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04-08 11pm Scoot, Rick Springfield, Christian value politicians

Apr 9, 2014|

We here a replay of Scoot's interview of Rick Springfield who will be in New Orleans for a book signing....PLUS: Should politician promote themselves on a Christian value platform?

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Last night's -- UConn Huskies beat the Kentucky Wildcats -- win the men's NCAA national basketball championship. And there was a moment when they showed President Bush and President Clinton a sitting next -- this -- -- George W. Bush and their Bill Clinton's sitting next to each other to gain. Can you imagine what two ex presidents would puts into each other I think about the things they would they would be of the talk about it because you know presidents have secrets. It only presidents now. Nobody else -- I mean that is a very very exclusive club. They know things and nobody else knows. And I mean I guess -- couldn't talk out loud in public honey what do they both happen to go to the restroom at the same time during the game. And the only ones there entered your -- next to each other. And I mean you know bill -- at the George hey you know George. You know sorry we left the blue dress and it in the laundry room. A police in Lufkin Texas arrested a 37 year old woman her name is Evelyn -- Hamilton. She called police. Because she wasn't happy about the quality of the marijuana that -- purchased from a drug dealer. She complained that she paid forty dollars for seats in residue. And we she didn't get satisfaction. She called the police to complaint. Lufkin police sergeant David -- percent yesterday. In an officer went to her home to hear her complaint. The dealer refused to return her money when she objected to this sub standard marijuana that he -- older. So she called the police they went out there to hear her story. They -- she had any and she pulled a small amount -- from her abroad she was immediately. Arrested. This could like tonight is title politicians please stop. Running on Christian values you can read and share Q my totally disagree with me or you might be happy that somebody is is saying this. -- on our website at WWL dot com. Rick Springfield. Is music contributed to defining the eighties in the early years of MTV. Jesse's girl don't talk to strangers I've done everything for you. You've done nothing for me I liked it to say that whole song I've been everything for you you've done nothing for me. A human touch -- I mean the list goes on and on and everybody has their favorite Rick Springfield -- Rick is also starred in movies like hard to hold the movie an affair of the heart was an excellent documentary about his fans. In -- they asked me to to view it in and writer review of it which I did. Are recruited autobiography which revealed very intimate details of his life the good things and the very dark side of his life title lately at night. Rolling Stone called it one of the top rock bios of all time and it was on the New York Times bestsellers list. Rick Springfield is now written enough. It's titled magnificent vibrations. It's gonna be released on May the sixth. It's. The -- A book now Rick's going to be in New Orleans tomorrow and Octavia books at 513 Octavia street. At 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon to sign -- the graphs from the book this is the stuff that he's done in the book. Sign lit the graphs from the book that are suitable for framing. To anyone who purchases a pre -- copy of the book coming out may the sixth. Rick talked to his earlier life from his home studio in Malibu California and I welcome direct to the coach -- And Rick decided at his home in nine in Malibu and you know when night I talk to you when you were here at the station. A couple of months ago we had just agree conversation out so many different things and -- right now you're about to get a star and Hollywood to a Hollywood boulevard made in ninth. The book comes out may the sixth in the -- junior started national tour with pat -- -- and Atlanta on a your guest on drug did divas on lifetime I mean you've got to be loving life right now. TrueCrypt that yeah I like working world working in the it's a but a lot of good stuff going on. When you wrote late late at night you wrote about some -- dark times in in your life. You didn't use a ghost writer you actually wrote it so would make sure writer. But writing and not awful I think elevates you to a different level of being recognized as a writer how long has this writer being inside if you. -- I -- I was a kid around 1011 I ate all the the only thing -- ever go to school from my message to mr. reliable Israel. It doesn't situation woman liked and that was the only potentially -- -- -- -- -- call should be erratic should be your writer and and The Beatles got on the night. On world. Girls like musicians like Microsoft contingency should. -- a channel all that writing to -- song writing -- -- I -- had