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4-8 5-6pm Sports Talk, Saints draft a QB?

Apr 8, 2014|

Is it time for the Saints to draft their future QB?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening what are our ornament to a sports talk he -- -- Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- ID -- thanks to duck in my tank and how we are coming right two year. Operated jaguar -- -- -- is it time for the Saints to draft if you took cornerback in this upcoming NFL draft. When they had the Monty Ellis -- pro day -- Beckham junior and jobless -- Anthony Johnson eagle Ferguson that men are out for a true meaning of us. On hand tomorrow web boots on the ground -- Bob May be a Christie Garrett given year. Coverage all day long here on WWR radio he would regain and I -- baseball tomorrow night vs. More and you take the the best team when it all Connecticut. Beating Kentucky last night. In Arlington Scott Phillips blob before college basketball talk dot com would Jonathan John Calipari. Could he be possibly leaving he tried the NBA wants. It didn't work when he went to New Jersey. -- -- -- to the college game. There's some smoke out day or news release from the training camp Perry could be on the LA Lakers radio or talk about -- At -- -- full week they went for no LSU coach pulmonary joins -- in the 6 o'clock hour. And two time Super Bowl champion. Steve Bob and I visit with him and Marcus Spears on Saturday when it was announced that ESPN had just hired him to be applauded an ACC network. Anthony but the McFarland would Jonas in the 6 o'clock now talk but an -- -- and also to get. Above his thoughts on what he saw in -- issues -- game in Marcus Spears. Will be two very good analyst for the ESP ACC network coming -- beginning this fall that will be based. Oakland shown an in my club are kind of -- dot com we Willis in the 7 o'clock power. Out for the due to the phone to go Mikey on deck and excluded duck in the feet -- thank you for calling WW. Try to go on I either about it -- their culture itself choked yes thank you yeah. Yeah I actually do think the -- you're you're hurt somewhat. Come. Liberty's too liberal for a couple of years. But a number of you know on the when you ever feel low blow Brees broker or give -- And practice it's going to thank you go low and to meet somebody and know that -- that. Well you know -- didn't and just a law of averages. To me is an amazing. How Drew Brees has answered the -- -- the other thing I mean you think aegis. Law of averages gonna catch up the and knuckle -- whatever you wanna say that they brought absent tiger -- but it. It has been amazing in his consistency how. It he's still he has -- miss the human needs strained his -- that a couple of years ago. They got a cabin on the radar but he still was out there but it. Yeah I mean right now these big Doug I don't think so that the Saints fans. Now -- has gotten better obviously -- on the Rob Ryan but we did last year but it. I mean I don't think Saints fans are now be that confident went out Drew Brees. Although -- Nomar is gonna do it breed -- I mean I got a replica and this one. I'm just since for the future. -- the next California is remarkably at pebble we all that mean he's got them. Take -- stroll. And I assume you know also. We -- well I'm just trying to say is maybe. McCarron in there for around. While Murray. Tom savage. -- -- for a little. Yeah Jimmy grow Doug Doug brought him up well now -- from eastern Illinois. You know if you look like a leader who was Tony Romo I'm not saying it Tony Romo is whether you like it or not -- hasn't won anything in Dallas or probable but there's not fifteen better quarterbacks in a Tony Romo what do you wanna. Put him every minute fifteen so Sean Payton might know something about this kid. Have to move you put in the -- paid off for a few via a different player Amir told the home opener Cuomo and about it. You know on the saw results it's an absolute. And you know -- -- it and Doug you brought up. You know AJ McCarron to a moral winner in the new one and and what he's done Alabama you look at Aaron Murray. And ours is status size wise six -- he's like he's like I Drew Brees junior as far as that is physical appearance. That's about that's what that's what I'm seeing in modern man like say if it were used in this day and every -- some people wrong. Close down on the nickel route to the -- -- took playbook and he and it probably review and -- reduced to put him. Opting to have another of all the better for the next decade or so right at the spot on the ballot and not the only upbeat. What don't we thank you so much -- dog we appreciate it let's go to Mike Mike thank you for calling WWL. They got a piece on the night that the big -- -- it out kind of thing about it and they Drew Brees to grow up. In Oakland W but -- that if you have a core. And I don't think written that the man booted. -- -- but you know I think there may be. The gap Alabama I don't know I am being immediately can be cases. You know. -- Pakistan. The problem and -- A day like like. Ordinarily -- -- like about now how are you because some fans I don't know beat widgets the fans that take this approach of their being homers. Because he wanted to to -- are drying Griffin here's a young guy. Global what do we use save their pre season you think -- -- continued. To development not only because he Timmy he's good enough. To be. An NFL quarterback as far as being on a roster not to say that he's in number one quarterback. I think most fans are are. Would not be convinced that may be right Griffin is that guy but what is your take with him. I don't think he's the guy that they are a lot and don't appreciate it a bit on my. I'm does not sold on and and that -- base we can -- hero there might be it him and we can promote. Include