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Apr 8, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening and welcome to -- showing this Tuesday night April the -- why it doesn't really feel like April the eighth it is a little cooler than we're used to this time of year and very breezy out but remember. They are going to be some sweltering nights and you're gonna -- just walking down the street at night so let's just enjoy this as long as we have it. A tomorrow through the weekend were expecting incredible weather and it should be a great weekend for the French Quarter festival WW once again will be there live you'll have that schedule for you. Later in the show on the show tonight we're gonna talk about wrestle mania. And what I learned about to wrestle mania fans. And I wrote a blog about it that's of one of the blog the -- to blogs have both on our website tonight. At W if you will dot com you can read them and chairman comment on him if you like but I've I've really. Found myself judgmental. Wrestle mania fans anyway we'll talk about this -- Richard -- but I I learned I learned about them. My spending the weekend with them in my neighborhood. Also tonight the Supreme Court has once again said that you cannot discriminate against people. Some people are trying to use religious freedom to discriminate against homosexuals. And you can't do that and once again the Supreme Court says he can't do that we'll talk about that also freshman congressman -- McAllister. Is once again reminding guess why politicians should not use their Christian moral values. As a campaign theme. It's not that Christian moral values or wrong it's just wrong to use them. In a campaign. And it's -- -- dual party -- opinion poll tonight should moral values no longer be respected as a candidates politics or platform. Or should they be respected give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we'll give you an update on that as we tractor -- throughout our show tonight. It's time for tonight's top eight -- dates here at the top eight things we'd like to you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Eighties pop icon Rick Springfield has written a novel titled magnificent vibrations. He'll be in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon to sign with the graphs -- ritual at the -- from book. For those who pre order the book he's going to be at Octavia books tomorrow afternoon. And it just it to 513 Octavia street could be decreased. And Rick Springfield is gonna call this dude -- tonight for his poll Malibu studio about nine tenths of of the talk to whoever Springfield on the shooting night. And he has got to take a few calls so you'll have us a chance to maybe get -- and talk to Rick Springfield. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Police in Austin, Texas arrested 37 year old Evelyn Hamilton. After she called police to complain about the quality of marijuana she had purchased. From a drug dealer. The woman complained that she paid forty dollars perceives and residue. And she said she didn't get any satisfaction from the dealer. So she called police. -- and police sergeant David Kasper said yesterday. And officer went to her home to hear her complaint about the dealer who refused to give her money back she wanted her money back. And then she objected. That the drug was substandard. Well when he didn't give her money back she called police. The police then asked her if she'd had any owner she pulled a small amount out of her bra and she was then arrested. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Liberals can be ugly liberals can be angry too I know that quite often that seems to be the case with -- just Republicans and conservatives but no liberals can be angry too. Liberal talk show host Ed Schultz lost his temper with the caller on his radio show telling the caller you're a freaking blank. And finally told the caller gets the blank. Out of here. Afterwards he. Was hoping that the F bomb was deleted from the show with a 72 delay but. It was not -- it ran out on the air Laura Ingram a conservative radio talk show host got hold of this and played it on her show she has often been a target. For Ed Schultz sold. And it just goes to show you that liberals can be mean and ugly and angry too. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Less like the UConn Huskies beat the Kentucky Wildcats to win the. NCAA national championship in basketball. President Bush and President Clinton for sitting next to each with a -- game. And that was just a great bipartisan moment of course -- the what is an office anymore but it's just it's interesting that. They can they can get together and beating get an -- bush and Clinton have teamed up to do well a lot of good things that Clinton is teamed up with bush senior as well. But can't you just imagine. What two ex presidents have to talk about. We think about it. President's -- a lot of secrets. Presidential a lot of things. That they. Can't tell us. But I guess they can talk to each other I'm not sure they can even tell their wives a -- that can tell their kids. The presidents know things that you and I don't know. They might know when they're against talks about this -- they might note that that they're really have been somewhat extraterrestrials who visited the earth. But that's something that they're really not that it actually confirm. I just thought it was interesting to see them together. As surely don't say much in public but they've got to have these private moment we have for example what does