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Apr 8, 2014|

: Wrestlemania was a huge success in New Orleans! Is the condescending judgment of wrestling fans fair? PLUS: Freshman Congressman Vance McAllister from Louisiana got caught kissing a congressional staffer. McAllister ran his campaign on his Christian faith and family values. When politicians promote their moral values they suggest that their opponents are not as moral. Should moral values no longer be respected as a candidate’s politics?

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It's Tuesday night April the eighth but it doesn't really feel like it is chilly and it is breezy but this is such a blessing because. We're gonna have those hot sweltering nights sooner and so it's enjoyed. It appears as if the weather is going to be just sensational for this weekend and this weekend is the 31 annual French Quarter fast. A presented by Chevron it's the largest free music festival in America it's free it starts Thursday and runs through Sunday in the winter is going to be almost perfect sport. This year doctor John returns for the first time since 1987. And the French Quarter -- -- is a new stage the deeper for stage. -- -- -- -- -- you every if you're listening outside of New Orleans that you would come this weekend this is a great weekend to come to the city. The festival has jazz. And funk and site echoing cajun and brass bands and gospel classical all local musicians. More than twenty stations. And it's free and it's either on the French Quarter plus world class food from New Orleans finest restaurants. And it's and it's good family fun. And you can join WWL life in the French Quarter fest will be broadcasting from Jackson square -- -- largest chance brunch every day. For the best and see they're gonna be a WWL or three WL. Now Thursday and three WL Tom Fitzmorris will be there live from noon to three followed by -- spike from three to six to Jackson square. Then Friday on WWL Angela hill. Will be like doing your show from -- to Fort Jackson square than Saturday and three WL it's a special edition of the food show with Tom Fitzmorris from noon to three. And then Sunday I'll be out there from ten to 1230 as part of the world's largest chance brunch I did it last year and the year before and can't wait to get back into it again. Where the station that loves the French Quarter and French Quarter fast Debbie WL. A we're talking tonight about the Supreme Court which again trying to tell American businesses that you cannot discriminate. I mean this is something that was actually established in 1964 with a Civil Rights Act. There are people who want to now use religious beliefs to discriminate against homosexuals. And I think that's wrong. You may disagree with me you're certainly entitled to your opinion. But. I don't understand how you can justify. Discrimination. And it seems like we have learned enough over. The evolution of this country. To understand the discrimination is wrong. There was a time when discriminating against blacks. Was common practice. It was part of society. And it was justified. So should we have learned that we shouldn't discriminate against people based on. On our perception of those people. And yet there are people now I guess. Sensing. A loss of the battle. Against stopping same sex marriage. Who are desperate to try to find ways to discriminate against -- Now you could certainly have your opinion about sinners. But it you know it it's it's like the case with this. With this a politician. Congress in McAlester. He talks about Christian values. And he gets caught making out with a congressional staffer. And now is asking for an apology is asking to be. He's he's apologizing is asking for forgiveness and I think you should be forgiven. I mean this -- the worst thing you can commit but it's. If you're married that's not the right thing to do. And yet. So often Christians tend to and I'm a Christian. But so often some Christians tend to judge the -- that are not their stance. All that's different I mean homosexual distillate. Is it really that different from the sense that -- -- except from other people you might not like their -- but you don't shunned him because of the sins they commit. And so. When we just if if you're in business why don't you just not discriminate period. Now if somebody knows what your attitude is they might not want to do business with you. But that should be the consumer's decision it shouldn't be a business's decision. To decide who to surf. To pick and choose who they're gonna serve it. That just seems to me to go against everything that this country supposed to stand for. If you -- journey with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and a text number. Is -- 7870 and that this could block tonight is it is about whether or not a politician should just stop using Christian moral values. As a campaign thing. So many people have have used that. Not because they'd lived that life. They use it to get your vote. And to me that just cheapens the whole idea. Sure I want somebody to be a moral person in office. Mean I don't care what your religion news as long as you're a moral person. As long -- going to do what's in the best interest of the state the city of the country