in my mind that the idea of getting back to prose writing and when there are about my autobiography cut correction did and -- -- publishers move. Like really like abortion and chi showed you should be writing you know fiction and I always wanted to do it -- finally didn't -- -- sitting down and doing it. Well it's a little more than that I mean you have to have very very deep vivid imagination. Magnificent vibrations is there a bit of a size five the thriller there's some some parallel stories that come together in the end which you know we don't need to talk about. But what was -- what was the underlying message -- in this because you know a lot of authors. Write novels it's it's it's fiction but a lot of a lot of them have come out in in in the novels but what about Rick Springfield came out in magnificent. -- did you ethnic group you put a lot of even -- fiction you put locking yourself and I mean every single character and -- there's a part of me. -- that is blind without character or otherwise you can't write. True you know he kind of that you're truthful character and not potential songs that have made up you know in different songs and there there actual issue with the Ryder. I can certainly tell let. In an open book open. And I cannot figure you know election he drinking water -- -- now look I think a lot of his guys he -- his main characters are writers. You know we start to look for a picture and then parent you've got to start -- what Richard and then extrapolate from there naturally your imagination -- -- and that. A lot and I didn't have a great -- a lot of the a lot of what goes on -- might. You know think I've thought about more than ten. Real real police should know what I mean you have to have a your heart and -- -- is just you know jumped. As so it's it's it's fiction but there is -- as part of your soul and ends up being part of this book. No absolutely has supported me in every character and I think part of every character. Every right to -- every you know character in the writers vote present -- You know it otherwise it's just there's no heart to actually wrote a long for a while ago -- -- look cute story based on. Has she yet agricultural consultants that I wrote from Assange and the first force. And I would not be an artist wrote it based around the record -- -- is no truth and it. And I saw that movement that helped me to understand that their -- you know every. Every. Look at fiction historical moment of truth. Yes I did there has to be that since that foundation of of some aspect of believability did then take Rotella on this oratorio -- abroad right. Noted tomorrow afternoon you're going to be in Octavia books are here in New Orleans -- 513 Octavia street tell -- going to be signing lithograph the book's going to be released on May the sixth. So tomorrow you'll be autograph and with the grants to those who pre order the book. You have a little -- there's about. Like -- social cultural drawings in the book that I I drew that. I'm like I love the Christopher Robin looks at the end of every chapter that -- kind of black and white jaw line and little black like -- love that. And so I did that with this some of the drawings of that's different from the drug due to appear to Christian Robin Brooke it. -- same idea. And and I we printed up a limited edition. Lithograph outreach -- series with the ground. That's all -- and and they also get the first. The first 11 of the first -- -- approach. Earlier in your career even though you had assumed this writer and sided view. You became so popular. You know it nobody becomes popular. As quickly as it appears it seems like you just -- overnight but I know that you had a lot -- leading up to that that point. But you do see it to with Jesse's girl at the perfect time and you were just so video friendly and that and -- Jesse's girl was just a great video that helped to define. -- MTV and in the music of the eighties and that is still very very popular today. But so you become this this big rock star down by an icon. -- did you envision at some point that you would want to be an author. Yeah yet so it's always been in my -- absolutely. And I love writing know that we can meet its writing songs just in the very similar vein to writing a book -- sure it's the same kind of drives. In the same kind of news that that. That you call on. And it's slightly different discipline but it's so basically the same kind of approach. And sanctions -- -- that I love. I love books a lot of friction especially. And go outside the same royal -- when I was -- -- I would -- -- written many books let her song on the radio you know should. We look at a book every couple of days when I was young teens. So your fast reader. Who order order. And I tell you going to be advent rouge but that's already a sold out concert but you start -- tour with had been a target in Atlanta in -- Late June so far New Orleans is not on the tour which is a disappointment. For those who would want to see here. I