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7-8 7:30pm Mike Scarborough, LSU Pro day

Apr 8, 2014|

We get a a look ahead to LSU's Pro Day...which Tiger will be first off the draft board and who is the most NFL ready? Bobby and Deke were joined by Mike Scarborough, Publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow it is LSU's pro day and bad routes and the Tigers spring game just got through the revving up this past weekend Mike's Cabrera tied the big dot com. Is what is. 2601878668890. Eighths and it -- him a few players there that you would look at those in the hotel room -- read. On on on Brendan Harris is that it right there with him. The brand enhanced -- city you can always I know we -- -- this -- what I -- and Arafat if if if I'm on the right and I might. I wrote the piece on what I thought about this spring game and how I Brendan Harris. In this of what I put I put accident I'd say inconsistent erratic -- nervous and confuse a some of the descriptions of harris' performance on Saturday. How have a I think tied a fan to be optimistic about the future is ability expand it stamp played this week. He's running style in the sprint. All he's on it one part of my butt when he was on when he when he was on when he was off he was off. But take into account it just a few months ago he was on the floor a dome in Haskell was sitting. And then I think you'd have to be optimistic moving forward about the potential about the potential Brennan hair. Yeah I agree. You know it. He's definitely a game. See it you know. -- when you think about where they're both going to be in a year too high yeah. You just can't have -- bulk of their performance cannot help but think that Hairston can be beat it's going to be so much further along -- it Timmy Jennings and a lot of cheers. I can be in a gamer and has competent level. And them. It's shows or even know struggled. He's got he is of just bought my parents and struggles and and move on and explain -- about it. Am I got go back today you know he could tank it I mean we've seen spring game before when Ricky came out started back. I mean the first net he almost lost a couple of to a previous first -- like -- no. Are any on the back of my Texas Ahtyba Manningham total total football name -- I mean some other some other eleven -- today he had it was pretty touch on them. Maybe that's why -- just say look I know it was a controlled environment the whistles a quick court you know it it all acting into an effect but still an all. And I and look now the general idea is in a local two miles a message is. Even -- didn't have looked this bad is wide open and so forth because it. Whoever just one snap away and you've got to go into the season what with all hands on that you know what's gonna happen. Yeah lucky you -- Some bad for. -- incompletion. That bit there. Beaver. It would have been some really big place -- a couple of deep balls. Didn't work completed. -- thought they were it's good stroke that you could it take you up but the receivers with a target. Just talk a lot more capable and that's. Why not comedic early in the game and it's there's there's no doubt that down. -- beat Butler at those freshmen -- receivers back Supreme Court and get they're quick they can't. Well I think both those kids don't come into play right away might. Yeah. -- I think Doral. And I thought that I had in a bottle last year. What it. You know obviously at six foot three guy. You know when the ball in the air he doesn't. Run to it and attack the ball. Sit back and we're fortunate ride that you know. Which is which is. Deeper defense that backs knock the ball away sometime in he's got to do a better job that. But you know let it be our neighbor Diop then they'll note that there -- ways to go and and note one of our concerns were John York coming out of high school. Well you know he had the ability to get separation. On -- These salaries struggle with that Saturday. So in a pretty good shot on net. Where he's a very capable blocker you know he's a good receiver I think that's and some use of the tight end. But they've got those -- -- home run and win. And do -- he it's true freshman. Operator could see it not on the bar every weekend and talk about a minute there I mean look at what Wisconsin as a returner and they're going to be I think they're gonna be a better football team and she saw in Ottawa and Outback Bowl -- it that's a big football game. Now might look at learned Davidson side another true freshman and I was on vacation looking at these notes -- -- nation's top high school -- with the bags and Paris. We did without -- -- to be hard pressed him to keep them off the field. Yep and out there and ended up. You know you beauty and play a lot and and lefties you know get hurt but. I think that's where I was in a lecture black -- during game. You know I thought the defense the line looked terrible. And on churn up the rest of the year and can -- and they were. It's not the most of it just didn't get down -- linebacker the linebacker suffered a couple of I think that panic -- going to be. Much improved -- nickel linebacker is going to be fine but talk with being -- -- He drove it from Chicago. And it dropped back after two days just so he can go watch the spring game. And you know at some. That was looked good back in -- well -- Speaker at the -- electric corners. I think -- -- it will be on. So -- they get it figured it -- that it did it in cruel and special teams nick nick got a bit returned and it it did well. Then in your in your concern about it that's Alberto a football game. My Scarborough who is my however I get the latest on everything was talking about. -- good tiger direct column we got a lot of -- football now since. Basketball now since. A little chip recruit sure there will we get an update on the field in order -- good tiger they expect Kyle. And my goal with with well -- with a -- Alexander. You talk about Beckwith. Ronnie Ronnie feast I mean I -- -- school career we know that the first two years I kind of wrote get out of sight out of mind. Fourteen tackles in the first half but still. I mean I don't I don't put him above those of -- we just talked about but you know will he make an impact when he -- time what would he do something. And you will he CD ten. Yeah our main. You know it's all where the light -- come over him at all you end -- your -- I don't mean. You know rain or somebody who who who had. A game like that in and they're never -- it via the walk on running back good. Oh yeah. The key tejada and set a spring game record which is the spring game on them beat