depending on who you represented. But that this idea that so well he'll vote for me because I'm a Christian vote for me because I have Christian moral values and I'm gonna bring family values into my office. What does family values have to do with the the office that you that you hole. And against so many people have absolutely ruined it that I think it's time that that politicians stop using. Christian values in their candidate there's nothing wrong with Christian values. There's nothing wrong with being moral. There's nothing wrong with family values if you even really know what that specifically means. I think it's wrong to use it to its people are actually using god. To get elected. God is like the year the year campaign symbol. And that's exactly what did and I guess the temptation is almost overwhelming because so many voters are are are falling port. So many voters just -- tip pulled in to decide oh this is the person we -- he's he's a moral person. But so often we've been disappointed. So maybe it's better that you. If you just legal life that tells a sister moral rather -- you just saying that you're a good moral person again. I'm not overly critical of this this congressman. Okay he did something he shouldn't of done. Well a lot of us have been mistakes. A lot of us have done things we should've done. And I don't think you should be ostracized. I don't think he should be condemned but this is a great opportunity to point out. That that everybody since. It's a great opportunity to point out that even those who proclaim to be great Christians and they're gonna bring their moral Christian values into their office into their politics. They can all be trusted. If you enjoy our show with you comet tonight our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. Point 78. In a -- is seats 7870. Also tonight which I was talking earlier about wrestle mania. I knew wrestle mania would be great for New Orleans but I didn't know what to expect in terms of the crowd that we show up. But after wrestle mania and after the fans poured into the the streets of the French Quarter right by I left my apartment they went down into the French Quarter. And they were in my neighborhood the wrestle mania fans for a couple of days. And after the event Sunday night I I just got in them in the middle of it all and on for retreat. I really came to respect. Professional wrestling fans. And there were things about them that. That I didn't recognize I didn't understand now I don't understand. Professional -- is not -- it's not my deal. But I respect people who were so into it and they were so passionate about it. There's also blog it's under our opinions. Hi Debbie if you don't dot -- down the right hand column on the front page titles wrestle mania fans are real people too. You can read that in share with others especially if you know any. Professional wrestling fan you might want and I share with them it's on our website at WW -- -- -- When we come back after this break out of -- wanna talk about a couple things that I learned about wrestle mania fans and wrestling fans in general. And may be something that you already knew that may -- something that you haven't taken into consideration. And there are a lot of people who are very condescending. When it comes to the stereotypical. Wrestling fans. But I learned something different after spending a couple days with them. In my neighborhood. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on -- if you will welcome back to discourage showing this rather chilly Tuesday night for April the eighth and glacier eyewitness. I got a text here that says time I really digging the bumper music tonight Barbara music is the music that we play going in other breaks. And this is another one of those songs by the dissident a really good new song from the group called best deal. And the song is called -- -- it's this is the music that's defining. This decade. And has a lot of really good stuff out and I appreciate you noticing the Barbara music because I've got I try not to just not play any thing in quite often we have themes on their show and I like I guess because of my past is. -- disk jockey in music radio for so many years of school in the morning. I guess music is still part of my life and it's the soundtrack of our lives and even though this is a talk show music is -- still important. So I I spent a couple of days with the wrestle mania fans in my neighborhood downtown. And right after the wrestling event and it's Sunday night and went out to a suburban street and I've I was with the crowd. Now I have to admit that I had a preconceived idea of wrestle mania fans. And yes there are some wrestle mania fans that are like that. But there was also more diversity. That I expect -- there were. People who look like they were from rural America. Urban America there were many body builders. But what really surprised me was the number of young AG people with tattoos and extreme hair styles. It would instantly be stereotyped as punk rockers. Wrestle -- attract a lot of different types of people from all over the country and around the world. He's one of the biggest events ever in terms of bringing in money to the superdome that's been held in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And