it's it's got to feel great to still be on the road and you know I've noticed and in a couple of different cities where there are popular eighties nights. And they played Rick Springfield BC there there are young generations that we're not even born when your songs were hits. And there -- dancing and they're there there's a singing every word to the lyrics. So they have adopted. That the sound of the eighties and part of that is certainly that your sound. And it's interesting that I hear a lot of new music coming out today that's original. But it sounds like the eighties. Accept the idea to into the bank of 1975. Yes chocolate I'd like to submit itself such -- quality and yes now. That's great you know I mean it doesn't great -- people derided the eighties but it is only the people from the nineties and -- these. And like you know the people associate director -- is so I think you give -- a certain amount of time in the and and the goods just rises to the top in this great music in every every decade. By -- we spend a few more minutes with you would you like to take a few calls. It sure OK Rick Springfield is sort of Jewish life from his home studio in Malibu California. You wanna talk direct our numbers 2601872. All free 866889. This nearly seventy. And our checks oversee 78 Sony will pass a tax -- as well we're coming right back with Rick Springfield libelous to choke. And -- have you helped me. -- Replace -- conversation we have with Rick Springfield earlier tonight terror Rick is going to be in New Orleans tomorrow he's written a novel titled. On majestic. Outside magnificent vibrations. And it's a scifi novel and their Rick has always had this writer in sight of him and operated this year this a conversation with you again defeated here earlier. He's gonna be Octavia books 513 Octavia street tomorrow at 3 o'clock signing with the grass. -- for the book to anybody who purchases a pre sealed copy of the book that he. Just so much going lines news may the nineties getting. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His book comes out made the sixers got a concert tour starting in late June. In Atlanta with pat Bennett TARP he was here at the Jewish theater a couple of months ago here in New Orleans and had a chance to it to -- But I want to give us some people a chance to 22 rhetoric and this was our first caller I welcome frank to the -- show on WW we'll talk correct. Thanks very much at all. Is there a off -- that you read. Or that you favored. Or in any implement influencers songwriting or were writing nonfiction book. You handled lot of writers and everything particular credit started to speak he loves crafts and notorious terrorist and -- stoker and then eventually. General Douglas Adams than the look his side by writing and bill questions such a tumor and a lot of great writers. A big -- about this Clark looked everything he wrote. -- -- -- -- -- And from Georgia Eric Katy you're on WWL with Rick Springfield. Pilot can't implement you know I feel about. Here and I kind of expanding the younger generations. A mile and -- contract out -- -- not sure you're remembered me out blooper. You're jumping up and down about their love you and you need it actually think he felt about it. Our but you see everybody you know I mean it's it's a big party at the -- also. The more people of marriage are unconcerned. When Katie I don't know where you are in Georgia but the the Rick Springfield tour with pat Bennett -- opens in Atlanta I think June 20 Victoria. I -- glad you called if you have a question for Rick Springfield are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86689. -- -- Texas a 77 he -- Texas says what's the negative side of touring. -- you try to curing. -- -- -- -- -- this accomplished and I love playing live and I actually love the actual flying because they get to work hard to direct my life. Having to get up at 6 AM sometimes really hurts -- officially been on the big essentially. When I saw you at the Joyce theater here a couple of months ago in New Orleans I was really amazed by two things you were. Do way you play guitar I mean you are very accomplished. Lead guitar player and your band is phenomenal I mean did did the. Is there an easy credit government and I think they're ultra modern play guitar -- four years now full. I haven't gotten good at it but now I'm gonna -- And let's go Claussen -- -- you know on the -- show with retreat field. Hey thanks to date mark hall that was I guess. In the mid to early eighties you had. Concert in Baton Rouge I believe the fairgrounds and Chuck Berry with the opening match. -- I remember that. I do actually remember members he had conducted expenditure curry would have secured I don't immediately -- -- -- labeling them it talks. And you're it might have been the meter isn't really an actual what you came you grabbed a bottle we'll. Red line he might recollect. At all. I thought it was his signature I was gonna ask you remember the brand. That at that. God