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Apr 8, 2014|

Dave talks about chicken boxing, What is Wrong with People, and overactive ATM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this is the -- -- of April 2014. Mark will be doing mayday before -- not it's Tuesday not Monday congratulations to -- -- -- Monday -- second day of the work week. Like to call not Monday. Our rights the but bill. Makes it out of the House of Representatives -- it's one step closer passes to. Finding people 300 dollars for throwing cigarette butt out the window and sure is a lot of support and the ban on chicken boxing match. Passed the senate. And now goes over the house. A couple of bills Mexico and we're making headway -- in boxing things though as -- just amazed that I did some additional research done. And turns -- they do. -- Little we call them cloth the cloth so rounding. Back Allen. The roosters they -- And that's 22 other open. And then they fight until one of them apparently used up while taking breaks and back to there. Corner around ring okay to get water and get -- quality so they did -- actual break you know that this maybe you name it looks like chicken boxing will not be I don't think so if the bill it is. Sailing along continues. To goes that. Big issues big big big ones yes speaking of birds. Police in Massachusetts. Responded to reports of an intruder in a woman's home. According to the AP quickly cracked the case. Degree. Mark -- And north -- Woman in Massachusetts called the cops. From her upstairs bedroom reports she was loud banging noises and feared someone had broken into our home downstairs and officers responded. They cannot find any signs of forced entry no windows or doors open or forced open. But after a more thorough search of the home found days soot covered would. Police -- it appears that -- Came into the chimney. And was making quite a rockets. Associate lockers to help in the event -- rush -- 911 man sounds like someone's parent -- the place. And one of the officers was able to capture the east covered wood -- And placed him in nearby pond Andy's all claimed off and doing fine yes and not facing any charges that the. It's staying away from Germany's man I don't know about -- lock yourself in the bedroom -- mr. fields and still yachtsman you feel about locking yourself in the bedroom to protect -- government -- out there. Makes a great story. -- Today that covered ducts and -- to govern. Their -- with. Time now there are others and keep them but in the car got a lot of areas keep your -- in the cars. I just -- I just hope this is one of those laws that you think it's a good thing it'll hopefully keep people from doing it by. -- just wonder if police are going to enforce. The law. And it's going to be able to actually. Find people three dollars per month. Thanks very eyes I don't know -- hot you know. They came from that car and lands in a pile of 300 other bots. The Middlesex community seventies and -- called claw today. It's not -- David called -- super. I guess it might know you are reduced their references are you do I don't know the -- -- cock fighting there which I guess it. Does -- hi Dave without the ban on chicken boxing and pop eyes had to use bags to do. It. 514. -- not too high right now just out of the north at five to ten miles an hour coma and or yours and we'll see if they're gonna pick up we were concerned about the gusty conditions. What's second and with mr. meteorologist Laura booked up for your forecast in sports with Steve Geller coming out. And a -- your brackets -- NCAA men's basketball tournament is over. Talk to him about that everything going on with the black and gold and purple and gold after this here on WW well I was. Really intending to get into a discussion or debate about this but sometimes things happen that you don't -- I was just giving you updates on a couple of bills that we talked about yesterday one being the -- boxing bill. Which -- passed. Now yesterday in the senate. Easily to outlaw the sport of chicken boxing in the Louisiana which is similar to cock fighting but apparently. Instead of fighting to the death the roosters fight until one of them cannot fight anymore gives up. And they -- little cloths around their backs of their legs so they can slice each other bits. Which some people called gloves I don't think Mexico little red boxing gloves on the roosters beat and have him be anywhere and find any evidence that they call them -- Some text me and it's heavenly tennis is white horse racing or dog racing any less humane than chicken pox. But somebody else text and I really don't understand. What people get out of animals fighting each other. So if you wanna weigh in in this text me -- 7870. And will continue the discussion now and talk about your weather. Highs for this Tuesday around seven. As some of that dry your air begins to new events -- -- clear rain and cooler. Look for lows around 46 north of the lake and 52 on the south sort. And sunny and mild for Wednesday and Thursday we're up to seventy on Wednesday and 76 on Thursday. From the eyewitness -- forecasts thinner -- brawl just Clark tell. RA we'll we'll find out folks in about twenty minutes from -- meteorologist Laura about talent indeed we do need to history skirt alert today some think she created and she's the one rested decide that. Yesterday you may have heard mr. meteorologist Alexander and -- tree -- watch is warning us that Laura may have to give us a circular today so we'll find out about twenty minutes right now north winds at five miles an hour at the airport mostly cloudy and 56 degrees there