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4-7-14 1:10pm Angela: on NOLA workforce development

Apr 7, 2014|

Angela talks about workforce development in and around New Orleans with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, his economic development adviser Aimee Quirk, Director of the Office of Workforce Development Nadiya Coleman, and Mark Bulmash, senior vice president of development for Howard Hughes.

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We'll help you had a wonderful weekend it's certainly turned out better than a lot thought a few drops here and there but you know it was beautiful and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it. We're gonna start our week off right to talking about jobs. Jobs that are going to be available in New Orleans very soon. It reflects what's happening in the city with more retail coming in. More investment being made and more people wanting to do business in the city. A couple of job fairs are happening one right now. And here to talk about the moment other hopeful signs for those looking for work is Jamie quirk the mayor's advisor for economic development. Not -- Coleman director of the mayor's office of workforce development. Michael -- CEO -- you know Lincoln are different. And mark bowl mash senior vice president of development for the Howard Hughes company and we're going to be joined by the mayor any minute. But we are thrilled to have all of you here mr. -- in particular. And your money that your second time on our show notes that this is a big day it's a very big day for the river walk and it's a very big day but those looking for work. It's a fabulous day I mean how often can you end up. Hiring over a thousand people in a day for property that ultimately it's gonna hire sixteen -- 16100 people. It's just a great event. Our latest numbers we already have over 3300. People who have registered on site at the convention center was just. Very heartening to see all the people out. In force like that of looking for a job and and we -- now I understand as many as fifty year of our retailers out there interviewing. And this is this is for full time. It'll be a combination of full time and part time jobs. I think it's it's wonderful -- -- my gosh casually rolls on in 2000 jobs that's a lot. It isn't over it's till 3 o'clock I think we need to remind people you're listening go to the convention center and again as mr. Bowman said. All of or fifty the retailers career and we're very excited that it's gonna go when. We're ecstatic. Again it's we really have some headliners like Neiman Marcus last call studio. Coach in coach men's forever 21. Toby -- Will be very uninteresting entertainment venue. But there'll be 75 really great retailers there and we can't wait to open it up on March or I'm sorry may 22 it's coming very very quickly. Retirement path -- workers you can make it can make it -- if yes. And we we have a lot of work to do and and were rear really had a and that's the nature retail projects they all come together very. Late in the game a lot of the retailers are showing up right now as we speak many of whom have been under construction. And they all come together. For this grand opening. If your company has brought are all construction workers did it each and they're well it's a combination we hire construction workers to build the mall. Building itself the shelves -- the concourse. The amenities and so forth. Then each retailers bring in its own construction staff although in some cases we've also done so what we call white pox work for the retailers. And they will come in fixture. So where right now we have almost. All of our retailers on site under construction wrapping up them the -- -- itself it's very exciting it is and you extend it. -- Yes yes we've expanded. What had been around 200000. We're hitting 50000 and make it to new 250000. Square foot state of the art outlet. Senator which will be the first one to open and -- down town in the United States. I say that all the time because we think of the outlets on the outskirts of this is going to be in the heart of the city which is brilliant because the ships arrive. Locals will be there and and trust. It's a very compelling story. We only. Up until recently we didn't have a lot of locals coming to the center. Who's only about 10% of our business now we're really hoping that wind gets up to about 50%. That -- have a a real reason for locals to come back downtown and and to kind of revive those great feelings that people had towards the river walk when it first opened up when it was an event to take your family. To the property in and spend a few hours. We're gonna talk more about getting those locals -- have -- we do have mayor Mitch Landrieu on the line I'm so appreciative. Mayor that you would call in and you're very busy I heard you on not channel -- news at the -- wonderful. -- hiring and I I could I could feel your enthusiasm. It was spectacular first off again what do you got -- It was unbelievably truly unbelievable you know we talk about. When you're to campaign in your run for office is that look we're gonna wouldn't listen to the folks -- gonna create judging everybody in this city said. We wanna be over the shop in this city number one. I'm all this money flying out of it and we got to go other places to -- stuff. And secondly people said we need jobs and so you know the entire team of people that it that you talked into -- -- to immediately got to work a couple of years ago. And actually what was beautiful about the danger actually see not only the physical thing being built. But actually these jobs are really there now and then you see the people applying