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4-8 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, UConn vs Notre Dame

Apr 8, 2014|

Tonight the ladies of UConn will take on the ladies of Notre Dame. Bobby and Deke got an inside scoop form ESPN's Mechelle Voepel on the match up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mean -- bell is -- is now he's got a great 1 this evening historic -- two teams at a very familiar with each other. Two of the most dominant programs in sport today Connecticut and Notre Dame someone will lose their first game unfortunately. Their first loss will be the last game of the season for the national championship. -- acting may be going into the season many people -- these programs you donate Tennessee don't miss Stanford. A few other programs Bela. Will probably be in the mix the foul for me as a season long it could be Connecticut Notre Dame but did everybody really think that both he seemed to be undefeated. People on -- He can occur and it is just because -- -- national champions that break back -- their key players including. Bill. But yeah I'm a little more of a surprise it because it locked Saturday against the backer at that point guard and -- -- about that one of the most typical thing. -- -- I think they were and you when he beat you got to -- there exit and eighteen there. According I think Notre Dame being here. You're a real credit to the fact that they were able to adapt and at point guard and and really played very well in the. Michelle. Explain this to me are this is a logical or does this come about. Thank you look at the history between these two teams. Is that like. You know like -- male sports sometimes have Auburn Alabama let's say they hate one another aren't part of dislike is their dislike between these teams I know you respect. One another -- does that from a competitive standpoint. When they face one on one another as far as maybe just that I'm not liken their own. Yes I'd. Gotten a lot more heated between two. And part of it is because there and got a lot batter you know the part. -- or tactically are you on 120 record out the last seven of nine time there and once there you know what rivalry Lima. When when you could be the year he. Don't like each other that much so then it looked at the time hurt her -- obviously not. -- at the front door and a allotment that is a disagreement. About whether. Who decided not play advocate here that their locker cops are that I think there -- a lot that went back -- between. And and the coaches are happy with each other with a player and what are I don't know that need one thing that I can and can't do it after. Michelle is there a program in college and makes -- they all -- any sport of our band as it could be pro. That is most successful and dominant big Connecticut women's basketball. Sure that there is back and that the that they get occupation because with them it really does go back the they're very expert national championship in 1995. They are not meant everything going here -- -- -- made a short week here. But they've been in the back now that in the seventh I'll forward -- thorough this would be there. And beat -- that -- -- -- and I though that's a pretty hot and it's really not because. Other programs have gotten better. At Baylor -- eight years ago -- beat Pete that. We -- it ain't got you beat Louisville. Moving ahead how Carolina. It should be you content that able to get that out of and it really does a lot about the coaching staff there and the fact that they've been able to. Didn't recruit a really really good player. And that at the plate. Amazon though you know about the landscape in college basketball -- Jonas Bob on and -- here because it's been. It's been thought of Pat -- son just got tired and the wheezing and take. And you know. Other -- indeed Pat Summitt son as some new vans and you'll what do you know Obama's that I really don't. Is is that a fair starting on a program it was once considered one of the better ones in college basketball -- begin you don't his name alone. You know I think it was a bit about. Beyond that he -- Louisiana Tech. You can't that they parked our car that he could be hit it that much in college sport. And I think they want a higher that would outline that -- it. As you know I was only 23. He he he a -- I'm learning his hot keep that and the encourage but at -- ready really ready to records were there. -- -- You be taught Adrian ABA graduate assistant. -- -- My mom that -- your point of that was that was the third period -- But I think -- -- -- really be getting what sort that out -- -- out I think. A lot of people like I let the ball out all of that -- watch what what the black and brought up well with. It is to worry. But -- you know bit. Going to be a patchwork and you -- Doesn't do well people are gonna say -- he was just. Hired but it probably but it there's the fact that here I can't -- that he'd like to thank you wanted to act. I'm able. Was accelerated because -- the -- -- -- had a little -- if I'm able is it that. Yeah -- sailboat Balco was women's basketball for ES PNC denigrate the -- undefeated Notre Dame undefeated Connecticut. For the women's national championship Michelle are you folks thought you. We don't. Absolutely -- that Shelby. I don't look at sort of -- it get it back and beat you -- good -- -- about it at the I have to give up. Do you think is that they both undefeated so people look anybody -- -- when it's all sand on. You think this would be tighter and there's some distance between -- visit there is between one team would go oh. In the loss column and although with a over the loss I would just I'd just -- defeated Connecticut is is. I don't see much better but there -- few steps ahead of -- day. I think they were going to be the favorite anyway and that -- noted opted out. Atlanta -- -- -- are you with the players that are the and that that. Put. That freaked out to get their first -- Unfortunately or the L elite eight and I think that -- -- it -- a little -- -- -- adds up its game. It it'd been that. Apathy that let you know freshman. It in a play that. The here and -- and they're a little bit you know more. That that -- is that they were able. To play very well ballot but. You can't get open and hurt. But like that but at the bit to get get to work at it really hurt and hopefully they'll be that you know. You can put on here that I think that there are that simple. They say thank you so much enjoy the game tonight. Here are enjoyable to of the ESP Embree -- down -- -- -- to --