WWL>Topics>>4-7 5:15pm Sports Talk: Men's Basketball Championship

4-7 5:15pm Sports Talk: Men's Basketball Championship

Apr 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the men's basketball national championship and the WWE Wrestlemania at the Superdome yesterday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to the final few moments of sports talk he is the cajun cannon. Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia simply put operated -- whopping you've spoken etiquette. I just say I just don't have recent video lot of though Ian hope who's one of our web. Guys he does a great job he's got Cologne overall -- department got the win amassed a unit helps and I sit tonight's game. Connecticut and you can have you discussed. If they could that -- -- Utah confusing. You know I was trying to be termed a proper disease doesn't have he's going to be some enough. But it's Connecticut and Kentucky who do you think will win tonight's national championship game anything can -- vote on line. At WW -- that -- again in the back from from -- when we win then use him of these in the all -- -- -- -- -- his -- yet right now it's done Pacific Ocean you know. It's. If you -- a couple of sent -- in between nick and Acapulco is nice nice yes like Southern California. You know net then on the beaches as pretty as the Caribbean. Longer points and is like and I volcanic you know blacks and beach. It when -- -- beach the beaches formed you know the whenever you see whites and this you know it's. From -- I -- -- blacks and he's its more bulk and and that is that a -- volcanic. I don't know my grandmother is gone from this sort of thing comes from anyway but yes I was out there and it was it was nice to get away. That always nice to obviously -- big -- but you know Agassi you know everybody around the world -- what you think all excited for the next school would you think -- going crazy for soccer. Yeah as they can't wait till June in the World Cup thing going Brazil I'm living through the good if you look at it would be a deep part goes then I the Spanish ESPN and now and yet and -- -- yet yet every other commercials about the World Cup in. And you know they exploited in the days. -- station now on -- TV -- also you know telemundo. Care -- some games but you already and they had sock on -- today. Salaries yeah he's -- you know on he -- -- actually moves but they care to -- them down on the edge of its going to be a pretty big time especially. Hopefully -- violence comes about but you look. The Cubs. You know couldn't flight back and look and Colombia Colombia was one of favorites in and and the players had held on goal and you Emeka ample note when they'll be getting human out incorporated is the -- in. I think there Colombian. Climbing courts now whatever the shot because their money on league and they lost though it's. His series is that is in the Beers spiel and you are are are -- game today and that Brazil Argentina. I mean I like it I like to watch it and you don't as the top of the onto that team Bob. Knows all like the top players in the world and he's -- educate Creason. But it's amazing. Like -- and although dean yo and and I -- -- as well as always amaze. Brought Brazil you know you stud players -- like we look at. In America if you have one name. -- prints in Illinois who -- Jordan how's that Michael you know Jordan is late Wednesday that not jarred Feagles right McLaughlin market with Bjorn. But up. You know like Britain at the top Brazilian players they they they go like one name. Ronaldo. On and I tell you the one player and I think in. As Americans -- a lot of people -- the star player's name was -- cop. -- -- Bangkok honestly -- -- if I mean yeah -- you don't have to a guy like Mike -- to become a Catholic and that at Disney but he's -- -- stock of that yet just like yet and -- were on the home making millions -- them so. I'm looking forward to you know we have the dog days -- summer in June. To get more involved of the World Cup and and always have segments. When you know -- think the future yet to look at the soccer moms. The soccer moms I think our continued to grow -- -- dwellers must say it is. Is because I think they truly control of the young male athletes and young youth of America as far as what sport to get to participate and I'm talking about the next. Decade and outlook and it. 203 decades where all of a -- immediately concussions in. And the NFL's word about this now car are the mom is putting -- -- trying to promote youth football. They get their moms did not have any like twenty some percent down -- -- youthful ball participation. Because I'm the only soccer's getting a foot hole and it's all. That that's the most important thing and NFL right now is to keep future generations. Toward NFL -- is keeps groaning and moaning and I don't know when it's gonna stop. But it you know kind of when Mark Cuban you know the Mavericks he's saying. You know how the NFL's getting too greedy and stuff like that I don't see that happen it would definitely within a decade. You know the projected earnings in the in the being in the CPAs over around twenty -- to be shared amongst 32 teams where. That's really double in the revenue would have right now you know nine have the Indian. But that's why soccer mean I'd think. And why moms -- you can get hurt playing soccer you bump heads or whatever and you have your daughter's room -- involved in soccer but and well. The most the most. Injury in my -- came around was it was a fight that broke now. In the grown women fight at the -- game so apparent apparently similar about rigorous paranormal but -- the only candidate of march 26 while you use that as of -- whether his youth baseball whatever the pattern I -- -- -- about the -- did what -- you look at courts feeling conduct in looking emotions get the best of all of all of us and one point -- lifespan. But you had to remove yourself from that situation because what happens you've got it. Count down a five speech he gave his OK -- turn on T walk away you cannot take ten -- values to get involved in something you can do is inexcusable and and you hear that now. It was like a five and six the Latin by the league keep that score Coco yet found anything and the only thing that he wanted to go to army fighter -- you ought to support educated. Obviously whenever -- involved in the UK. You know get to the point where he's cheating are this and that inning -- I mean. You know bills and the police kept them policing -- because Japan is -- mutual's. Coming back or get to -- for tenacity amateur game the ticket Turkey and Connecticut this is sports talk on WW