for the jobs and to -- In the convention center over 4000 people have come into the convention senate to do apply for a job. At the new outlook collection at the rebel war which is a new luxury you know upscale outlet mall. And it's just going to be incredible on top of that into the -- so excited about that because it comes on toppled work that was done. In the last couple weeks of wallboard at least it was 600 people. We you know the -- -- -- hide the hospital in New Orleans leases opened in June and we have over 300 people that have been work in the building not Spiller ready and -- -- to be you know the whole group of folks that -- I -- -- goes already open. And a hundred jobs there and then of course -- in the mid city markets it would beginning to have in this city this retail boom. That we had dreamed about for a long long period of time on top of you know great entities like agent and then open it up and of course Tiffany's and so. As as these guys talk about the reason you feel and you hear the excitement is -- can physically see -- The fact that we deliver on promises to make sure that we get back to work. Lot of people have jobs and the places that they gonna work. Com or making New Orleans just very different from what it's been in the past. And you haven't even mentioned medical -- door at any any idea on how many jobs will bring that. Listen that is going to be I think people are not really. And it's hard to see it because you just see the buildings coming out of the ground but we expected there will be 101000 jobs. Over time created in that medical corps which is of course -- two lane avenue between two winning canal. It's sixteen blocks its two new hospitals one is that is the veterans administration hospital the first major hospital that the government has built. The United States government has built for veterans in the -- which is just going to be huge in next to that is the medical complex is being built. By consortium of universities and when you think about the potential of the business that comes out of those particular facility so much less first place healthcare. It can really transform the entire you know community of New Orleans and give opportunities that we haven't had a long time. Milan got Amy quirky but -- -- and ask you first -- sure what's what you have a coming up the line we're we're talking incredible things that are reality now. Well the realities in a minute what's happening mail was in a couple years that we were talking about what we were gonna do. And and we we we painted a picture of what it would look like it's New Orleans had a lot of jobs well today what's happening is that jobs or here. And -- what we do and as we -- -- Other jobs with the people who need Epson workforce development workforce training. A whole thing that I called pathways to prosperity literally pathways that people can walk down. You know the street to get the kind of job that they say that they want so today for example the past -- prosperity was -- to the convention center. There problem which sets that have names of companies and on go apply. Right if you -- skills that matches up with the job you're gonna be working in that particular facility which is right across the street. And we have to keep doing that over and over again whether it's in health care whether it's in port. Whether to digital media. Whether the hospital in New Orleans -- course even tonight -- -- -- community information session for the new Orleans police hospital that accepting applications for over a 120 jobs. That's out New Orleans east that there apostolic outreach center and -- can tell you a little bit more about that. All of that stuff is exciting and what we need to do you know we just did get the jobs gets folks in the jobs and get him back to work. I thank you so much for this call and that will be staying in touch thank you I appreciate it you got a -- -- -- and that's where Mitchell Andrew. We'll take a quick break we're gonna come back and were gonna continue to talk about jobs right after this. So very happy to have a roomful of people who. Care a great deal about jobs in this community and it helped pushed what we're seeing happen today. Very exciting things we were just talking in the break that to the state of Louisiana has a four point seven. Percent unemployment verses in the nation which is over 6% to and it says volumes about what's happening. I again want to welcome Amy quirk who was the advisor for the mayor for economic development Nadia Coleman who's the director of the mayor's office of workforce development Michael pact with the -- you know -- And marsh mark bush mashed senior vice president development with Howard Hughes which of course is doing incredible job on the river walk. A wanna pick up what we can mr. bowl mash about. Bringing locals because I actually talking on the phone when you mean we first made the announcement parking let's talk park -- -- Right now and I don't want to trump what we're going to do our program we're gonna reveal over the next few weeks. But we will have validated parking in all the Hilton parking lots which is over 25. Hundred parking spaces for senator which is about 250000. Square feet in size so there'll be more than enough that they're real key for us. Will be things like signage and making it as easy as possible from if there are for customers to get from the parking to the center. And we're upgrading in a number of locations to make it. Significantly easier texas' sooner. The big open parking lot by the conventions is that not included yes that is yes that's you that's right by. One of our main entrances. And probably will be the most use parking lot for