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4-8 4-5pm Sports Talk, Saints draft a QB?

Apr 8, 2014|

Is it time for the Saints to draft their future QB? Bobby and Deke take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports -- Albanian keeping him here phone them and I fell apart right from the north. Him. And now a senior walking and that the could. Alabama Chris and I and we just take -- feet to two. And I don't know if you can follow him on big dough on this advised Randle and Richard and one this is the concept that have no big game Alabama on knowledge just a rates wouldn't you know that I checkers this kind of they have a -- is that is well he's one does not count too well yes it if you put the hat on they would indeed somebody -- -- -- -- how to -- to being. If you wanted it to eat the things history for those who think. Only got to win some mementos from them again. Welcome to sports star rookie -- the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. We are here to. 8 PM at this evening coming up on today's program are looking at LSU's pro date tomorrow. Boots on the grounds Saints out of Puerto Kristian -- -- by a bear will be covenant the duo from. Double coverage will be there tomorrow. Covering the pro day. Which tiger will be first off the board. And who is the most NFL ready and who would you like to see the Saints pick up in black and -- could segment -- Be a good choice for the black and go your take on the NCAA championship did the best team win. Connecticut over and Kentucky last night right here on WWO radio plus. We talk a bit about this last week. Man. Who follow women's sports -- I don't mean at sarcastic. But he. But why do you follow is there a man how did it really enjoys watching women's sports and a -- up because if you're ever going to watch a women's sporting event. Tonight would be the night. And that would be. The first time have a two undefeated teams play for the national championship by having two teams that don't like each other. To programs it used to be in the same conference. And now. There -- different conferences how they're playing for the national championship both put undefeated records Notre Dame. And Connecticut Michelle hopeful who cope with women's college basketball for ESPN will be -- at the bottom of this hour talk about this will you. Pay attention to tonight's basketball championship game between Connecticut and Notre Dame. My casually. Now if you daughter was played league and I think that's what I'm best I can't imagine a win win and women follow me in sports right and they don't have to have -- on -- and or somebody they know bright light winds but what to just say this is what I'm -- other than if your daughter is playing right wrong or somebody you do you don't play with our our friend of yours is to do you do you -- -- -- do you ever watch women's sports ever. Like I'll watch some of it tonight as his for the championship game the but I mean to civilize the whole game it's they don't know. Now is close watch it and let. Knowing -- it's it's summing it had to be some kind of personal interest. For me to be involved and and wanting to watch. The game that. Big if you look at it in the UConn women they are able to win. The wind has been the second time the -- the men and the women women in the same year -- Our time is think about that the men anybody it is a year that Connecticut point here. And Armenian one. Then on -- -- that was my economical for probably was a senior. We have a chance that that right repeat that. That we -- how bad -- that -- -- -- -- -- game last night. I think the team that won deserved to and now. When you -- we talked about the senior guards and you look at that confidence in this swagger that being Nate Napier and -- right yeah. Dig the went back and now. That argued that they were setting at home and and I think they would have blocked it -- if could tell you to continue playing man to man. They were down like today's -- by sixteen they were down double digits in both hands and Danny with his own in the kind of within four before the half did and and then pleasantly coach -- apparent as close game. Press -- made a lot of sense. When he did say it is. That line and you file maybe to try you know ten to stop the clocks on the clock. Because he was saying that omens are free throws right you know and awareness winding -- was an Achilles heel the Kentucky. They can make their free throws and you know also I think you finished out. A lot like. It's -- -- started the game -- for Kentucky because SEC in the south and I found myself. Switch hitting and going for Connecticut because I am I yeah I just like doing we will play. You know and a swagger. That they had a big. That don't I don't -- -- have from Germany like one of my engineers and like a big and -- big hit -- hit -- to -- over a ball. He is sick like gee he barely shot only mean it did shooters like 67% going in I think with the. Proved though is that the thing is you don't have to have. A good shot you'd be a shot that had to be fallen. At the end of the day you can get out there and be on -- you -- be ways -- to be defensively. And play tenacious defense and that's what Connecticut -- In this entire tournament I mean they they play in -- our defense was phenomenal army. What what they did get to a broken will -- him from Florida yeah