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4-8 7:15am Tommy, traffic cameras

Apr 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Jeff Arnold about his bills concerning traffic cameras

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WL Freddie jaguar opinion poll asking you this morning. Have traffic cameras affected how you. Arrived 59% are saying no 41 for saying yes. Percent -- I can't tell you honestly they have affected the way I drive is in Orleans parish. In I don't know where these cameras are so even even if like I go to make a right turn on red. I stop in town to like thirty before I do it just to make sure and and even then you're on off. -- operating properly conversely Jefferson Parish. You -- right on red after stopped Terry parkway in Belle -- highway I don't think I've ever seen anybody stop before they make the right turn. Ever senator Jeff Arnold joins us right now to talk about a bill. That he's sponsored that would I guess affected timing of yellow light's represented is that right. Not the end diploma factories built -- -- -- few -- Cameron or. So tell tell us how this all works. All of the yellow light one actually baseball OpenId. Federal role traffic engineer and rush standard. That the red -- standard by which. Republican protection applies or to a minimum minimum -- can be backed -- on the -- like and he. Would that built Wednesday. If you think that the inspections so that you need to have protection for little but the traffic camera. And so dangerous that we want to use the normal course and use the minimum standard -- 12. So that if he doesn't him or it. -- use and a minimum you know most entry. Well up and we have been capable of Georgia Tech law. Passed -- law. They won't but they have found around the country -- Mr. Allen had been used important cameras are used in the minimum. Standard. The studies -- the long ordeal like that the pure act and you have and it has been that this truly about state while not perfect second and. So the federal. These are guidelines and in the federal government can tell you what to do on a state highway -- They do -- federal then have -- -- here illegally and are they so these are federal department -- state and public traffic engineer. -- outdoor use and bill that formula. And yet they can't because they need the money. And I got to. When it comes -- lengths of yellow lights DD you know how long the minimum is and what's the maximum. It is it is -- court order that's what -- -- traffic at the intersection. Fred predominantly elements actually via terminal and you know art but you have -- -- the speed limit is limited to what what's the berries and the outlook on the. And I guess images you know 11 Cellini in other in the middle of the country. Mentioned. Your noble way it would easily -- anything else attached to it is -- another -- was it relates to our cameras. Well I had -- that they'll report today also have a separate out -- little warmer more O'Connell weapons. That deal wouldn't actually banning. Carpet after an important to have him on. Last week house voted on what you now to -- on their states we don't currently have links. -- have a bill that ban on state the rumored with audio and ultimately comes and that's on park street George. So that's the only they would be. Yet I -- think that'll get asked about the banning human state highways and how common are they now. Well you know no I'm not sure how many of you know wore orange are on it how it went up they left yet so one but that thirteen they're putting cameras on -- hours. That is the current significant. Sometimes you think a local street is that but it's really -- -- when I'm thinking of the gulf for example as I was saying highway. Up -- fortunate -- or you know. -- -- You could have it here not there here and that there what kind of feedback are you getting do you think both of these likely to pass. Very get feedback is -- problem you don't actually gotten strike bill. Out of committee. Inherently strong a lot -- brilliance of yesterday about lord if you walk backlog via there were at least -- lobbyists. Talking to legislators try to get. You -- utility bill. Today and -- war the ratio moved yet but you know -- have another bill also that stalled before it video part of it. That I really think in the right way to court so that prevalent he argued -- and that Hezbollah and you know the model shoot on this story of the lack of due process the fact that matters. You generally get a ticket from Cabrera -- you dictate it is that hit it about a -- you know bill. Digital cinema unit law department and Jack -- in -- men and threatening US with the rest they collection. And you really don't have their way to fight if you users keep in violation. Beaten or -- red light to a police officer. You're -- until proven guilty you're up by the court judge you have that right you don't pay a dime until just says -- deal. One thing I never did get is insurance companies and ignoring. A speeding ticket -- To running a red light ticket glue whatever you get from a camera there and it's not affecting your insurance rates and and as a way it is right. Well that's the way they thought punitive but there was a case of war. Where the -- insurance companies were actually based in the rate of little area like -- -- we're -- great great great great. -- but it looked Bartley and they basically. Everyone insurance unit doesn't. They and number. Civil by page and move partly -- them any good -- apple. So they included camera tickets. Quite right whenever they decide what the rate base rate -- -- area is. That information to include people an appendectomy -- because everybody in -- goes not this person has committed a violation. While interesting information thank you represented we appreciate your time I get.

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