quarterback that we knee when you read this that we keep. Right right you know and and to me it would be a a no brainer. Like any team like that and the next Andrew Luck I mean is like you'd almost been shocked to beat him have success. With the Colts and conceded difference he made. When -- was the long there'd be all the pressure he had. Terrible in the Caldwell would pay -- medical to terrible all the center Andrew Luck that you know that their playoff team ever not about Mike what about this now I'm just on this. Question I don't know what's gonna come about. But a guy like Johnny put blood diamonds hell -- all of -- I'm not -- he's gone before that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd bet it's something they have about it my company so simply. -- okay. Something that Canada. BI got I got 'cause I'd think they'd be definitely. I don't think John -- -- is this enough the Sean Payton. At all like he's -- put into positions to succeed now what you have an asset to -- and then make a play but it I don't what Jan eleven every other play. And then. So that category district big news it will help build operated that Torre he's an embryo so. He's already an epidemic Donald's members who did his -- -- you sorry I O'Brien Dave -- the man is so diamonds and a ball he's always the way these. -- -- out odd knowing that he's I don't he's not he's making him being aren't. -- -- -- -- Yeah I've got -- yeah I take you so much took all of a man. Is it time for the sank to drag their future QB it's operated jaguar thing opponent WW well -- comma. Now take this out Paul McCartney's coming to -- Kingston. June 19 Debbie did you as a tickets. And I you can beat the box office and -- tickets before they go on sale -- to be -- give it two ways to -- take this on and on FaceBook. Tommy -- will give away a pair of tickets Thursday Friday morning between six and tinian. -- one of our favorite -- caught me. Songs would tell you what they will be on Thursday and Friday through that -- call vehicle when a pair of tickets like this on FaceBook and will pick the one on. Sunday night at midnight and I'm all announced that looking -- Monday morning in the AT and now Paul McCartney. In concert Thursday June 19 it's making senator from the station in love rock and roll. Royalty WW mail let's go to Travis in reserve thank you for calling WW -- Hey I -- okay. Right eight they think at being a good at this is that -- alternate backed -- bought a bag that Bellamy wide. Ryan Parent do you why why that. Because the guy and I think it added to throw out lead but it that they lead. That are really. We -- what what you just said no you pretty much -- got all of that you got Ryan Grant a guy that they've already groom belt they've invested time in right RF is Brian Griffin they've already shown. By some of the moves they made last year about protecting him. Hey they like him so everything you've listed you've already got Danica. And now Travis when you think. Potential wise when the -- -- peril was. On a team in NFL on the practice squad -- why wouldn't. The Giants. Seem him as their future. I'd you don't know it. Is that I'm saying I mean it's like. There was so much of sighed and I think from whatever he said don't mean -- mean -- -- -- reserve but you've got a local guy you got to gather the Saints are shown interest and so -- it if that's -- is -- ankle -- -- got there now that they did Travis you are no huddle as Ryan -- right now. They do well when you think that the amount. -- you're right in. I'll case Leah is. And that's the he's still he's still got something left in the tank and if it now. And they're confident that he's and. I would say number no this ugly inning in a world shoots and that as in the game -- and an era by will be in May and saying you know everything will be perfect but. There's a reason why he's an AFL I'm not anything. Yeah. The all right tries -- thank you very much yeah I mean if you talk about local and dad you know he did to groom have been you know then they got there in -- in and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q well I think -- be gone but no I think he's to me yeah. But I mean and then -- would you know there will be -- calls volatile line you know about. The Saints I'm more LSU colors following -- you wagon you know in India but this. Saints fans at the bottom line is that produce and no matter where you for a blooms Byrd -- Thousand state did. You know Stillman. -- goes on and on Kiffin. Hingis. Does get it done in the NFL level. 26018786688908. Send it to the phone go GM Jim thank you for calling WW -- Called -- I think that the shanks. Oh hole Ryan group than a little higher esteem than most fans believe try to look at Egypt and he played it to land that big -- economic. Person that that they like it and they thought and I'll probably not -- itinerary or our community and he's one did -- -- a -- seems kind of knew them around put right back right so I think united. Whenever a couple of times go to regular season GM you could hear like you know -- hokey using injury report. And you say yes that it took to be a third quarterback could hear an out there was there was some attack throughout the year Bobby. What is -- to me moves. Andy did more putting more practice carcasses so Micah gobble them up and that the rule is if somebody if somebody gets -- feel practice squad they had to sag into their active. Roster and you're right it doesn't in any way you come from is is basically irrelevant. But you can -- -- read between the lines about some of the moves that are made if they make those moves -- -- -- a first year one would chase was he -- They would -- chase anyone week he'd be released -- to date signed him back. 