bill and George. Went to the restroom at the same time during the game last night. Andy you know it might have been next to each other the -- and -- -- -- just had a brief conversation like I've been a bill might have said hate George Soria left the blue dress in the laundry room. Number four on tonight's list -- the top eight at eight. We're -- house has a bill that would make it illegal to throw cigarette butts out of the window of the vehicle. If approved by the full legislature defined would be 300 dollars. But is this really gonna stop anybody from doing it. It's just such second nature. To throw your cigarette butt out of the window. And yet we talked about this on the show cigarette butts are litter. Whether it's on the street toward your driving to Wendy Morgan of the -- -- you're driving in your vehicle throwing it out of the window it's later. I mean these things are not like precisely biodegradable so they hang around for awhile and downtown in the French Quarter. I see a lot of cigarette butts on the ground -- the French Quarter Bourbon Street -- more than just cigarette -- But even and it the the CBD where business is conducted there aren't cigarette butts on the sidewalk. And I just don't think that's acceptable or necessary. Now I constantly. Stand up for smokers rights. It's a legal product we have a right to do it that's your decision it's not a good thing to do put a lot of people a bad habits. I don't think it's right to. Make smokers seem like their second class citizens and quite often that seems to be there but the trend so I'd I'd stand up for smokers rights the one not a smoker. Have a lot of friends who smoke. But it seems like it's just such second nature to throw your blood on the ground. And the city has campaigned in -- on the the parking kiosks in the CBD walk your blocked. To the can't. -- cigarette -- Meeting trash -- And the other day -- ice on four businessman walking down the street one of them finished his cigarette and just threw it on the sidewalk. And I wanted to say something. I didn't but I wanted to say something and it just doesn't seem realistic. -- people are gonna stop business because now there's all a fine of 300 dollars if you throw your cigarette butts out of the window of a car the people who do that. I have a feeling they're gonna do it anyway which is a shame. And I don't think we can ask police with all the police have to focus on. I don't think we can really ask police to start focusing on people who throw cigarette butts on the ground around of the wind -- of their car. Mean I would rather police as high as much as I don't like throwing the cigarette butts out of the car. I would much from the police. To focus on the tail gators drunk drivers. Speeders. If people like that. And and I just like I can't see police taking time. Downtown to arrest anybody for. -- -- Throwing cigarette butt on the ground and I just I I can't see that happen and and I'm I'm wondering if maybe there or not a lot of police officers that have done that themselves. Well it should be considered unacceptable. But you pass a law to change that behavior and I'm not so sure that's gonna change the behavior. May be over time it will put. I'm not suggesting that you do this. But it seems to me that if it became socially unacceptable. To throw a cigarette butt on the ground -- art of the window of a call if that became socially unacceptable. And we would need a law to change behavior. People would be embarrassed to do it and I think that's the easier way to change behavior. Make people embarrassed to do something. There are things that are acceptable here that are not acceptable and other parts of the country. -- Jay walking walking. When you're not supposed to walk on and on and downtown street in a place like Seattle or Portland that is absolutely anti social. Is that say what you want about it but the point is there are things that are acceptable in some places there are acceptable and other places. And while we have a great way of life down here we shouldn't accept the things that should be unacceptable. And littering should be unacceptable. Mean I obviously be the exception is suburban street on a weekend night. But they do a hell of a job cleaning up urban street and cleaning up all of downtown every night. It's it's it's clean ended it it gets trash but you know when you talk about the CBD. Littering in the CBI just it's it's something that's that bothers. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight's card numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Which seventy and a text number is 87870. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Mania or any credible success for New Orleans dot I knew it was going to be a big success for the city but what I didn't expect I -- way to know what to expect. In terms of the crowd. Did that showed up. On. I had a preconceived idea of people who were into professional wrestling. Because it seems like it's more states theatrics and it is an actual sport although those who participate in professional wrestling and wrestle mania they are. They are highly. Trained athletes I don't think is any question about that. But I'd never been around the concentration of wrestling fans so I did have a preconceived image of the crowd based on stereotypes. So people came to new worlds wrestle mania. And -- for several days they spent. Time in my neighborhood over the weekend -- -- downtown French Quarter they they spent time they are so I was among that crowd for for a couple of days. And I have to