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4-8 6:15am Tommy, Governor's race

Apr 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Pearson Cross, the head of the Department of Political Science at ULL, about a new poll on the Louisiana governor's race

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There was a poll yesterday. -- results were released yesterday. That Childress statistical tie between this David Letterman of course a Republican senator right now and mayor -- land group. In a race for governor and Mitchell Andrew hasn't even announced yet if he's gonna win and we thought we if he's gonna run rather in -- talked to Peterson cross right now. The chair head of the department political science at UL -- get his take now this morning doctor right on. Packet carting and bill and Hillary -- doctor you know. I am you worked hard not to work I keep offering it trigger people's appendix that the nursing -- amateur. -- With our health care plan and they get back to deal. RT about this. How -- -- pole win. Only one of the candidates is announced he is able went -- of lord that kind of thing. Yet it is best to do that which -- importantly the question of who's actually running side and you can -- call or any -- you know. So this is. The information from -- and that's gonna collect and you know. So tell me about the dynamics of all of this again it's when Andrew was a lieutenant governor and I'm guessing he's got a lot of name recognition. David hitters certainly -- name recognition. Com both have won statewide offices one is serving in Louisiana won the survey and Washington thumb and of course David that are -- represented does the district election how does each one. The play out across state and as far as being in a dead heat. I guess sample was representative of of Orleans parish or was it. Disproportionately waited for Orleans parish -- reason I ask you that is it you know a lot of people have theorized that Mary Landrieu was Boeing's -- putter over the top is that accurate. Well -- candidate for her anymore -- there aren't enough people there I mean Orleans parish with the margin of victory and Mary Landers burst. Election campaign. In the eighties intersect and it's clearly not going to be -- -- forward in Europe so. Actually can't rely on that you don't -- What. State Department leathery and like you culturally well. He. Thought that. Bitter one of the best known people in charge being politically and name recognition that's like -- Particularly if it's attached a favorable name recognition. Right now over 50% of the Louisiana voters. You'll favorably about David Peter Pan. -- perhaps more importantly about 98% of them actually go to the so that huge the other people in the race. The department the potential Kennedys the drug bill that were there any name recognition. That not so about it. About the mayor you know Mitch Landrieu has blocked her name recognition and that's ornery like you polled well against better. Their their potential matchup because of the name recognition. You know we got some bad news Supreme Court ruling talking about campaign donations and and can you by name recognition if you between the time to declare an announced. Declare rather than any election itself run enough commercials by enough newspaper ads that are. You can bet it's eerie experience in which is one of the reasons -- today in the center raced yet he's got that mountain to climb in me you know -- rates. You know darden's Paramount five -- managed to get enough people that just think about who you are there and they look at media. You know about the yes that guy could keep -- very up during the day. These inmates -- -- will run. You know ultimately I don't think he will mean. If bit -- and very very artful politician he's been very popular statewide. Emergency much competition it is. Handily disposed. You know the congressman -- their districts so. Let partner and stabilize it. Struggle also so you know Mike Richards just in the state where it and bide -- time like yet. A bomb in terms of you which candidate is is more attractive -- does it to the voters as -- come down to do what either one could do for the state and people being informed enough about then you know young -- lenders tightening candidate yet I get I get that but. Generally speaking when it comes elections or is -- about a national political philosophy. About a lot of issues that may not have anything to do with the state at all. Well particularly in the senate campaign it is a little bit but in terms of the governor's campaign you know the current national politics -- the governor's campaign. I think that's something we're gonna see more and more and more the governor's campaign -- -- can be more about state issues and national issue should. So. We'll see -- said doctor did you see the yard the day. -- -- We are ready to single most important thing followed by how they feel about a particular person. You know the stuff about who's better for -- better than industry and so on that street boredom the punch -- So it's pretty much com name recognition -- are over the -- And guess how many people out because even worse crisis like this only people in the governor's race traditionally percent. Oh my game and it's it's been great you know the thing -- demonstrations here in Louisiana is that premature anybody which well 150 dollars and -- And for a lot of people this is their thirteen minutes of fame to have their name on the covers so. You actually there -- like you know. Send fifteen candidates in the governor's race really only two or three of them with a real champs. Well probably taken credit cards and at 1250. -- very well and I don't panic they run NN. Now -- they like there. Gary -- and here in a case I would like to Indian -- 1250. Dollars after as the recent divorce that would like to announce. I will not be seeking. The office of governor of the great state of Louisiana -- -- a great day thank my groceries.