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4-9-14 12:10pm Garland: on the murder rate

Apr 9, 2014|

Garland talks about the murder rate with Pastor Antoine Barriere of Household of Faith Family Worship Church and Dana Kaplan of the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- BO report on local web sites. Yesterday or a couple of days ago. More Americans have been killed on American -- street since 1980. Then all American soldiers cradled in every war since 19100. Can be -- -- Exactly the same number of Americans as their own members and -- -- -- represented. 430 -- killed every fifteen days in the America. And the Americans killing and dying or disproportionately. African American. This is article about a Maryland drew a number of other mayors rule on the country. A talking at the Aspen Institute is one opting tents in -- country more. A lot of -- learned or -- and innovative and creative -- try to find answers to pressing problems in this country. Better understand this and in the future compensation. We've been here. And on Barre area had -- -- the family worship church to join his -- thank you recombinant. Thank you so much -- but haven't we're. Glad to be upon his conversation. Read something that Maryland was quoted as saying. You said when people say you were in post racial America I think they're wrong. You said. As he advocated for discussion to the problem stripped of the tendency to take immediate a then it's. -- shows some empathy for some more than someone with whom you disagree what do you think you meant by. Why I think he's saying that whenever you start talking racial. Challenges in our city in the nation someone quickly get to sit and once you offended the Bible says. A brother and it is not easily -- so now that person -- not open to do to key year. The reality it was reliable and -- Even as we look at these numbers are we can't -- -- in the post racial America win. The numbers of concentrate something different. Mean it'd could. Board what they're they're talking about race -- economy poverty education. Personal responsibility. Almost any of those conversations. If you get in the debris to like like the -- -- and about -- -- but he. And you're talking about the wrongs done to black -- -- lack of participation in the economy. The poverty that they lived in the lack of education. The first thing a lot of votes well how about personal responsibility. How do you get past that. -- well. There there -- personal responsibility we war. Say that so what should take personal responsibility but we also. Agree and look at. The -- stacked against I mean I have personal responsibility is good. How do I. Received an education. Wins. Our education system is that. Used to really. A live black individuals. You know pre Katrina we. They -- schools for most of the public school system in the war in. Even post-Katrina we still -- Many would not looked upon our. But do we still choose to cut -- cute choose to. Not. Ladies -- stand is so old or challenged those who come -- to level and so. The personal responsibility even go to school I'm not being educated to degree that I should be and so now and locked into. A standard or education. That does not allowed to progress in society. In them in the U. And when I'm limited then -- -- a certain level. In bad levels. In the places that state as. All the holes are you know we have -- we have the problems in our community. And now I've become that person -- That the statistics say that would -- good. Our -- take a break your. Were worth thinking about. Maryland groups appearance report via Aspen Institute. Whatever countries. Opting tents and and he brought racism in America and diversity in this state. Yeah when he thought shivering column that it was called 2601. Welcome Banco worth thinking about a recent parents by Maryland group for the Aspen Institute one of the year opting tanks in this country. While Barrett who screws -- when people who were in post racial America I think they're wrong it's we're talking about racism. In America. -- joining us is Patrick in Poland -- Had the helps -- beat them only worship church. And pastor -- offering into a low bar listeners Serra. You're in double a bill appreciate coral. -- But it. Didn't and you are. -- -- apart and our partners and I'll talk. And Richard K you call it. Equipment. Or not I don't think it right OK. -- A lot of -- that our players -- optional -- goal at age in our whole community. Hey I'm physically. Come out of our pocket and. Occasionally I'll be buried. At -- children. Com com. Ignorant and angry -- -- -- family. And apparently. Want and that is -- We're not into it and the children. Big opera powered job. And pay. More dependent on other people career with children might not be able to. Sarah. Sarah I hear what you're saying but but I'm -- this when when -- so you don't think these differences Obama understand. Your point but I I'm looking at it's something called the sentencing project UC Berkeley graduate students got the other. It's been years who put this report together. One in three black men and spend time behind bars during their white like time. That compares to one in six allude to -- one and seventeen whiteman. Arrest rate for marijuana possession or more times is five for black Americans as for whites and we use it in this same amount. Black and soon an average of 20% longer behind bars in federal prisons then their white peers for the same -- Bastard but that's where. When Merrill lenders. I don't think -- post racial America. That things would be -- provident. That's seem to be proved. You know it's. It it's. Alarming to hear those -- stat. In atrial does that. You know Gordon. Judged by the content of our territory. But by the color hair and young black Americans. Specifically in our community. And -- an all or jailed war. Profiles. All or dealt with in the -- To this murder in via. Before. All of the mayor talked about. You know their own natural Mercury. News. The law but there's also an actual already. Rate -- and -- -- you have -- Pretty controlling the 60000. People a year it will -- -- the oh PP and regain the majority of them being African