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4-7-14 12:10pm Garland: on movie theaters

Apr 7, 2014|

Garland talks about whether television is making movie theaters obsolete with Ross Melnick of UC-Santa Barbara and Victoria E. Johnson of UC-Irvine, both assistant professors of film and media studies.

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Of exploiting this movie you tell him on the show well when I'm doing homework at night -- Two to three subjects and and looking for him from shouldn't be. Questions and get root. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the results. I'm certain so big and stumbled on helping to lead. A confession here among moving. Absolutely. In love. And -- to -- regular business. Dollar incomes and but the -- reading something about -- cut through. And bring court ruling on. Don't actions and it's in his country. And us crosses -- small article in the words television is tough thing penciled. And the first sentences television has positioned grown. And end the things like intelligent narrative and character. In the meantime the Hollywood student use construct their core business as cartoons. Superhero. Films. Young adult franchises. And -- And it's. Raised and grew low this morning as Steven Spielberg. Says the movie industry who's got prediction. He predicts in implosion. Of the film business model in the thinks it's thinks it in the near future. Little bit at the George Lucas. And Steven Spielberg. Think the studios will implode. And video on demand is the future that's. Some. We know enough about radio talk show moves in the media when it comes to -- when it comes to television and listening. The Hampshire you're hearing from the so what we tried dues yet experts to say -- Cam -- is there anything to. And rightfully where you at this point and a row of raw milk. Professor of film and we use duties it's used at UC Santa Barbara professor at the -- appreciated. It one change jobs would do we've spent two weeks and says Barbara a couple of years ago. And I've been trying to move back there absent I think you'd be happy news reviewed talk show. And I can take your jobs of proposed. What kind of faced a radio report that doesn't work. For that and I've got one of those Toobin and snow. Will tell me or these headlines. Exaggerations. Well I think you have to look a little bit more probably also -- or the industry has been. Facing that in the -- -- approach for a hundred years. Including radio when he was one of the first times that people up on the would collapse but it won't be thankful. Out of court accelerate with television and video. Now he earned that. -- -- move -- quality TV and video on demand in the practice when it's watching. TV and -- streaming certain to challenge but I mentioned. In New York Times article robot's Arctic. Beat box I was globally still booming and questions. Is is -- that it's dead patents seem like it. It's -- business changing -- and the question is how and what weekend still and sold in moviegoing response to those changes. So it if it lets just say it is changing to a moral. Worldwide attention to movies or or certainly no. Diminishing. Of vote movies going around the world. Is Bollywood Gooden stepped to the poor or they gonna be the ones that are leading productions. Think our rhetoric is major global player and of course -- the United States there are numerous countries where Indian -- instance. Ascendant. -- -- -- But what you also have been a global outlets from Hollywood. Is continued growth achieved the market they're open and more Americans don't urging China. And it -- Expanding markets but what -- actually away is the way to Hollywood makes the film for the global market is increasingly trying to have. If you remember Phil -- budget that are key to a kind of global audience that went out where an audience which don't want. It. Cultural mores sexual content that may be objectionable and future market which you begin to look at the film are that played really well. Around the world that you see that something -- now to kind of perfect foil for that comic books well you're American since he characters. These kinds of applications work really well be a they're not necessarily peg to quote unquote American culture -- current global on narrative that works in front -- franchises like. Captain America danger. They work really well around the world they're they're well known brands and so there -- You see what happens anti American sentiment that you have less culturally specific narrative coming out of Hollywood. So. What that loses. Okay the major -- not producing cells necessarily which are typically better American social problem American commute or wearable but. Which you can have an independent huge independent market challenged it totally like distribution and exhibition change certainly want the man. Financing problems on our distribution issues and certainly on the way to many -- being produced. And in some cases and minister going online -- all of their incredible amounts sentiment that being -- but I think what happens well. And I'm in the process the people to circle the Hollywood. In an American government and these that have been well. Huge amount of people making film every day short film -- -- -- that are being distributed online they're -- perceptible. And hopefully eventually getting distribution. Are not there right here in terms on our demand or in many other places and of course if there and in theaters in the whole other conversation. About what's happening in the future -- When we come back and talk about. We're thinking about the movie is -- students Bloomberg George Lucas or predicting an implosion the implosion. Bill imposes it and and they think that implosion news imminent. Welcome back and -- let's talk about -- theaters all together do you still enjoy going to him some of these huge greens -- We're all kind of soaked from media. Gibbs call 2601. So we're told for a week. We're in the country's statistics. Needed nines year old eats up. Well when. Read