I'm become moaning and they didn't even mean eight. -- and I just let him shoot but they -- shut him down even -- -- -- -- -- to go to direct me he only had four points the entire ball game. So I mean they when you get to have a defensive groove if from if you if you Google Kevin Ollie and read up on him Bobby. Every franchise I'll come up from being -- Brian James. Took Kevin Durant everybody everybody -- have been around as it that's the kind of guy you want to be around your players you organization from the NBA to college. I mean this is so it's really no big surprise. I don't think Connecticut's going to anyway I think because I think his personality his coaching skill level is is skill set. And I think you'd be a great recruiter who zig when you look at it you know whose players that was that he won a championship but I just look it is. His personality and how can relate to players I think. Connecticut and now you look at the one and done Aaron I'll elaborate. That would be surprising that involves an open -- next decade. That you know kind of like when Billy Donovan did at Florida that there always. Maybe a sweet sixteen are only eighteen you never know what's gonna have additional value. Whether I -- college got a one and now what does that do for the overall I mean did their programming on the going to be there. Regardless of your fourth Jamey too in fifteen years your promise -- -- so nobody has done that. But you know this new conference now move forward -- -- a team that Tulane in a common -- what does that do for the overall health of the conference. It Connecticut's in their board about the OT. Yet the exactly be almost like him to remain in the job and I -- it was like Memphis -- in Memphis all of a sudden the strength of schedules during this rise as a dad because because there's no stress. When the big east is basically forced the and the Catholic -- -- big east Carolina. In two line and they said okay. Yeah I'll comply with -- teams but yet like top oddly hi Ron right now -- -- and -- and and -- -- I yelling in the way Eddie initially how weird I guess this tournament was -- when you look at it and I think that truly was the case. That when you say -- who's really gonna win determine who has an opportunity. Our chance to win. I mean it was definitely -- like well I'd be shocked if this team as a win. We look at number of brackets I've talked to that was the case of myself and a number of people. I had Saint Joseph V Connecticut the first game. So -- two days and made the finals. Now I don't know why -- this the but I Kansas State. It was 89 seemed just because I was kind of disheartened. I'm not even looking at SEC tournament how Kentucky finished the season at Kansas State beaten them in row one and with saint Joe's in the being Connecticut in overtime in it as -- as a national championship games it just shows you I guess the one and done in the parity. In in you know college basketball would be how about in house to bring this I guess that it is. But no interest in a tidbit I know one movie's start I was all. The government down and fired -- -- -- yet in 97 in ninth Sheehan enrolled because you're a journalist in your journalism major. I didn't realize that she enrolled at UConn. And in the journalism program. Within I think -- being a wise choice who went to her acting career and that being mid Meg Ryan I think that was mine the right decision. Because she's definitely. Puts the Doral to find some violent in the latte double -- twist. And channel some -- UConn UConn right right I had today for -- representing him. My day off in the when you talk about college basketball -- no no program no school can boast more than the universe Connecticut I mean they put the call on the market Ohman and went with basket. Well you look. I would say and act you know you think UCLA you think at North Carolina Duke and Kentucky you know that Indiana. But as of late -- -- Connecticut Florida Connecticut in a conversation -- Now you talk that never happen again Jon Wood would UCLA game now and feeling that was. To a dozen years fifteen years where it's like just totaled nominee is -- with well yeah. I mean that I mean -- like an NBA team and wound in oh you know college ball but. Yeah I mean that you got to be excited improbably. You look at Florida's probably Connecticut -- Arad. Know you almost he truly disappointed. In the -- make it to the sweet sixteen of them had the lead is it takes some like ladies' man. The bonds -- ball still follow us on college. Thank you very much is in the elements as I know what to wins in LPGA golf. As an average golfer. And -- and know when I can have the have to lose the Canseco saw -- and a case then followed that -- PGA you asking you -- a man. Do you follow women's sports just. For the for the fun of -- is always today a reason behind your daughter played or a Eudora is playing well she played against annihilated us out there bigger news. Even will itself well it is like 10 mean is that the pitchers -- -- -- I have never calls or. -- -- -- Joseph and -- to in the Olympics now yeah I'd that was opponent TV from the I want I want to watch and when -- multi bladed -- Does Ellison choosing to twelve -- Hammond and -- well -- what it is like a personally grass right at at the end when she Cote took over you've grown in national championship. But other