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4-8-14 10:10am Garland: on the spread of heroin

Apr 8, 2014|

Garland talks with retired LAPD deputy police chief Stephen Downing about the spread of heroin.

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Do -- they're doing today and have you ever wondered -- when you hear. A child old or our young person debilitating disease pain nor may be pleased with that. Are begging. Companies to to give movement rug that still bearing sperm and birds who -- ousted. And don't get a and again abortion -- wonder. Why workers. Often happen and happen ever heard. An answer bode well news. Will be talking about it. Young boy is seven years ago. Bunch transplants. Still won't -- And his family is asking a chemical company rule leaves this room that they've been experimenting wouldn't. And won't find out in or one and they say Indo. How many -- has happened throughout the country and the 11 o'clock hour were. I think most. Should be its most. When we're not agreed to bring -- read about laws of products I am concerned. A ball and a lot of people feel well you know and done anything wrong don't have anything to worry. -- We're gonna talk to privacy specialists. That says if you or convince big Brothers. He has ways to make this year. Should be in the increasing now. That's our once again drugs. We were pretty much done with that we've done mole troubled true. On the drug problem in this country. Recently a couple of shadows. When legislature. -- thinking about Merrill one thing about Irwin thank you about. Causing. When users to Ngo forum and 12 years in and -- just -- covered at all. But the -- is to last night from the Washington Post in new here's what's the number one -- Is -- costing about four dollars here and it UP hadn't had -- explain to -- itself. A lot of Americans have been hooked on. Medicine in the open. In particular -- Kudrow and artsy Cotton. -- those fields today. Well number one they've been extremely. Restricted by the government. Street can't get him if you war room and if you do find them they're usually eighty dollars. Earl Morton gives you -- that the same. Bad. Report all that. -- think -- punched incorrectly. We're seeing a true epidemic of Irwin in the United States in March the world. But this what Washington Post. Publish one on where. It's as the -- surge chief Irwin is spreading at four dollars. Loss on their -- now including rule careers. -- -- prides him or one falling revenue and port by decriminalization. In sections. Of the United States. Mexican farmers. Or turning away from -- And building their egos. With the open. So I think the story indicates that. Be called decriminalization. Because of Lee goes. In two states and I think. Things medicinal and different Olympic. Worsening. The forwards and sells the origin of marijuana. Draw. Because the markets and and that's what we've talked about somebody and -- group of law enforcement people and politicians. Ex leaders know that is not what happened in -- everybody's. Own pot we have this thing. Cartels. Run shorter. But now we've seen the coaches at least a little indication maybe something different. And a lot of -- we turn to -- law enforcement against Rubin. Very big organization of former judges. Police officers state troopers and -- the issue the issue. Now -- the prohibition didn't work. Once again we have one of them Stephen down and retired -- -- -- the deputy chief of she'd welcome back to the -- prepared call. -- drifts washing -- post reports. Large number of growers or switching over totally. One. -- Rather than. I read the article and I kind of chuckled. Number one it is appears to -- that. The article. The news media was -- This article. -- -- by the DEA. And I'm sure that it was the article with the intent. Scaring the public that look what were doing over legalizing marijuana. And -- causing more or could be. Could be and distributed in the United States because the farmers. Are no longer growing on marijuana others in stone throwing Leo opium poppy. But it was kind of transparent because. To the approves. Indian prohibition. Marijuana. Has resulted in exactly. What we've predicted. We try to the -- which. We have we legalize medical marijuana about twenty states and we legalize. Recreational marijuana in two states. And we have dried -- the growing. Merrill money in the serum countries. So. So we have taken and regulated -- and control. Marijuana. In this country. And William -- of the marketplace over there so now they're growing poppies. And as long has heroin is -- legal in this country. They'll probably continue to grow poppies and smuggle heroin and but the minute that we take over the marketplace as a government. For example. If I recall correctly read the articles says that. There were pushing in four dollars one outside of methadone clinics. Suggesting that people. We're addicts that were being treated for addiction. I was method known. Could -- it cheaper or people that work. Being treated for -- cotton and prescription drugs. But to give it cheaper and so there have been an epidemic well what they're having -- having. Some overdoses. Overdose death as. Because. The people aren't used to the purity and thereby and then and -- -- -- But we have in the as an example in Vancouver British Columbia. They have the on the U program out there weren't. There heroin addicts they still have to abide there. There heroin on the street in the black market. But they're able to go to a -- to inject