yeah and welcome back. Wrestle mania last time about it Mercedes being -- and a lot of folks of sin. Why the longest streak in wrestle mania streak came to hand on the -- -- went down. Well really it before a packed house and oh yeah blowing crowd on it and it was -- -- being hired even add more people in the don't in his face in Aiken is do you honestly we don't discount all -- -- -- on it and -- Dallas the Canadian union head on color. Not all generals who made his -- made a good people. Mean it was phone told me I know the only power Albany city what was that about a month ago Sargent slaughter in its -- -- team. And of the Sargent house not physically who -- it nice going on nights of the supposed to ward is being has gone up. Make an appearance tonight -- -- All of that round Mercedes Benson and that was it and I think tonight in the arena and now they got they still so far. I. Maybe you can enlighten me are coming from -- base that. That I think the experience and and I tell you by this -- Friday and now it is guessing they're speculating because I think -- is a great place in the team and obviously in championship setting. That. If you've been a rotation who knows they might come back here. In 23 years right in here I act I was always wanted to win -- is gonna come to belongs now to be back sooner than later and you know -- -- over the conventions and it was a on. Last night it -- Saturday night was the -- Fame inductees we get to the sits on the show Thursday nights now and the rays almost got all and Jake the snake and it tonight it seemed to -- is wrong with the big deal man right big big deal so it was good for people. Come out and -- wrestle me. The ego with -- about it and about last week yet if he's you know he's in our -- about was asking me about. And I I have seen the movie yet. But T Bob is is you know he recently got married but he semis. -- the fall to be in Japan and one day you can write that I was it destiny said you could we did he showed getting him Christian leadership we did most of the big city do you. You're in a frozen. As a way of receiving it a habit to Guerrero is a -- I hear the music all the time right right so just pick a long hours about him as -- Tebow you -- -- -- you don't care. -- the easy -- picks Ian. So I'm -- in Tiger Stadium -- we get through to show but I want and that's it -- -- chemicals in the stands of the Lanka and you know give obamas have to if you knows I'm dying appear. -- ridiculous go to the bathroom you know on the way out we had in him in -- president's -- is an ambience ambience by it. Own phone it's -- -- -- do you won't abuse booming it was the bombing it. I'll probably in the bay during the tiger mania that -- validated that these people that. When it's that that -- -- this game and it's in there throws it out of Carnell or he was and other part. If it was sad that we're going right now and all my grandma froze and leave me out frozen meat. No I -- and he's -- a team I would tell you that in him and build that well always -- you you know like a big kid I always get with them and all yeah that's why don't we all got to go to Disney World -- -- he would tell you that got to go at Pirates of the Caribbean. I had to convince. That it was a real Pirates and we -- on the -- we -- try and steal the trades and all that the only way he's talking to go down and -- so late so illegal and those -- horrible animal like a little slower game and guys needle in Cuba all the time that is the real author no it's magic when you began in there. These guns were equally important our offense and has -- has elegant like -- like crazy that would right now gonna get the treasure will get the treasure again I'll. -- and it was shoot Nick Cannon out telling them the -- in -- in the bottom of the bowl always I don't know how is the Yankees and watch cartoons with him all the media and knowing him -- -- that's all about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Connecticut. Not to do I'll do that last one national championships have been won by these close with at least a high seas seven and eight they had in the finals. And neither team was in the tournament a year ago that that that anyway he was and to me that's amazing look at a Connecticut obviously. Probation. You know I'll look at -- you don't win obviously homer SEC. But also. You know if you look -- you know there -- corners UConn in the northeast you know I just. I'm -- -- northeast because. You know -- -- -- -- political they'll make it better and what it really. Might as well bitter about that it you know ESP and in that's Connecticut territory they always are -- to yes that means they get it. They definitely gonna get their props and and obviously covered it's in their backyard that that's well Kentucky and what is commandments who do you pick to win in the -- you know it's amazing the we could offer -- quick normally but L shoot him. I -- -- could have beat Kentucky in two out of three times on nine SEC tournament and Kentucky. -- with what happened and I'll -- dominated the men -- I mean immunity they they blew it Kentucky. Well you know it's the it's it's only a season when you factor in that destruction of the NBA and college basketball now and McDonald's all American how long he's gonna play in -- end in college. But -- up -- figured you know batter to him we need to gain 373840. If we get death all the in. Menial. We we got the -- -- -- -- talent where I mean in the ages. ADI mean what did -- -- horrible though because all they -- not. But there are yet they are right but I -- -- as a model for a nice that we know we still Mason for a mistake me and they do but it. In the amount when he went -- -- to eat pizza it's at all what would they be like makes you don't matter they went camping and say like I've done everything we do look Carmelo Anthony is there accuse writing Cummings though and a championship -- no doubt about it so. -- damage it -- is coming up now. Jonas tomorrow on the program. As will continue getting ready for LSU's pro day which teams wins that. -- Beckham junior Jarvis Landry eagle Ferguson Andy Johnson a lot of talent going to be on display. A lot of folks will be there will be covered wall to wall T but Christian and myself all day long here on WW radio -- -- -- Jim handle. For the new Steven -- And also. Mark Menard on the flash -- -- lovely Allison and rant and because it go I think we will get Sean Payton on the street we had out days -- an actual dates will then it will enable us tomorrow we will animal. As the case again -- bear out Abdi Bellamy he indicates he can -- any on really late Shaw and tonight people.