than that. I've never happened I'm not I'm not saying that I don't like I've got two dollar and have a lot to play soccer right I'll be William. But I don't whereas on offense that I think women. Really do follow man's sport because they like I don't think that's insane when it comes to mean if it is it's a -- number I mean it. I've lights. Big I'll watch women's tennis. You know like. We and you know Venus I will -- and I guess sum up man to watch that -- used to be. Chris Everett yeah yeah Martina Navratilova yeah I want to I oblige. I -- watch women's tennis that much is men's tennis you know. Now I did watch women's you -- I'll watch women's soccer in the whole game would when they will play for the World Cup again regarding my bigger -- we are trying to yet oh. Media but to your offense for your for your fans though you don't shoot you know they'll be -- in -- he cheated and additionally it's a nice. They'll -- all get out yet but policy because that I noticed significance of that also the world up in Maine has advanced and now -- truly a world. Championship and we members and -- Condrey and not -- how on the inside -- not mail that mail email we do you know World Cup and a student won a World -- and -- at bat so I I don't watch in. In China. I watched -- whole game. Minute that Mosley is that like. All of this on TV. I can't watch him -- or something like a said that national. Woman's basketball championship. I'll I'll watch Terry you know flick the channels whenever wanted and if it's close and animal it's -- mystery man. And I see this weekend they were given a free view of the HBO and Cinemax and you know sometimes WD -- the free right so I'm trying to initiate in -- -- -- in the best of luck of the gods they've got to follow. The original godfather got close to home. So there is always there that I our -- that's a tradition -- -- -- when MS on TV you drop everything. It's almost like 110 Tom Hanks movies come on TV like far has gone up -- for the -- they don't matter what it could be the beginning in the noon. You'll watch sports golf. And the news is since it's captivating you know I thought well -- you. Or like my wife like. And they'll that I mean. I think it would come if I see them. A -- one time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't and it begins and -- -- I was beating her to Boone doc they can't Allen who knew it was so you get booed now all of -- -- -- that -- boon -- Katrina hello Katrina in. We liked so much stuff folks it's a been a long long long long rally at the gonna -- eleven now operated jaguar Pena go do you think it's time for the Saints to draft the future. QB mean McCain down the line cast your vote online at WWL well. They get out of -- do you think it is draft future QB. -- -- it easier guarantee like almost franchise type quarterback in this year's draft. No audience he -- alleged every at -- that that's what I'm saying I mean to me you don't need to be reaching. No now if we could come in and learn yeah Larry could be like. Meg shared in my address and -- year -- and Brian. I just on the right now a -- I mean. To be selling all of this this draft him he's -- future I mean. I don't know board rules of the the -- Central Florida you know this is is. Is a cal team how big is and all that but to say. That the next dot Dan Marino John Elway arm. Who would you say -- RG three. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For sure even though Drew Brees is healthy. Q would you take that kind of guy -- sure at a school to a man -- -- -- Ron Ron thank you for calling WW -- They got out of it all right. Our identity is something that we need to -- but I do agree with that knowledge you do know what that. You can't dole. -- -- it right it's pretty be pretty yeah pretty -- on -- But definitely you know added you're expected our charge is that we -- it got. I'll even -- you bring -- Guerrero. -- agreed. She will be a little bit now you got be it should eat her up at have a each act out enough. Eat that you know at least this year in -- -- will be a good idea black -- inaccurate. But. Well -- -- -- distant aunt and I think we all would -- Sean Payton -- this. You look at their relationship he's had we Drew Brees and and if you look at the background and it's all about who you familiar -- -- You know we have a background what you look at Tony Romo a free agent he's still an -- record spring went to school. The decade they give his name there's a quarterback coming out but I have an edge or product tying -- things a decade -- that I'm -- -- some of the government notes. But he's eastern Illinois guy who knows -- -- on -- might know something about him and Italian would go back and Tokyo and that mills that. You know boy you gave him in the latter parts he'd be worth a development maybe yeah behind Drew Brees. -- it right they have a plan. It's like right now I'm not thinking. That -- they're clueless. And that you know and I you need to catch lightning in a bottle. -- did all the distilled given an exam Marino. Let it they would John Elway had to do to going get Peyton Manning the dividend next John Elway. But it can happen perfect example is Joseph a little -- still wants who -- him yet but but but Joseph Montana to Ron Amadon. I'm Brett Favre the Rodney is yet to Rogers in Manning -- now Villa Maria but that's as big as soon as an example that