'cause they're there it was kind of a gamble and it was -- a wrist that. Okay will you might lose him but we think will be alright do we get a bag next week -- roster moves -- made throughout the week I mean it did they change constant and ride it. But they obviously I think you have to go by what they saw an Avalanche here in camp in -- the season and the moves they made by the whopping nobody. Right now and -- it's all about timing. This thing of last season at Tulane would have had running Griffin. He had no supporting cast this year I -- Big. Right driven in last year's taste only if -- it would have been a two lane yet this year they would be -- team needs to let yeah. They were up caught -- back away because their defense and they they had just about everything else they needed a mean and they really do not think he's a -- CGM you Buchanan he'd been on here there's a reason why he kept him around there's there's a reason for everything in a certain memories money can't. And outrageous on into the regular. He's out squads saw the release of human and get the chance to look. Think anybody else did they can date they like being like what do you sing and an investment they wanna continue grooming him up and jam with the wanna see is when they gonna get way to start. Offseason program and they have the OTA's and mini camp in order training camp they wanna see him. I'm getting better here and whip and and act and he's a Smart kid thought they would comes about amateurs because I don't know yet pass experience. Is that you actually you could know something. Became he truly know some intimate -- rational decisions. Where it's second nature where you don't have to think about it that that you're -- know it because. We all creatures -- habit. It's a big -- expect that Brian Griffin -- all of offense. Like Drew Brees had to have that experience. But he'll know his priests that read you know article of the ball and that is that's ready wanna see him. Not have those mistakes party might have been a more flexible. And lasts all season where this year they wanted to be on top of those things. -- much -- I'm sorry but I did notice that that and I think people can't overlook that just because you play it too much and I I -- there's -- it and he's taught yet I think so yeah. Vietnam but you know for Forte -- to to -- to remember. A match or possibly had anyone and wants goddess evolve a GM -- two -- and as one of the most durable reliable guys in mother's Chicago do they love him. Yeah in the in the game. A diamond -- for Robert Robert thank you for calling WW ago. Patriot other decent. But how. About the quarterback at Georgia you know it around like broke it. I think is a -- great quarterback amount of them he's a winner year in and remove fallen I mean he's. So this is either Greg is is a four year guided before all the four years and he's a legend and he played in the nation's toughest conference to you know one of the things about him his last company of Robert -- Could he win those big game right good could -- when those big games he won some big games that Georgia. Got a lot of injury they would it was a disappointing season in a lot of discipline was -- -- when he got hurt. They went down they got popped early on I got knocked out of the national championship on and you know a loss to Missouri kind of put him details -- but. Oval oval consistency you look at the body of work. I think he's a solid guy. Well I didn't and it was is not overwhelm Robert if you look after the gecko gaggle. He's been trusted. To lead the Georgia team and the called a lot of experience and who would wanna be in the news a's hope what wanna be a guy. Like -- camera that's like a quarterback -- in Tuscaloosa are bad groups say. And quarterback -- Ben -- for four years and B Alabama all four years on a quarterback in Tuscaloosa on a four years. And B Auburn all four years if they don't never -- main call -- Guillen if they don't never leaves Athens bad route to Tuscaloosa. The alleged man and they'd make good six figures but arrested in -- it it's happened I mean that's that's a a young man -- allows -- All his college frame and at the very least that's what Emery way but he we have got a shot a -- Well there's this if it wasn't what -- did. Certainly you know political era leader later this crap and he wanted to do a good bit but. I think you will be obviously available -- the latter round pick. They got -- projected you look I think he's a top ten quarterback but not top five that makes sense. If you look at it that I mean here's a guy look at the production he had a jars and he's on the state of Florida. And from Tampa Florida another reason why to me even left Florida. Because it is physical presence he's six feet tall but the Drew Brees had to leave Austin, Texas. -- go to Purdue. So it's all about opportunity and I've taken advantage -- and I think. Then that he's a winner. And so I I on Miller's. If coach Payton with -- Aaron Murray in the latter rounds -- that decision. Are any quarterback that -- and I just wasted a pick. That -- I would think is saved for the fifth round going like whether even a guy from eastern Illinois the Jimmy Powell. I'm pronouncing that right now. Then I don't know -- and -- yeah I agree -- alone on a dead that that no they see something and ended is worth the use and drug. It I -- thank you very much to 601 a 78668890878. Is the number again involving you know Bobby their guys and I think it's as the guy that was. You know coming out of high school as the nation's tough prospect in the 2001. Season one on one NFC championship. And with a top ten draft date but did Pam in FAO. But if he went back to installment grounds he could still go back to Texas make the banquet circuit sure but the fundraising events. And make several 100000 dollars a year that being down like their zone you know you cap if you