the property. Because people one of these. Absolutely want to get there they're gonna love it -- getting them there right Aetna. So we're gonna have a wonderful eventful opening. We're very excited about it and and again it's. May 22 and -- five days of festivities. Beginning around 9:30 Honda that Thursday morning the 22. This -- this is very excite. Look this let me as long as -- quirk as he is the mayor was talking. Were releasing information -- a lot of work for years and now it's happening. And kind of where you've seen it go from here yet absolutely. We've been working very hard to deliver on our promise of more jobs people. Came in recurrence of the sector people across the city said we want more jobs more opportunities. Whether it be in retail which were talking about here today with Howard Hughes and an exciting river walk project in health care she mentioned earlier at the new opportunities. With the two major medical centers being built in mid city but also tonight we're having it an information session on the jobs for the new hospital in New Orleans east that'll open this summer. To digital media we had a big win with G capital investing its first information technology center of excellence right here in downtown New Orleans on transportation. International Shipholding. Announcing earlier this year to come back and and relocate its headquarters back here in New Orleans home -- company coming home. And so across sectors we've got a lot of growth. And we're just delivering on that promise and today is is proof that. Underworld is open for business were looking for investment and when people come. We're gonna help you get open we're gonna work it through the process and we're gonna connect you to our workforce about our citizens have an -- take advantage of those jobs and so. We are poised for more growth in the city and and looking forward to to working together to make sure that we're able to maximize the economic benefit for the whole community. Michael had you have been here many times and we so appreciate you coming back. We have talked about what is happening throughout the state and the need for. Tens of thousands of people in the oil and gas industry but that includes our area to. This specifically where. Well what you have is tens of billions of dollars of current and future investment on the river from the mouth all the way up to you Baton Rouge. As a result of that the number that we currently use is about 42000. Is a number of jobs in the energy sector that's going to be needed over about the next ten years. But what's interesting is that those jobs in the skills within those jobs. Are not only applicable to energy somebody that's doing construction or engineering or -- kind of skilled trade. In energy can then go into water management. Where Louisiana and -- also becoming the national law hub of water management kind of the -- of North America so. On the energy is definitely the biggest opportunity but then you combine that with the tens of thousands over Tennessee -- medical. And then in digital were the fastest growing digital market in the whole country. And what I really take away from this beyond just the number of jobs it's the diversity. And that's who we lacked for decades and -- -- -- an oil bust of the eighties the hurt so badly because we were one trick pony. We're now we have a lot more tricks -- make our economy much more robust call for. Let's talk to an audience because it it is about workforce. Training. And we have talked to Michael at at length about. What the universities are doing in the schools are doing because some of these jobs don't need four year careers. But they need train -- so let us go to just what we're doing and retail argue do you have any specific programs. We do. And just for. The listeners I -- the -- director for the office of workforce development and part of what we do is to operate or Joplin career sinners. And at those sinners we do offer training for individuals who comment who need to either change their skills that are gained training. And one of the things we offer that's relevant to retail -- the customer service training it's a national certification. So individuals who are interested in the retail industry it has proven to be a great great benefit individuals have seen 80% employment rate. After completing those training and we've gotten great feedback from employers about. Employees who have received certification through the Korean -- We are people have to pay for that note if you qualify as WI -- eligible it is free. So it is training for how long. The certification for customer service is five days. As it doesn't take an eternity to do it. But it is eight hour days so there's a commitment there we also walk through -- walk through with the individuals interview skills. We walked through with them how to completed application and really had a sell and market themselves in the skills that they are contained in the training in order to find employment. Do you have any that went to the river walk today I have to check -- -- we are at the numbers that we're out have to go through and check but I'm sure that many of them have we made it a concerted effort to reach out. So our community to reach out to individuals who live in and around this area. To say look these -- opportunities let's connect she today and that's a big part of what we do we want a -- to grow and connect our workforce to that economic development opportunities in the city so that they can have individual economic opportunities for themselves and their family. So as not just about the training and making sure that the -- training is relevant. And then taking that relevant