are yet. Absolutely -- -- bell is -- is now he's got a great 1 this evening historic matchup two teams at a very familiar with each other. The most dominant programs in sport today Connecticut and Notre Dame and someone will lose their first game unfortunately. The first loss will be the last game of the season for the national championship. You still acting may be going into the season many people are these programs he'd donated his -- don't miss Stanford. A few other programs Bela. Will probably be in the mix the foul for me as a season long it could be Connecticut Notre Dame -- -- everybody really think that both he seemed to be undefeated. People thought that I'd -- chance Kirk phonetic it just because they're the defending national champions and bring back -- their key players including a -- But yeah I'm a little more of the surprise it because it locked aggregate and the Becker like that aren't as you guys that are a part that's one of the most difficult thing. -- -- All -- way they were and you when he beat you and I are there exit and speaking up for the I think Notre Dame being here. -- a real credit to the fact that they were able to adapt your viewpoint car again and really played very well in the day. Michelle. Explain this to me are this is a logical or does this come about. Thank you look at the history between these two teams that. Is that like. You know like email sports -- -- have Auburn Alabama let's say they hate one another aren't. Part of dislike is their dislike between these teams W respect. One another -- does that from a competitive standpoint. When -- facing one -- one another as far as maybe just not not liken their own. Yet I'd. Gotten a lot more heated between two. I think part of it is because there and got a lot batter you at the -- Are likely get their UConn had a 24 record out the last seven of nine time there and once you -- on what robbery. When when you could be here. Don't like each other so -- it looked at -- -- hurt -- it would be kinda. Bump -- -- -- -- and a allotment that is what disagreement. About whether. Decided not play at the bit Q that they're a lot of -- up that I think there -- a lot that went back -- between. And and right now the coaches are happy with each other that the player and what are I don't know what both teams. But I'd and ask him to get back. Michelle is there a program in college athletics that they all eighty in eastbourne of that has to be pro. That is most successful and dominant. Isn't there -- -- think that -- that they get occupation because with them it really doesn't go back that ever occur that the championship in 1995. They and that meant every nickel here that haven't made or at least here. But they've been in the back now that in the that it -- the Cairo this would be there. Aren't the -- -- -- -- and that I that that's a pretty down on and that's really not because. Other Perkins have gotten better. At Baylor eight years ago -- beat -- that. We inhabit it ain't got. -- -- Moving and it helped Carolina. It should be UConn been able to get that out of bounds and it really does a lot about the coaching staff there and the fact that they've been able to. Didn't recruit really really good player is -- and but that doesn't play. Amazon though you know about the landscape in college basketball -- Jonas Bob all right askew here because it's been. It's been thought that Pat -- son just got tired and the wheezing and take it. And you know. Other did beat Pat Summitt son has some new vans and you'll what do you know by -- that I really don't. Is is that a fair starting on a program -- was once considered one of the better ones in college basketball would begin you don't his name alone. Yeah I think it was the boat. Beyond the fact that it Louisiana Tech. You know that they -- that he could be hit it that much in college where it. And I think they want it higher that would make out -- that that it. -- you know I was only 23. ET. A white I'm learning. His mom keep that and that encouraged that -- he'd be ready to be records were better. -- You be taught Adrian he'd be a graduate assistant. -- -- My mom that was your point of that was that was -- the -- -- the there really be getting what sort that out -- beat up. A lot of people like I let the ball -- all of you watch what what the watched grow up grow up with it is to worry. But yeah. Going to be asked for a bit you know it doesn't do well people are gonna that he was just hired -- -- -- -- there's a think here I get it it it is it you wanna act. I'm able. Was accelerated into the -- -- -- feeling that I had a little bit if I'm able is it that. Yeah -- sailboat Balco was women's basketball for years speeds he's got a great night undefeated Notre Dame undefeated Connecticut. For the women's national championship Michelle are you folks followed you on Twitter -- Absolutely -- this LB pat I definitely important help it get it back and beat you -- a bit of -- about the but I have to get it yet. Do you think is that they are both undefeated so people look anybody -- -- when it's all said and done. You think this would be tied and there's some distance between it is a -- is between one team with a oh. In the loss column and ala over the -- -- -- just I just you defeated Connecticut is is. I don't see much better but there a few steps ahead of -- day. Think they were going to be