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WWL>Topics>>4-8 8:15am Tommy, best/worst airlines

4-8 8:15am Tommy, best/worst airlines

Apr 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Dean Headley, an Assistant Prof. of Marketing at Wichita State, and Dr. Brent Bowen, Dean of the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, about a new survey of airline quality

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There isn't news survey out about airlines traveling in the United States and -- the airlines dollars. -- service on time. And money entered in this all -- mind right now as we talk to doctor dean definitely. The associate professor of marketing at Wichita State. And actor -- -- and dean of the college of aviation at Embry-Riddle. Aeronautical university. The study came up with morning doctors aria. -- I did doctor -- Armed and who's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we it it is not to blow -- dean now aviation. Embry-Riddle. University. Your thoughts on the missing Malaysian airline. Well -- -- to be filed in. People are flying public can. Impacted by that. It would be could shoot that well treated and we all. Should. Com. Any thoughts as to why the plane made attorney Dan. Shot -- the transponders that setter or do you think it. They don't know enough for at this point it is do or -- enough isn't known when you put it that way to. Render any kind of intelligent guess even. I I think it's absolutely. You know surely. The if they didn't think about you know we don't -- like recorder swear -- whenever you're in -- Turk. About the study that you all did abducted at least loans. Well this report who read the quote your performance. And we used so multiple factors -- on pro forma sort of rivals of them in culture and -- openings that you. This triple breakage rates in the rate cuts were complaints we've -- at all the other two weighted average formula. And just know him -- teacher ones -- know the course of the year sort of not they have good performance. At either one if you ever had a piece luggage lost by an island. -- -- And never and actions that is it's gonna disappear later on disarmament. So tell me doctor Brandt how did this study turn out who did well and didn't diesel. It's very interesting that. To a border. Sure the public rape murder lightens Berkshire -- American ship -- you -- like that pop the study yet. As she mutual -- has been about global warming up fingers. The regional airlines. -- and that the ought. And is that because is not as much. Reason not as much resources behind them are as many resources what why is era cause and effect there. Well I don't know it's just because. Gilbert they're like starter. Are shorter more. And frequent and more. Option for opportunities or delay. And if I'm running an airline. From your results what is it that I can do that will. Really angered people that they complain about that I won't be an airline tailor your thumb. Industry for a long. To think that -- -- an Internet. That coach mark Blanchard and measures -- Part of that only will grocers which Oakland people. Supported by. You wanna go somewhere certain time. And you want shall -- so if you're not own time or blow them off. And you don't shall. Users waited in our our losses in certain -- on your shoes when it happens to them. So it doesn't really matter about the service and if it to a lesser extent about the service and cabin about. When Evans during the fly aid small space -- smaller places on the plane and and that fact let me ask you about that -- Are they continuing to make these seats smaller it would seem as though they have or maybe I'm growing I don't know. Model Lauren lake expanding them and I know some airlines charge you if you want. -- a decent amount room. I think you can engineer through additional fees you can you're your own experience arguably -- or wind or whatever but generally speaking. I think that's why Republicans figured out food air travel news not nearly. -- agree to deals used to be and that. That travel it is pretty much the same across the year watch yes -- her lunch in a little different here than their for the most part. Just get there and don't. So bottom line is -- airline industry as a whole getting better isn't a better experience for the public to fly somewhere or. Is it not what it used to be I guess before deregulation. I think it'll -- above by. It it is getting better -- performance perspective. Of I think -- -- flying public. It's also lowering it expects to ensure that. Oh well we think we're going to -- -- -- So the bars and -- or so much pretty much if you get there. And you have your luggage in whatever condition -- pretty thankful you're satisfied. Well -- -- the line forward. Of course Rittenmeyer both lightening rod for. People like problems and you know the troubles -- stories and one of the things like tell people which is look in today's environment like this is about the best and potentially once somebody touched -- virtually about a flight. The best thing I can -- for them that it was on the fall apart and -- there. I guess everything worked more closely it was supposed. And critically get a collection of flight line and playing out here so I guess buying them the yeah yeah early -- -- life changing experience for the good not a grade I met somebody in the the Steelers game all -- element and even stewardess and a flight attendants -- Tommy quickly -- ego. The top five airlines in terms of news consumers and which ones they like. Well that aren't meant to drink order virgin America jet blew a -- built to last. Don't look far between now with the best. Score crossed east -- categories were to -- and -- And some of the other competitors that finished near the bottom. The regional airlines primarily RD avenue big Kerry. In in in backward or worse to better American Eagles start where we're sure that you didn't -- They're tree and dropped quite a bit this year so the consolidation does happen. We're we're gonna have to live through so you know I think -- flying public it is it is. Brilliant well in front of the trigger for starters combined airline that -- -- Leslie she -- What was flew us to our Washington DC for a mine. -- errors so. I was I don't know I was just didn't. Thank you follow. Me here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They put down a -- about more peanuts I think those -- small but it. That you doctors I appreciate your time and hopefully hopefully will talk to you again next few news -- -- -- -- court thing users.

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