I don't I don't drink anymore when I play -- that they. Barrel I -- Uganda and ask you to use it to Europe. Dirtier benefit you didn't -- the whole pot. And I'll thank god we've been all over trying out of its. Some of a -- well on the -- the commandeered the rest of the bottle. All of that it was smooth talk -- they erupt child the cheap stuff -- you know that the red -- What do memory -- -- memory due that the men and no I'm not a surrogate batteries are edit link or playing yeah. While I am glad you called in a specialist and -- from New Orleans James you're on WWL with Rick Springfield. Yeah additions that James thanks for taking my call it's sounds like -- -- assembly influenced by. Curbed by burger. Little exactly rather look are -- Kurt Vonnegut -- -- -- well I looked up -- -- Definitely. What are my favorite two brilliant well writer I can't -- -- -- I -- to read I cannot wait to region book. Yeah you might they might see elements to Kurt Vonnegut and they're probably -- and so can be such a great writer silencing of some of that. And there's little sketchy she talked about that sound like gas. -- like something he didn't computers books show off my congratulations to you on right now and I look forward to -- it thank you. -- -- a political if you try to join us tonight we're spending a few more minutes with Rick Springfield he's -- his home studio in Malibu California Rick's going to be New Orleans tomorrow he has written a novel. A title going to listen vibrations it's a size five the thriller there's some parallel stories to come together in the end of fascinating book. He's gonna be signing lithograph -- tomorrow and Octavia books at 513 Octavia street a three Clark. And he'll sign -- the grass for those who pre ordered the book which is gonna be released on May the sixth. From New Orleans -- junior on WWL with Rick Springfield. Eight -- pleasure to actually speak with you and congratulations. I have. I I. Well it is there any way that we might be able to -- she changed the lyrics just a little bit. I wish that I was. And -- Email I wish that I would suggest -- -- we do that. But I know it's pretty much written in stone at this point I never I was I was being silly. Did you did you did you wanna be the girl Gretchen. I do you wanna be still -- into I immediate and every time I hear this particular song is it. Everybody that -- at it like victory. I didn't yes I actually -- addicts. I mean it's embarrassed saying are hoping that someday we we -- light collaborate. Even. And of course said he it's pretty unsure. If you can you wish that you were just -- Yeah anyway. Luck yet regularity I'm so glad that you are doing well right now it might achieve. -- Greg our -- are quite tall they're going to get -- direct talk direct. Rick you you're in great shape and when you took your shirt off at the Joyce theater when you do that -- concerts. Women go crazy it. You're you're an example of a member of the baby boomer rock generation. That and they are there are many but some haven't done it is really taking care of himself and it seems like. You enjoy what you're doing as much now as you ever did. Yeah very much so I think enjoyment of what you do DA did as the most important thing trip. Create creating a long lines of movements to. I'd love what I do on them and -- a lot of what I did and does not retiring happened. I really I am still amazed in I saw this developed in the in the the early 2000 site I sought younger generations just relief and adopt the sound of of eighties music and and it was a it was. I. Happy. Told the music it was fun. And I pricey groups -- you mentioned the band in 1975. I forgot to mention dragons and I've gotten Bastille and the a -- American other quarter or what completely. Out enter the great memory but I see you're all I see young generation it's this interest in that same kind of of optimism and end. Fun excitement in IIIC that was some of the new bands that are coming out today and then again as I say I I -- on a regular basis it eighties night. I had to close and in New Orleans here replace it Thursday night when I Jackson did their -- Rick Springfield music. Along with the eighty stuff and as a young generation that does absolutely loves it. From murder of a trigger Hedrick. He has brought a -- a lot of great music came from the eighties I mean Arabs and child plucked it was with. You know every every decade doesn't bring you can have the great positive attitude that. I don't see around much anymore. I'd from a battery pack your -- with Rick Springfield under the WL. Toward Gelman. Rick I'm I'm sure there's probably a million stories that you like this but -- Few years back you come down I was working part time for one of the local casinos. And thought you were coming off of a long night he had gotten from the airport we thought that it felt. Among all alive you look pretty they got there about realists who goes quick look at Tony Perkins where you very polite and always believe that. Let's