the favorite anyway and that -- that -- opted out. At least that's the key with the players that are currently. And that that. But every about the game that -- -- Unfortunately Torii feel equally today and I think that -- -- it back. It a little -- at the end soccer game. That it is that they -- that is that what you know freshman. It at the plate but the scene here and -- -- -- a little bit you know more. That -- -- is that they were able to that but very large ballot but. You can't open and hurt. But the thought that it did to get to work out -- really hurt and hopefully they'll be that you know. You can put on here that I think that there -- that simple. Michelle thank you so much enjoy the game tonight. All right Michelle moved over ESP Embree can now on the national championship game ending up that's out I asked the question on May -- about -- And -- -- the Louisiana Tech I realize -- not the program is supposed to be but you had a 2.3 oh heated. He will be coaching people that -- I his -- yeah that that -- his -- that's and I realize that is coming on my name recognition in because it's pat summit summit. That's all realize haren. Yet because he is at that age or graduate assistant he AME -- -- -- -- and maybe it's because that can't be it's got to be a process in the process he's got -- and you strive for you get a he may want to -- national championships. But a point 30 he has not even being in a a coach what big -- get a head job -- -- not what assistants are supposed to be big I think -- Jayson did to -- what's supposed to get the double -- an MBA he did he's going to playoffs I've seen a picture of it makes most is that he -- like it at seventeen year -- it -- others say sixteen year old embraces. Now exactly what was Siena as well as anyone who's. -- them incidents and -- on mile long thank you for calling WWL. I guarantee him but yeah. And it happens to -- freaked -- as that -- Percent that's it's like it. The the jab and like you Syria aren't -- that's -- -- is there any debate around country she got a quite a bit of all players. Right by getting jobs sending out current state Alabama and -- And it's. -- -- the ball out there. I can name it she chain doping code and everywhere and I looked at and they. Where did you go back and look at the majority nose like coach call whether it's LSU the majority those -- more far more than two years as an assistant. On a program and and I think what you brought up was very very important is that they will formal players I'm I'm not gonna -- me. He's been around women's basketball he is not ready when the basketball he was a two year assisted. And market and I'm not look like I say he may turn out to be the next Vince Lombardi women's basketball. But the system -- he should not have got that job. Which are great job of change it for a tree. Call it. I don't I don't know I -- other ones are valid because they worked there where -- head coaching and I got -- -- -- in -- of all the kind of got this job this quick because of his mom's illness but I'm thinking about -- brought that up 20 lead in. But nothing in. The shares amid huge you don't -- for I don't know of the -- -- it's -- maybe maybe his son has a job maybe now maybe he's not a final announcing that she -- hand or it may be down yet that madness he was in no way -- -- -- Yeah you know. -- -- -- We don't know. I'm a bit and it the world what you know it still you know. Coach and I know. But again not what you know -- -- Well I acting I think -- mean you were in agreement on now right now right right quick -- I'll watch women's sports like we you watch all of the national attention tonight. Yes that would. What it that's all had until then and feel -- -- about it. Watch the running game -- -- -- -- -- -- you know it. Paying close attention to rule the women's game as much more here. I've been -- bat well at no time. Had played against coach now -- and you get a much better appreciation. -- I think I think it's more -- is this a lot more strategy I don't think beyond today and I think it's more of thought you know. It's its position in his box and now I thought yeah that's that's the highest level especially my night tonight because I mean it's. There's a few times you get like a Brittany griner but for most cases the fall descent -- are about the same size so it's. It's about you know being in the right place at the right down our group to a lot of the undefeated at night to -- ball clubs if you're a man do you pay attention to women's sports and if so why. If -- has not been one and a. And -- -- -- being a guy I had failed to mention though a lot of men I think now the Olympics watch women's beach volleyball more surely do. Now he's always so at at their limit is the -- is the sports is sold out offensives output epidemics rather different isn't Hillary got it and now my wife is an -- of -- volleyball player did so you know watch something that she likes but also discussed with a view. A lot of men -- I don't I don't take it -- and I think that's very very event Oakland's can't there is out of trouble get to duck and defeat and Mike. Bless them all of a conversation the NFL draft is right around a caller tomorrow's LSU's pro day will preview that. And is it time for the Saints to look ahead to the future and may be draft if future QB 2601878. Texas at 87878. -- the sports talk on WW.