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WWL>Topics>>4-7 4:35pm Sports Talk:College Basketball Championship

4-7 4:35pm Sports Talk:College Basketball Championship

Apr 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby taklk to blogger for collegebasketballtalk.com Scott Phillips about the men's college basketball championship.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The homer of the men's national championship game is WWR radio exciting action Saturday in the nation in the national semi finals it was all UConn -- they fell behind early -- for the last thirty minutes the ballgame a ten point victory and really wasn't that close. And the Kentucky the cardiac -- another three ball by Harrison and they win 7473. To set up a great match up a number seven seed and number eight seed these two teams did not play in the tournament a year ago and they are playing for the national championship game. Tonight and a preview that just a moment Saints coach jumping Jones at the top of next hour. Scott -- a lot of the college basketball hall dot com Dodgers now Scott again thank you haven't had of coming on the program redhead -- again in the should Bears may appear the other night I think the rest the country had been that we have been public him up and rightfully so. We got a good look at his tenacious defense it was Daniels it was boat ride those guys came up with a bunch of the off physical tools impressive. But the Connecticut defense on Scottie will begin -- was phenomenal me full points in that ballgame our figures got even if he were shot like he did. 30% from the field he -- 82 point from the free throw I mean they -- shut him down. Well you kind of achievement came tonight because they've played such good defense potent point guard. He's chaplain was struck out of the came immediately -- contest against UConn. We've -- -- -- will drop against Duke at peace and that's all four. Shabazz Napier besides -- a wonderful he's on the up the leading UConn during the regular season and point three down and says. The nation's top ball on -- -- really improved on the ball he. Kendrick annual running game as long enough and athletic enough. And he innings eating in good defender on the way. I think it balanced strong performances from the entire group of guys on the floor and trauma can really different. You -- competent people getting credit for -- that she can really get out the front. That's artery that they're playing for a title night. Now Scott when you look at obviously coach inexperience in. All of sudden a Coach John Calipari we all know is a household name the venue -- Kevin Ollie. Does that that he becoming the play are you think is pretty much going to be all on the players that are. As far as you know what what is your take on that when you look at the experience includes -- Perry and then also what -- -- kind of job he's done with that team. You know and and compare the Coachella right now. I think it mostly all of -- players you look at each team having forty minutes to really come out and poker world. A lot of different things can happen forty minutes of play which is why it makes the tournament and and you need to interest and in an NBA playoffs I am sure you get here you get to see which team is really the better team or sustained period -- Over forty minute course petroleum players to make plays and hit shot. And not have cold streak -- -- -- really like -- called him. I think which Kentucky experience and having a league not playing on the stage record. I can be good and the thing which you can't have experienced a page or what somebody like me you're winning -- -- year. And all that well but ultimately on the corner -- games and national title yeah. Now -- got a do you think the three point ball does that how does that come in the play tonight does that really. Is that the difference maker. You know who's knocking down their threes and I remember reading early before a tournament start with Ryan boat ride this Tennessee if he's hitting from beyond -- And UConn really tough to beat and then now you look Kentucky how they've come up with -- Big Three point shots so would you take on that. I think both teams have been inconsistent from not being on entry point on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the multiple positions with the ability to hit in -- -- for -- UConn in Kentucky. I think ultimately the biggest factor in the game and you can -- -- he can -- -- yup I'm glad. Their ability at Kentucky on the interior I think that can occur. They can maybe get some stops on the perimeter get batters and try and turn the ball a little bit. Maybe stay in the game I think the -- -- it a couple child you know I. Thought yup yup I'm glad they're sure England. Hi Scott give us a prediction who's gonna win and -- between could ducking connect. I really like in part in this one I think that -- the win over Wichita State. -- typically a number really really difficult opponent. You put it or straight really well final four caliber team had it during that stretch. For the most count the most balanced team. Between hitters and -- and -- and strangle. And he'd put the current job market's really part of -- child and -- Scott how can folks volley on Twitter. I want Twitter at Philips. Blog of the college basketball talk dot com staff of Scott thank you so much a dog to gain the night. It pretty.

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