WWL>Topics>>4-8-14 11:10am Garland: on disappearing from Big Brother

4-8-14 11:10am Garland: on disappearing from Big Brother

Apr 8, 2014|

Garland talks with privacy specialist Frank Ahern about whether it's possible to disappear off the grid completely.

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We have bugged a lot of shows on privacy but lost their of over the years. More more. They're overdue good more more commuted -- EU rules like Big Brother. And an -- like a Big Brother that we have agreed to invited in and happy forward to be year we've voiced concerns. But very few of those I think attempt to back away from what we think the -- where it -- news. And I think. A lot of -- simply said anything wrong I don't care bill and -- watching your briefing that I do. But some people do -- and they go through privacy experts. Borland is true gentleman by the name of operate a year. Privacy specialists. How to disappear from Big Brother. Written a number of books I'd think how how old dispiriting digital footprints and -- did jewel in man. And bright Georgia's outbreak welcoming the sure appreciate the call. -- earnings and -- very much appreciate it. Sure -- admire my first question is I've had sold in the experts. On this discussion. And and basically one -- guy in particular that we probably more than coached. As -- said you know basically. Give give Bob the ghost you you can't disappear you know you can't regain your privacy of the best you can do. Is some incremental thing it's but you really believe we can disappear -- there. Apparently the channel and the real question is why your -- here. And it's something highly illegal or some serious problems. But -- individual who is looking to reclaim personal privacy. There are things here and there are trick and way way you can live. So this. And you know -- far more personal responsibility. -- actually get away. -- huge issue people don't take into account and account for -- Oh what is the difference from between skipped. Fraser in -- maker. The treachery and everybody who aren't people you know -- -- -- for our -- -- are you located political pork. Private investigators. The current law firm internal company. And the -- At Creighton story there -- -- -- a lot of work to tabloid. You know rights and finding things people call me up on things solicitor and you're trying beast you -- in ultimate martial arts and article he. And you know locating them and -- couldn't watch the news tonight and among the news and my vote for big scandal. -- alternative dig -- fund them and how did you find them -- -- tells. Yeah. You know the tablets and worked for had a lot of information and CIA even if you look at what's happening in UK with the tabloids. -- -- Information powerful. And -- were getting like their phone number or bank information so we are pulling record bank records and committed. Although it will be a lot of -- -- it you know back and it was more gray area. And were able to figure out you know where they were calling and some possible occasion. -- at a location undisclosed upper right pretax. -- is a lie. Answer conferences Michael Davis from the United Parcel Service award and the packets from Monica Lewinsky. Ethnic and important well shall be at 3 o'clock and I called my clients are children -- their their pockets that are -- clear instructions and I think. Are limitless cigar -- break for those listening we're talking to a gentleman -- you -- rules of privacy specialist says. Even the view and edit anything illegal you just save yourself you know I'm tired of big brother and tired of the credit card companies trust in me and Google rocking the engine. And constantly. Thinking about it is that got room watching -- will be accused me something to do. I could afford to go back to -- computers. A board -- take my identities all. We have Jim and written a book called the do -- -- -- and says he can help you -- disappear. Questions or comments -- call 26018. Sadly. Told for anywhere in the country 866. Rated nine and zero cent. I have people tell me all the Dominique Jones -- who went clumsy and it's Big Brother watching this thing. Don't care of them the other thing wrong. -- the big difference is when you're in the the digital world just watching Fox News right now. Images came up -- That it was a three dogs and that tens of thousands of people. We can find directions very easily and if you click on it you know you can lose 40000. Dollars. Little detailed his that happens but. It gives you an idea of the dangers to day. Of of being a -- of five of being available on the Internet. And we have been excerpt where this for a game -- privacy spell specialist who's -- couple books on. How to disappear from Big Brother. Frank you bureau mindless Reagan so Mubarak callers I mean currently -- -- to what they are talking about as and questions about. Our bureau with the Craig good here and appreciated the call. Point as a consumer but I have a problem consumer problem in extremely. Well and that's what the actual -- you assume Juan. Pablo. Do -- research. And acting on NC OO wonders to board of directors of that company. And acted on their home phone number. And I had probably insurance deal with the seal. Of 130 hospital chain. Practical in the Nashville and -- 6 o'clock the next day no problem so I think consumers can use the Internet. The bonds so much needed something done as well as a consumer problem and I had problems and ATP call to board directors expect no problem. So good so that -- the Better Business Bureau skip all the deal with the top line would assume as research on the field on board correct as you get the job. The -- sitting for victims is that a column and action that. But can it reasonably easy to do. It certainly common action you know. It's a great tool it's information scratching -- -- remember you know the court you know that's fortunate that the information -- from ancient. Up from an urgent mission airlines it's not a -- it's not correct