this headline and -- and because -- -- VoIP and or aren't true lovers of the -- George Lucas Steven Spielberg said quote unquote studios will soon in -- That's what Lucas in particular says the studios are going for the goal. And as a result they're getting now Rory and now war and their focus. People get tired of that they're not know how to do anything adults. -- said let's go to expert and out of in the witnesses true the Indians in the each route through India -- We have a professor -- melman whether -- professor. Of -- in media studies UC Santa Barbara. Professor. My -- wife and watching TV and we are waiting for cause it's. And we really couldn't find anything so we switched over HBO and only thing. That even look. Mildly in person was super. So it's a bullet towards separate thirty. And when we watched it it was nothing but two animation. By aiding and -- when car explosions etc. Then eventually we just couldn't take anymore finally -- those. And when -- suppose it was over there was an advertisement. With the new action film. For ago what is the one that set box office records. Over the weekend. It was the same exact playing with a guy and to report. -- it's appealing to resist. A big thing broke the world that just young people were. Do you. You know I mean I think it. A lot of the people these days compared movies. It was regular movie theatres -- -- from the something that's different that was at all. If for some people -- the young people musical. People are looking or you get movies and ones that are much bigger and needed huge screen need the ground. He really can't get it well we -- you know at the sixteenth street needs that really nothing compared to forty year sentence for green. -- -- customer discount on that but people don't happen on. But these -- the movies in an -- and the gravity towards they're the ones that people especially people will go to opening weekend. And that's right whole host of things because opening weekend numbers tribes that form of those movies. In terms of their their other contracts from video contracts there sent -- cable contractor broadcast network contracts. Also or -- them global box. The same time. So this is the movies that people -- -- -- around the world they've been up in the movies that use the opulence of that I don't. Certainly but that is what Hollywood concede. I mean box. You're talking about the large studio and -- to remember these are differences. They have other confidence that revenue streams and like its merchandising and the multi multi billion dollars and 78 billion dollar as required. The law to these kind of brand which sell video games and -- action figures and board games and video games and -- of the product. So that certain. Are the film that the term of endearment there's not much of -- turbulent year market. A -- -- your -- market so they exist -- -- -- -- the system for the studios are multinational. Multimedia companies which have multiple different divisions which required the performance these -- films so what we might look at film. -- object it has -- You look at it as. I'm well the commercial for all of the park that French the war in humor markets and New York area. So that's why. They're really devoted to the Superman Captain America business and let's go to Q a kind of smaller adult oriented. And that's what makes it very confusing. It's a film that not necessarily the same old things around around on the dominate the region the figure reflects certain pictures. Spielberg. And interview -- USC. A quarter that is award winning -- -- Words are critical and commercial success but it almost wasn't so almost in -- up on HBO. And reported out here of of future is you can pay 25 dollars deceive the next Iron Man. And you probably gonna be about seven boxes ceiling kept the zebra. Well you know. Exhibitor days that model had been challenged for any year -- people don't actually want out different kind of court and structures that we should well. So -- not -- the in place and I'd wonder why that OP in place I'm kind of undercut a lot of what is what is the idea of -- but movie you can import everything. I think with Spielberg bought them mentioning here. Is that he got that we made because he's Steven Spielberg because she could get that. That opened many other people have a problem but surely getting back into theaters in there again like the same conversation -- a about that I think that that game win. You'll pay at different price for a different kind movies not yet year and I think it's one that would be put the mile push that -- I'm totally bug tutors and in the future. The multiplexes. In the city I've always loved Green -- The wide variety and when they initially opened. -- good clue me in. Tones of different kind of foods and everything else and it and it's still. And okay pleased to -- -- movie but now. Not just young people older people middle aged people bit texting. They're talking to removing. The taken phone calls during the movie sometimes of blowers are sticking. Now there's another -- to open up in time where big recliner is you press a button they bring you. Hi in food and drinks. There's an age limit to work who can go in. And I find myself -- -- that the that the majority of the time is that the futures that just the niche. What was that wanted to gators last. So I'm I'm -- scored at my present. If you look at. What's going on what you mean meant it but globally. On the up scale -- moviegoing in sentiments are sending. They are the ones that -- a lot of focus on the new -- are going into specifically. In upscale market. So what you have been very very. The first shed a movie going option of people you ports legendary. Multiplexes in cities and suburbs and -- But that means the -- it these patent system. Independent houses which. Are really your -- -- kind of audiences or resentment. All -- different place because he movies that audiences are beginning to really be content and of the kind of experience that out -- the Peter that they choose because. Many of these films will be