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Apr 8, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: 80s pop icon Rick Springfield has written a novel titled, “Magnificent Vibrations” and he will be in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon to sign lithographs from the book for all those who pre-order the book – set to be released May 6. Rick is calling The Scoot Show live from his studio in Malibu tonight at 9:10 pm.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome back to our show live from New Orleans on this Tuesday night coming up we'll get back to all the topics were talking about but right now we're gonna take a break. Talk to Rick Springfield he's a rock icon now many people deserve the title of being an icon but he is indeed an icon. Rick Springfield and his music contributed to defining the eighties and he early years of MTV. Songs like this and Jesse's girl and don't talk to strangers in human topping the list goes on every -- everybody has their favorite. Rick is also starred in the movie -- hard to hold to and in the movie an affair of the heart which was an excellent documentary about his fans. He -- an autobiography which revealed intimate details of his life the good times and also the dark times. Title late late at night Rolling Stone called it one of the top. Rock bios of all time it was on the New York Times best sellers list. But now -- has written a novel titled magnificent vibrations. It's gonna be released on May the sixth. And Rick's gonna be in New Orleans tomorrow and Octavia books at 513 Octavia street -- 3 o'clock in the afternoon to sign with the grants from the book. To anyone who purchases a priest -- a copy of the book. Rick welcome to the Scotia tonight and -- WL. It and Rick decided at his home in in Malibu and you know -- night I talk to you when you were here at the station. A couple of months ago we had to agree conversation about so many different things and in right now you're about to get a star and Hollywood into Hollywood boulevard made in ninety. The book himself made the sixth in the league junior started national tour with pat -- -- in Atlanta on. -- you are against or drug did divas on lifetime I mean you've got to be loving life right now. Yeah I like working -- -- working in the it's a a lot of good stuff going on. When you wrote late late at night you wrote about some -- dark times in in your life. You didn't use a ghost writer you actually wrote it's it would make sure writer. But writing in an awful I think elevates you to a different level of being recognized as a writer how long has this writer been inside of you. Like when I was a kid around 1011 I hate all the the only great in Africa school from my answer is close to reliable Israel. It than usual gracious woman lines and that was the only potential doubt molding machines and called should be erratic should be your right and The Beatles -- -- -- Former world. Girls like musicians like market hit its huge. -- a channel that writing to a songwriting that a bullet in my mind that this idea of getting back to pros are fighting and when -- my autobiography cut direction -- and churches like publishing group. Like living like reports some countries should he should be running you know fiction and -- always wanted to do it so it finally did that contribute to that are sitting down and doing. Well it's a little more than enemy you have to have a very very deep vivid imagination. Magnificent vibrations is a bit of a scifi. The thriller there's some. Some parallel stories that come together in the end which you know we don't need to talk about. But what was what was the underlying message -- in this because you know a lot of authors. Write novels it's it's it's fiction but a lot of a lot of them that come out in in in the novels what about Rick Springfield came out in magnificent art. Did you think you put a lot of even in fiction -- put -- -- and I mean every single character and entered the apartment mean. That that is -- to characterize -- like you can't write. True you know he counted on the right truthful character -- potential songs that made up you know and consults either -- actual issue with the right here. I can certainly tell let. Been in in that book. And -- directing -- you know what he's drinking water there. Up there now and a lot of those guys they're bloody main characters are writers. You know restarts -- appointed -- -- move and you've got to start a -- and then extrapolate from there naturally your imagination comes and that. A lot and it didn't preparation a lot of the a lot of what goes on -- You know things don't talk about movement and real real beliefs should -- I -- after. You park in Maryland is just you know jump. And so it's it's it's fiction but there is -- that is part of your soul and ends up being part of this book. No absolutely has supported me in every character and I think part of every character. Every right -- you know character in the writers vote present you're. You know it otherwise it's just there's no heart to actually -- a long while ago -- -- look cute story based on. A CD had a heck of a children's well general