and giving you don't know exactly who you wore polo. Let alone here at certain tools like that can be a lot. And if you have the you know that got to pick -- equality you know -- -- And and it's it's something that more people could do. Yeah I haven't really what you problem at them and what what -- trying to resolve. You know and I am sure most likely after the fact is he your phone number in a yeah Alex. Any information is available again -- inaccurate or you know weren't there today. Where you can always find -- accurate when you say businesses so you'll love the I've got. Very you casual Wear an American couple weeks ago. -- company. And he says their appeal or people. Google his name that to get something in his pants and bright some kind of commercial lower or communication. And some some very disparaging things. -- to bug people but they didn't over the names did he is it turned out. On some uncle Howard commanders on the news. Print media web site where while people and that pilots knew what everybody Wednesday. And they were angry with his company. And they were talking about. And there would got on the regular Internet and that was one -- when you Google whose name. That was one of the person to popped up. What you'd do does it prepare reputations. We are we. Really -- -- reputation we care and great but the problem with that reputation right. They do. Let's try to pressure what they'll do is. Still built all of the information about that you. And little -- will pop up for the first couple -- Google Yahoo! whatever the problem that one X stop. It you know Atlantic Ocean and tight come ago so there's no guarantee that that information stays on the outskirts -- pages. The other issue is yet to try to combat issue. Just putting. Miscellaneous information out there doesn't -- problem. -- doesn't resolve the achievement of state portion of power. Company did something. Stupid. So it'll be wet depression. I think it's a wave that you are right now and eventually will -- So is there were any answered to incorrect unfair but reputation. -- entering information. -- independent what the information is in court sometimes you go and try to -- area. You can actually being propagated by becoming another story -- the blog or something of that nature we're depending and so apparently won't call or email on request that they take your information parents. And they have had success doing right. It works it's somewhere outside of the web site it doesn't work it's -- what -- -- crapshoot. There are used utilized more destruction to. That's just my client from combating information to put this of virtual that in particular it's Thursday. Well do your -- deception does that work with the -- of the ocean is comes in and out. Yeah because well that's the problem with Internet you know there's not -- -- site. And sometimes good people think that the stakes. And today they -- at stake the whole world can know about it and it made a mistake and you learn the -- that. I would kick your critics -- And habit -- signed into somebody with your name what just happened to little Cincinnati Ohio. This way went from researcher in all of them so. He won't do that either warmed -- already. Garrett who lives in Cincinnati who. It that's stupid thing or is responsible for that and it -- deal. You know whatever the nature of the case May Day you have to currently -- information. Like your digital doubles to divert. We're building the guy in Cincinnati's say well wait a minute. There is little guy in there and made about a -- and I would I ever. It was a real person and -- that would give them problems. I created a digital identity who pretty much -- -- problem and accept responsibility or. And you know I think today the pastor coming up on the -- at ten years ago and sometimes some people are either there. And no water and being young and stupid things. He was breeding -- every article that interviewed you. Let me ask you -- -- oldest secret that resurface and -- talked about media guide that snow and sporting news but did something in college right. -- will eat you lose a little while in college and amateur porn video you know when he -- years later is responsible. Their local channel that life. All the senate and served as our our. Art created in individually and using it -- who writes about pornography and it appears that -- the movie not my clients. And you -- that a problem with the Internet you know there's no conscience. And our information has been Colbert try it. And nobody really cared about. Our feelings are liars or wives or children you know from what others think about it several -- should be something done in the future that. So old when when you say you disappear people from via Internet from from the public. You're really deflecting. Attention to weight from there I didn't. -- write them you know district are disappearing into digital disappearing meaning of digital issues in in your right on I'm just basically. You know throwing the light elsewhere. And I have some eight individual. Responsibility. And -- you'd funeral Roland a big firm managed your humor why couldn't I would assume that. This kind of services and big government. You know whenever you can give -- and about like eight people work and that whole you know 95. Years to portrait yet. Good -- at all -- your -- I don't know where the people here. What do you afford the opportunity to travel to to right. So. -- just because we're working alone. And one of the articles you wrote scoop -- CU for help. And you mentioned. Fifteen year old daughter putting your information on the Internet parents concerned what would you do with that kind that. Well -- like Arnold. Leader -- super wealthy people are starting to happen as you know. We have a home like a work life now we are -- work like utilizing -- all comes together. And our clients' concerns. That in their children and information are lying -- other people vigilant about their children. And it showed that they and their