get the culture that we get from rough and everything has shored up in the lobby of the hotel that you checked in at. Elevators not in -- -- -- currently going on my contract -- match intentionally chronicle could talk a look at ultra. And a court expert -- in -- are gonna. We let it -- And we ultra ground simultaneously and watch urged both the guys that you -- believe that it because that -- from Dawson's Creek walk off. All of them -- ago. A very popular show and tell us that they. The look on not the church until they quietly with that week actual week -- -- kind of bewildered by. He was chillingly like to a -- -- -- worked with a lot slightly or. And you were very kind -- the nature or you know invited to sit with you the very things. I really appreciate that I was wondering. I'm in the every shortly Marty the former Arctic. Not quite Spanish feel a little bit darker at all but definitely probably one of the greatest American artist alive. Oh yeah absolutely I agree completely. Pat thanks sir thanks for sure in a story number I'm going to call. Rick when I when I met you I I had a dime and a beach if you from what I seen in public in on MTV but when I. When I talked to you and and there were some aspects of your autobiography late late at night. It really revealed such a deep. Insightful. Insightful person who had dealt with with a lot of things with you you dealt with depression you've dealt with with a lot of things in your life -- -- it was the music the way in the beginning to to try to hide from that to get away to escape that. Always a high it was try to trip trying to balance and that's -- too great balance it. I'm not know guys just won't show it it would have been improvements they hadn't discovered music and that's a great -- And you look into it the right way it can really -- easier to transform their feeling a -- it was very much so from being completely from. Are you. Are you happy with yourself now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a text that -- wants to know did Rick have a lot of money when he started out. Home like. What -- I don't let this very can young mom from -- my dad has -- army officer and I'm. Notre all the that was not about money and debris actually music is not about money -- her lead and never been about money -- -- -- -- musicians who got into it to make money they got into. Because they love what you do that money followed the great. But it just never been about the money -- -- it unnerved. I think that's actually how you make money doesn't become about the money come to that level what you do. You've written so many songs have you heard a song that somebody else has written that you thought. I could written that's. This 100 person that we -- -- our direction wanted to in the solo show called -- people that are Colbert that you blue black. That being able -- great -- And yet and streamlined pandering and every people -- -- you have a you have very public image. What's something about used -- people don't generally know that you would like them to know about Rick Springfield. I don't know I mean I'm kind of nervous about people -- settled -- -- And -- -- keep -- -- as much I can my out of biography that I look at that are Egypt colleges to think that's probably that's the biggest surprise. Rick I've enjoyed the conversation I have a great day tomorrow -- I'll see tomorrow with the -- the books. Great record I think she's -- tell us. Rick Springfield like from his own studio in Malibu California tomorrow he'll be at Octavia books at 513 Octavia street signing with the grants from the book. Magnificent vibrations which is coming out maybe six to -- pre order book and you get lithograph signed. I've -- will be right back. -- -- -- -- Sir Paul McCartney is bringing his Al their tour to New Orleans Thursday June the nineteenth. -- being a smoothie king senator WWL has your tickets at -- you can beat the box office and win tickets right here before they go on sale. -- embryos and give you two ways to win on the air and on FaceBook. Tommy -- is gonna give -- a pair of Paul McCartney tickets Thursday and Friday morning between six and 10 in the morning. Listen for one of our favorite Paul McCartney songs -- tell you what it is Thursday Friday and if you the -- caller on the number they give out you win a pair of tickets. Or you can likeness. On FaceBook. And we'll take it on line winner Sunday night at midnight. And Tommy will announce the lucky winner Monday morning in the 8 o'clock -- morning show sir Paul McCartney in concert in New Orleans Thursday June 19. Smoothie king senator from the station that loves rock and roll royalty. We WL. I'm screwed and welcome back to our show here's an update on -- -- W a pretty jaguar people tonight it's something we've been talking about on the show. Should politicians used their Christian values in their campaigns. 67%. Say no. And 33% say yes. You can give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you an update on the pole in just a few minutes we've been talking about the case it is a freshman congressman Vance McAllister. Who is now asking for forgiveness following the release of a video showing him making out with a congressional staffer. Now. According to CNN united to -- is because I was on the air I guess when this happened. By its the -- the woman's name is Melissa peacock. And her husband Heath peacock. Told CNN that his life is wrecked and they're headed for divorce. But I would think that she's justice response -- this this idea of an NN Hillary Clinton. I've seemed to kind of blame Monica Lewinsky. For the affair with -- Well it was bill's fault too. And it was almost as if she was. Saying well you know it was her fault if she should have done that and she's I forgot what her words for but it derogatory. The words about Monica Lewinsky. Well what part of that was not bill's fault equally. They were part of -- your wife making out with somebody is not. The guy's fault as well with I forgive this politician. But I think this is a great opportunity to talk about something that's bothered me for a long time and that is politicians that use god. -- provoked a Christian values. When they run for office. When they're human beings and their gonna -- and just like everybody else. And I think this guy should be forgiven needs to ask for forgiveness he admits -- he said -- no doubt that he's fallen short. He's asking for forgiveness from god his family his kids his staff his constituents who elected him to serve he went on to say that he's gonna do everything he can. To earn back the trust. That. That every earn back the trust of everyone who's been disappointed. And that's and that's fine I'm not well I don't know what he did was not right I want Arab racist in the right way. I don't approve of what he did but I I approve of the apology and everything. When I disapprove of and I think this should just be a classic lesson of politicians should not. Use Christian moral values. In their campaigns. And even the people with duct dynasty. Endorsed this guy and we know what. They stand for there's nothing wrong with Christian values. But. It's cheap talk. And so many politicians have proven that it's cheap talk. If you really truly a Christian. If you're really truly a moral person. If you believe what Christians and moral people believe. They just live the life. Just be that person. And don't brag about got -- actually from sources so the dims can skate because they don't -- to have moral values. Now that's not the case at all. But if you brag about it and fall short. It just it just accentuates. How politics and we would -- notice but it's just accentuates. How politicians will say anything just to get elected. Too many politicians don't really say what they mean or what they're gonna do. They say what they think people want to hear to get elected. So I think there's a lot of responsibility that falls on voters as well. Mean I understand this temptation the temptation to tell voters I'm a moral Christian I'm gonna bring family values into my office. OK if voters are gonna fall for that. And if you're a politician why not sing it. So voters need to be Smart enough to stop falling for that stop being. Just such sheep. When it comes to some of the things that politicians -- And I would also think it would the in the best interest politicians suggest stop. Using. Christian values. And a two run. A campaign. Here is it taxed. That reads. -- no one is sorry until they get caught. When they get caught the regulators. Yeah well that argument can be made. Here's a text. Saying that I am ruining Christmas morning Santa. Rudolph. Gremlins the Tooth Fairy and wrestling are all real. I mention. Wrestling okay. Some of the punches. Some of the kicks they don't really lions. With press Romanian town I I didn't I didn't go like you don't go to the event. But I came to appreciate the crowd and when I realized how disappointed the crowd was the undertaker lost after 21 straight victories. I couldn't help but realize OK wait a minute it's a drama. -- the violence is is it's -- They're great athletes but the violence is its make it's it's theatrics. But they don't know how the ending is they don't know the -- They don't know how it's gonna turn out so that would be no different from a movie or a play -- you go to where the violence is -- I hear is. A text that -- says something tells me. This. -- the -- ain't the one and only. Mac meaning McAllister has certainly wasted no time in settling in to. The hard work of representing the people. Again like you know people are fallible. And people make mistakes and I I don't I don't hold out against the guy. But what I do. -- think is wrong is again to use god to get elected. Here's attacks that reads. To hold somebody to a higher standard because of their political position is silly. Every one should have the same moral standards. Whether they're a bomb. Or the president. I agree with that. But by promoting Christian values in your campaign. You're suggesting that that you were more moral. Then everybody else. And that's what rubs me the wrong way. This group blog tonight agree or disagree it's on our web sites and -- and others it's -- -- you overcome its -- politicians. Please stop running. On Christian values. Here is attacks. And it reads. And all I mentioned earlier round I I saw of sorts in the game I simply never show last night as Washington national championship game between UConn and Kentucky. And they were so one moment when they showed President Bush I George W. Bush and Bill Clinton sitting next to each other. And I thought I imagine the secrets. I mean being being an ex president. As being part of a very very exclusive club. A mansion the secrets that they now the only ex presidents now imagine the things that they know that nobody else knows. And I said. -- -- -- Measure what they were talking about. Well here's a Texas said. They were talking about area 51 aliens how stupid Sarah Palin is now the Iranians are -- court are going to wonder what hit them. In a few weeks. Here is a text on McAllister has to do. Is say something bad about the president or obamacare. And he'll be back in the good graces with the GOP. It's worked for others before. -- Eric Cantor said that he I've -- the apology was a I think the apologies are very appropriate. -- -- a going to be people who listen to me and think well -- being critical of the politician when -- makes mistakes to look I have made mistakes. And I'm sure we'll continue to make mistakes in my life. I'm not critical of what he did. Set the right thing to do not critical of that. I'm focusing on is the use. Ranking about your Christian morals and your moral standards. He run for office. For the purpose of getting votes because that's obviously not really who you are. And there are so many politicians who have disappointed -- it's just time for that to no longer be a campaign issue. If you gonna join us tonight -- numbers 2601872. All 38668890870. -- amber states have VA seventy. And WB final update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll we -- back here's the question should politicians used their Christian values. In their campaigns. Coated every avenue L dot com. Give us your votes and we'll be right back -- more -- show and every WL there is a bill. That the legislatures dealing with -- rouge. That would allow lawmakers. To carry guns into the capital. I mean why. This is another one of those things that people are just trying to make a statement it's. Okay it's. It's understanding it's an understanding that we have the Second Amendment that's that's find that there are people who wanna flaunt it. Just to flaunt it. And -- would a lawmaker needed gone. In the State Capitol. If you thought you needed a gun to go win their what was -- going there in the first place. And I would think that that would be rather secure place so the idea of having a gun when you go in there. Is is just for the purpose of saying you can do it rather than the fact that you actually need it. And I think once again this. Speaks to though and I'm the Second Amendment supporter and a gun rights supporter but I think this speaks to to those people who. Are more prone to just making a statement. About the Second Amendment in using the Second Amendment the way it should be used. The has good luck tonight on our website at WWL dot com politicians. Please stop running on Christian values. It's also been a conversation on our FaceBook page at W radio here's a comment from. I Charlie outpost in our FaceBook page running on morality subjected to your own bias is insane. I -- is a comment from John. It's an evolution. Of the southern strategy. They don't actually care about morality. They care about tricking you. And playing off your hate and fear. Morality is used as a wedge to draw a line between you and then that is absolutely. Accurate. And brace. Subtle racism. Is used bringing up. Racial -- subtle racial issues creating fear. Is another way it's it was referred to wants is the southern strategy. And it was used by politicians presidential politicians and local politicians. It was it was used to get votes. It was used to make people afraid. Here's another comment on our FaceBook page from bill. Do you do the right thing. Even when no one is watching. You should. Because if you believe in god. If you believe in Santa Claus. Are always watching. Got in -- both know when you've been naughty and they know when you've been nice. So even though there's not a surveillance camera even if there's not anybody around. You really should good do good because that's which is supposedly has a title update -- -- -- if you are pretty general opinion poll tonight. I should politicians used their Christian values in their campaigns 75%. Saying no they should not. 25% say yes they should. One -- John -- our studio producer thanks for the calls thanks for attacks have a great evening. I execute -- -- New Orleans.