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WWL>Topics>>4-9 8:15am Tommy, Common Core poll

4-9 8:15am Tommy, Common Core poll

Apr 9, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dan Juneau, a policy advisor to Lane Grigsby, who commissioned a poll about support and opposition for Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're having another discussion about common core and I sensor and have some more after this there is a new cold it is out. That shows that a vastly different amount of people. Approve of this standards called for in common court. When they're not referred to his common core. But if they're called common -- Look out the number goes way down in -- joins us right now to talk about the poll that. I believe his organization. Commissioned and just to be clear. The Leon Louisiana association of business and industry. Has come out in favor of common core. But Dan is here because. He's the policy advisor going Grigsby who underwrote the poll did -- get -- right or not. Yet -- -- good morning good to be with you on the on the longer with Colombia Ricardo last fall. And not very happily yeah doing some work with language we use -- -- every morning doesn't poll like this to -- voters. Feelings about -- elected officials about the elections coming up in about two of the key issues either before the legislature or before congress. This poll was 600 sample with a 4% the margin of error. And you know with which you which is saying is is is accurate and in the poll looks to take a look at a couple of findings you know directly from the pole. Of the poll -- if the public thought that current standards for students were strong enough. 61% said no and 26%. That they weren't strong enough and 13% says that they didn't know. When you poll and as you indicated. If everybody knew that we there was little question has just if they were if they had heard about common core. 66 and 67%. Said yes 30% says no. Of the 67%. That said yes I'm only 32%. Of the of the of the respondents said they had heard a lot about it. Which is about 20% of the total respondents. Just calm about when he presented just -- and very little was 15%. But then the question about from you know from what you've sort of a common Cortese supported support was 41% oppose was 40% and not in and undecided was nineteen. Don't do that again dancing if you anyway. -- and Indian response is war. 41 -- support forty oppose and and 90% undecided so. I think common core state -- and -- -- a fairly elusive book concept. To most spoken in Louisiana today. Obviously there has been some good discussion of -- in the media obviously it is. Controversy to what -- with a lot of lot of folks in the state but a lot of folks just don't have a handle about what it's really about. Tonight gang unit tanks and guns in the morning Tommy and been listening now sort. A few days -- -- on in the term common -- if you explain it to me I would be most grateful. How did you know that term come about not enough anybody. -- the test marketed in -- but that would. Common core state standards did not come from the federal government does some people implies or directly state. It was a product of the national governors conference in the national. State or organizations state education superintendent. From around the country they develop the common core it is not curriculum. It is developing. Challenging standards that they and states and in local entities developed a curriculum. To teach that to these little standards. Went and I'm I'm I'm not an expert in common -- either. Not a cynical when when you see and let's get now to the numbers the pole in the standards when. It's not referred to -- common -- Yes that's. Good morning once already seen the so it's simply -- phrase the -- thing -- the question for a for common core. But instead -- -- common corset support educate and support the education reform package that would in the inning gave the same verbiage is discussion -- common -- When I was -- 47% supported it 27% opposed it. And 26%. Were undecided. So that's about a twenty point switch I think one inference from this is that the folks who. Have Estrada Leopold common Cold War. Have they have they have been somewhat successful in -- the brand of the main common Cold War -- think that they vote damage the substance of what it would do. You know it confuses me all always is whenever you try to have a policy discussion whenever you try to. Change something or institute a different way is it governments do everything immediately turns political and I'm just wondering. How -- common -- come in named the poison pill for this set of educational standards. Well you know -- -- out -- them some folks. Either. Mistakenly or or or wittingly -- tried to cut this this to the to the Obama administration. President Obama is not very popular in many places including the of the state of Louisiana. The president. Education Department did include. Adoption of common core. As part of its criteria for getting funded in their race to the top program but again that was not setting curriculum work. Org or any anything of that nature is so that it has gotten into the into politics. -- a lot of -- you know very conservative people are very you know suspicious about this and or convinces. This says something to do with with an Obama administration's takeover of but over the edges the education system. Disagreed very strongly with with President Obama moment on the number of there are issues you know through the years but -- -- this one you have. A lot of folks in the in the business media are really nervous in the business communities so unify on an issue in a long long time in the state of Louisiana has enormous safety the needs for improving our workforce. They understand that the current standards that that that were there were that we have and we're teaching to. Or not we're we we need world where we need to be right now much -- five years ten years twenty years from now. One -- I get a light -- you respond to before we let you go and it's as. One may be okay with the standards but not the data collection in government interaction that's your problem everybody wants Marty kids. What the government out of the kids business and what always confuses me whenever we talk about common Corning get these text that is unless you're talking about a private school and then even to an excess. If they take federal money for -- -- would hand yet the government is involved Carolina. Well you know like you said if if if you're getting you know of the boat the boat launch program you know -- You know the government is involved can only take you. It is but good in a public school Dan I mean that in essence is that government run in it for the most part and it would school boards and so forth. Sure. You know and you know the -- pocket are dictated that my only interaction personally with common gore as we have a ten year old grandson that battle -- little Eagles to a parochial school here in Baton -- there there you're tuning into into this program. There is not one -- permit -- parents. It is the teachers and administrators about this in my funds went to that same school 25 years ago I was disappointed -- that -- that sound because there was no rigor. I am amazed when my grandson goes to the united homework it is fantastic and I appreciate your time. Yes -- -- -- today.

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