themselves. And they're provided with three. Would clean needles and professionals. Now we're finding out in that area in Vancouver. There is very. Huge reduction in. It's. There's a reduction in crime and there's a greater number of people more voluntarily. Going into. Treatment -- addiction. So distinctive is that clearly in Vancouver. Also provided that one under regulated. Bases we would have. I know marketplace for the gangs and cartels on the streets. And we would have the ability to keep people alive while stern in steering them toward treatment. And also we would have the ability. Especially through the taxation of marijuana. To provide education. In this country in the last ten or so years we've. We've educated on tobacco on what we've -- -- reduce tobacco consumption by. About 40% we can do across the board mobile drugs. But these guys have to keep those here tactics going. So that they can keep the drug war on and so they can keep -- jobs and law enforcement can keep their brands and their absence seizures. And they continued to. To arrest millions of people in this country destroyed millions of families. And for those who murdered just joined as you're listening actually to the former LAPD deputy chief of police Stephen down in a member of -- law enforcement against prohibition. Recovered right now -- discuss -- and you -- news reports. Saying that the very performers that have been growing marijuana. Now in large numbers converting over to the pop PP -- Because in part the criminal decriminalization. Via. Medicinal marijuana in this country and Tuesday stood -- to Columbia. The legalization of Merrill. Has cut into the profits this section says there's switching over Irwin and that's why people can get -- at four dollars a and people are dying all of this country. Interest during the proceedings should switch from what do you think comments you to lead this new report and if -- go abroad questions today. And -- get brown what were. The double to be real critical that we hold. We askew. -- -- -- in the US is getting worse. And and wallets William would come back all of the law enforcement we would talk to the B share with the state police. But the view local police totally or continuing. The war on drugs. But I can't find one. I can give me he proved that were winning. So that would suggest that if we're gonna win. We're gonna increase or right. We're gonna have more firepower. More people got a big budgets -- -- -- -- Would you pay -- -- inquiries to improve law enforcement. He beat president absolutely. Covered up. And more were think it above article out of Washington Post here's one paragraph. Four homers in this story golden triangle region Mexico's and go with state. As reduce the country's most notorious gangsters. And biggest marijuana harms. The debate -- -- performers. Sing they no longer playing in the -- It's cold cereal prices collapsed in the past five be -- from 100 dollars per pilgrim collapsed and tornado. Here is one of the former who's been added he's fifty years -- and -- hole -- he says it's all worth it anymore. -- federal -- say Americans would stop with this legalization. Good to talk about that too often turn to. Law enforcement to enforcement agencies are agents I should say former law enforcement agents against prohibition. And we of the retired LAPD deputy chief leagues where this Stephen down. Stephen you you said something in the beginning that surprised me. Do you really think the American people will read this and go old. We're gonna go back to making. Pot illegal. So we can cut back on Earl -- news. -- well that the media. This article is. The precursor. Of the kind of information. There were going to be see coming from the Drug Enforcement Administration. And law enforcement were going to see them doing everything they plan. To. Point two. -- -- of big article the other days some he would eat some. Not to give young adult -- some edible marijuana. And ended up fallen off about him and so that was almost headlines. 2.2. Marijuana positives. Rather than. Stupid behavior caused. -- and in terms of this there are changing from -- crops to heroin. That may be true. But rather than recognizing. That it's a marketplace that's having an impact on it. And that that should be viewed as a as an indication. That -- Indian prohibition works. Even in this small tiny -- with 22. States legalizing regular. Recreational marijuana. Rather than recognizing that it works they're putting now more scare tactics and they want to scare the American public. They want to. Provide false and fraudulent information to the American public so that they can have public support to keep this drug war going. There -- advantages. Is that they've had -- fifty years. Of misleading the American public they've had with the years. Of not allowing scientific. Investigation. Into abused drugs they've had fifty years of imprisoning people rather than. Treating. Drug abuse and drug addiction. As a health problem. They've had fifteen years. -- -- everything into one bag. And failing to recognize that. Sometimes drugs are used rectory regionally. And person ever becomes addicted a person doesn't abuses drugs. So. That none of that kind of scientific evidence has been going on and that is that day and age when. Our law enforcement agencies. Bragged. That they make their decisions. The scientifically based decisions. Well -- it in everything but the drug war because there's no science there. And these your tactics are gonna continue. And