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Apr 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Rachel Dawkins, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at LSUHSC, about vaccines and vaccine myths

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David Blake to talk about vaccinations now and it seems as though more and more parents are opting out in what concerns me about the political -- uses. As it stands now use some states require. Children obviously to be vaccinated before early in school. Because you know at the other kids to get. What the -- it's not vaccinated and is. Although -- they are vaccinated I don't know we'll sort it out in the second and is concerned about the politics of this where of vaccinations somehow. It's morphed into a a political thing with the government's trying to force this on you know force and it. And the elected politicians are running on an anti vaccine platform because your kids and you can do whatever you want -- -- them. A couple of text and and from different numbers one of them says that you ever researched the ingredients in a vaccine. If you knew you wouldn't vaccinated your child. And another one rather sarcastically says I would rather have an autistic kid than a dead -- by the way. Vaccines do not cause autism thanks Jenny McCarthy. -- that sets back trap back drop pretty well for a conversation about vaccines indium. I guess the perceptions. Of salmon and how does that jive up with the science doctor Rachel Dawkins joins us right now former Miami hurricane untold. An assistant professor of pediatrics at the LSU Health Sciences Center good morning guys aren't. Thank you for taking the time when -- I hope you have some time because I would like to. Take calls from parents who -- -- anti vaccine and and think that they have the empirical data in the scientific data to prove that. Vaccines are bad things I'd like to talk to parents who like myself when they present you with this consent form or the release. -- that'll toddler there infant is born most precious thing in the world to unity and when you hear this news of the release it yet to sign. It gives you pause but then you think well maybe everybody's discovered near rear end like that diapers and baby because they don't want anything bad to happen. And before we get into any it is I'm at N dot com. I can remembered going to a school and in the polio vaccine barely I can remember this and I thought -- had little -- done on a sugar Cuban and then at some point there may have been an injection involved. I don't know what you what was a policy then when they found the vaccine for polio. Is -- street view that as a bad thing. Finally the Swine Flu vaccine in this enemies. And I guess we should really begin with polio and and how contagious is that in and what was it like before they found the vaccination for. People remember polio from back in the fifties on tens of thousands of people develop polio which is a paralyzing -- been. Some people may remember iron and and both kids and -- -- ago in these Iron Mountain should be able to breed. On a lot the people. Back from that point back at CNET equity saint. Out there were informed the vaccine -- -- what the shot one -- that oil vaccine. Really in United States now we really used to. -- -- Four and activated form. But it was a great thing because it's the eradication. Saint state. And is is this the kind of thing that. Because I can remember gonna barely remembered by the way doctor was sixty not the fifties and talking about and clear that. Well -- -- just make sure. But anyway I -- him everybody on this public places public distribution point judges was wondering if that was because the government required or. Because people were so terrified of polio because is understanding who just happen overnight nobody know why. That they were common in droves to get it. Think that that that the cases that people just polio so terrible and people were really afraid of it that. People realize how great vaccines are and how you know they can really see it live. So how is he changed from something that. Appears to be. I have a high rate of efficacy and now people is anyway in absolutely not you know trouble at those things how is that whole mindset change -- -- -- Their differences. These diseases that were saying that people aren't seen as much anymore we don't see act like you know we don't people Leo we see what it means older. Well -- during the you know again. -- the people. Forget how terrible these diseases are so the important that means -- prevent. I don't and you compromised people from dying from these diseases. And that's -- where public -- him when he needed disease and how terrible it is you forget how important -- back. So when it comes to kids and you know as long time ago seventeen years ago my daughter I don't really remember but another personal forms signed which. It leads me to wonder and no blood no disrespect to attorneys lawyers to a lot of good for a lot of good people. But when it comes it -- it does a release form in your opinion have anything to do with why parents because I didn't -- is that I backed -- -- like -- and on a minute here is -- and -- she's depending totally on me. Should she get this a -- nephew read the release you're thankful. You know -- when every get any medical procedure done you have to sign a release and and if you let that keep you away you'd do we wouldn't any doctors willing. You know cabinet sign any kind of relief reform commission but it does give that anything and decisions you make free account should give you pot the thing about -- What's the right thing but the important thing I think it back -- keep it pretty clear that. On -- it to see if we need to keep their kids from dying from very serious illnesses. And I really you know it should give duplication about defections that all of this thing with an agency account whether it's. It's giving them medication whether it's. -- -- the bus driver driving and the school will issue outcome of the questions are all things that your kids have. On them