admit that might might image of wrestle mania fans who was when it was totally wrong. -- I guess in some ways it was right. But they were body builders there were some -- people who look like they were from -- rural America from urban America. And what's really surprised me was the younger edgy people with tattoos and extreme hair styles. It might cause some people to instantly classify them as punk rockers. So we did attract. A lot of different people from all over the country into literally from around the world. So I came to admire. How those wrestling fans. Were so deeply invested emotionally and financially. In this entertaining event. -- Really provided such a great escape from whatever their problems and pressures were in their in their daily lives. And I I guess it's human instinct for us to bond in groups. We have with other humans we bond with groups over politics and social issues. Religion. Sports teams bands again at least as countless. But the -- camaraderie that I -- suburban street Sunday night after wrestle mania. But all the fans that poured into the French Quarter after the year after the event I really came to appreciate the passion that these people have. In in this form of entertainment. And that's what it is it's a form of entertainment. And they they know what's not -- that was done. About 12:30 in the morning in the 300 block of urban between the royal -- and -- there was an impromptu wrestling match that broke out between two young fans on the street. And people were even applauding the fake punches and kicks the -- head bangs that you know -- pretending to -- -- -- hit on -- -- This was something that I didn't think which choreographed that these two people were were involved in this and the crowd which chair and and somebody out of the crowd suddenly became the refereeing became part of this whole little. On impromptu staged event. So. Even if they know it's not. Real if all the punches don't land -- all the kicks don't plant. What fans don't know. Is who's gonna win. Now there was great disappointment at the French Quarter with. -- a lot of fans who were really upset the undertaker lost. But I just I I couldn't help but think it. That wrestle mania or professional wrestling shares a lot in common with any form of entertainment. You go to a movie you go to a place. The violence isn't real the gunshots are real the punters are real. -- -- And you don't know what the ending of the movie where the play is is going to be so here entertained by it. And fans may know that some things are real with wrestle mania but they don't know how it's gonna end so therefore it kind of fits the description. Of almost any form of entertainment. Our -- blog about this because I was really touched by these people so if if your into it or if you haven't been into -- if he'd been critical of wrestle mania fans. Anyone in your different perspective. Read the blog it's titled wrestle mania fans are people too. And if you intuit read it and share with all your friends who were into it that's a trending and we're excited to be W real dot com. Never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. US Supreme Court is trying to let Americans know once again that it is wrong for businesses to discriminate. The Supreme Court turned down an appeal for commercial photographer. Commercial photography company in New Mexico. Which was found guilty of violating the state of New Mexico's anti discrimination law. The company refused to photograph a same sex wedding ceremony based on their religious beliefs. This is America. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Covers just about all of this. You can't discriminate he can't pick and choose who you gonna serve. And it if you. Assume that somebody's game. How to you know their -- And what she catch them some kind of an act how to you know somebody's game. They're people who accuse me of being -- I'm not -- So what if I looked the way I -- dressed the way I dress I am who I am. And I walk into a business but somebody refuse service to me because they think I'm gay. -- this is America. You can't refuse service to people. Now when it comes to no shirt no shoes things like that that applies to everybody you're not discriminating based on. On a religion or nationality or race. So that's different. But this -- this this new idea that we can use religious freedom in this country to discriminate against individuals. Is anti American. It's wrong. And yet they're -- I guess there's this feeling of desperation. Those who are so opposed to homosexuality even though it doesn't affect. Those who were so opposed to homosexuality are desperate because they're losing the battle the battle to stop same sex marriage in this country is essentially over. The battle to stop growing acceptance of homosexuals in this country is essentially over but yet there's this there's this faction of people. Who are desperately clinging to anything they can't and now they're trying to use religious beliefs. To allow people to discriminate against -- -- part of the Supreme Court. And their -- -- If you and join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Irons nearly seventy and a text number is a 77. And finally tonight. And number one on tonight's list. The top names and names. Freshman congressman -- McAllister from Louisiana and got caught kissing congressional -- He ran his campaign. On his Christian faith. And his family values. When politicians promotes immoral values. They suggest. That they are somehow better. And more moral. Than their