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4-7 4:20pm Sports Talk: Saints

Apr 7, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Saints Sideline Reporter and co-Host on 1350 AM Double Coverage about the Saints offer to keep Rafeal Bush.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sean Payton -- at the top of the next hour preview tonight's national championship game and also give your take on the spring game at. An eleven to 48 I'm not that good of a percentage but. I came away impressed. With the play of freshman quarterback -- enhanced considering five months ago he was in the superdome playing high school football. In what he'd be a much more than just a few moments the Saints. Making a move this afternoon songs so much interest and that's Johnson I guess you'd say that love the some loving and what they have done in in grooming up and be earning up. A player like Raphael bush Santana report Christie Garrett host on the three WL was double coverage -- -- this is a part of this type of move obviously signifies the Saints. Don't wanna see a player that they feel they've invested a lot of time changes into the they feel like he's get ready Higgins beat. -- and it's the players rocket bullet was in match the offer sheet for the Atlanta from the Atlanta out and two year old point five million dollar. I'll offer sheet and he signed with Atlanta last week they feel like. As a rule on the team it as a team and certainly we saw that rule. Connie ball last year on the equipment's. Football soak -- not being able to do with you know the quite close apparently reasonable. Not that you know won't go to Atlanta Falcons and although he had opportunities started Atlanta. These simply in the rule. They feel that he'd he'd -- behind Edgar Bergen. Not anemic now and you know -- spoke to. We'll closes its -- community blood -- is over another record record you know there's no you know straight when the simple. Which makes. Chris you know and -- -- -- -- land vs more of a role player with the things we know different packages that he would party could start some gains and it would utilized in three safeties. While you think about this has to be an NFL. It's not like you for sharing second string you know like in high school and all that and an NFL. When you're on the field your starter there and yet if you like -- can come in the second quarter let's say they expect you to played 1520 snaps. Millionaires starter you have to play at a high level so the bad thing about all he's starting are not. And editing is if you addressed now. And mention the -- quarterback -- in the game it is not like you're warming the bench now if you -- in uniform you're playing even Napoleon some. Way shape or form will -- be in the game. Yet -- about indeed we've seen a lot to rock mine he had that 211. And a number of different ways I mean you know be in good about. It's your diligently on date and start you know now all the -- the football might be an -- played it might be well ot bury. I'll let you know go back and start playing until you guys get a lot art like you know what when they signed Champ Bailey. How they use and it is going to be a starter well I mean it is in the Al pack it -- the nickel cornerback. Our starters we don't talk about the in the dying. Quarterbacks are technically starter because Angel but it lacks the respect it is good on the personnel grouping increased pat patently. I mean you almost need to. At about six deep the cornerback position anywhere at least. -- I've beaten Agassi the other and come out and play corner as well so on you know popular -- Know very well liked in a locker room it certainly by coaching staff and and he's locked up here to use it matching medal in the Atlanta. Chris -- abducted the -- -- and you know on the occasion but he told me about Champ Bailey and everything I can't say hi -- static hours materialize because. Experience and instinct. I'm at today as a quarterback when I was. -- against an opponent. That you look at years of experience away their land their career. That I can tell you -- a veteran quarterback. Would -- -- line for example Cam Newton against. Get this thing to that last drive Woody left the Indians and captain Corey white. Now we would Cora who like to step up. But it be -- that I think in the three animal for rule. Because I could tell you if I was going to line and I see meaningless in court in white. Now outdated rolled the coverage to help -- white I'm going right at him and I'm expecting high one I've received two win. Now Champ Bailey. He's -- Odyssey maybe he's getting long in the tooth and Lucio it's Napoleon respond. But it team makes a play all of a sign -- twelve probable experience. It's is common out. And he got Keenan Lewis so I think just some that aspect. -- the -- catch lightning in a bottle. -- at a number of people when Darren Sharper first came on board nobody was going crazy although week. There is Jarvis commuted difference maker of defense -- Greg ways is Super Bowl. Oh well we need is like one season if -- I am barely -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the top level one or two year deal similar to you a Champ -- and yet I think that really successful buying those ties you know that. Last year or two of their careers and Indian food production -- you know what what. You saw Darren -- -- the -- of guys in law the step in terms of overall speed but he is play recognition is what. You know he said it helped them total in the back end of his career and and a -- that he would Champ -- Against saint sound out of Christie Garrett at Christie Garrett won reporting at the Saints have matched the offer. The -- -- bush in a black and gold. And that he when Abby wants him and he is staying put -- out Christi to about in the morning. On double -- three WL thirteen 50 AM from 6 AM until nine mean Christian thank you minimize our. Are all out to be video and whose time -- 430 wanna -- the first news -- in the hands.