that's why we're so busy law enforcement against prohibition. We are trying to educate the public we have a speakers' bureau across United States and we're trying to educate the public that harms. But prohibitions. Are greater than -- arms of drug use. And if we in the prohibition of drugs like we ended prohibition of alcohol. We would have a better situation in our society. We wouldn't be -- 43 million people. We wouldn't be destroying families we wouldn't be sending children off to Foster care. We would have a better situation for our society. -- -- limited -- -- we come back. If you repeat do you mentioned it's in the media. First for the show moved forward took reporters break. As Stewart and and crichton who wouldn't come back to fund using the wrong words. Why a law enforcement. In this country. And a lot of banks a lot of political circles need to keep the drug war -- What should tell me if I'm wrong come. WW obligated seventy immoral upon the read it. A finger about an article in the Washington Post that basically says the performers in Mexico Guatemala. Colombia Honduras and a minimum the other places sell America. Have virtually eliminated and their growth of barrel -- among big -- of the legalization. And things are happening in the you know and states is producing market. And golf program poppies in order to produce heroin and heroine is big because of that end -- the affected just cost four dollars hit. Rather than the medicine that started here when -- epidemic -- quote known and toxic content. Sure but -- dollars a pill so a lot of people on her. When we talk about drugs we would try to talk to local law and courts and state law and ports national. But also. Members of -- law enforcement against prohibition former. A judge's. -- warriors duty -- police. And we have Stephen -- this should succeed chief I don't mean this. Retired LAPD deputy chief of police. Seeing before we go to the called. You mentioned something in the per -- of Chicago. -- -- inter Bernard right Brendan please correct me. That they're there is eighty I need him for a law enforcement. Politics. Banking. Our economy in general to keep the drug wars going to have -- and bankrupt. I'm sure you do. There's if if we ended prohibition. Some of these. -- the grants and the that's it's seizures. And what we referred to as pleasing for profit the task forces. All of these billions of dollars that go to law enforcement. Would go to something else like education and and health programs and things like that. And and you have. Everybody that benefits. From people in jail you have the private prison system. Who look forward to. Receiving the contractor cordons of prisoners. I noticed this morning that we just so open and two. Just made a contract with the new private prison in California that house women. And there guaranteed. So many million dollars a year in in in money for a taxpayer money. Two locked up women. We have these these drug treatment programs for example you have diversion. From courts into drug -- treatment programs that are. Taxpayer funded. And if there's somebody is arrested for possession of the small amount. Of marijuana. They make a deal they don't go to jail. They get diverted to drug treatment program well. They don't need in the treatment they have a little bit or want and they smoked a little bit of Merrill they're not predicted that there and they're not abusing. But to stay out of jail they go to drug treatment while these people run in the drug treatment programs are making millions and millions of dollars. Commuter band -- former DEA yet that's his business he he test for drugs. And so. Every time there's any kind of moved to legalize. Peter -- singers that they had a gathering all the former DEA heads to write letters to the DOJ and the president. And the governors to say all of this is going to be terrible terrible. Yes it is going to be terrible was in a -- and has business because he is depending on the drug war -- stay in business and its and his money. It is a combination of culture in money law enforcement has been raised. You know when I was young 21 year old went into the police academy they told me drug users or evil and drugs were evil and I believe in them. Because you know these are decent people but I'd like them and I continue to believe them until I started to look at things from myself. And do little research for myself and that I experienced. Running the drug program. I had goals and an executive to achieve and I never achieved the goals we never stop the flow Trojan in the country. We never reduced addictions so. I had to conclude that the policies that. Then you look at prohibition about all and it's a repeat so. But this time the money is is is legal the money is systemic. Under alcohol prohibition it was you know they were -- of the bribes and a brown paper bags now it's knowledge formal money come in Washington. But it's just is corrupting. Merit list and good morning via listeners it's called him. Three Euro and would captain down. So. It. Up and down into it to -- on Wednesday. Oil. And in laws that brought out. In -- hold these people. All. That. -- that anybody in black in. All the crossings are. You but we. Call 801. Rule of throats. -- It's a little here that -- war in June it's. Like it at all it is. Country I group reviewed sure looks like a business from the counting. Strange question. I'm looking -- to study from Stanford University. Think it was last year 2013. -- pointed out business. -- -- read