so you know vaccines are safe and there. -- Do you have an opinion on how the mind set may have changed we got our -- go on unscientific but it should parents legally be required to vaccinated kids. And 53% are saying no and -- like you know I would guess that if he did that same poll. In the days of polio would come on 98% yes and 2% no because people sometimes as a group and any thing. I'm just wondered if in terms of misinformation that's out there isn't. That's why -- ask -- about the releases a deal that is because that the Internet is it because of a celebrities in and Alice who the question right now about Jenny McCarthy. Any link at all between vaccinations and autism. -- there's no. Between vaccinations and autism there was that steady diet them by Andrew Wakefield that -- off the side and that's where all of the. That thought that up slightly where he. -- impressive when I press the rewind button on that. On them on the Tivo here or a digital video recorder because a lot of times people are listening and and something goes by that they don't catch Andrew Wakefield who is Ian what resurgence that he falsified. He did some research published -- Which isn't very big medical journal com where he was trying to make a link between. Vaccine and autism and he. I think it might I think why -- about the US. Really following good science and that the subsequently predator attractions. And he Soledad. Coming and really you know one it through worse things -- happen a public health. With somebody talk the fine fine. And then tweak you know celebrities and and their theories about. You know what they think is going on and with you know our popular culture and it up that's the thing that it's kind of I think spread that we have to think -- where we're getting information and I don't know if celebrities like -- could be you really wanna attract as much. Now he's a mud to do a Playboy spreader to check on vaccine. Probably you know as you can try different things about it. I don't know about -- about vaccines. Let me take a break gives more time I'd like to take some calls -- we -- 96 -- one -- them he told creates eggs exit -- 9087. -- Obama words earlier. About kids that are not vaccinated says -- child is vaccinated protected why would you be scared in my unvaccinated. Child infecting yours. Your child is protected right now I'd like to know the science behind -- and if you are opposed to vaccines I would love to hear from the NT six -- 1870 -- free 8668908. Number 78. Same numbers if you are four of them. And I guess right in the middle if you run offense you can ask some questions. Our guest doctor Rachel Dawkins and and find out if the things -- murder -- and a Tommy Tucker back in a flash and -- W. 918 more traffic issues and -- Robinson's what -- what Tommy Tucker Jordan -- are producer extraordinaire. On this story -- -- Manning NASA control control it's an input as well it's not vaccinations. And it would appear as though more and more of parents are opting out of vaccinations. Is pretty important talk about. Matches in terms of the kids that don't get vaccinated for the kids that are and what big kids that aren't vaccinated. Could do to them what effect it have on there help doctor Rachel Dawkins is our guest she's an assistant professor of pediatrics at the only -- Health Sciences Center and she's agreed to stay on an answer some questions. One -- I get as I said going into the break is. Com if your child vaccinated protected by would you be afraid of my unvaccinated child infecting yours. Your child would be protected right well how does all that war. I think that's a great question because that misconception so let the donkey he's very accurate so think about it will cost which is protected. BP's been made yet under two months old are a huge risk for -- and that can kill them. And I've seen it happen many time competent very very -- and -- on indictment from -- preventable. And I think the question is well if if the baby. Five babies are vaccinated against warping our whopping -- when he. No other pronouncing at -- put one day be in with their group that hasn't been vaccinated. Who would they get it even the babies that have been vaccinated. Or is that the vaccinations done. You're looking at the people who are -- recently the begins and then back into because their job they have arms reach -- each yet. Or are people like adopted antics have cancer and her -- compromise and also pregnant women because -- pretty competitive flow. And as they expect something like -- Eagles -- on cause miscarriage. Elena talk about the -- cough vaccination. The only noted a horrible way for anybody to -- really is I presume you cost yourself to death days. So -- do you. Ever. Developed an immunity to this I would imagine you don't have polio this letting him vaccinations or if you look at the big picture. Natural selection -- to say that the Watertown of people have to die before a species of humans. That we're immune all that is. Be around and and vaccinations would go on and on and hundreds and thousands of years. Oprah practice that would -- isn't something that you develop and natural immunity to necessarily. On your -- that needed. That and then get them. Mr. actually. An adult now and that's what we hope it's protecting. Our youngest was simple BP's. Fun. It was. Ang get a -- it comes entrances whoa whoa whoa Tommy asked about preservatives and single dose bottles I don't know what that means. Are a lot of people are concerned about what type material authority back in com. Partner that it can be shipped off across the country and you think there and very small amount. Back interstate statement that aren't in hundreds of thousands of people. We think about things that we put everybody at the dike that -- -- now. Because. Things. You know probably even more harmful. So I should put up my cigarette. Antismoking. The other question I had a fluid into the fall 96 187 Neitzel 386 exit eight irons early seventy. -- concerns -- vaccinations. And there's some that are okayed this -- or less harmful to skip and others OK -- or. I just wonder when it comes of the public if there are specific ingredients and different vaccines that. Their frayed over even if the research does it deeply on a part of the parents. -- united council pants about it it when they're thinking about this decision you know which one I get torture are less important. It's kind of I don't think that well which backing which of these would you -- your -- -- to calm and you know it is okay for them to get -- From potentially dire would you rather them die from something else don't you know you're taking a risk on our way. -- like disease you'd think it less likely for. And we'll take calls on this is well I think as a parent you have to trust. Medicine because if not you're gonna wind up treatment child at home because if you doubt the vaccination program if you doubt. On the ability to set a bone if you doubt the ability to put tubes in the kids' ears. I don't know where it ends if you if you start by doubting vaccines how then do you trust any medical professional take care your child and I would think. You know he hated my daughter had did tubes put New -- on -- or the other day when choosing not to however old you are two or three. And doctor -- Japan zero under in the operating room as a dot you know choking up with tears she Soledad. And at some point you have to turn it over and trust the medical community -- you know. You know I think that get you know it's important ask questions and have a good relationship with your. Doctors -- how that conversation editor at the park your doctor about asked them what their opinion is -- and happened to prop up. I'm with you and I think that's perfectly legitimate. But you know the doctor pediatrician I would -- now when I get down on -- dangerous. I I don't even if you look around the country about it. Very few and ended. General pediatric meaningfully and. I get a -- Mormon sects and all thank you doctor Rachel Dawkins is our guest went out and engage in any argument here anything but if you have any questions about. Of vaccines maybe about you kids or grandkids and side effects and trying to determine the truth in the sciences opposes the Internet. Things that are out there you tell me and ask currency 6018720386. Exit 89087. And always textured question 8787 -- -- The doctor right now time for them WL first news hi Tommy -- 933 along with doctor Rachel Dawkins who is an associate assistant professor other -- -- -- -- Sciences center we're talking about vaccinations pretty jaguar opinion apple should parents legally be required. To vaccinated kids and 53% are saying now. Allen is Avis get a text that comes senses while usually take everything I hear on the needed to be fair but this is some of the worst. Misinformation. I've ever heard put out on the -- and that person -- tax in this I would suggest please. To call me at 26018780386. Exit 890878. And -- illogical not emotional conversation with doctor Dawkins. We tried to get somebody from the anti virus side become on. Anti vaccinations I'd become one and we couldn't get any bodies so the only thing I'm wondering is. When it comes in not defending your position but explaining your division does that decision. Is it because. You don't release handle logical argument and -- reacting emotionally when it comes time comes I'm Nicole and docked in the dot do you really wouldn't know what to say. Or. I don't understand exactly if you were so anti vaccination Malia and it. Kristen in -- has a question anchors your -- W good morning. -- Why. Aren't. So far. I -- -- nine. Actually impact it but they'll try to -- -- round. The fact that one actually -- nation -- Mercury. And that -- get that back. Correlation between. Vaccinations. Are. It directly at that nature that they. It that change. -- -- But for about that and Lincoln that was -- -- on Teddy -- proved to be untrue and and thought that I'd. And -- It and turn that it was an -- in that British cloture hurdle. Oh. But the link yet. There's not a link between autism and acting. I -- it and there. And it's far as I'm -- that Mercury containing preservative you're probably bring it on in the use it on in vaccines in lots of other products that there. If it. Know for a few minor reaction like redness swelling by it not for Billy and others. It. Kristin let me ask is apparent. Which could you live with more because I think ultimately we all -- the Jews do its best part children and protect him right. Right like actually horrible my child back -- that they cried just urge your art. But the fact that I would rather happy they for a light during the -- even order a week. It may -- the -- Is this your first child. And -- well it's. We say it is gonna get easier but it really isn't. What hurts him and you've got to sometimes be the parents they you know I'm sorry is this thing for you gotta deal. But it but the question I was gonna ask you is and I guess you just answered it CI could live with it and none of us know we got to trust somebody because if we did know we'd be a pediatrician or some kind of a biological scientists ideas but. I can live with OK I'm trying to do the best thing that I can that. Science indicates that the vast majority of healthcare professionals say should do. If something goes wrong I can live with that because -- think immensely anomaly in that and that's just a once in a -- many times occurrence but if I disregard that because I think I know better and in my child is -- not it'll walk because she gets polio or something else and I can't live with that. Well I. Mean. How am. Margaret. -- you know it back not. It on. The dying or you know. Any. Entirely to -- I don't like and you daughter. I cutesy 60187. Neitzel 386 exit 89087. Which are about vaccinations and and you should parents be legally required to get their kids vaccinated which. In some states they are if they wanna go to school and get a text you'll get back to the phones in the second but. A bit dramatic that you'll die without vaccines I know several families who due to religious views. Never had one shot and -- -- here that some states