opponents. We have a campaign commercial from congress and McAllister this is what he ran during his his campaign. I'm Chris McAlister and I approve this message and hear the -- house we have a big family records or the Sunday before church Kelly doesn't Perkins and other divisions. OK okay it's almost relative thing because here in this house -- -- work instilled the values of faith family and concert -- bathroom. If you don't trust me read your -- you can count me take those guys from Washington to New Yorkers weblog. Take him more and be brought back here every son to do business. Okay. -- so what's your reaction to that. As good blog tonight via the scoop like tonight his title politicians please stop running on Christian values. It's not the Christian values or wrong but running -- Christian values is wrong. And voters have got to start rejecting. Those politicians who use cheap political themes cheap words. For the sole purpose of getting elected and they don't live by those words. You can read the blog and share with others -- either agree with me or you'll be infuriated. -- share it it's on our website. At WW -- account. And here's -- -- give you a party -- opinion poll tonight should moral values no longer be respected as a candidates politics or. Platform. It is your opinion by going to Debbie WL. Dot com. I'm coming up at about 910 we're gonna get a phone call. From Rick Springfield who has written a novel titled magnificent vibrations. Kind of a scifi I think really something very different for Rick Springfield -- going to be in New Orleans tomorrow. And Octavia books at 513. Octavia street borrowed a signing with the graphs for those who pre order the book. So we'll talk to -- -- from his home studio in Malibu California coming up at about ninety and on the Schuylkill. If you put a -- that the comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Here -- seventy. And a -- Is -- 7870. And we'll be right back with more like from New Orleans. If you will. Russia congressmen. Patrick balusters now asking for forgiveness and look at the guy should be forgiven. He made a mistake. He should be forgiven. But this is also an opportunity to talk about how it's wrong for politicians to continue to. Preach these Christian moral values as if they're better than others. Because it doesn't work because too many people have blown. Too many people have not lived up to those promises. But yet it's tempting because voters buy into it. Many voters are soccer's. Always says is a Christian -- this is this is me aren't gonna vote for this guy. Now look at the kiss. It's not that bad thing. But he does go against the image that he was trying to present. To get elected. And I guess it's just another case a politician saying what ever they want -- say eight to get elected and we the voters are responsible for accepting it. Maybe they're not as responsible as we are they say it and we vote for. Do you think it's time. For politicians to stop using. Christian moral family values whatever that really means I'm not even sure -- know what that means but -- politicians stop using it. In their campaigns. And it shouldn't be about your morals sure I want you to be immoral person if you're Christian fine I want you to be a good moral person. But I don't what you usually disbelief. When it comes to making decisions in office. The -- blog tonight is title politicians please stop. Running on Christian values. You may agree you may totally disagree it's on our website at WW dot com read it share give and two others to work to read it she -- a -- like. Here's an update on our W -- pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight should moral values no longer be respected as a candidates. Political -- politics or platform. 44% say no. They should against meaning they should still be. Included but 56% say yes they should no longer be used you can give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here is sent -- it reads. About the congressman -- he was far actually got to Washington Washington corrupts not acceptable. I mean that might be the reason but that's. That's unacceptable. Here's another text when it comes to the Supreme Court ruling something else we're talking about and showed tonight. The Supreme Court is is trying to send a message to Americans that businesses cannot discriminate. And the Supreme Court turned -- an appeal. From a commercial and non commercial company that does photography in New Mexico. Which was found guilty of violating the State's anti discrimination law when he refused to photograph a same sex wedding based on religious beliefs. So now there's a temptation to use religious beliefs. As a way to discriminate. Against homosexuals. Here's a -- breeds let everyone have the right to choose. And no matter what it is. Here is. Another text that if a man is waiting his hand like a female. And talking and high pitched voice is probably -- Well then it. What about the guy who. Isn't. A -- it. What about the guy who has a deep voice. What about the guy who is a big muscular guy who could probably beat the heck out of anybody he wants to -- about that guy. Because their guys just like that. Who organic. -- here's a text about cigarette butts screwed it's ridiculous. They already have laws on the books for later. Which -- our lawmakers should be concentrated on more important issues then bucks. And if somebody just tuned in they might under the we're talking about cigarette butts. Accidentally while on the causeway and listening. To Dave but talk about bites at 5 AM