directly -- we spend fifty billion dollars a year fifty billion try and eradicate drug from this country. And according to the DEA. Nobody the DEA. The DEA says. They capture less than 10% of all elusive ropes. So the fortune to be here for a state trooper for a least she -- Scherer wrote. For drug policeman on the street. Okay. You tell me. That the drug war is worth -- and you'd tell you all conversations about legalization. Or decriminalization. Is all bad. And the only thing we can do certain people to present our. I give up the by I'm gonna go along with -- But I'll want you to do your job. And take drugs off the straight. So let's make that 90%. Instead of 10%. Which translates what 4500. Billion dollars what do you think of police minerals law enforcement agent would say. If I said to them okay I'm with -- You go tell the American people how much money how many people how much equipment you need what what -- -- -- what they would do exactly the same thing we've been doing for the last forty years every every every year Betty as for more money the fight the war on drugs. Every year they show you there there. Dog and pony shows about. All their seizures. Listen when I started. It was awesome. -- the 2000 dollars. So they're gonna keep asking for more money more money more weapons they're gonna keep asking to arm themselves greater. They're gonna keep asking for military weapons. Because they can't win this war but they won't admit that. -- -- -- -- welcome back go mourners to a bit more on this question. Say what that's oh worth thinking about. Drugs all of the different way in Washington Post reporting. That the UB old thing. Supply and demand. Seems to be affecting marijuana props in South America. Reports informers. Or are literally stopping the play -- -- -- one and going to poppies. For -- Because some of the legalization some of the legalizing of medicinal marijuana. It's taken money away reducing it so they're going to another. -- Word thing to -- in the drink drank about an article in the Washington Post who quotes. Former that's been -- for fifty years in Mexico's Sinaloa state. Growing pot. -- is quoted as saying you -- The costs have gone for a hundred dollars per kilogram to less than twenty. And -- should quote unquote. It's well worth it anymore. -- -- -- Americans would stop with the pot legalization. So in the meantime. Mexican drug informers are turning away from kind of boost in planning the -- with opium poppies. For one. And good to have them make better sense of this we were talking to. Former. LE PD deputy chief of pleased retired Stephen downing. Who's a member of law enforcement against prohibition. She four go back to the the last question again -- by -- federal police officers and let me preface it. A little low poll would we hold every day -- say -- an addiction to the US is getting words. Oh we UP a big tax increase improved law enforcement and 7089%. I mean he -- -- -- -- The reason I have slept the figures I've fund from the DEA. That they stopped less than 10%. Of all illegal drugs. And about a fifty billion dollar a year cost. So if -- said the police officer OK I believe view of the drug war is gonna work it's not now. What would you tell movie in let's go tell the American public a much more do you want to stop it by 9%. You know that the American people would say yeah fluently at what do you think the police officers -- All the police officer. Could never reached and monitoring. And I think they know. But they're not discuss it in those terms of their in this city we have to keep this flow of drugs from coming in the country and we have to. Keep doing what we're doing -- we have to keep increasing. Our our our numbers and our weapons and our communications. To stop that they will move on they acknowledge. That everything they have done for the last forty years is just earlier. They will not acknowledge that. They won't say we can kind of by 90%. Because that's impossible. The only way to stop -- used in prohibition. You know this thing. What is marijuana grown in the Sierra -- reasons. They're growing poppies now. Do you remember. It's just a few weeks ago headlines across the country. They -- -- Guzman. Then number one guy. The biggest. Can then -- -- -- -- -- territory. At all control. Control. And now here we -- one. -- going in there with Koppel who's in jail how come problem poppies are going to mr. -- rate. The -- -- resist because -- blues humans arrest. Did not make it -- Not again. Indeed in the supply of drugs from Mexico. War or Latin America not again because when they take him the picture there's somebody to take his place. And the day we had headlines across this country. DOJ was bragging DEA was bragging too we've put in as king and it meant nothing to the -- picture. All I meant was a bunch of cowboys. Made their big arrest. And they got a very nasty man off the street who's killed. Thousands of people. Through his influence. And the vacuum has been so. They're growing poppies in his territory. That tell you right there this is so. It's it's it's it's all smoke and mayors that the users -- owners organization. Achieved. I'm not sure anything ever gets done with the American people ultimately -- Both sides of -- in your organization. Is doing exactly that there's always appreciated his time great talking. There -- welcome. -- the former deputy police chief of LAPD's. Stephen downing and then he has Puerto -- -- organization in this country -- Law enforcement against prohibition.