allow exceptions for that. Or even went to a doctor for that matter none of them died as a result in terms of science and what that. -- what that anecdotal. Story means where does that -- -- conversation. It just because you are back. Mean it doesn't mean that your account and it died however -- under your children and other children and adults pregnant women at Richard. And also not only that but you know being -- from various diseases so. Yeah of course you know it was acting -- only happened Q a lot of people by. -- like account to be in that number. We'll have to think about that. I would you know. He I just would love to hear from the people that are voting 53% now about vaccines and if you're opposed to do -- give us a call and and here's -- chance of you think is one sided we tried to get the other side nobody would come on here's your chance to express your opinion. Debian Slidell is doing that hey daddy -- got a W out morning. -- question about my grandson. Com are. -- now in a battery action should read. And we -- -- -- back and he battery actual acts of and now at seven years old he had an online -- Cheryl my daughter -- -- and -- an actor nation at this point. I'm there research going on that children have auto immune disorder. They shouldn't ever -- -- or is there any linkage between. -- topic question I think he he can't be without knowing everything about magic and sent content there -- His research going on about it there's. National acting CE. Registry though I'm adverse event that happened it back on -- reported that it. If something terrible happening because the vaccine can be quickly and I you know and in two years on the broad. With accurate -- is going on on. -- interest but -- Disorders in. In relationship to vaccine that most of the situation. That it has signed the hours before they get the scene from what we're. The question and eat probably. Should not in -- -- -- -- them. It without disorders. Getting vaccines in fact most of the time when he hit that. Compromise it. That we can protect them compared agreed -- Forget it -- it. It's a quick daddy your program only daughter that's. Mom and -- grandson he said. Howell. -- is your take on all of this. All the vaccines when -- daughter was a child. And it. Again but SI guess -- and you thought there was this van and and presumed she turned out OK in physically everything's. You know mention her. -- actually did exactly what she were an eight Q until he has become very -- very picky aren't helped by. -- -- Point cheap you're younger ones. Should really cracked store aren't you know what you should do wit there are. Only sounds like questions -- the doctor -- -- leaving done. Yeah I think -- -- -- campaign. You know the concern is they're because you'd don't play. Multiple sick children and it's killing but now it's -- it. It had conversations. With the pediatrician. You know we're happy to have those conversations are there everyday and our job as pediatricians -- puke. You know how -- open discussion about what it's concerning gambling and and to reassure her when we cannon on that. You know give guidance when we need to I think that's really important that perhaps with your individual pediatrician -- great. Thank you daddy did like I'm glad you called in document very graces but before it. We let you go I haven't actually comes in Tommy have a friend whose son was fine fine rather NAFTA was vaccinated he developed autism -- you're the doctor explain and you Tellme scientifically but it would seem enemies sometimes and we all love our kids and we hate when anything goes wrong. But do kids as cruel as this sounds sometime just get sick in one. Is different than the other end and how much research has been done on autism in general. And to parents sometimes try to go back and look for something of reason for something -- happened that was gonna happen anyway and now vaccinations have become a soft target. Clinton is it. The mystery to it in the street if only the mystery to physicians were trying to figure out what I've seen. Our system and it's huge spectrum of things we take for instance. On Jenny McCarthy and -- brought up this morning. Dashing about the same record in. The and it subsequent interviews that my son showed signs that -- I really think about it Egypt and now if we find out that. Maybe you're under the carpet and yes some other sort of developmental disorder so. And it's it would make a hundred times better in you know what causing something like the thing is. Kind really hasn't shown that that link to. So you know we keep working keep doing -- searched. It's super important. To look for. You know what I think -- how can me trying to change. You know where it prevalence about it. And one more question I don't want it to -- flat footed Eric is you know was coming out of the every surgeon -- you know off a year had been. It says what's -- percentage of kids that die from the vaccine side effects. It. Probably. And does that ultimately come down to use you'll never. If you -- if you wait to develop a medication or vaccine that somebody. In this country when 300 million people is night and there reacted adversely to you'd you'd never had any medicine. And actually think about other things like antibiotic. There's definitely -- problem. More cases injury from an acute sense from back. And I don't -- -- -- and think they don't get much -- in the -- in fact it's quite opposite though. You know and we think about what. You know vaccines are doing good. Com and that chances. You know harm injury or death from this small person's pitching at that -- arm from. Cities that they -- I think we really have to look at that you know cost benefit. And just to be clear when you say you teach pediatricians and and kids doctors you did this they treat kids and I kids and selves. The pediatricians -- wanna make sure it does. I was gonna ask if they took and that thank you. -- -- yeah it's very informative -- hope we come back with a sector Rachel Dawkins an assistant professor pediatrics.

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