playing and you know 510 Peter -- yet given that. They can turn at bat it kind of audience that that kind of experience. The downside perhaps the -- that kind of democratic models work when they're losing Peter made in prize that sort of the probe that were the appear so. He caught it yet you call more from a thirty -- So what's happening it worked -- excluding. Other. It's sort of say I knew what that will be a good environment in the department wants to. Arabic -- equipment money and expect their -- be -- in the future people -- -- well they aren't aren't making noise and so that's. Also awake begin to divide so that's part of that your first class and coach model. That movie theaters are developing which is addressing the cut in the right people are planning to differently about the texting -- talking. It's really hard to -- couldn't navigate that for theaters. At the moment at which people are doing it people recognize it thirty dollars probably not going to make a lot of truck cynical but -- so -- went into the developing. In -- -- And and national. Professor. Now over and over people or heard you don't read to switch jobs with the human come to Santa Barbara first in the and you come here are you first in the -- there. Yeah. A professor at thank you so much for the time really enjoyed the it. Are gonna talk to -- -- the proposed of the foreign problems UC Irvine and if you just joined as a bit of Steven Spielberg. Towards Lucas in the with the big other big directors and actors. Are predicting an implosion. In business of that falling apart that it can't stand up. Television competition in W and the men and in these games and everything else what do you say. Sure experience. In the -- still enjoy going to do use Google. Nervous when you receive. The texting and using opponent in the talking wing. Of the reports of violence in the theaters all over the country because of that -- it change your subsequent to the movie. -- anything comments questions Gibbs call. 2601. Celebrity tool for 86. -- and zero he says. While researching though -- good -- for the picnic. It's normal caught him I've caught alive because. And lo and -- owns. Is an article. That -- says television tells -- -- course. -- television is taken possession of grown up in and of things like narrative. In a richter. In the meantime Hollywood studios constructed their core business run court -- superhero film. Young adult franchises. And sequels. One of the -- says. The hitters are no longer poses but concrete slabs and style cool don't wood floors stick you under put dumped in the sugar drinks. Commercials and constantly even when there's nothing on the green 1520 minutes of ghastly previews and hopefully. The main feature which is explosions -- from chase scenes of the special OPEC substituting. Writing and creative acting in most -- well. Having the aggravation. And year. Of watching people texting. Reading their screens and talking and making phone -- during. And border and all that -- and -- our equipment don't know for certain subjects and going. One does not like the troops it's in the -- is. -- saying I came up with Steven Spielberg George Lucas. Saying that Hollywood studios. Will implode the business mobile we're gonna collapse and -- moment. As a well we loosened what the journalists who -- the -- talk could be experts and thankfully. Got a call from Victoria Johnson a professor poem and beat these studies -- -- The Tora professor welcomed the short perjured echo. Well thank you so much for having me through privileged. I can't thank you think do. And and everything I'm reading an exaggeration. Or in his Hollywood and heading for a little bit of problem. You know I think one of the things important to keep in mind as you know. -- that kind of cyclical. To -- that always comes. From time to time and in Hollywood -- solid reassessing itself in terms of sound typically. As opposed to do what's happening on television at any given time. I do think that the current context for them it's kinda different because. Film production has gotten so ridiculously expensive. Often. Film studios will always defer to what they feel is going to be known success. Rather than experimenting. And home much of their production and finance internationally. That these -- -- have to translate really well to use audiences across the globe. So that leaves you more time to shop in the movies about superheroes and things where cities blow up. That I think a lot of folks are increasingly fatigued guy in terms. Going to them. And as you point out the viewing contact. In people's homes. Is now off and and if not better then it is in the senate. Which your ability to control. You're using contact your food what you're wearing. How do you engage with your family. The images on TV you look. So great now for those who can afford -- HDTV. Which still certainly isn't every. But the movies themselves to become relatively unaffordable so there's that too. Boom boom boom explosion card truces which would seem to be everywhere. Oh what was the mood as we came came -- set records in. America. It is that because that is Bora why did something that people watch over and over again. And and -- descended initially understand it through three or four talent. Cuomo wife and were who -- watching delusional as I've waiting for cosmos would come on and walks. Forty minutes of Superman and in the interim coach who couldn't buy anything else and it was all boom boom court treason flipping over and biting empire and blamed. And the preview before Kosovo's Kimba. And it was the action film or this week and it opposes same exact thing in a guy in a different -- What is the attraction who is the attraction to this over and over and over here. -- I agree which is one increase since you know I I think television has become a more interesting place in terms of narrative and like watching extreme diversity of things happening. On screen and the diversity of audiences. Being spoken to in television. In terms of sound you know I think the argument has historically