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4-8 7:10pm Anthony "Booger" McFarland

Apr 8, 2014|

We get a look ahead to LSU's Pro Day...which Tiger will be first off the draft board and who is the most NFL ready? Bobby and Deke were joined by Anthony "Booger" McFarland,. Anthony is a radio host in Tampa and was just named analyst for the SEC Network.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- an awful lot about. LA shoot for about SEC for about any NFL two time world champ with the books and the Colts and just -- this past weekend as an analyst. But the SEC network -- LHU great -- -- -- -- John does now and -- good to have you on a program again able to visit with your democracy Gaza very excited. About being a part of the SEC's coverage in. Would you bring to the table and looking back on a spring game -- and -- your take on what you saw from my LSU on Saturday afternoon. There election going to be very good in the secondary they got actually got some guys term in the secondary. Offensive line you know -- -- a column that they thought that my arm is going to be a stretch where they're going to be a little challenge I think is going to be. Beat -- -- position number one but more importantly at the quarterback position. I think those two positions. Are going to be resistance that -- gonna determine -- his team goat this year you know you sort cheating. We saw -- I think I Eric looked a little better are you also -- the more erratic also. What would you talk about that issue that's great LSU and -- out -- -- -- a Bears quarterback may be in the country cheer that nobody's. I've ever seen play college -- Bartlett of Ornette. I think they're going to be very very good defensively it always the key will be -- the quarterback position. And that notable mistakes and you know the speaker and -- running game which are aware but overall. I don't ballpark citizens for. Now I have today you bring and have the defense and you look at linebacker play fans -- -- -- -- last year. You know in people are saying. Well walls. Why is DJ while -- starting as LA's starting at the one that has beaten them out you look at Kendall banquet. And I his opportunity. If you look at a Ronnie Price. He is expectations beyond Jones Kwon Alexander. But it but I look at also that. You can be a great linebacker but also the guys have party doing the dirty work you know not not gonna have. You know to freak the -- he's going eagle Ferguson. I was so what does irritate -- those young guys at. To really step -- and and really having to take advantage this opportunity. Well you know it's very important any time you lose a guy like Burke sent. And you know guys like you know the -- with those guys aren't easily replaced but which you have to be able to do it is. I chipped that to know that you've got to be -- note -- don't want. I cannot do a lot of the big. It's about the play. What residents and whit Johnson when I'm out -- to do is maybe a little bit more dramatically that way to protect my young guys. My secondary the secondary distribute -- to complete a little bit more man cartridge. You can take more jumbled with July records and which -- -- -- the -- so. I think ultimately it's a project checkbook or two yards able to be able to rely on the spread -- -- -- the topic is going to be the corners. -- -- -- Now idea you bring as his cutting -- on Rolen going look at LSU in the top recruits that they get you -- in Iran when you first came to LSU who is. Who is your mentor and kind of maybe even when all your ability showed you may be a few tricks of the trade and not only cost -- maybe also in the NFL. You know for me it was a while because you know jerk and I -- came here and a kind of started the same time he would relish you are -- obviously got there but we got a guy about starting jobs Saints are in just watching guys like you know watching guy like -- so. Watching like Gabe northern how he worked all rigorously every single -- practiced really taught me a lot. Are pretty Campbell Obama collegiate level and let's not forget. The seventeen year old freshman when I stepped on how to protect their helmets starting -- -- tackle early as you. How ya ma ma but that -- he really taught me a lesson about how late. And yet NC because -- -- in the backcourt great deal. And Calvin column that -- and that's what you get -- Wally. Are getting almost silent fitness. Is going to be better today. Understand that if you can play against these guys and let it be anybody in America and so. It's got like that it experiences like that big -- opportunity JP. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I they look NN as of late you look at Indy is slimy cup not coming out of L issue in. The one the that I tell my partner -- about this. And now I remembered a first impression. When I met him in the locker room -- said well that's Kyle Williams you know in the Cadillac and those -- guy. But if you look what he's done NFL level even though they get accolades like you Glenn Dorsey. And he Kyle Williams is probably -- -- -- -- the most dominant divas of -- in the NFL. Absolutely you know what -- don't show you is that it's about being a global players not about the vegetables. It's not about. Company stars. It's not about where you -- saw what it's about you do look at -- late in the football. Kyle Williams market and it. Understand how to play football or any. Good but not -- understand and that he hit it and so I'd -- about football players. -- worried about having you know those spots are lost or gotten a -- back up next I'll. It -- you couldn't step -- Wilson. These football players where I can beat -- coaches coach and an epic that's that put an example a guy like colleagues. Now I had -- looking at the players leave and LSU going to NFL in you know when you have to have pro day and how important that is. You look at the Senior Bowl you look at the com buying you concede a stock of what they'll Beckham junior. Just rising. And then how important on the flip side you look at a guy like Jarvis Landry who I think is a good football player. And -- ego driven of the routines and kind of almost. I was telling. You know run block and in doing the little things that are reported to be for him to have a good pro -- Dan -- -- tomorrow. If there's. I personally think that the most -- reasonable goal all -- the hoopla about the bowl bound up in April that you got that. To return yet have them too. To do a lot of -- is not the game plan if you look at our that it. We'll do that what -- -- -- and so you know. Tomorrow I will open the warm blood that -- -- ball up a hit this. And I'll get to. Got to score -- he had other. All he didn't make claims and notebook it is. If you go back -- vicious. Well election that was now he'd go to -- how they went to Atlanta and so topic adaptable it's how are I think Blanton may have changed. Now I had today you know we bring in a wide receiver and then you have a background obviously I need in a radio show in Tampa Bay. Looking at now why receiver Mike Williams he's yet to return home the Buffalo. After being acquired in their trade from Tampa Bay with the bills thing was last Friday. That he's getting paid a lot of money overseas six years forty million type contract that he grew up in Buffalo. Was a high school star there than I spent three seasons at Syracuse. And then you know and -- on the coach ever present bills coach Doug -- Rome. Vogel what was that all about as far -- if you love the headlines as far as. Was it just domestic violence sorrow that when his brother. Aaron beyond that allegedly is stab them in the leg. And you know what was up what that I'm sure you've found out something considering that was right there in your backyard. Thought that ultimately what -- Wallace and what I was told that brokered. Are important vehicle when you're brought -- vehicle that I think it was apparently the vehicle Ericsson understood and and they got into an argument and you know one thing record and his brother step and they try to make it -- course played. All the good things about my. Which. Mom brought them not well not huge by an -- look recently did some -- -- -- -- -- -- that you know what about as you know. We can't start our first day on the job which is that first team meeting -- -- yesterday. And that's one reason why -- traded Friday we can't start our first meeting with Mike Williams and -- -- insults I think that the reason he was traded. -- one back home do you assume when you -- I don't want that impossible. Can't wait tomorrow but the bottom line government toward you gotta do what you forms certain. While people were going to help you know. Make better decisions about the Mike Williams is talented. He scored points except around forty years productive. But he's just not making Smart decisions -- not. And your family with coach Smith in Tampa how quick you think he turns things around down there. I think it appeared sort of around really quick and the reason being -- reaching the blueprint. Injury took him to a fourteen page you came in between the quarterback he says you know what. I'm gonna change 31 players on this team also along with the quarterbacks. And if you look at what the books and done the -- -- him Lovie Smith better vehicles and knows how to win big Super Bowl -- division titles. Big got a veteran quarterback -- count very similar formula. Do the cheeks but changed thirteen players the free agency -- -- some -- especially Darrelle Revis so they're remaking the team. Talk all the art it's it's about two on the little things over and over and over. Until you do that better than your opponent it's blocking and tackling. It still wouldn't catcher who can do a bit longer episode yet to win the game open look he's gonna be very very. Are you going to be -- -- on the who win you know. Well LSU SEC grey toon town world champion in the NFL with the books and the Colts now a member of the SEC network for television coverage for ESPN radio host in Tampa. -- make phone and they always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. It is.