nonpartisan. Says the bill fraud and -- is like wondered -- percent. Is is that something we should put a lot of book movie and worked in two or should get. So the more important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hundred. Million. People. The -- who called culture of fraud and. And tools they need -- Christian image. So people. -- didn't account deductible if you go oh. And so -- so you would find out. EE GE. G patient you look at and consider. -- different outcome. But elderly and -- Right. -- -- They need to -- and replacement -- You know you were between point. He can good history -- can't. Apparently so here you have people who. Getting. Them. People who need. The country. And getting them wrong. So all this so much information even in the in the law goma -- -- -- can -- call. On August and -- leadership and leadership. I. The whole reputation. And true. -- he considered. It -- All 211. -- Medicare patient. -- change. That so much and then. The whole people ought to. Put -- also -- in the past that bail so. Important issue. -- And the number of the congress folks call. Well one of the questions always ask when you look at he has supposedly. Best system in the world friends lose everything ever read number at three different books is the number one by far. Is -- quality and cost in -- ability. But the problem is in this is the problem with the ones that are in the top ten. Israel one billion dollar deficit senator bitter increasing on a yearly basis. And in the process. The the the auctions and the treatments are being cut back. And be seen anywhere around the world help socially liberally Boortz. Well this problem but the best health system. Is one that. That's going to allow the patient to be in control. Of destructive and I went to Austria and so much in my book on leadership and while -- and informed and educated me about the system present the Medicare system and they call it. But what they did a good term in the beginning at the public paid for a procedure so let's talk about. Very successful businessman -- tied. And he had breakfast what they explained that system been as good companies need the operation a total replacement. He went to reconsidered and pieces of Austria. And he said that it paid them but I. -- want to Jordan additional. Amount of money an -- 101000. Or call eight and thought about it enough improvement. Been as good as think about it and quiet about it doctors. I'll be expert -- seven years to result the only charge. Bill that bulb. And so. The difference between the caught -- PP well beyond that he. Operation. Result it pop and -- of competition and. In the right place obviously if you wanna look at -- that. Any other that -- go to concede that met incredible. People -- and what a wonderful system that we think it's great if not eat. It's accident and it. And and I think there's a bullet to -- did you -- You need -- kidney transplant they say okay. All I'm -- I'm how many years you've Atlanta based on two were outlined how much will this cost and make that -- -- -- -- vacant and quality of -- here as it becomes so you don't get the operation. We don't want system. Very complicated very is pursuing something we're all paying attention to. Appreciate your time love to have you back and get into more detail. When I get -- regarding all of jungles plan they did doctor. On the ticket break come right back you're listening to double the bureau negated celebrity immortal applied to -- Don't go away coming back with the thing to think and call rough and.