from Assange and first four. And I would not -- an artist wrote it based around the record in loses no truth that. And I thought that move and that helped me to understand that there -- you know every. Every year would protection and stuff remotely true. Yeah it did there has to be vets and that foundation of of some aspect of believability did then take her title from -- -- -- It. Now tomorrow afternoon you're going to be in a TV books -- here in New Orleans at 513 Octavia street tonight you're going to be signing lithograph the book's gonna be released on May the sixth. So tomorrow you'll be autograph and with the grants to those who pre order the book. Yeah it looked aggressive there's about. Like -- -- -- so drawings in the book. I I juror that. I'm. Allowed to Christopher Robin Cook at the end of every chapter that put kind of block it -- -- little black like trying to -- that. And so I did that with this -- that. Drawings and that's different from the drug due to appear to Christian Robin -- Just -- -- ideas. And and I we printed up a limited edition. -- -- -- -- here -- the ground. What I'll sign and and they also get the first. The first 11 of the first books approached. Earlier in your career even though you had assumed this writer and sided view. You became so popular. You know nobody becomes popular. As quickly as it appears it seems like you just made it overnight but I know that you had a lot -- leading up to that that point. But you just hit it with Jesse's girl at the perfect time and you were just so video friendly and that and -- Jesse's girl was just a great video that helped to define MTV and in the music of the eighties and it is still very very popular today. That so you become this this big rock star down by an icon. I did you envision at some point that you would wanna be an author. Yeah yet so it's always been in my -- absolutely. And I'd love writing in going to meet its writing songs. In the personal pain of writing a book should -- credit -- In the same kind of news that there. That you call on. It's slightly different discipline but it's open to listening kind of approach. And -- desire and I love. I -- books of fiction especially. And -- sent the same analysts on prosecuted. Let -- -- written many books that are following a variety of questions. We look at a book every couple of days young teens. So your -- street. Noticeable. But it. -- you're going to be in Baton Rouge but that's already a sold out concert but you start descent -- a with had been a tar in Atlanta in late. Late June so far New Orleans is not on the tour which is a disappointment. For those who would want to see here. I it's it's got to feel great to still be on the road and you know I've noticed and in a couple of different cities where -- popular eighties nights. And they played Rick Springfield BC there there are young generations that we're not even born when your songs were hits. And -- dancing and there's there's there's a singing every word to the lyrics. So they have adopted. That the sound of the eighties and part of that is certainly that your sound. And it's interesting that I hear a lot of new music coming out today that's original. But it sounds like the eighties. Yeah -- -- -- it is a bit problematic -- 75 yes chocolate I'd like its grip itself such gritty quality and yes now. It's great you know I mean there's great people derided the AD group of people from the -- and delighted these. And like you know the people fiction that the electorate is so I think -- -- a certain amount of time and and and the goods rises to the top of this great music in every every decade. Our Rick we spent a few more minutes with you would you like to take a few calls. It sure OK Rick Springfield is sort of Jewish life from his home studio in Malibu California. You -- talk to Rick are numbers 2601872. -- free 866889. This nearly seventy. Our text overseas and he said he will pass a tax on as well we're coming right back with Rick Springfield libelous Guccione -- -- have you helped me. And welcome back to a show we're talking to eighties pop icon and author actors will Rick Springfield he's written a novel titled magnificent vibrations he's going to be in New Orleans tomorrow afternoon. To sign -- set the bookstore Octavia books at 513 Octavia street. Assigned to lift the grants for those -- -- who order who pre ordered the book which is set to be released may the sixth and -- isn't talking but dislike for missile studio. In Malibu California want to give you an opportunity to talked to -- a from Carrollton frank here in WWL with Rick Springfield. Thanks very much talk. Is area off that you read. Or that you favor. Where in any -- -- that influence you songwriting or. Writing an infection. He had a lot of write isn't everything particular credit started with eight people craft and ordered journalists and -- stoker and then eventually. General Douglas Adams then what is side by writing in. A mobile license such humor and a lot of great writers -- a lot -- big this Clark looked at it he wrote. -- -- -- -- -- -- And from Georgia Katy you're on WW well with Rick Springfield. Highway -- and you know I feel your