training and making sure that those individuals can connect with employers like we're doing today. How is it going with -- Wal-Mart. They're looking for 300 jobs I think -- at. It's it bit Wal-Mart is opening two stores one in June in New Orleans east they'll have higher minimum of 300 people in the opened up the job center. In New Orleans east on -- two weeks ago. A -- actively hiring for that store and then later this summer. They'll open up the second story engine -- in -- -- -- wood shop in -- and that's another 300 class jobs as well so as soon as they finished. Hiring. On a fast track for the for the -- on the store they're gonna begin hiring for the gentility stores so. It really is an exciting time in our city just we're just talking about this one sector of the retail sector. You know that's 600 jobs in addition to the 16100 jobs that were talking about for the river walk on just in the span of a couple weeks. And that doesn't you know on top of all the other projects that just recently opened a -- under construction we're talking about a lot of jobs in the retail sector and and so is ninety was saying that -- into workforce development. Is really important to make sure that our workers have the skills needed in and we do that same type of work week whether it's on retail or in the other. Sectors Michael mentioned earlier water management is something that's really important in and the city we know we're gonna have a lot of opportunities with our investments that were planning to sewage and water board and so. Our office of workforce development partnered with -- got as the community college to begin a new curriculum on water management that was on the and it was very needed in the state that's the type of creativity and planning that goes into preparing people for what the opportunities are going to be -- there's always an active. Presents between sort of the economic development side in the workforce development side to create that training driven by what the employer's needs are going to be so that people can fill these jobs. I am uplifted helped everybody listening is -- we're gonna take a breaking go to the newsroom but stay with -- if you any comment -- questions about jobs. Give us -- call 2601870. Now let's go to Chris Miller in the newsroom. Well if you're listening you're hearing of the sounds of good things happening. And it's it's been a long time coming I think that we. As a community have struggled as many have but it's just like we're on track things are rolling smoothly. And all of the seeds that were planted. Are now growing and these jobs are -- Very exciting what's happening downtown at the river walk and as we heard earlier. Almost 4000 people showed for a thousand jobs and and that is music to the ears of everybody. Ninety. Yes -- yes you were talking about working with Delgado. Yes and tell us about that program sure -- and for the listeners and. Four everyone here we have heard even the president talk about workforce development as a key issue for this nation to move forward. And that is really about building the capacity of the individuals who resides here's the nature that they can meet the demands. Of businesses so that businesses can continue to grow and thrive. And so we've looked very critically at what's happening. In our city what is the growth trajectory of many of those in demand industries and one of the things that kept coming to the top. Was related to having and filling the gap. Around skills crafts and so we worked with Delgado and they were successful in receiving a grant. Through Louisiana State office of workforce development. And we have now established a partnership with them. With in CC arts training so this allows individuals who may not have completed high school. It's a start programming at Delgado receive certification. That allows them to work as helpers. In electrical field carpentry. As well as. Plumbing electrical carpentry and plumbing. Then they can do -- on the job training. And then progressed through an apprenticeship program so it really is what is the -- talks about a pathway so making sure that we meet individuals with AR. Give them credible ways in order to into the workforce and then give them opportunities to continue to build their skills so if I have a desire to advance. Then as they're physically away from me to do that it just does not stop at that terminal serves great professions they are fantastic profession we're always gonna need plumbers are always -- an electrician -- yes. And the good news says because of the partnership and Amy talked about this. That is so critical that economic development workforce development -- Community Colleges are high schools that we all work. In concert with one another. We're able to do this at an affordable rate to the system whole list of glee so that we can afford to train more individuals than we could have just with a single -- of dollars. So we can and welcome people through the careers -- job one if they're interested in these training. We can certainly don't data can take them directly as well and we content continue to see that grow and so will Max it out. We can also look at it is you sector that's booming as opportunities for folks with those skills. To move into the energy sector so -- just multiple opportunities in pathways for folks that are interesting right now. We have a caller I think he is a very interesting question Kenneth from gentility. Yes I expect -- -- -- question about. Probably tracked -- they're tracking mechanism that the how many people. From the war on prop or actually receiving the job and then secondly is related question is what are we. And -- the six there are