children very wealthy people that didn't make them you know as part of the option for profit. So I would take your children's -- -- different children's name -- create. Dozens of entries utilizing their name and comfortable switching summit in Germany and New York Chicago -- going where where -- days. And where it doesn't hurt silence that you information. And help protect your child. From potential abduction. Meter people who don't travel. You know. All the time. -- there to be concerned about the physical say. And so do if you were very refers unions seventeen year old daughter should go to FaceBook posted a picture of a brain you -- Rory. How do you keep that from. Big red flag for somebody of the moments that kidnapped rich people war or make use of the. Partners in the book about privacy -- never -- -- your computer privacy and personal responsibility. And so what I do is educate. Individual. Organizations. About how information can be detrimental. So a lot of these younger people come to recognize. That they shouldn't display. Certain things and now. You know in that picture on the line they're opening their constituents are they are complex and that license -- car. Not taking picture of how they're house number so. You know it picture a lot of education and that's really the -- Outline which is really comes down you'd take responsibility. Privacy and that's the biggest. Help the some helpful factor and being more are. Being more discreet. Wragge -- got to -- good news breaking news there was a little bit longer. -- bureaus somebody out there that fantasized about enough of instantly news. Communications. Enough of social networking. And reflected disappear from the Internet. We've got to -- -- -- -- -- break your privacy specialist. Gibbs called to Sid 0187. -- -- -- -- and we're in the country it's 66 faded dollar and zero heats up. Well every one of goofy bold that. -- weapon against tired of the modern world tired of constant cell phones -- on tired of being tied to the computers. Tied with social media. And just wanna digital lead disappear with them to -- claimed weakened to a -- carrier in the privacy specialist. Break boredom born of good things I think you've suggested -- would've. Rodents from the publications. There. Reported on Huard talked to. -- in the pursuit of -- take his destroy your credit and debit cards is that core. -- For torture victim a stalker -- -- stalkers and you know that's critical the grid. You really you're in certain holes and Gillick to credit cards -- bank account and used a little more like prepaid debit cards prepaid. -- and you know certain online fools. Because. Individual can be easily tracked you know from the credit cards themselves. So that there is an issue there. What do you -- you were the recent budget act. -- mention the international recognition. And basically want is creating. You know commissioner -- sort of keep eating as possible. And then -- -- solutions creating. Information that for years achieved disappeared Tuesday Chicago which really. You know Phoenix. And then you know reformation. Important port sea and being able to live properly or the radar. Discovered. And what kind of person. And why do these people come to you and and and what did they -- these. People with removal records of these people. That they want to disappear. To a point where they would destroy credit cards and public. People mr. -- you know. Money -- violence typically. You know they're coming to some money they want to -- the world behind. You have to get better than anything challenges will aren't. You know or violence you know become a stalker if you should -- Alice. Individuals and and it -- situation. And the other the criminal mutiny at what you while we don't -- business where. And but you are disappearing two billion creating freedom and freedom from you know approach of sorts you know. Whether -- that oppressor who. You know is government will be closure don't like their privacy whether there's intrusion. Of privacy. War. You know you're XY or post them. Jared can you get waved from government surveillance with it is the election. -- -- -- -- -- There -- you know the -- big brother and -- government. Or Big Brother is like people. And we we tend to forget that stick it means to create the software Cree east programs -- our American troops there. Our -- -- more discreetly you know to go 100% off the grid. You know capitalism -- combo at the French -- regional you've got to you know they're gonna -- in Tibet but nobody that went like. Which you can't exist. And no. Control your digital footprints there's only can be traced no matter what you do in the society. Questionnaires. What he used to control the tree deflect trade. Do you have any concerns of four people after -- quote. Spanish identity was on the Internet -- the very fact that you vanished is that -- problems that are on producing. Truly you -- only -- you know it -- it's just basically. You know on this directing information. And you know. You know the people I've done it where there's there's always -- specific -- pointing me to combat that elections somehow. And you know to me there's been nothing leader that can stop after the fact it's been negatives. Do you -- suggested people assume new identities once they go through your process. -- you know you can't really do that because it's against the -- -- in the minute you. Utilized its identity break broke and so they let so many you know. Credit -- and you know what's the point disappearing searching for freedom and doing something that's going to end your freedom and you know again the -- with big network either the Kmart are doing deputy general. -- it so difficult to really create create one in society today. And then you are somewhat true in -- before you know corporate and you're buying or anything like. As I -- separately US Marshal -- do you fear that. -- -- All right let's say one more brick welcome back and talk with break in her new zone of privacy