and I kind of standing -- and I'm not a doctor -- out and not share your member Leon blue. Yeah I don't think happened -- you and you need it actually think you Canada. Our but you see everybody you know I mean -- it's a big party officials so more people rumors are concerned. Katie I don't know where you are in Georgia but the the Rick Springfield tour with pat Bennett Tora opens in Atlanta I think June 20 six. Like -- and glad you called if you have a question for Rick Springfield are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 877 he -- text that says what's the negative side of -- Thank you try to -- Marketing actually. Rolling out the topless and hello playing -- that I actually love the actual flying because they get to work -- right when I applied. Going to get up -- -- -- sometimes really urged us sleep -- on the big essentially. When I saw you at the Joyce theater here a couple of months ago in New Orleans I was really amazed by two things you were. The way you play guitar I mean you are very accomplished. Lead guitar player and your band is phenomenal needed to. Is -- -- easy -- government and I think they're a model playing guitar for almost forty years now it's up. I haven't gotten good at it but now on American -- -- -- Claussen now while you're now on to -- show with retreat field. Papers today mark hall that was I guess. In the mid to early eighties you had. Concert in Baton Rouge believe the fairgrounds and Chuck Berry was the opening act. -- I remember Villanova. I do actually -- of them he would couldn't expenditure there would be -- don't -- yet in a review labels and and -- -- in my opinion metres of really an actual what you came you'd grabbed a bottle. Red line he might recollect. I thought his signature I was gonna he remembered. That at that. Know I I don't drink anymore when I played that. -- I needed and that you know you're used to Europe. Dirtier benefit you didn't break the whole pot. Well thank god we have been over playing at a I'm politely well on the guy the commandeer the rest of the ball. Ultimately moved to market there -- -- the cheap stuff so you know that the red barn. What do memory. Like a member countries that have been no comment or did -- -- and think. -- Now while I am glad you called in a specialist and from New Orleans changer and -- BWL with Rick Springfield. Yeah this -- James thanks for taking my call -- sounds like -- maybe you're certainly influenced by. But Kurt blogger. Little exactly right so let her running her partly it was one of these -- looked -- -- -- Definitely. One of my favorite brilliant well like I can't I can't wait to read -- can't wait to region book. Yeah yeah in my in my field to card in there probably stolen and so he's a great writer or -- from the that. And this little sketchy she talked about that sound like care. -- like something needed them has books show my congratulations. To you on right now and -- look forward to read. Thank you. -- -- a political if you trying to join us tonight we're spending a few more minutes with Rick Springfield he's -- his. Home studio in Malibu California Rick's going to be New Orleans tomorrow he has written a novel titled 90% vibrations it's a scifi thriller there's some parallel stories that come together in the end of fascinating book. He's going to be signing lithograph senate tomorrow and Octavia books at 513 Octavia street at 3 -- And signed with the grants for those who pre ordered the book which is going to be released on May the sixth. From New Orleans Greg junior on WWL with Rick Springfield. -- erotic pleasure to actually execute it regulations that I have seen detonator in hand. -- in your books aren't Smart I'm. I I. It is there any way that I'd be able to Gigi she changed the lyrics too little bit. I wish that I was. And -- You know I wish it Jesse's girl we data. But -- pretty much written in stone at this point I'm -- I was I was being silly. Did you. Did you did you wanna be the girl Gretchen. I do you want to be still -- two. And like -- And yes I actually earlier. -- -- they are hoping that someday we might collaborate. Even. Of course -- it's your future. If you wish that you -- Earl. Anyway. Lucky lucky and glad that you are doing well right now -- -- -- use. -- -- Aren't quite tall they're going to get -- or talk direct. Rick you're in great shape and when you took your shirt off that the Jewish -- we needed to concerts. Women go crazy. You pure example of -- a member of the baby boomer rock generation. That and there are there are many but some haven't done it is really taking care of himself and it seems like. You enjoy what you're doing as much now as you ever do it. Yeah very much so I think enjoyment of what you do dentists and most important thing trip. Create creating a long lines of movements to and I'd love what I do and a lot of what I do and does not retiring trapped. I believe I am still amazed in I saw this developed in the in this. The early 2000 -- I -- younger generations just relieved and adopt the sound of -- eighties music and and it was a it was a are happy. -- the music it was fun. And I IC groups that you mentioned the band the 