many of them it's their 600 people. Being fired. -- there were war how many I'll have to be tired from the war of sorts because it's extra. We are tracking. Our success rate in in placing our residents into job positions on some of their earlier examples we mentioned today. A Costco for example was a project that we work closely -- And over 65%. Of the the the people hired to work in that store where New Orleans residents. The Whole Foods Market that opened up on broader earlier this year over seven we worked with them to source their their employees in over 75%. Of their workforce were New Orleans residents. Circle food store which also were opened earlier this year an iconic store. I in the seventh ward that everyone was rated to come back since the storm. Over 90%. Of their staff what is from New Orleans and so we are acting actively track seen our participants. Participation rates and really trying to hit to position our work force to be as competitive as they can be so that when they can sit in front of an employer and and have the opportunity to meet the employer. They ended. Employer concede that their talent there's talent in this city and they don't need to look -- of defying their their workforce. -- -- that does that answer your question. It that. -- in Europe you know there was a way to attract the people from normal actually. In the appreciate effort. Okay thank you for your call anybody out there who -- any of the questions don't hesitate to call us at 260187. And again it's going to be. 17100. Jobs 16100 more than 16100. -- my gosh I was and tried to part time with the factory because. And then market as. I can't say enough good things though about the mayor's office for workforce development and job one and and how key was for this event. Do to keep they were really the key to success here are organizing -- and I was amazed at how many people showed up its at least twice as much as we expected. And it was just an amazing has seemed to see so many people coming in with an interest to find a job at the river walk and it's uninteresting because anecdotally I've talked to a number of retailers out there. Who could more than me they -- They're where they were looking for for this location and actually started taking more. Application says that they may feel others around the city so we thought there is a really great. Such a tremendous statement if it. And I want to just mention such as mentioned the foundry but it's all the wonderful stories we're hearing about are all excited about -- -- -- -- -- -- right I'm gimme that discount. But some locals are coming back to. -- yes and cafe -- is going to be one of them certainly the forgery is going to be another. We still have four -- -- lobster out on Spanish plaza and poppies timeout and so. Yes there will still be some locals that there will be mixed into this this grouping that we have I think it'll be really fabulous selection of retail. You know it's it's a great location and Spanish plaza is just such a nice gathering place. And I'm just wondering when you mentioned that you want to bring him back to when it first of which I'll also remember. That it was a sort of the destination point are you planning on having events there. Absolutely and and we're looking for ways as we speak to try to figure out how we can improve Spanish -- so and getting all the different stakeholders. Round two tickets to party atmosphere well and to make it something that the city can be proud of fun and for a long time to -- If you think about the the riverfront there's so much opportunity there with you marry him and then with Spanish -- now with the river walk -- conventions -- -- and -- an opportunity -- -- -- -- to better -- people to -- -- -- really -- that. We see that now with crescent park opening in the by water and people really in joint team to come to the -- and we'd like to promote extensive. Access and and let people be close the reverend have granting -- -- he's has been. Working with the city and all the other stakeholders in the area that really put together a way to -- I'll never forget test some years ago standing at the river walk. Looking out and that was a ship going and I am standing next to a man he says you know we don't have this in Kansas. Nice he just sort of capture the moment that's right how unique and wonderful businesses and now there is life there and we all remember the days when it was. Prior to the 84 world's fair was very sad. And now it's just. You just have to be happy when you walk out there. Even on a rainy day stay with us we'll be right back. Who had been working for many years on what we're seeing today which is the growth of jobs. Let's quickly take up another call yes. Mike Mike in Metairie. Yeah I heard just curious. I hope that these jobs -- only for black figure not caucasians. Need apply into -- I can't imagine -- would be dumbfounded. No it absolutely is for everybody. And and we saw really nice mix of people were diversity of people down at the here at the convention center today. People who were there were many of more trips to the nines and as great and and ready to go to work. Okay thank you -- for calling on you were talking -- What's happening downtown. I know I love that even though we signed to the streets and crazy. It's getting done. A lot of exciting. -- obviously we talked about it this river walk project its next month yeah a lot of it. And but there's a lot of other exciting things going on -- downtown market district project is under construction now. Right off hopefully it'll accord or near the practices grocery store. That's really exciting we mixed use a mix of retail residential park teen. More people