specialists. If you beat repent aside as. About foreign agrees and having your -- to remove from the Internet news talk not talking about you going to carry it didn't have that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And gives you your ability. To not be bothered by all the -- ability of the Internet or instantaneous communication. Questions comments Gibbs called -- eggs are 170. Over execs fixated on zero it's all of your gut tired of all the reports of loss of privacy big brother's social media instantaneous communications. And said you know you like to diligently disappear we have the male and rank in your earnings bin call via did your -- hit better and -- The is is something that. Anybody and everybody could users that something you've got to be pretty average two point. I'll let fairly there are trying to -- area are great and I don't take our selection final what year. I mean. You know. There are ample security there aren't -- about being more partners and -- when it comes down to. -- some of the things simple for free like social media company or. It is not really afraid of getting something from entry information. Makes -- cold shouldn't get the way. In border of the articles you said. I'm of the plots of -- the troops can't delete all -- and information. Is that regardless so what are our company hire whatever expert to wired to try to do it. All they can do is you know and they requested you can do that yourself okay. The problem -- you know you really believe need to do today from you know in any regrets either -- But that'll Croatian could be part of you know some sort of aggregate year to six and now it goes back out there -- -- -- to -- A fire under web sites blogs or whatever integrity. You have no control of the information you don't have information about you but personally. The web site people can expect if there's rhetoric -- -- error. We have to -- your -- website called duck duck go. That -- has been getting bigger and bigger get a little competition to Google and that it came about. -- paroled the revelations. And there's cities CIA and everything government doing. -- that kind of thing weren't the of this CEO said that. They basically your web site that does. Virtually the same thing Google does but they keep no information. On the people using the -- You know are very technical -- there are actually Q okay and you know if you are actually -- Okay. We don't know what surely much rupture. Okay and we've got to realize -- out. A compliment saying that we don't keep your information that apparently saved and back -- right now collecting information. Look at bill like that somebody showed a baseball the paper -- aren't you couldn't tell it was a real. They wouldn't find it. Today. Why are you buying information or just figured the surgery information private if you're that it did you yourself are true. That's a problem -- privacy software. The problem web sites that may claim that reform that they don't do it I think is troopers user I improved user. Communities it's not -- real. Would -- be able to prove what you do. -- would they be able to prove what you do. Yeah actually a little. -- -- The reality year's been so worried about something protect your privacy digital RA. Somebody else would create something to extract information from privacy it is it is to sort and Richard it is -- -- -- that it's a tool. And I personally like prove myself. Here I'm just. Skeptical of -- In the morning news and -- you mention three things cheap laptop cash. Public Wi-Fi talked to me about votes. Well in the chi Chu disappearing as you know we need technology creating digital footprint the goal is to. Exactly long you and me in news. Longer weird you know uses a laptop and Nortel fired it's just pick apart apparently it is no. This free Wi-Fi. Hopefully -- no surveillance camera because if you if you go back computer. Okay. The company -- whoever has no idea who you're right you know which -- Kennedy years. However. -- that -- Internet service. Which the surveillance camera they would they would know. That your state did so searches so the goal is to pretty much locate. I like to read your op -- Internet -- but there's no. -- is no critical security as well. So that's really the eye ear of removing himself from the actual. Though that's basically what hackers do don't think. Well I just Alicia on doughnuts and pretty much you know -- the -- -- -- it's just figured out how to bypass system. But it'll keep in mind couldn't. Well look look look poultry community during the war illegally you know -- -- -- -- your wife or your husband you know. You are too worried about Big Brother coming error. However keep doing something illegal highly illegal. You know. You're you're just playing their very different level in my clients for personal protection. And that's why they do it. New Britain there a couple of books so won't you give people an idea what the books or were they get him and how would somebody calling -- they wanted to use your service. I -- has disappeared in 2010. Which -- you know that's typical the Shapiro. Didn't go in there and 2012. Which is more typically faced about. Create privacy. And Ericsson are have this fear from Big Brother which is being released this month -- violent -- And it's pretty much it really interesting week. Concept without disappearing. By removing yourself from actually control the digital printing. Wait so important -- them -- -- web site disappeared and so it struggled a little. Bright -- pursuing our appreciated that time of great. It. You heard Narnia tribes to specialists. Come right back a bit of video brigades celebrity him upon the -- All right -- if we're gonna talk to a bio emphasis coming up next. And talk about the roads and -- as far as I'm concerned it's death panels that have always been here to come soon. Medical care or insurance. And talk about how it's affecting people today. And is it ethical. Statements. Over the bill big -- soberly yeah -- five to --