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4-8 6:15pm Coach Paul Mainieri

Apr 8, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by LSU Baseball Coach, Coach Paul Mainieri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you out LSU baseball coach Paul many -- Jones is now close minute thank you so much for the time a week ago coach he told me. Well it's an experience we hope we don't have to deal with elbow up a Deanna. It -- we -- four and you come back and go for no first talk about a team coach responded in having a huge week. Well the one thing we know about baseball is that it can be a very humbling game. And that we certainly were humbled last week with the lost the to find an entry at Florida. Even on the you know that tied game with Georgia so you know we were we were excited down in the dumps they are but there's one thing I've learned about athletic. That you feel sorry for yourself that doesn't do any thing and you just got to pick yourself -- Off the ground and you got to come back fighting and that's what our players did this week I'm real proud of them. They had its literally solid game against that good -- -- state team on Wednesday. And then it took he took care of business just as we -- against archrival Mississippi State we want. Two closest part Butler scoring ballgame on Friday and Saturday and then you know had a real offense -- Explosion on Sunday. -- guys are feeling good about themselves you know we never really felt bad about ourselves and we just doesn't sometimes you know this game can -- you we are still a top ten team needed but -- Portland is in a row and think we just kind of went back out of the week period that -- -- so I'm real proud of the guys. Now coach -- you continue SEC play it as it kind of the mindset when you challenge. The pitchers and does the team in general. That and I know you might suggest to think well -- you playing the percentages. We have a great opportunity get off to a great start of the as any kind of support with -- -- but the -- challenge may be a couple of other guys well. Look we just got in coming about a winning series who have we get off to great start that. You know to win on Friday than how we should be able to take care of in this as the weekend progresses. Those are out to the weekend yet that he -- right to match it -- pitcher it's hard to picture book that. At Coca with Erik Cole and you know I think you are -- that that person you know I thought that that it's a real challenge. And he didn't want to let that strategy worked for the other. Superstar and -- up or in you know now with game two with the pivotal game that weekend here. And you're approaching that that channel. In order first the -- that we get geared to somebody else has the -- in the side they'll for a and I obviously first to witness the series. You know -- get a chance to do well so. You know tocchet with depth to the challenge he pitched a remarkable game against a really good pitcher from Mississippi State brought Mitchell to admire very much. And that Mississippi State play good ball in his -- -- later in the -- -- to play a little bit better than they did we want. That kind of set the tone and or Sunday I have to get the Spurs to win. -- like I really wanted to sweep this series we had a chance we. Georgia we let it slip away. The last two years we've had Mississippi State down to -- and -- would -- weren't able to finish this week on Sunday. It -- we just weren't going to be denied in -- -- here would help open went out there gave it pretty good solid innings on a hurt ankle. The rest of the bullpen picked up the slack I didn't and we look at it and not that an explosion that. There was really a lot of fun to be at the ballpark here -- we can definitely so all of all the good weekend and a great athlete he didn't get to break back in the middle things -- -- -- -- how how hard is that you know it's about swinging the bats when you have a great player. Like -- Alex pregnancy is struggling and he years the young man and he's not a professional and when you're dealing with adversity especially -- -- of social media and everything -- it is dealing with the media is it almost like he did your father figure trying to. To do his best hopefully you sign are you kid and then sometimes though you can't control the circumstance and adversity is the face. Well again that this is -- very humbling game and Alex is gone through the worst slump that the lights and as a hitter. And bladed it it's. Especially when people are now again you know or -- in. Probably what's wrong what's wrong with strong and you don't really have the answers or nobody really because it is the game -- be very humbling. I've seen greater -- -- Britons struggled work in struggling believe me. So it can't happen but I will say -- to that out. Alex this is an outstanding young manager or wannabe. He did not take the bat out to his position -- in another were together pure -- itself -- -- contributed to this team. In other -- to report shortstop of the last couple but I don't think he made -- but the least. And it's it was -- is very deep that the shortstop. We were the ones several of the games we've won so you know when you when you're a player that you know that you keep -- tribute to your team the other way. You don't -- well so much on the aspect that your game that struggling. -- -- played -- -- an opportunity what you can't eventually you come out and struggles and I have no doubt that Alex -- about it struggle. Either are ready because you -- that's what -- yet like. We know we can't get closer to. The sooner the better part -- there. Tennessee coach dominate as witness tiger's taken on the mall tomorrow night followed by a he matchup against Arkansas coach does take a look at these opponents does that -- something about Lamar before we talk about Arkansas. First -- -- more -- cherished tradition and history in their program. Hit a coach by the name of Jim Gilligan and that's what about thirteen hundred games in his career had a tremendous career there -- It's got some outstanding players like Kevin Millar goes through their program and so. -- they did it's hard fought game as a I think of 11 games and beginning late in the game you know although they struggled. That it came all the weekend sweep at their own. In their conference and so they're doing pretty good about themselves that -- -- pretty good right handed pitcher dentist tomorrow night. -- can be tremendous challenge to it's going to be a good solid ballgame and we need to be ready to play. And then of course -- normal archrival Arkansas proud -- this weekend. The most most years yet -- he -- and decided by the series between the Arctic target. Seven years I think you're -- -- -- this year. Either Lester or concern -- one way or six times and usually the winner of this series that went into it so -- -- that they can -- they always do. End they're well coached team hard nosed game that it's going to be great weekend cherry talks with the weather is going to be great like they're predicting an. But big crowd out there at the box and everybody excited about it. LSU baseball coach Paul many wrinkles and Eric thank you so much for the time guillotine in the tied with the rest -- -- -- all right LSU vs the mall tomorrow evening here on WW rating which on the network at six a 630 or speed.

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