I admit tonight at a certain attitude about to fans it was so passionate about an event. It was more staged theatrics. Than it was sport. But when I shared the streets of my neighborhood with them like quickly accepted their passion and dedication. Even if I couldn't relate to the actual event. I I admired how they allowed themselves to become so deeply invested emotionally and financially. In an entertaining event. That obviously provided a great escape from whatever problems -- pressures they face in their daily lives. Anderson that the purpose of entertainment. And as human beings we like to bond with groups. We bond over politics. Religion. Social issues sports teams of course we bond around bands and it just countless reasons that we bond with different groups. And even overconfident as individuals. We still like to know that we're part of a group. The intense camaraderie. And urban streets Sunday night right after wrestle mania was amazing. It was no different than going to -- street after after a saints game the deal I guess the one difference was there weren't just two sides. There were a lot of different groups supporting their favorite -- I saw T shirts I saw Mardi Gras like costumes. Imitating wrestlers image. I heard numerous chants and cheers. They were initiated by one group and instantly joined -- by other groups. I gotta tell you though the chants and cheers might as well have been in Chinese for those of us who were not part of the wrestling culture. About 12:30 in the morning Sunday -- well it Monday morning but continuing Sunday night after. In the 300 block of -- between the Russian -- and risks and impromptu wrestling match broke out with two young fans on Bourbon Street. They threw fake punches. Fake kicks. As if it was planned. And a bystander. Just. It's spontaneously became the rectory. It was like he knew exactly what to do. As far as I know this was not choreographed to set up at all these two these two guys who are wrestling knew each other. But to they would they would -- the wrestlers. And it wouldn't win the guy got pinned in the street. The the refereeing and the crowd chanted 123. Or whatever -- the countdown is. And the referee raised the hand of the Victor and the crowd cheered as if they just witnessed a wrestling match. The crowd stopped to watch this mark wrestling on Bourbon Street. They saw the obvious fake punches and kicks. Which are part of professional wrestling. But that didn't seem to matter. Because the crowd didn't know who was gonna win in the end. And that's what helped me understand the whole wrestling phenomena. The audience knows. Everything is in real but they don't know who's gonna win. Effect awards so many fans on on -- street. Who word to support I did some audio for our news department and also put up some. On video and at the blogger wrote about wrestle -- WW dot com and so many fans were truly disappointed and stunned. That undertaker lost. After I think of 21 wins in a row undertaker lost. What better way to create drama. The to have a crowd favorite blues. Mean imagine the buzz around wrestle mania next year. Or around undertaker the next time he wrestles. So again. It might not be the same kind of sport you'd like. But if you go to a sporting event. You don't go to a sporting event. To make money. You go dude don't you don't go to a sporting event to save anybody's life. You go to a sporting event for entertainment. And people were going to wrestle mania. To be entertained. I mean out of understood that that the personalities. Of the wrestlers. With a passion for the event but what I did understatement. And actually came to admire. Which stands. Who saw wrestling is just an escape from their reality in the same way that following a football team is an escape from your reality. And so I would no longer be critical of the theatrics of professional wrestling the punches and the kicks and head slams may not actually connect. But compared to the fake violence that we see in movies -- the stage play what's the difference. You see violence in a play you see violence in a movie it's fake it's not real but we're compelled to watch unfolding drama because we don't know what the ending is going to be. And so in that way wrestle mania is really not that different from any other form of entertainment. That we except as legitimate. A football game a movie. Or replace. If you enjoy -- show the comic to write about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text numbers 87070. Here's a text that -- so I worked the events at the convention center and superdome. Met some amazing people from all walks of life and all around the world it was quite entertaining and they love our city. It was great and I I hear that New Orleans may be put into the regular rotation. To post. Wrestle mania on a regular basis and I I hope it happens again because it was. It was a great crowd there at the hotels were 100% sold out downtown -- in the French Quarter. And factors there were some people still in town today. That's still walking around with their wrestle mania a teachers. And so we've also been talking about this freshman congressman Vance McAllister. Here in Louisiana who is are now asking for forgiveness following the release