1975. I forgot to mention dragons and and Bastille and the -- -- -- trying to -- -- enter the great memory but I see you're all I see young generation it's this it's listed in that same kind of of optimism and and a fun excitement in IIIC that was some of the new bands that are coming out today and then again as I say I've seen on a regular basis it eighties night. Clumps in in New Orleans year replace -- Thursday night when I Jackson did their playing Rick Springfield music. Along with the eighty stuff and as a young generation that -- absolut Los. From the -- of drug Hedrick. He had brought -- a lot of great music camp in the eighties I mean arms and child like it was with. You know every every decade that the -- Marines and the great positive attitude that. I don't see around much anymore. -- from a battery pack -- with Rick Springfield under the WL. Gelman. Rick I'm I'm sure that's what -- in the insulin you know like as well. -- back you come out of work part time -- one of the local casinos. And -- -- at all or a long night he got from the -- what we -- -- now. In my law and I looked pretty big cut there about realists who does like look only reluctantly be very polite -- all that we put. But it's the culture it's abrupt and everything. Shored up in the lobby itself as you checked it and yeah elevators but not it's cyclical. Effect -- -- in the week article that while its ultra. And the courts -- currently Lucia on you know we feel that. And we ultra ground simultaneously. Watch it's both the guys that you believe it because it means. Dawson's Creek walked off all of them. I'm sure -- The look on the church principles are quiet it was deathly. So -- be an outcome of bewildered about it was generally like to try to tidy up work a lot like every war. And you were very kind of the nature you know what it would beauty -- I really appreciate that I was wondering. I'm here usually you -- corporate Arctic. Not quite an issue little -- -- all but definitely probably one greater America are all laws. And yet -- actually I agree completely. Pat thanks sir thanks for sharing that story -- I'm going to call. -- when I -- you like I had a -- and a beach if you from what I seen in public in on MTV but when I. When I talked to you and and there were some aspects of your autobiography lately that night. It really revealed such a deep. Insightful. Insightful person who had dealt with with a lot of things with you you dealt with depression you've dealt with with a lot of things in your life. Was that was the music the way in the beginning to to try to hide from that to get away to escape the. Lower aside it was try to trip trying to balance and that's -- -- great talents. I'm not known guys -- -- -- it would have been in prison and discover music. Integrate regular. And you look into it the right way it can -- be here for transformers. Healing thing that was very much so from think that from. Are you. Are you happy with yourself now. There are kept -- that -- but. I'm I'm I'm more a more heroic sort. Here's a text that wants to know did Rick have a lot of money when he started out. Home like. What effect that weren't. Prepared and the young -- from -- does not opposite for an. -- Notre though we're not about money and actually music is not about money and -- never been about money going musicians who got into it to make money in government. Because they love what you do it money followed the great. But it just never been about the money and credit and her. I think that's actually pretty make money doesn't become about the money comes to that level work YouTube. You've written so many songs have you heard a song that somebody else has written that you thought. I could've written that's. This 100 so -- children and -- direction want them and so shall called great article that they people who bought. Acting too great so -- And learn -- line entering and that repeat. Rick you have a you have very public image what's something about used -- people don't generally know that you would like them to know about Rick Springfield. Right now. I don't know -- -- commander is that people most of them up and so and try to -- -- as much I can learn more out of biography that are applicable Egypt college student that's where it's good that it's -- Reckon I've enjoyed the conversation have a great day tomorrow I'll I'll see tomorrow with the -- the books. Great record I think to finish time this. Rick Springfield like from his own studio in Malibu California tomorrow he'll be at Octavia books at 513 Octavia street signing with the grants from the book. Magnificent vibrations which is coming out maybe six to keep pre order book. And you get lithograph signed. I've -- will be right back. -- WL. Witnessed just got finished talking to Rick Springfield life from his solo studio in Malibu California he's gonna be here tomorrow for a book signing and Octavia books at 513 Octavia street for his new novel is coming out. May the sixth magnificent vibrations and this is one of the songs that he and he mentioned that one of the bands that he mentioned that reminds him of the eighties. I -- despair is called in 1975. That's the name of