at ten miles an hour -- lake front -- calm on the North Shore. -- partly cloudy and 51 degrees in slightest. I'm now I'm WW well the agony of the failed brackets comes to a conclusion for Steve Geller and many many others too. Attempted to predict the outcome of the NCAA men's basketball tournament today it's pretty fitting I couldn't even predict this game yes but yes you're I think you're wrong pretty much all along so. Yeah you're wrong again last night low scoring game not a whole lot of action but. It is over folks with that and more on the saints and the tigers on -- -- Steve Geller hey it's not Monday. Good morning everyone happy Tuesday Shabazz Napier scorched 42 points and Connecticut won its second NCAA title in four years. Beating Kentucky sixty to 54 in the championship game. Andrew Harrison got. Three in the right quarter but still good seven seconds to go back. -- -- It's. Not gold. That's right -- continued its stellar defense of -- and held the wildcats to just 39%. Shooting. Well the women's NCAA basketball title game will take place tonight. And it's the first time two unbeaten teams will meet for the national title as 39 -- no Connecticut takes on 37 and no Notre Dame. The lady Huskies will be tried to complete a championship double for the first time since the Connecticut men and women's teams swept the titles back in 2004. Sixty raw field bush will remain in New Orleans at the saints match the falcons' offer sheet for the restricted free agent. Sideline reporter Kristian garic why it was important for the franchise to keep bush in black and gold. They feel like as a role on the team -- specialty was certainly we saw that rule on a ball last year on the -- out of football so. Principle that it do it you know the price was fairly reasonable not -- great -- -- go for the Atlanta Falcons. And 2013 Busch recorded 42 tackles with five pass breakups in thirteen games including six starts. -- the -- -- Jeff Gordon on the final lap to win the rain delayed duck commander 500 spring cup. In Fort Worth, Texas that's score points leader Dale Earnhardt junior left early after a -- And over on the dive in -- efforts open their series against Oklahoma City with a six to four loss. Today have four on sports talk a look ahead to LSU's pro day. Which tiger will be first off the draft board and who's the most NFL ready. Plus would you like the saints to draft -- he met burger to understudy Drew Brees I'm Steve Geller in that your early morning. Sport by Tony to -- -- -- on Steve -- with you on your radio on this Tuesday that there -- -- not Monday and down and talking about LSU we're looking at you know pro day coming up this week. But also leaving questions after the spring game of who's gonna quarterback this team you know it's it pretty clear. After the outback ball like okay well this guy and comes in in the Arkansas game wins the game wins the Outback Bowl thing you know they got a quarterback. Lunging. Maybe not there's a -- controversy quarterback after the spring game yet -- Jennings was thought to be the guy like you said he had that big come from back from behind victory in the final seconds over Arkansas. Okay showing that very impressive but still end up winning the global game. But this kid Brandon Harris has come in and really looked sharp struggled early on but the knew it was just come more accurate throws then. And Jennings had in the game because. You saw Jennings makes some very who advised throws had two picks returned for touchdowns again and those -- two linebackers. Just imagine what's gonna happen. In the SEC against quarterbacks like from Alabama so it was kind of scary to see that we're Jennings. Completed more passes and was dealt with a more accurate passer in the game and has. Show showed more promise score four touchdowns on the day though parents are Jennings if you were picking right now who would you start at corner. It's it's tough but I would go to true freshman just because you've looked. More -- a lot more sharper in his first outing. That I got to see him -- it was just the first practice that we were able to see. Tiger is still have a lot more time to go but right now if I got to push the button and go with Brendan Harris. Must land -- Brandon Harris until the spring game. Right. Allison Jennings has been the anointed one who took -- murders plays after -- -- went down. I will only get you backing anti feminist slant to that question you last do you think the saints. Should pick up met burger and if not where do you think he goes -- what round anyway. And does he have a successful NFL careers Steve -- back with more sports and about 25 minutes here on WW well AM employment act Margaret text messages today 7870. About. Chicken -- thing. Unintended topic but it caught your attention so we'll talk about it what if your forecast from his meteorologist Laura but tell right after -- I've said on good morning I'm -- and she's missed. Meteorologist Laura backed down the winds will pick up today as our last round of showers and storms moves and this afternoon another 40% chance today for that thunderstorm activity with highs around seventy. Then tonight clearing skies it stays windy and gets a bit cooler 46 north of the lake and 52 on the South Shore. And sunny and mild on Wednesday hyped up to about seventy and sunny again on Thursday looks beautiful highs of 76. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner a meteorologist Laura backed out. As people fight animals because they can't fight themselves 'cause they're a bunch of hours. Tanks of people who do chicken boxing her cock fighting your calling towers and other presidents does what about the animals fighting -- killing and eating each other on the wild maybe we should introduce a bill this. -- all animal violence. The campaign. Trying to make me you know I'm Dave -- coming up what its people a question of scruples and another family values. US congressman from Louisiana has to apologize after. And video shows him kissing a woman not his wife we'll talk about all that mark coming up. To the man propelled it to congress by the -- dynasty endorsement as asking for forgiveness after saying he's fallen get details -- that. What is wrong with people on a question of scruples straight ahead don't go away. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's April the eighth its 2014. It's Tuesday not Monday I understand it. I made it culminated Monday and on into Tuesday. I've not it's a great Monday for freshman US representative Vance McAllister. Powell and I am. After a -- west Monroe newspaper Google wants to toss and Austin posted a YouTube via open. Showing abdic congressmen who was propelled an office with the duct dynasty endorsement recalled couch who ran -- -- -- for a family values. A Republican a conservative. Who by the video clearly shows him making out with a woman who is not his life. And he has now is that there's no doubt I've fallen short them asking for forgiveness. He says I promise -- everything I candor earned the trust of everyone I'm disappointed. As a freshman you just well and any no matter just a few months now. And you know one thing he said one of his campaign ads was I don't wanna leave. My family in my state. But I got to go to Washington to do the people's work and -- people toward ID and I haven't figured out yet it was assists healthy you're. I am not an Isabel is surveillance camera on one of those days gone to a house and then turns off -- -- in the and the camera goes in the low light mode you know -- you know like the green cannon -- the Fuzzy kind of and in clearly see him. Citizens if you give isn't isn't isn't a year out it's not like a little -- on the shaker a little innocent little kiss on the miles now. Got that to kick around and a malfunctioning ATM and South Portland, Maine MicroHoo. What -- up to the AT&T wade overturned today and you know that's another weird thing when -- -- -- an idea whether walk up one's. Godaddy car again line behind the person at the AT -- staying current with the they're done here I get out. Yeah yeah but like I keep my distance -- I just don't wanna be peeking over somebody's shoulder yeah yeah you don't want to feel like you're right up on -- ATM that's an uncomfortable feeling. I just in the current laws as other people pulling up that -- -- -- -- my spot in line yeah exactly so that I'll get out and -- anyway. But this woman was an ATM and South Portland, Maine and the guy drivers seem to be taken for ever. She called 911. Which is kind of but she called the cops and she said man this guy taking an unusually. Long time at the ATM yeah I don't know what he's up to. She was apparently in car. And cops show up in the guys stuffing money into a shopping bag. Money more money more money more money we must at a real bigger council money on around what is 37000. Dollars came out of the machine when he asked for a 140 box car. Now we're not sure what his intentions of war but we know he was picking up all the money and putting it into a shopping bag I'm sure when the cops got there he said -- was malfunctioning. Well yes and they he did indeed give the money into the -- Apparently willingly. We don't know what he would have done of the caps didn't show up but no -- pressing any charges bank officials say there was a code error and police say they're going to investigate. The man has not been charged with any thing. And while that's one of those ones account was effective yeah I each you know. Of course you'd really hope that you'd always do right. And do the right thing because those things again cameras on them -- find yeah it's airing again and you Cardin they know who you walk yeah. And you're not in the late run away to an island with thirty cent dollar I was not be enough to do it you can have a good have a little fun of Mexico there have been mill yen may be I think about yeah taking in disappearing bit. They -- know you wars that you never be able to come back the -- ever. -- -- -- -- Anyway. Guys not facing charges for the investigations -- -- in which the blanket tighten them up a little -- this up and I don't matter the as he has ever reward that do the right thing what do you do on the right thing and job at this. Nosy woman behind it didn't calls like -- disguised as tiger wherever. Thank you David collected about twenty minutes or first -- -- and beat him welcome acknowledgment that the more on the bill that would. Pretty much say that people can't be flying drones around -- and look at it your way. Does that happen is that -- we have to be concerned about. God let's go live to directly Eyewitness News forecast that aren't they good morning and welcome back. Activists meteorologist Laura but and many did we miss not the -- -- -- and well -- David now. Good Alexandra. Is a great to have somebody new to talk quipped you know but yes I've -- you. You well right right you get where you. Where was I I was jealous at -- Well I. You know I had you know I'm gonna make you jealous maybe it was somewhere and usually you take intent the extra. Well you know I do like my time off work hard play hard right now. We actually were in the South Pacific and we went down to Tahiti in French Polynesia Ian -- islands. Cox -- and what goes on and -- -- and that's fantastic. He can do as much or as little as you want. That's the best part of it. I've ever. It's well there's just one kind of resort that's on the islands and it's it's got his over the water huts -- you -- up right after balcony and that the Indians went around. So we didn't have nothing jumped. About it at your hotel room I doodle again I elect -- -- -- only about four foot drop yeah I dead and I brought a little melody I brought my own little inner tube and just floated around and just enjoy doing. They now hold on ten -- Iowa congratulations and welcome back to get back to war I know all right yesterday. Crazy yeah right well. We don't in my talk about the weekend weather in the rain that was out -- man and I we would we just gonna leave that alone okay Aaron I move on don't look back now Flores trudge ahead. But Alexandra did tell us that she was putting us on racecar watched that you may cooler issue its terror alert today. Yeah I'm glad she has -- -- -- the force sites it to give you all ahead that we -- -- today it's definitely a skirt alert day at. -- sure we. Warner sure. You hear it here and restore and we're here. -- we have warned women that went to -- up and that means their skirts maybe picking up as well if there's a good gust of wind and yet born man to watch women wearing skirts because of the same reason all right so when the winds pick up -- come with rain. Eight guys because you know at that briefing at the moment but winds will definitely be picking up later today the cold front moves through and that scattered thunderstorm chance later today as well between about noon and probably six or 7 PM. It's wealthy scattered showers and storms I know we're sick of the rain we've had Valencia -- we had a lot of heavy rainfall at times. Today is going to be the last day after we wrap up that thunderstorm chance later this afternoon. We have missed breasts and sunshine and mild weather. -- reality though. From tomorrow really all the way through Sunday. It looks great French Quarter strawberry asked a lot to to a looking great. Like it love it -- wants -- more -- -- vote for today you don't need the rain -- and you can we record but yeah and you skirt makes a lot. And you may need to -- you. Figure out more about now back with the important information or use this morning at all like I don't want the news but. Jordan master control posted on much. Read. What island is best known for its blasts. He T. -- like it but I like little hot hot hot hot yeah like -- -- And I you know there are people off at all that maybe it is expedient. Well maybe we'll get to laughing I've saved this one for you got it. From the why would people file wanted to get one for your return again nights you ready for this comment in east Texas. Called police. Because she said that marijuana she had purchased from a dealer was not very good old. One yeah. And she says that worst yet by the legal drugs -- their wits -- on this or went to the home of 37 year old L Evelyn Hammel in and Lufkin Texas. The listener complained that the dealer refused to return -- money after she objected that the drug was sub standard. -- then pulled out some of the marijuana for her bra. Rights. Yes and was promptly -- that and -- If you're the police officer I mean health unity just kind of sit there and letter you know items -- -- how long do you let her go on and on and almost 20 that's awful again I would give him again before you anymore yeah I -- -- Charlie and that would be one of the perks that job which is dealing with you know people like that that are just kinda creepy and they don't see it come and you know -- But the without the handcuffs but they have no idea what water to. Things happened here in the marijuana was really really community and she didn't realize how good -- -- and that she was so good she was stupid enough to call the cops or I just stupid. Ands that it she says it was just he didn't residue if you paid for about eight or growth in the negativity but it definitely -- there ain't. People thought I agree thanks for Xavier university in Atlanta Atlanta and you've missed all the weather -- whether there was perfect time clock c'mon Hank is -- tropical showers rolling through but no complaint please don't jump off any balconies. Here it's no tunes and that I guess I'm not -- have my own little personal bungalow home is a travesty. Don't jump up about it but it. The deal all right talking -- But now live -- -- the Eyewitness -- forecasts are right Margaret text messages sports and more after those guys are there read a text message today 7870. We were giving an update on the chicken boxing bill the bill that was outlawed chicken boxing in the Louisiana passing the senate very easily and moving house. -- accidents that what about all the animals fighting and killing and eating each other out in the wild maybe we should introduce a bill to stop all animal violence. To -- somebody else -- come on people there's -- -- survival in nature and a sport for profit quit being so stupid. Thank you respect them. Sports time now on WWL for that we say happy not Monday. It is Steve -- congratulations by the -- surviving Monday and welcome -- -- yes indeed it feels good because I mean Monday it was a rough day yesterday for whatever reason. You mean you're surprised that we can here on Tuesday congratulations. Yes good morning everyone Shabazz Napier turned in another all court masterpiece. Live Connecticut to a sixty to 54 win over Kentucky's freshman. And brought home a championship hardly. Anyone -- coming. -- -- -- -- -- Maker