them right. You know it is is that just a flak from pro upbeat start or that's something that dumb he's gonna build upon and and he'll actually. Get some -- you know coming out of high school. You know what people there was a debate whether if you think -- Lamar Luke in most people -- and not be -- -- and they got it. You know it got the -- the more outplay intra. Now Mike -- look and an impressive players you know NFL type player. Looking at a spring game. Now if he does too well make -- can he wanted done. Because everyone's looking and obviously a pass rushers. When night comes about looking at the -- hunter. I was reading well at can be kind of across the team marquee -- is Mingo Sam gummery. You look at those long arms and -- it would be an -- a couple of sacks several pressures. What what is your take on video hundred you'd think -- thought he was probably. The best pass rusher last year in. These these big what -- -- you have will be that -- first team policies he type performer. You know I think this is more confident that he once a year ago. Typically you know there's there's never been out about our tragedy it's perfectly you just wanted to get. You know in a little light but -- but. You know and and weight put on late for him has always been an issue and so he was you know what 8% body fact that it media day last August. And you you wonder at that global body -- You know you'd be the total number of plays out there which is a lot you know how much but that you have not taken a fourth quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know here and church on power which course Jordan Helen has transferred out in. You know bowers had a fantastic spring but he's another smallish defense and -- -- -- -- bigger. But they're they're absolutely didn't have to go about had a great spring. So you know a lot of commerce between power. Gilmore -- -- That you are going to be historic. You know if you -- Thomas -- blossomed late in his career they'll shoot I think a lot of excitement there and like being -- last week. You know the -- about stroke traction. You got a lot of guys that are excited about the opportunity because those two juniors. That left. Now might look at on the back in a second area obviously when that leadership of the quarterback of the defense. You look at Eric three now starting with the 49ers. In the Craig lost in his play last season. -- bring in a Ronald Morgan. And now another adversity phase when it is fought I believe that died and -- the foot injury that nagged him all season. I was reading a a couple of things or maybe could be the most improved defender like he's not missing tackles make it tackles and more appropriators strong safety just comment elaborate on a run -- Yeah you know I don't know -- he's. Got to remind people rare breed but he's not afraid to stop the run he's. Somewhat of a bit heavy hitter in and you know I don't. I don't know don't shoot -- say a date that step back from -- loss and I think -- -- obvious step -- And any you know back to about court Thompson who's they're capable well. Mike again -- by nodding at the latest on the baseball team red hot. Recruiting and wrapped up spring drills. Yeah tiger direct comment and -- that so little -- were very impressed. Quarterback. 2016. Restore progressed a lot out of state kids. This step until he has rarely. Do a bang up job at stake this spring. Probably better not seen it in most years. And in reaching out the prospects and you can you can see it in a lot of quotes. At least these prospects and we've been talking to collect -- -- guy has already oil issues drain off a might not for fifteen but booked for a sixteen and a cause of an impressive wanted to LSU when they camps. Seemed caught -- have one of the fastest times he's going to be a class a member that class of sixty that also has an LSU played -- in Alexander. Down intentional bases from saint Thomas sodium Manson can't would so. These these one day camps Mike if it's like saw. It's like -- say that databank a memory bank you can open a lot of hours by Abbas some of the vertical is Bob -- you forty times in the end. Want to get owner radar it's up to unity in. Yeah I mean you know it's you know we have the rubble -- series in it that -- person. You know six weeks ago. And courts are all aware that their country. And -- coaches are actually watching note we're seeing kids go to these rebels can't whether it's Houston or Dallas. Birmingham Hattiesburg. Unit and they perform well and and and expect -- kitten scholarship offers from LSU and everywhere else so. It's almost. Impossible. For kids not to be no. Cross country I mean there's going to be some that they. Hit that shot later maybe it -- -- but it's very rare. Now Mike gone back looking at this spring game and this spring practice. And obviously -- the way the game has changed and how tied in to utilize. In the traditional. They're in a traditional -- should say you look at dealing guard Logan Stokes. And kind of what you perceive as a tight ends. You know lining up right -- -- tackle went what is your take so far on the Sean Smith. You know if you look at his career Barbara he's kind of you know played almost you know the -- like a wide receiver and a big play type receiver. I was reading where being caught and I seventeen yard pass him. And then in the last week scrimmage and so a lot of at Atlantis is a little what is your take on him and you think you contribute at a high low from the -- -- You know I. I think packaging it like this decade are not a problem as a wide receiver. Probably played it around to thirteen 218. Is the senior high school. They need to put weight on him and it also -- development into a got to get down Stanton and block like a traditional Chinese and and that that's been a work in progress for him so. But they hope he can be. That type of -- -- in -- you know it's one of those deals where. You know Richard Dickson had a good 2007. Really you haven't had a real -- weapon of tried it since Robert Royal they'll shoot and yeah you'd think with young quarterbacks. Com what what weapon that would be to have -- sent them. Usable try and for both these -- out whether it's fair circuit Jennings -- both on the and I really think. That the likelihood of both level playing. Every week is probably pretty tough. Mike Huckabee -- you won't win. Overall Micah correspondent art that -- deal door you don't worry. And travel pretty active on Twitter FaceBook -- 80000 so we got out for you try to make that count. Mike Scarborough Mike thank you so much for the time we'll talk audiences are. Totally.