the band. Such -- don't chocolate. And he said it reminds him it's pretty politically. John we have security political assign. I -- -- finds critically the perfect way -- was and even a song and yeah I remember playing that well it was a he went out still isn't new doing music radio years ago. Here's a Texan Reid says scoot you -- right to a lot of the music sounds like the eighties today and that is great however I disagree with Rick. The mid nineties with support era of music. Music teacher and opera chorus member. While I respect that opinion. The music what music of any era. Reflects the -- Music is a medium that reflects the audience it doesn't dictate behavior as much as it does reflect the audience and and this is something that I've talked about often and study disks it is throughout most of my career. The -- the nineties that was the beginning of a new anti establishment generation. And ironically they were the children of the original anti establishment generation from the sixties the baby boomers. And is they started to. As they started to come of age. They lost faith in trustee in the establishment as I guess to some degree every generation does that. But at the the biggest anti establishment generation since the original the baby boomers in the sixties which is now the establishment was that generation in the nineties. And the sound of the nineties the the crunch alternative sound of the nineties. Really did reflect their anti establishment. That mentality. It was it was the biggest break from what The Beatles had had established and with the British invasion bands have established. In in the mid sixties everything up to that point had been basically built on on that. And the growing sounds. And I guess -- can be argued that Nevada was one of the lead to groups they -- The -- sound changed all of that and also with a -- sound there there was passion. There was passion that was counterculture. Totally considered anti social anti establishment. And again these with the kids coming of age of the original anti establishment generation. -- You might from a musical standpoint you might not like the music of the nineties. But he definitely did serve a purpose and definitely reflected -- and reflected the times and the young generation at the time. Here's the song that retreat he was talking. I just a moment ago. Security polluting perfect way. Stuff like that solid chocolate that we just played from the band in 1970. So this. He's right about then. There's a lot of really good stuff and a lot of good stuff out there. American authors I just bought the CD there's a -- on their well they're big kid is. To stay in my life. But American authors has a song called believer in another song called block and I think those are going to be the next it's off the offices the CD. But there's just there's a lot of really great stuff out. It sounds like the eighties and it's the result of younger generations adopting the sound -- that the feeling of the music from the eighties it was. It was up it was up it doesn't mean that there weren't exceptions but generally speaking the sound of the eighties was up tempo was uplifting it was fun. And yet I see a young generation. In love with that music and embracing that music and that has caused new artist who were appealing to them. To produce music. And create music that is very similar to the -- not only in terms of just the settlement. But in terms of the attitude is a lot of good positive. Stuff it doesn't mean that there are exceptions but there's a lot of really good simple positive we just wanna have fun in life kind of messages. I think that's something is very very positive about the music that is is out today if you rejoice for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 877. If you missed the conversation with Rick Springfield will play that back in the 11 o'clock hour tonight. I -- on every WL the -- what tonight is titled politicians please stop running on Christian values. And it's about the freshman congressman and advance McAllister. Who is now asking for forgiveness following the release of video showing him kissing a congressional staffer. And it wasn't just a gesture kiss she was a kiss. And he based his -- his political campaign on Christian family and moral values. And when I hear that from politicians I get the impression that they think their better than everybody else. And touting morals values. To me is a self righteous implication. That you're better than than the other candidates. And yet so often we are reminded that. Everybody's just human. I I think this congressman should be forgiven for this. Incident I called it a mistake and a guy called Orleans it's good it was a mistake he didn't accidentally do what he did. Well again we're talking about semantics there but some could argue that it was a mistake I also think it's interesting that the -- dynasty family. Endorsed. Mr. McAllister. And they're all about Christian family values. But this has become. A cheap superficial way to attract attention for many people. And it sent. Well we'll just appeal to -- that this is what politicians often do. The appeal to those things