of video showing him kissing a congressional staffer. And this was a sensual kiss not just differently kiss Republican representative -- McAllister ran his campaign on faith family. And country. John do we saw that TV commercial. I wanna play TV commercial that McAllister ran. During his campaign. And and by the way deduct dynasty people. They endorsed. -- -- And -- dynasty is very into their Christian. Moral values and there's nothing wrong with that. But I think there's an increasing problem with using that in a political campaign. Here's a commercial for represented big -- when he was running for office here's what he said. I'm -- McAllister and I approve this message and hear the -- house we have a big family records or the Sunday before church Kelly doesn't pelicans and other divisions. OK okay so most other than it is here in this house -- don't work instilled the values of faith family and concert -- bathroom. If you don't trust me read your boat you can count me take those guys from Washington division of Christian way of life. Take him more and be brought back here every son do business. Okay. I mean all that sounds good. But there are people who would say well you know if -- if you're making out with somebody other than your wife you're not really following year your Christian values. He does admit this is a quote from the congressman. There is no doubt I've fallen short and are asking for forgiveness. And asking for forgiveness from god. My wife my kids my staff and my constituents. Who elected me to surf. He went on to say that he will do everything he can to earn back the trust of everyone. That he's disappointed. Should a politician be promoting Christian values. -- politician do that isn't that using god. To get elected. Our Q are you using the got a call earlier from somebody who said that the they did this is an advertising business and they did business with. Some Christian companies. -- some some companies that use the Christian fish. In their -- And he sent some of them didn't pay their bills. And I got a text from somebody else earlier said they worked in Fort Lauderdale. And there were companies that were allegedly Christian companies they weren't very Christian. Like. But he seems to me that. News this should have come a long time ago but it seems to me that. That bragging about your Christian values. Is. A sexually first of all making it seem as if Europe more moral than your candidate. And we've seen so many people prove that that's not necessarily the case. And also it seems to be a blatant use of god. To win an election. And again I'll say I'm a Christian. And there's nothing wrong with Christian values there's nothing wrong with a person being moral. But I think it's wrong to bring that into a campaign and suggest mr. better than somebody else and ultimately you're doing it just to get elected. The arrogance of many right wing Christian Republicans. -- broken moral decorum. Should serve as a lesson that politicians must stop. Using this moral superior attitude. In a campaign. And voters must stop accepting the talk because it's just cheap talk in many cases. I mean I've always been bothered by Christians who run on the Christian family moral values because to be honest with you we're all human. And we all sent. But yet many Christians are judgmental of those Syrians there aren't their -- for example they're Christians who commit all kinds of -- But they and they'll accept those -- Don't understand that they're wrong but they'll accept their friends who CN. But they won't accept homosexuals because their -- I don't know pricey real big difference. Represented -- promoting his Christian family values getting caught kissing a staff member. That should tell us that no matter what politician should just stop doing this I think the guy should be forgiven this is not a horrible horrible thing. Especially if he admits it and regrets it. That's the first step toward forgive -- I totally forget the guy and I don't hold this against. But I think this really should service incredible lesson not to. Not to judge people. -- and think that your better than somebody else when it comes to your moral values. Because for all fallible I made mistakes. We've all made mistakes. But yet so much of what we talked about on the show so much of what's in the news. Is about judgment. And now we're seeing a trend of governments people trying to push government. To make it legal. To discriminate against homosexuals. For businesses to not serve somebody. Who's a homosexual. Now the Supreme Court ruling that let stand they let stand this well actually be able to turn down I guess they let it stand an appeal it's been reported. They turned on appeal leaflets in an appeal. From a commercial photography company in New Mexico -- to Supreme Court the company was found guilty of violating the State's anti discrimination law. The company refused to photograph the same sex wedding based on religious beliefs. But if you're in business. Should you serve everybody. How would it be wrong to have the idea that you serve everyone. And you abide by the basic tenants in. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you wanna join our shooter might -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy at -- number is 877. It seems like. We look for so many ways to judge people may not you -- -- but in in general. People aren't just looking for ways to to judge others. And it just doesn't seem like. That's in the best interest. Of advancing our society and once again. You know we we have a baby boomer generation is now the establishment it was a generation that really embraced equality. That was tolerant of of sexual orientation no matter what it once. Tolerant of everybody black -- it didn't matter. Why has that generation grown up. And become a generation that seems. So quick to judge. Then again I know there are exceptions but in general the establishment today is very very judgment. And there are people within the establishment who are just desperately desperately clinging. To an opportunity to legally. Discriminate. And I I I don't understand it. Here's a text that reads religion and politics should absolutely be separate. I'm not going to fault the congressman for slipping up. Most of us do at some point I would fall Timor for being Republicans than anything else. This should not. This should not be religious issue it should be a matter of trust. And here's another text that breeds. Does the congressman regret kissing. His staffer. Or does he regret getting caught. Well I mean I can't possibly. Answer that question I don't know I I hope he regrets. Everything about it and again. I forgive the guy I don't think it should be held against him because we all make mistakes but I also think it should be a great lesson for right wing Christians who are so quick to support somebody because they. Claim to be. Eight and moral Christian and they claim to bring this into their office they claim that this is going to be part of their candidacy part of their their time as an elected official. Dared the -- the moral Christian that you should vote for. It should be a lesson that that talk is really really cheap. From -- Lennon here under the WL. -- thank you take your -- to -- Chris you know Adam. All the reason why. Get this is because he got. And -- always polls. I would dirty secrets and how and it -- as -- -- and you play caller eco expo. Well. And now and now helping out god there's a lot of surveillance cameras everywhere. As sort the only the only admit to a because he got caught it yet about -- to continue our ability. Well let me I can't I can't speak for the congressman. That is certainly a possibility and pledged -- technicolor -- like if you wanna join us for your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a text number is 877. From New Orleans nick -- -- on the -- show good evening. It. All pressure -- Partners here oh -- -- If years. -- -- -- -- I mean you aren't very -- he would either. Ordered out all right. You know you're going and I'll be currently there right up the -- all pretty what. Army. Yeah -- and it hindered me you're at it too popular vote for your. And in the in the boat people. You know. And Eric even. Yeah again I'd I don't think this is bats. That big of a deal it was -- I really feel sorry for his five children. And I would hope that nobody. I teases his kids. In school or anywhere because this is not their fault it's not they're fault. I mean. During the I mean and I understand. It does that mean. I don't blame the manner that would quoted an American man but -- -- It up politics in any. Yeah you're great you're you're going to be America vote or you you know he got him. -- OP standard period. -- -- You know I think it -- -- -- -- -- up and -- out there me what is. -- they're older. But isn't this isn't this a reminder that nobody should use god to get elected I mean you YouTube rewrite your -- -- you and god in their advertising their -- Christian moral that they are using god to get elected. Back now hold great -- -- alt fan base here of our country there though baker but everything. Not you guys in their best hope -- occurred ever more there for like body in the I relate to him in -- Country has -- very different. There it. All of that Republican contribute -- -- -- -- severe -- I -- delicate it doesn't matter who's already is apparent that you are on your own partly. Well I've always I've always been bothered by the implication. When people talk about dear dear Christian values they're Christian morals -- a political campaign. I've always been bothered by the implication that it's -- suggestion that I'm less of -- -- I'm not a -- my opponent he has. Nick I'm -- to call a short thanks for being a first time caller if you have a comment tonight new and join our show. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And I text number is 8787. Here's a Texan reason how long before he got caught was he kissing her. I can't answer that this is this coach you know. And we'll be right back into the WL a freshman congressman -- McAllister from Louisiana got caught him making out with a congressional staffer her name is Melissa peacock her husband told CNN. That he is wrecked his life and they're headed for divorce. Well I would think that her husband would blame her as much as him. This video. Became popular surveillance video thing in making out with his. Congressional staffers now asking for forgiveness and I think he should be grant forgiveness and I don't hold this against the guy but I just think it's it's wrong to use. Christian moral values that you're ultimately using god. And to get elected. Here's a -- reason so the dams can skate because they don't claim to have moral values when a country no we're not saying that at all. But it's just proving to be wrong to use god. To get elected. Here's a Texan reads -- voters need to realize that all candidates lie. As soon as they become politicians. And I guess the argument can be made that politics makes you -- And immoral person because of the nature of politics. So how dare anybody use god for the sole purpose. I'm not explaining their life but for the sole purpose of getting elected. From Alabama and your WWL. -- -- -- -- -- You know I'm a bit confused. You know it's one thing to make a mistake. You would think these people be smaller realize that they're going to call. -- it. Is going to come back to bite him in the honestly it is shocking. How many of these people continue to do you think she questioned their little community are -- to keep that from happening and -- in the country. In other -- you know sometimes -- -- people had such an ego that they think that they are. They're above it and they're not gonna get caught in and nobody who gets caught doing anything ever thought they would they would get caught. You are burglary that you would think the world especially with the camera and you mentioned here they care about sorry just in trying to -- going to. I mean obviously we're all going to begin but he Iguchi thought. You know -- duty anyway it just would not come back to. You know you're gonna -- out without -- pro wrestling match and yeah. Have -- allies which you know where about fifty have a fourteen year old kid broke real (%expletive) And my twelve -- really like wrestling in my life one day -- you know she just couldn't understand. And -- that you're well. Into future should it -- our our our senior -- big drinker or of course it is yeah. Well you know they're packer writes -- really good guys that did you watch it and tweak it there's a story -- I think it will at least in Grassley you've got some really only. Directly out into all of a group and cat food Sudanese. I would never do any couple or baker who are you sure there's coaches and their -- It's a combination about whether sent -- a combination response. And it stopped acting and it took -- it's going it is wrong. Is it any fun to -- -- so and. You know are an -- while while fans might know that every punch and every -- doesn't really land. They don't know who's gonna win. You know what I narcotic achieve much -- the night. More. Are few -- or -- soccer -- that they actually as you can actually debt on to the windows Wendy. These you can. -- And I'm still not sure cracker could really your uncle aren't good I'm not a better you know that they had light brush or a thousand products. I think you had the debt or thousand dollars all of younger drinker if you want you want you operative under -- I'm not sure how it work it which seemed to -- bit short story I guess. There are wrestling a court you could put a script together under some secrecy not to tell people what happened that you donated. You're talking about a sixty bit but it you'll look at that -- -- -- -- so -- some sports book had actually lying and who's gonna win. Interesting. And I've got to get to break I enjoyed our conversation thanks for listening tonight in Alabama if you're -- hold you stay with us. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight whatever it is our numbers 2601870. Till 38668890. At seventy. In a text number is 87870. -- I I came to respect the wrestle mania fans who. Remind neighborhood for a a couple of days and over the weekend. And I really came to admire their passion for entertainment in the same way that I have passion for entertainment. May -- -- have passion for wrestling but. It's really not that much different from the entertainment that I have a passion for. Russell talking about the -- for congressman the palace through. Got caught making out within a staffer. And may be politicians should no longer use Christian values as a campaign issue. I'm scoot it will be right back on WL. I coming up in the next hour will have played like a conversation I had with Rick Springfield earlier tonight he called us from his home studio in Malibu California. From Guerrero Brian your -- -- show good evening. Because you're you're applying. Almost -- -- a politician at the scandal at the you know this summer camp yeah. So. I -- small piece it that is. On the stand and -- wrong there's no doubt about it. All my issues that. Shall we actually -- And the church every politician on every promise. I would either -- or -- We wouldn't have any politicians at all stores and -- you'll. That. Christianity. Minority beat up but now I understand and he put down on themselves. -- -- -- -- There's other there's other issues. That should ever been a member here on. -- -- -- -- trying to got to get your news -- I'm -- I'm glad you brought that up again I just think it's it's always bothered me and now I think this is a great example to talk about it. It's wrong to use guide to get elected because we're all human I'm screwed and we'll be right back.