led the Huskies with 22 points six rebounds three assists and three steals. He's among three seniors who were part of Connecticut's 2011. Title the trio stayed after Coach Jim Calhoun retirement. Even when the Huskies weren't eligible for the NCAA tournament last season. It's a dream match up in tonight's NCAA women's title game the unbeaten Connecticut Huskies try to finish their fortieth victory. When they take on 37 and a Notre Dame and the first women's championship pitting two unbeaten teams. UConn UConn will go for a double title for the first time since they did it back in 2004. The saints didn't let restricted free agent rob feel bush walked with land as the team that's the falcons' offer sheet sideline reporter Kristian garic on the move. Although he had -- opportunities started Atlanta he's embracing the role that he'll have honesty defense behind Derrick bird in Geneva talent and I both Google closes its official told me that he let the process is over and -- ready to help the states when possible. Joel look -- passed Jeff Gordon on the final lap to win the rain delayed duck commander 500 Sprint Cup this was the seventh breakthrough race of the season. And the -- is the seventh different winner. NASCAR points leader Dale Earnhardt junior left after a wreck and wound up with its first last place finish in seven seasons. And his efforts have now lost four straight -- 64 to Oklahoma City. -- on sports talk a look ahead to LSU's pro -- which tiger will be the first all the draft board and who was the most NFL ready. Plus would you like to say the draft -- met burger to understudy Drew Brees with -- early morning look at sports science. You've -- advisor to three -- on Ron Amadon with you on your radio so all those number 25 bush -- people had a round after Reggie last. And kept around for Raphael bush they can keep a little longer the saints are keeping Raphael bush you think it was a good idea for them to match. The golfer from Atlanta and you think it's a good thing that he sang a member of the saints defensive backfield. Absolutely a great move by the states and a surprise they actually were able to do so I wanna know -- Mickey Loomis is finding the money he is a master. But yeah -- we saw rough you'll bush. Really excel in Rob -- system last year. And with a mix of now Jarrius bird. Along with Kenny the car overall feel bush or mostly what this new guy and Bob ball has to offer. They have a pretty deep we have a lot of depth at safety plus with the new the quarterbacks. They have are in position right now adding Champ Bailey. You have to be excited for what the saints' secondary looks like in the defense might actually be stronger than the offense it's crazy that's. Baghdad be just fine because the pretty darn good offence that met burger which you take an amendment drafted yet their candidate. Column of interest to see what he's gonna do in his pro day recovery from an ACL injury but. Before the injury he looked to be on his way to becoming a first round draft pick. What Cam Cameron do with him was pretty amazing the different it is junior to senior year so I would definitely draft met burger and a third or fourth round this year. Steve Geller will -- to come back with more sports in about fifteen minutes John WWL a look at your forecast is changing dramatically throughout the day today club details business. 555 forecast time. That's gone over the eyewitness is forecast senate. For your Tuesday afternoon expect some more scattered showers and storms that they should be -- last round -- respect enough for some nice weather after that keep the umbrellas handy utility 40% chance. And it's at windy city today too with highs around seventy. It's night clearing skies windy and turning cooler 46 north of the lake and 52 on the south sort. Then tomorrow sunny and milder with a high of seventy and Thursday sunny and a high of 76. From the Eyewitness News forecast center meteorologist -- about itself. 56 degrees cloudy skies at the airport in Canada's northwest just at five miles an hour today by a right now pardon me but later today around noon and expect that rain a movement in those winds do pick up dramatically you heard more about now earlier issue and officials are alert. 51 degrees partly cloudy in -- -- doctors and for the next four hours of fun it -- -- what you got going around. Well David has some pretty important to -- at 8 -- that's elegance they -- during the -- important thing really important that's all -- -- retired about this poll which is David -- and Mitch Landrieu and a statistical tie to be the next governor of Louisiana I think an interesting question. Is which one would you vote for. Or against. The other question is. Is Andrew gonna run. Yet indicated the well but better has so interesting well -- after write that down it is a good question but that I'm and we got to poll saying he -- EE could potentially -- -- very good candidate Andrew. Mighty run Jordan. Been a great question. I don't -- talk about legislation to make a yellow lights all the same time. Length as we will ease traffic cameras likely to be a good idea in the same like everywhere million. Do you think that there would be some rules or regulations as an organization standardize that. And one other question when you see yellow light media -- speed up or stuff you know likes Darman said. Green means go red means stop yellow means go very fact a year ago and I physics traffic camera there that is recording your speed because then you might get a speeding ticket right army's next.

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