this morning -- service vehicle. Blew -- me. And through a -- hit my windshield. Hope. Hope they're listening. Yeah I you know -- infuriate him if if you're law enforcement or furious and kind of official -- don't do that. And there should certainly be -- fine with with companies in an organization's. Where people representing the organization's leader by throwing their butts on the wind. The merry go on -- WW LTD. Case 20. -- my father told me this hour is not trash. You know in other words. Follow. Actually rated sports. Column rappers and the game. It would not call now. -- or ma broker. To. Our role and the -- on -- ground. And that's that's that's good -- the first person I appreciate you calling. For some reason it has become very acceptable and it's not considered later. To throw a cigarette butt on the ground or the winner of the car. And I don't understand. How that cannot be considered later if you enjoy an issue with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text number is 877. WL invites you to the thirty forced first annual 31. Annual French Quarter fast. Presented by Chevron in the first quarter fast -- 31 years ago. Because there was a lot of fun sidewalk and street repair in the French Quarter that he guarded and a lot of people -- go to the quarter because it was just so inconvenient. The French Quarter -- was invented to bring people back to the quarter. And it is certainly brought a lot of people back to the quarter. It's the largest free music festival in America it's Thursday through Sunday and from what I'm hearing the weather is going to be sensational. This year doctor John returns for the first time since 1987. And the French Quarter fest watches a brand new staged a big river stage. Now the French Quarter fest brings you everything that you love about living in the Crescent City jazz and funk citing -- -- brass -- gospel classical only local musicians. On more than twenty stages. And world class food from New Orleans restaurants. It's good -- family fun. And join us at WWL for the French Quarter -- because will be broadcasting live from Jackson square. At the world's largest jazz brunch every day of the fast either and -- WL our sister station three WL. Thursday and three W real tough it's more show will be live from Jackson square here from -- three followed by spied for Regis three to six. Then on Friday at WWL Angela will do her show live from Jackson square from one to four. And then Saturday and three WL a BO special edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then Sunday LB Jackson square doing a special Sunday edition on dispute show. -- from ten to 1230. From New Orleans Chris you want to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- True or -- talk about the topic on Christian and you don't politicians. And don't like. You know you're a politician wants to let it out prepare intercourse arbitrage outscored their. But but rather see a more war and not not do you know what should you walk -- talk. I don't think Chris the problem is that there had been so many politicians who have. I use today use that kind of rhetoric I'm I'm a Christian I believe in family values are not exactly sure what that means. Because it's it's differ effort for different people. But it's it's it's also a suggestion that -- better than your opponent when it comes to your morals and so often those people who brag about having morals. Are the ones who have displayed that they don't and so it's it's really something it's become meaningless. Yep I agree with you ought to be never taught in business to -- are -- -- -- don't. People -- GR Christian Christian Jewish symbol of an era where I want to not pay much and there ever thought bills. And we didn't believe the -- before aggression torture issues and tumble to a 20. You know there were -- torture practicing Christian so. I don't think it's. You know the Bible and talked -- triple ball all that should you know cheap old and so. You know you've got a little relieved to -- -- -- you you know men an idea that you know circumstances couldn't. Which is special but I am not sure how they operate and you know while. Joseph. Turmoil does -- burnout job character it. Develop -- repeal. And so you know. You know Marty -- You want to be crucial -- -- fantastic and it but it's great -- we learn to be able to more tolerant of you stooge. There Chris I would like to call the show thanks for listening I think it's interesting years ago I was in the advertising business and many of the companies that had the Christian fish. In their ads and didn't pay their bills -- what does that tell you. Is it time for politicians to stop using. Christian moral values is. In their politics and in their platform -- -- double WL pretty general opinion poll giving your opinion -- -- if you will not come to talk to Rick Springfield live from his home. Studio in Malibu California coming up at about 910 is going to be in New Orleans for a book signing we've got all those details coming up tonight on the Schuylkill. Whatever WL. Do you disagree with the Supreme Court basically telling American businesses that you cannot discriminate against homosexuals based on religious beliefs. You know this is a topic that continues sent to come up. And it seems to be part of an effort. To discriminate against gays and I'm not sure that businesses should be allowed to do that you might disagree with me if you and join us for the -- tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a taxable receipts are pretty -- also -- dispersant congressman