then that increasingly. Hollywood has been catering cute. A younger. Male audience. More keen audience. In terms of the large action -- in some -- competing more directly with video games then we have other kinds of media. Well it is always interesting to means then of course we and lights even something like -- -- and does so well at the box office. It's considered and then not believe grabbed -- and prove that in fact adult women in joy movie thanks. So I think you know there's been concern about. That if deaths a year and lives in terms -- is producers -- now. As to you what the audience would actually respond to that that people clearly still go to Captain America right hope. And I do think that those films do you travel. Well in terms of international markets and cents. And that's -- so much of the funding now comes. We're seeing the production. That is an audience that has taken very seriously. All right Edward -- and we're talking about the movies you -- few questions. What your movie experience. Like what would come back and talk about that when we return. Savor this double the bureau 170 Gary immortal 53 yeah. Orders over the last couple months ago articles. Critical and Hollywood film business might do -- rule -- emptiness stumble on the Steven Spielberg's movie industry prediction. Implosion. Of the film business model is imminent. Better understand this brothers' true what exactly that being too we have protester. Victoria Jones and with a proposed troop Coleman media studies said UC Irvine and professor. The important things -- about I'm I'm tight with the dollar. Among white gonna love the movies but we've we've always gone to the multiplexes. A lot of -- -- and then we've liked it there. But over the last couple years the talking. That texting. The reading screens during and before the movie is that telephone conversations that talking to each other. Seem to explode and shall we have increased and and I normal paranoia but have been that this job too long. We've done shows on the shootings in the fights and a altercations in the death in movie theaters and a lot of good link to aggravation. Than people by being ignored doing. Is is do or or those things is bad thought my thought and isolated. Thought -- isolated action. I end up going to the the big theaters where they have a major -- that in. Brookline owners and good food and etc. Is that in usual. Yet I I don't think it's unusual at all in fact. I do you think it's one of key problem that these are having right now. I just couple weekends ago would have multiplex which was evacuated. -- means. -- was -- -- that there was this suspicious. Activities going on in the theater I was in. -- officers were actually called me and so I don't think that's entirely paranoid I think people are certainly intend to -- given that security was called -- that happen where I was. And I do you think she's that hand held media that temptations for a lot of moviegoers to text throughout movies. Is something that's very hard to. You know crackdown on. So indeed. Movie theaters have responded by in some sense hearing or read tearing the moviegoing experience where. You have been nice there's small there theaters that cater to more adult audiences with. Art art cells that qualify for Oscars. Also with -- -- I think he can get a cocktail of it and I'm really comfortable seats. As opposed to use the larger mega practices switched and that means more of a carnival -- -- a sense. With these large blow up movies and a lot younger audiences often. Little and read a quote from George Lucas court. You're gonna end up and fewer theaters. Bigger theaters with a whole lot of nice things movie is gonna cost fifty or hundred bucks 150 bucks. Just like a Broadway play or football game. And the movies will sit in the theaters for a year. Just like a broad bush showed us do you see that happen. The possibility of mean -- things I would also. Just. Because in part my job is as a historian. Media and means. You know Egypt sees this same kind of reaction and concern in the 1950s. For instance when in -- decided it would compete with television and media. By going even bigger Bryant was like -- grandma. Technicolor. And so forth and I think in -- -- what we're seeing now is certainly current. That kind. Energy. From the film industry about how she -- -- gap in the news media era. I think one of the ways it's going to do that he is by again going bigger really. Promising audiences things that they just can't do it even on their giant projection TV. And enhancing that experience and that may mean going to more -- a theatrical models like they did in the sixties with -- shelling really spectacular musical. All around the country and making it much more like a red carpet events in every market. But again I think the risk of that is you know you really. Me. Moviegoing and much less democratic kind of art. Which. Critically is something I think film has always tried to hold up again TV. But I think one of the reasons the narrative and things are so strong on television right now is there's a recognition that the audience itself is very broad. And critically very badly and so there's a lot more diversity of product. Lack of better term. We will get about thirty seconds one final question big theaters the maggert complex. Do you see them trying to do anything about the texting to talking that telephone call it's. They say they view now and then ask your at least she DC masters having to go up and down. Trying to police people's behavior. At all I have to say living in -- kind of industry contacts there is. Probably -- a bit left of the texting and things that happened since them in the back seat because that people often know the people involved in post production. It. Professor. Love to have you insure a little later -- an abundance topic fascinating. I think they aren't. You have a good day of proposed her Victorian Johnson a -- review studies UC are coming right. And go away and Julie hill has the better re introducing show coming up on a bit of the.