living downtown creates for more vibrant environments more opportunities for additional quality of life and as the types of -- that people. People wanna see when they look at a city like New Orleans and and as we're working to attract more jobs in the city. I'm amenities like matter are really important you know I live down town in 1987. In magazine place and I called myself but the pioneers. Because they're too conscious of people and when you look at that from 198788. To konduz and what there is now. I leave here many nights at 11 o'clock I'm never afraid because all the young people. On the streets enjoying life and I think. This is this is an incredible thing that's been in my lifetime. And it's all for the best apps lately and you know what with that comes more restaurants more life more and then more jobs that means that the spinoff effect in the virtuous cycle that they can but -- when she begin investing is really important. And I think it's an important point is that you mentioned earlier Angela's for the first time in decades we're starting to do these little things right and -- to the little things right. He lead to -- deputy or the event this spin off affect the we're starting to see. And good things start to happen so one example that I love. Is with the smoothie king center right now a few years ago we were about to lose the hornets but then the business community came together. Led by -- land through the elected officials came together. And we save the horse who became the highest per capita ticket sales in all of North America. That then led to local purchase of course -- by the Benson is the name change to the pelicans. Then we -- -- -- kept them here. Nixon you know which these with the king center AKA the blender it's worth tens of millions of dollars and an all star game with fifty million dollars economic impact and so it just goes to show that. As a community if the elected community the business community and civic community works together and we have good habits. Good things begin happening in the began to happen organically and I think we're getting up. Point -- and I just want to clarify because they're there certainly has been talk of are these jobs I'm talking -- across the board not just to provide jobs where people can make a living and don't have to have multiple jobs. That is certainly our path Tom and and we are working to which attract jobs we want our families to -- of sustain themselves we have to send their kids to school of support all their needs and so. We are working to create as Mary Landry says a -- played a prosperity and so many of these jobs to afford living wages. And that some certainly is something we're prioritizing is we're tracking new jobs yet and related to and I think it's a great question they'll always. You need for entry level jobs. I began working at all. Her made minimum wage right but I learned some very good skills while -- also learned that I wanted to stay at schools -- -- the does that it's okay but. It's still those entry level jobs are necessary. An order for us to build a strong workforce we just need to make certain and that's part of my job and that's part of our commitment is that we have the ways that people can continue to access on going training and education. So that if they want to better themselves right. That they can move into higher wage jobs and make sure that they -- livable wages. So it won't be -- do away with entry level jobs ever. But making sure that we as a community embrace that pathway approach. And building and having partnerships in place that they -- credible pathways for individuals to continue their education whether that be traditional and nontraditional. Gets me and again among about if anybody's listening and they want to know more about job on who they -- where did ago yes so they can physically goes to one of our two jobs senators one located here on the east bank at 3402 lane avenue. And then second one is on the West Bank. Located -- at all in the same building the Orleans parish school board ground floor. So if you know that -- building you're in the right place. The other thing is that you can contact us by phone so we are 504658. 4500. And we have a wonderful front -- that can help direct you in the right place and schedule appointments for you to meet with career counselors. And a big piece of this that we are doing and workforce development is reducing or eliminating various individuals have historically traditionally experienced. When trying to find employment and part of what you see today is hopefully eliminating one the digital divide so. At the Johnson at the job -- today we actually have computers available we have our mobile unit there so many -- and many employers require online applications. But for some of our families they may not have access to Internet so. That's available here today and then transportation you of one stop that you can make for 44 to fifty employers at one time. So the reduction and elimination of barriers is critical. OK stay with -- we're not done we'll be right back. While I have loved every minute of this I really have we need to hear these stories we need to hear the reports that. It's real. The river walk is coming alive on May 22 their hiring. And and believe me till 3 o'clock in go down and applying that got although employers down there I want to thank each and every one of you. For being here always and your busy people it means a lot to communicate what we've got Golan. So stay with us everybody. And you stay with this as well we're gonna move on to another subject in the next hour but we're gonna keep -- on these jobs. Now let's go to the newsroom and Chris --