Chris McAlister. Asking for forgiveness following the release of the video showing him. A kissing and it wasn't just I gesture it was a it was supposed sensual passionate cancer it's -- appeared to be. Kissing -- congressional staffer. You know it's. I think this is another reminder of the politicians should not be so quick to brag about their Christian moral values. And trying to convince people that they're better than others when they fall short. Now I got a text a moment ago from some -- that said what you're saying that discussion -- congressman. No I'm not saying that at all. He should be -- it's one of those things that happened. But you shouldn't brag about your moral values if you if you're a human being and you gonna fall short. And so many people do that. It's -- -- become just such cheap rhetoric to say I'm I'm gonna bring moral values to the office that I hybrid percent. So many people have have fallen short of that that it's it's just an -- A superficial way to try to attract votes. From -- short minister Washington or Debbie WL. -- -- Yeah. It should stop news and it's a real people emotions and the only. He should be but you. Remember. -- let it gave the dog they've met with such people. So we aren't real. And we -- you know we make it would I'll say no -- It is is greet them. Oh what practical what that they act out what. Cart and do what you what you know it all worked it -- that aren't they they commute -- And -- what you are in the yet beat well. Ever. All shelters. Are are seen. Minister Washington you're absolutely right and I appreciate you taking time to a caller showed express your opinion astute blog tonight politicians please stop running on Christian values. It's not the Christian values or wrong it's just that. It's become cheap rhetoric and ancillary people. So many people. Don't live up to those promises. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. -- -- -- -- -- -- What conversation with Rick Springfield coming up at about 910 tonight's on the Schuylkill and we'll be right back. But -- to -- well. Rick Springfield is going to be -- New Orleans tomorrow and Octavia books so we've got all the details tomorrow afternoon he's gonna beat their signing with the -- From his new novel which is titled magnificent vibrations kind of -- things really interesting for Rick Springfield. We're gonna talk to him about ninety daddy's gonna call us from his home studio in Malibu from Algiers Jeff here on the -- she'll want to VW of the leading. I did you. Oil is Carla -- -- -- people in that regard today. There have been -- pictures you regenerate and -- is -- -- right wing -- you want to pick and choose from the Bible. Oh what they wanted the right -- wade. -- period to period there because it completely open so it. It really does it at the same lag. They want to use -- well I've called political religion believe it trying to put spare boat instead of Jericho would blow. You know that you know package it. And Jeff the problem is voters -- fort you know voters voters fall for politicians who say. I'm the moral guy I'm the one you need to put in office and and so often people who say that have. And disappointed the very people who put him in office so I think it's time for politicians do. To -- look DO moral person but show some moral person and show assure moral person by your actions not by your cheap words. Exactly because I'm pretty sure of they repair the -- Libyans and and being so with so they couldn't so I would just because the though it actuality. -- pretty upset about. And Jeff a lot of people don't want to admit this but there are a lot of people. -- oppose abortion in every case. Unless it's their fifteen year old daughter who got prayed very and I just logical to show thanks for -- For battery run your -- WWL. Yeah. But it sure that they follow their future in late in the state. Should note here is not a static -- a calculator action. Okay that he I -- -- well but -- -- would -- a -- you when you accidentally. I hear you praise you -- the world go. I'd run I understand the poignant if you wanna get into semantics and no it was not a mistake he was calculated he didn't he wasn't like it add a whole blocks what's I didn't mean to do that. You know you don't actually look into. Are you all know you don't accidentally make out with some. I -- it. Out and cheat or Iran I'm going to call thanks for listening. From Mississippi junior and a BW well. -- on your topic of politicians trying to pull the so called fire all around your comments first at all. We're respected game averages -- the side that homosexuals. Are. It is entitled to be as miserable as many girls. At my. House. On second -- Not -- where it is great Gingrich. Now not a winter and to document position. The cheerleader. That -- you know you're right come out and we respect and just. And and at that point. And that said that those are those are good points fans thanks for listing in Mississippi new -- policy any time we had Newt Gingrich was another classic example you know I'm Christian I'm moral. And look at the behavior that defies. The title that he presented. -- to talk to Rick Springfield coming up in the next hour is going to be in New Orleans tomorrow he's doing out. A sold out show it's impediment to a private jets have really a private Childress is sold out show for a a benefit. Are in Baton Rouge. Thursday night but he's going to be here tomorrow and we'll talk to Rick Springfield. -- from his home studio in Malibu California coming up right after the news under -- WL.