that they they get people riled up. And yet they don't really live out what they say. Again. I don't think this guy should be and kicked out of congress I don't think this was that big of a deal it was not a good thing for him to do and I -- to actually from somebody said hey you know -- -- this is what we saw but what else might be going on. -- he was also it is a campaign. The boasting about his sixteen years of marriage. This was something that happened. I don't know if anything else happen I can assume that anything else happened. So forgive him for this. But let's use this as another example of why politician should stop using. Christian morals. And family values whatever that means. To promote their campaigns. Newt Gingrich was another classic example. Of somebody who. Talked about moral values and and Christian values and the Gingrich. Did things in his life that were totally contrary. To to that public image. You can read the blog and share with others it's on -- what you -- totally disagree with me and you might agree and be glad to somebody's finally saying it. It's on our website today at WWL dot com and you can give us your comments if you like -- with others. And we'll get back toward Debian you'll pretty -- people coming appeared in just few minutes but it's about whether -- not moral values. Should be part of a political campaign also the US Supreme Court we'll talk more about this coming up. The US Supreme Court has once again says Americans cannot discriminate if you're in business you can't discriminate against somebody you think is a homosexual. It's. Against the constitution. And yet there are some people who were desperately trying to now use religious beliefs as a way to discriminate. Is that fair. Or is that an American rights. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text Amber's late 77. And is one of those advance I was talking about American -- best they have -- to me this kind of has an eighty's feel about it. We'll be right back -- -- WL welcome back to the Scotia on this Tuesday night we were talking to Rick Springfield earlier if you miss a conversational playback and 11 o'clock hour tonight. House or should be on our on our face on our our website at W dot com. We were talking about a Rick Springfield eighties music and as somebody mentioned that nineties music was -- -- were support era for music and I disagree with that. And here's a Texan Reid said the nineties might have been a die for pop music but classic rock stations will be playing. STP Stone Temple Pilots chili peppers Metallica Alice in Chains Pearl Jam and Nirvana for decades. Music hasn't been better since your music teacher is death. Well. Taste in music is very subjective. Again music speaks to. The socio. Political times and a young generation of the time. And that grunge alternative sound that so many people didn't like. It was exactly that it was music that was anti establishment it was a break from everything that. The baby boomer rock generation had established. And so which served its purpose it's spoke to a generation a for Terry town -- your into the WL. They are illegal immigrant. Possible music that we appealing to people as well under sociological. Standpoint. Oh four years ago and brain surgery. And now it's -- a commitment out on the -- room. And while recovering weren't nurses production. In the cable solutions to my beyoncé. Tournament personal favorites. Own -- down in the eighties. Knock you out Lady Gaga. Since I don't different. Matches Stanford meeting about down empowerment speech itself that people say about you -- saying -- -- -- -- out needle -- true colors still in it and it is state. In an uptick in suicide. Even though it -- songs. Into when he came -- as well. Rant on and on -- you you you got through that did you experience any. Any moment. Did you were there. -- In telling you begin a moment to tell me about it. Oh yeah yeah I saw flashing -- Actual total. You're not so immigrant parents crumble charts. And they totally back yet yet more work to do. That was comforting -- scary. I would care. It's so interesting that that is the way so many people describe that moment that -- momentarily. Died in and and moved on and came back in so many people tells -- the same story that is hard to believe that that's not the way. It's going to be. It. So powerful. -- which arrangements. It could be harmful it in the -- -- It could be uplifting and inspiring. It's all about a person feel and the point of view the person. That's too much -- -- -- like that -- -- actually explained item in the mirror and not so in other song so the eighty's and ninety's. -- -- and I appreciate you sharing -- service and I've -- I love your attitude. Thank you aren't. Thanks -- going to show will come back and talk about. Wrestle mania the wrestle mania fans -- people to like it I I spent a couple of days they were in my neighborhood for a couple of days will -- lady was in town downtown in the French Quarter. And I have a totally different opinion of wrestle mania fans will talk about that also the Supreme Court ruling about discrimination against gays and more coming up next -- -- WL.