capitalize on your college career. You can parlay that and 288 a great evening I'm -- got eight great minutes and -- that's what you look at a guy like Emery has done. Please go get a star is going -- are assigning NFL but. If very few quarterbacks Bobby in the history of Georgia football and say. Would be Florida for three years old for Bogans. We did this when he ACC championship two years. I mean that's -- to do. Well if you look at and is totally different. Like college football. NFL for instance George Rogers. Rambis and South Carolina Gamecocks is that what he did with the Saints again fail. -- and Heisman Trophy winner hasn't Leslie Columbia yes while this evening even though right there in -- backyard Earl Campbell -- -- -- Earl Campbell and appeal and argue that goes with Texas again in yet and a big big soundly HEBs. Paulie he's a great success into it would losing sausage company now him and his on on them and it's. As the American dream yet so it -- it's totally different. If you -- college player. Alumni that perspective university -- always acknowledge you. Look -- do I think the greatest athlete ever. The highest level Bo Jackson but. You look all armored tiger fans that they don't -- would with the Raiders that they look at what he did Auburn. You know of being held -- have known if you'd damn well on the goal line. It -- well -- -- to looting you know for a -- the way you look at the way the National Football League is -- in sports it's probably better for some gas to make. Cook a 100000 a couple hunt down -- year old course at 101520. Years. It is to make five or six -- a year for two or three year is -- in full fighting is we got the lead you know have nothing. Any and -- purple drink -- and Alison you know he would probably drank -- hit it nowhere well. It's like being Herschel Walker charges. That they still living but it next. They -- like they it has been in 1980 that they've stuck in that time for you know they've had a lot of good back to come behind him yeah NFL cornerbacks her -- -- Put him in a game against Tennessee he's a freshman and -- with -- all bone at than it would give the Cowboys Vikings. US of fell in New Jersey generals vaccine that was about three things -- year the bug but -- religious guy. And intolerance was I was a walk. Yet but I was -- curl route has got to get that house him. And one right down the street and I wanna entertain him and that -- the that was a receiver DB in the same draft that is indeed. They inning and Utley was in the house thing -- -- a QB family for what it is going to -- Ed is Tony enjoyed and it because there. I'm -- compared him. The mark duper are -- car -- Indy cars so yeah me. He wouldn't be in the top tune -- team and southwest Louisiana. You know hill. He like this that you like to get full before practice and he should await the practice. Yeah that's why you've got to eat buffet after practice Elena Delgado -- -- -- -- operate jaguar -- -- as we approached the NFL draft next month is it time for the -- draft. If future QB you began should vote online at WW Rio that -- ticking and he NT 6087866. 889087. -- -- him to a Debbie did you know down comma. Our recap of the tigers' spring game Rondo put days the golf call take out a that. Peace my team about a bit he profiles the Saints senate. Tim Alito and the Saints -- the awful -- Raphael bush Saints on a report Christie Garrett. As that is where on this week in big big festival week here. -- -- -- -- -- And a strong and fast -- -- -- point -- are you working in the US IBM and were sits silently they -- -- the -- and it will be leaning stronger. -- -- is that you -- some things flat flat tested that before any will be -- strawberry he had big you bring in a quarterback in. Wedding and get drafted. I don't know I haven't seen this in a while and I don't know holly do in the NFL but I never really it was a fan of is that being Terry bridge Bridgewater -- look. You know they had them like top three -- you look at different draft guides even number one bit. But but I'm thinking let's see where it was the fall or -- -- like to the Saints at 27. I mean -- there'd be a bargain. I don't know -- might think that would be. That night is a win always and I thought that far down that's he's in a freefall in yet haven't that's one guy that I would say no with the Saints had a opportunity to draft him on. But I say what his work out how disappointing yeah I don't think people are excited about yet. He had -- -- -- he's definitely. We need to groom him to the eagle you know Drew Brees right and some even though you know before you worked out. You know a lot of draft analyst had them you know of their went Johnny football John Ayman Al public morals. Note to say. That if you would freefall in all the things got to take alive I don't think meanest in the see what Saints fans would -- a -- Percentage large majority it would be against. 5042601878668890. Rates in the old foe week to go for you know this week. Vick coming up and they have Lamar tomorrow night and any good homestand against Arkansas LSU coach Palminteri. Was -- -- the radio hollow man and able to make fallen two time world champion want to the books and -- with the Colts he will be what is. Talk about his new -- -- and honestly SEC network on ESPN's family. It's not about LSU's pro day tomorrow what the Saints and the Buccaneers look like and a spoke to him this past week Bobby and he Marcus Beason one of things he brought up like -- be the -- says. Is being around the game you know me from the use. It's it is very very hard to account for a guy like dance pro. Yeah yeah and now you have because. When you setting of a deal with the game plan and then he and the mismatch him -- a big I. And as good of -- because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --