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WWL>Topics>>4-9 6:15am Tommy, disciplining your pet

4-9 6:15am Tommy, disciplining your pet

Apr 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jean Manino, owner of JCM Dog Training, about how to properly train and discipline your dog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A violent man and this is made news. And aunts and violent although he would appear to be -- let's. Was arrested for cruelty to animals. And this happened in December 2012 the video is. I guess just being made public now in the saint Bernard parish sheriff. Arrested this guy I think it was back in January's is that -- -- it would not yesterday or anything like that. But that Jimmy Coleman chair of -- parry said it was probably. An incident captured on video. That it was. Beyond him is very graphic and disturbing and it could be disturbing -- some viewers so. As a result and running even posted on the website and see the point and that would basically. They -- one guy a video in this and another guy doing and who it begins with him. Picking up the dog by the neck and drag and it over to the garbage dog's name is tiger. So. After he does that he tells the dog look at trash and apparently trash strewn all over the house and he starts to hit a dog with a boxing glove on his left hand. -- name was tigers he continues to cry as she's hit any throws or across a room picks her up again and slams are down hard on her back. And the owners the video concludes with the owner telling the dog it is I dare you to get in the trash one more time. And it then apparently guiding get it because. He said. Allegedly that. You know what I can't believe that your arresting me after you shoot in the video saying I was just disciplining my dog and you know arrest -- -- it was me and arrest me because I beat my dog because -- soiled my house. And others and update the story apparently by the level and then it goes wanted to say that. This guy to beat the dog dropped it off and an animal shelter but now they're saying no it was actually. Come. Another pupil that he dropped off and the reason we want to talk about this is first off everybody -- cruelty to animals and secondly. Com. Pit bulls get such a bad reputation I think this brings up the point of is -- the owners that make -- bad dogs. And joining us right now -- Menino with JCM. Dog training -- I know you know about this and had to make you pretty disturbed. Yes it very upsetting to see the body. Inflict that type of cruelty. You know two and an animal that was obviously not aggressive it anyway. But it did not defend itself others in the cried try to get away. And just. You'll be intent consciousness -- it's absolutely. Unconscionable. -- just to be clear that it happened in December 2012 this guy was taken in the custody last month because I guess it took some time for the video to surface and to make its way to -- police department. When when as -- -- ACC a guide your -- trained German shepherds and and Berman partner was upsetting to me because he would actually almost appeared hanging their dog by a chain. And then to twirl it around over and over and over again and for the life of me and it can understand -- teach in the -- to do. Are those training methods still in use. They are. And they actually do have their application for instance if you are working. With a highly aggressive dog. And that you're trying to get control where it comes down to the dog is going to attack you. And you're gonna get involved or are you going to. Inflicted corrections that is going to prevent that. -- You would use something it to that extreme. In those circumstances. This particular situation where demand was. Corrected this dog because he had. -- something. Is it totally inappropriate. For the dogs learn in the president's big -- cause and effect. So any -- as positive or negative. That you. Due to a dog is going to register at that moment. So nosy. If the dog the -- digging in the garbage. Then. Realistically could garbage needed to act as the guitar at. For the -- to benefit. Did not. Dig in the garbage for instance is -- -- an application of something at some type of it teach you product. And it gave the -- bad taste when he went to Q on the garbage. That would be an effective deterrent is integrity large. Actually a lot of -- like -- and pepper. It and lord. That there -- products. Called bitter apple. In other anti. Q products that activate and suitable to turn it. The fact is dead. If you've become the deterrent. You'd you'd take the focus off of what the dog. Has done. And you look at the dog doesn't learn that the garbage is. Something not to do but don't do it in your presence. Because it's only what you heard there -- -- -- get in trouble. LIG in August in time what this does I think is important and a lot of people who want a trainer -- something they they know the first thing about it and what they're still one might be. Just the opposite and made might be discouraging the dog from doing what they wanted to rather than. Encouraging in any wind up with a vicious cycle going pretty jaguar opinion pulled -- you ever hit your pet to discipline it 80% are saying no 20% are saying yes -- did Jean -- a question when we come back. And take your calls at 2601878. Till 38668890870. I guess -- Menino from JCM dog training we're talking about a video. And react from violet dead beat his dog unconscious with a boxing glove on his hand. And slammed the dog to the floor and it was a pit bull six only three time we get traffic that. Always says also rather's new loans French Quarter were talking about a sunny woods when he won video came. To the attention of the saint Bernard parish sheriff's office last month filmed in 2012 December 2012 that this -- -- eight. The living hell out of his Pete pit bull with a boxing glove on him because -- got into the garbage. And then pick the dog up and it appeared to be unconscious and slammed it on the ground in. Again I want to do this Israelis are about pit bulls when a tackle here's a case of human attacking a pair people up ready -- painful should you ever hit your pet to discipline it. 29% are saying yes 71% are saying now along those lines. Gary from -- hand as a a question and comment as we talked to gene Menino of Jaycee and dog training the morning Gary. You know the reason I called -- as a dog trainer -- retrieve burst in and corporal punishment. It is not. A bad thing if it. That being cruel. And in a good structure goes -- How how would you define Gary corporal punishment. Well what. Like to do normally -- -- I. I think the first thing that dog needs to understand -- -- -- man who sure knows that means now and what I do. Find it it's like a local newspaper makes a lot of noise we slot but don't go on the bottom now on their different size. You know and it looks different temperaments that. From me -- -- and -- have been a dog trainer for over fifty years. For made double newspapers usually not because retriever understand. -- Gary appreciate the call we have to go to news in the second the team will say that you've been training dogs on. -- since 1979. And I don't -- economy okay over thirty years ago. Tell me what you think about what Gary ages and in in terms of eighties -- weapon though every utilizes the discipline that dog. Well. My personal opinion and again have been turning -- on time. It's always been my belief that flooding -- in the rear end. Is not effective because the -- -- usually is not end -- doing anything wrong. And if you're going to get the drugs focus and -- any type of correcting you want to the dark TP. Focus on you and I never used. Any type of inanimate object in the newspaper. Or anything such as that. Too. I do a correction with the dogs like for instance that I'm going to teach it -- to walk Italy's. I'm good at -- the leash target release the leash. To keep the -- focus and move forward and teach the dog not to get out of being next to be in position. I we have to pause for news team we come it'll take more calls and well -- address -- whole thing with dogs and pack mentality and cracked and how the leader of the pack punish his dogs that don't do what they do or how it traditionally works and also talking about other pets because it seems as though we always hear about people abusing her hitting a dog and on that happens with other pets or not and if anybody out there knows of any instances where does it. Give us call at 260187820386. Exit 89087. Attacks comes in homes between. Berman and Crescent City connection is closed. In both directions at stump so be aware that if you use that. A way to get to work right now time for -- WL first news which. We'll also include a look at traffic -- 63921147. As the sun begins to make its appearance over the Crescent City and listen and as she got Paul McCartney singing back up to George Harrison's lead vocals. And I say thank you don't want you to remember -- -- feet. The box office disease or Paul McCartney as he brings is out there towards to the Crescent City Thursday June 19. The smoothie king Saturn -- and yells get your tickets before they go on sale. We're gonna give -- two ways to win tickets on the air and on FaceBook now many giveaway appeared tickets tomorrow and Friday morning between six and 10 AM. And I'll tell you how to win or later right now or though he can like us on FaceBook -- -- the online winner Sunday night at midnight and I'll announce that lucky winner mourning on Monday morning at 8 o'clock Paul McCartney concert Thursday June 19 at this movie king center. -- subtext here a lot of calls bird dog trainer in case you need do -- get an. The car and you don't know we're talking about a in December 2012 a violet man was upset because is pit -- gotten the garbage. So he put on a boxing -- beat the dog unconscious the road across a room and then picked it up and slanted down on the floor. A friend of his Johnny Dominic. Video of the whole thing was heard on the tape laughing -- he gonna kill a dog needs to stop but he can -- news so Laphen end. As the video ends the owner tells dog again it'd be with the boxing gloves in the trash one more time which by that time I don't think the -- was listening and even if he was. He -- understand what they what the guy I was managing money no did do people -- a dog trying to joins us right now again. Thirty years of experience she's with JCM dog training on does it do people not understand sometimes the dogs -- speak English. I'll -- absolutely. The the main reason that we can't. The number of students that we get is because they try to communicate on May. By the human psychological level with their dog it tries to explain things and I hear all the time the Bible I told the that he did it one more time -- second ago and so that the. -- and put in writing ninety I'm not trying to be silly but it like got a lot. Here's your third notice a and you gotta go what time my daughter train wreck if you have any questions or comments music -- 187203866. 8890 -- seven in I'm trying to work in the text as well as a phone calls so a region this tax. Please ask your dog trainer. -- -- About the best way to potty train a dog without spanking at a twelve week old boxer that is mostly potty trained still occasionally goes in the house. An excellent question we get asked that a lot. -- To house breaking is he catches the dog getting ready to go. And bring him where he needs to go. Once -- what's. Signs that they give you Jeanne. The whales circled yes now. There are a lot of people that -- -- dogs during the night. And when they let the dog out of the crate they take the dog directly outside. And and. Men after they finish right pardon. Bring them in after they finish right. Bring the men after they finished but I don't recommend that the -- be taken from the crate directly outside. Because you're you're not trying to. Teach the good. To use the bathroom outside as much as you're trying to teach the dog not to use the bathroom inside. So what I would like to do is to let the dog out of the crate. As soon as they get ready to squat. Go over to the -- industry -- -- -- that we didn't get them outside so you re directing the behavior. If the dog is having accident. And that you -- the dog after the fact even a second or two once it's out of them they they can't comprehend. That that's what Europe -- about. Let the connotation of Robin their nose and it is from expressed ranked. But once it's there it's too late they don't. Understand. That something that came out of them is what you're right about now. I we're gonna get back to more phone calls in the second -- Menino talking about training dogs and his. It violence or physical line action ever needed. We'll continue to conversation here on hold stayed there and I am a Scottish Terrier Max abundantly recently starred and was the monsters and instant. But anyway -- my ex wife and daughter did you know they wanted the dog but then didn't really pay attention to it in the dog was going all over the house so I started -- in the microwave timer. At about ten minutes and I'd take it out at those intervals and as soon as it would go and bring it back in. And eventually -- arguments in that would work for everybody but eventually -- learned to do his stuff outside and also I would put him on the grass not only concrete does. I think he's gonna have a mess for the rescue like 645 coming back on -- -- W. Tommy Tucker never WL a story very disturbing about it a man inviolate dead beat his dog with a boxing glove because he got in garbage in. We talk about dog training with -- Menino jays C and dog training in the business thirty years and go to let christening I twelve acres here on -- But -- you do one. And it's not what do you think when. But. -- he'd be the elite eight you cannot you Atlanta raised dogs do that. -- would -- applauded the news. At the top of these. Things. Element -- what I can barely an erroneous name -- maybe will. Late to get to a better sell it and try in the second Chico desperate and -- got a W out the morning. Hi bill is all well you say on the fact that you know what you got -- -- From one small. Okay what is the little people understand. What you're doing and what to -- him. You don't you don't wait till he's seven months -- It's a great point ability to the dog in you all -- 16 and so six weeks like the united -- -- it. You install it stand out that -- -- -- Wallace. Let me say. I have never let it. Go and it can be cute and big if you look at two hours. Like it. Like -- -- -- -- -- it cheek. From the one on that indeed win and now how did you do when. It. When you look at -- -- 000. -- win this small. Six mar six weeks. -- and -- No I don't know. -- tell right away to get back to -- that I completely agree with what you're saying I think a lot of time people think of Colin people have problems. Because they're neglect -- mentioned the situation with Max where nobody was paying attention to join. And finally I got him on a schedule where he would know that he had to go out and -- how much of a problem is that people not paying attention expect in the dog. As Chico just said in Vegas are when it's young all of a sudden that a year it's going to be fully. House broken and so forth and when it comes a pack mentality how do you establish affected you're the leader. A pack mentality with the dog. Is established. Through working with the -- natural instinct. There is an exercise that I'd do that is one of the most important exercises. And it's called -- -- Dog naturally. Will show possessions. All of our food. Toys. When someone comes in the door at the -- question to the door. Saying that he's in charge of the household. He's going to see -- at the door before the owner can even get there. Real quick did before we run out of time what about. There there the adage that you got to -- the dog up looking many guy and hold his gaze until he puts his head down have you ever heard any amount -- that true. That. It's intimidation -- daring is what some dogs do or what dogs do to other dogs. Having that applying means something to the dog from a humans is not quite as effective as other techniques that and are -- or use. Thank you -- let's talk about the next time we appreciate your time this morning. Okay would thank you very much having you did.

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