American. I wouldn't take that group of people. And you keep cycle in them and you keep bumping into what people live their -- taken away from the air. Access taken away from him their families taken away from him now those individuals all. Or get all angry. And they take that out -- -- not insult that's why we see this law on the -- black on black. Is because we've taken their -- we want. You know you read it is released to marijuana is -- the same usage in the community. But good. Young black men are more likely to be arrested today -- -- full position. There and why. Eight. Representative. About work legislative detail was awful. JP opposite -- we know did doing drugs in old rhetoric but it's easy to come out in -- -- war. It wouldn't be here in Seoul. Dole's. -- -- -- Credit issue. Looks at our people call this spot in. That's what we have to look at it and and to change that aspect. Quote would never be any different. Let me give you this because often talk and reason moved reasonable people would -- and Maryland drew news. Would say the answer is first of all communications we gotta talk education comes later. Law changes come would we gotta talk and communicate about the problem. But explained certainly hope we would start this conversation I'm going to be blunt. You say the word welfare. White people I'd think the vast majority immediately think blacks and her aren't. And what we never think about including me. Is the very rich get welfare for private planes they get subsidies. For those private planes they get acts bridal. They get welfare subsidies. For yachts. They get a mortgage interest reduction programs your thoughts. They give welfare for hedge funds and private equity. They have big tax loophole. That only they can take could take bureau where and take advantage. They got welfare subsidies. For American's biggest banks the reason they get cheap money is the government has promised. To rescue them because they're too big debate. We're got welfare subsidies for American corporation cities. Parishes State's eighty billion dollars a year is the least figure -- in part. Not hot when you start to the conversation. When we denigrate you and for being on welfare. But I -- doing shows on -- -- you don't yet. -- Mean because you are. Well I'm talking about me. Okay. I make this city must. Right but if you're young black man do you have cubs wouldn't. I mean we understand that. This conversation have to stop and we also -- That. Great. The problem without races or is alive and well it'd have to start somewhere -- now. It -- in the conversation. We can bring -- that we can look at. These parts and in now we get it turned. Termed the light form you had turned on the had a conversation this morning. In and the whole point came up when Jesus gave the terrible -- -- gave the story about the young lady who caught act adultery. Can get without being cast that are still -- now we are willing to cast only young black men and who are in the -- -- situation or not it would do to go forward. -- here we are we rocks. In in in in -- in this situation. Where we are. Condemning what we know we are failed to do in the same thing about what changes are. And Beck on the patients do that could go forward because. -- in the debate that terrible they put Iraq are indeed did not condemn her and I believe in -- through these conversations. Will put -- right. In fact and built one in the because I've become in the same place. If I'm wouldn't look at you. And in Little Rock did you because you take welfare valujet. But how can we just stop the conversation and begin to go forward. In the process. To you about community network again. Good point. Let's bring you know Kevin Kevin your own -- a pasture -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- in terms of the sixty vote at some. Weeks after the real. Two. Well like mine to get the job. And it does not mean it. A black white issue. African American epic historical epic yet. Bottom of the total also supports parts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the top to the -- Social we have to back in -- the beat at the bottom to soak up what we get to prop up. Put you know -- -- is Thomas. Written out of the -- -- men fast and so in the problem but this matter Thursday. It's about so this thing. And do we want to cancer and children it's. You know week you're in you're in your neighborhood. Deep but customize either. After I hated when callers collude and make more sense than. Heavenly for the -- does not. Yet he does it it is. It's not just. A race -- -- -- more of that economic trade and it manifested itself in. The races is greed I mean -- -- We tried to hold somebody else down so that. We can -- book but if we realize that. That's not necessarily call or it was to go we all people to. The better I am the better you'll that you guys so but what we have to go back to those basic. Principles we are brought the people we have low I'll need an optional. And we do bad. Now our community change -- you know. It's one thing to allow. The murder rate could be dead. In African American community but it's because we -- on paper as we really he would. And we would change. Some of those aspects we would you know even though technically but I can't. Can -- in realize that more African Americans. Have been killed in all the war walls. Right here and we're -- doing something about it. I really. You know what your your listeners who went to cubic carefully here because I'm not saying anything to. To calm down offensively at least two. -- children. Saint equal but. -- war. Terrible. Like cute that were key field it and everybody. But here he is big numbers tapped in every day in the black community and know it stopped and definitely. You know understand her -- you know you know he has -- would not want to say. Anything but we need to look at in Q why or we looking -- -- this keeper because they're so cute. Is I mean these amount of people were dying right in our community in life that in the and why don't we stand up and. -- communications of talking held let's do more of -- year old always welcome on the short appreciated that time of the great. -- Brigham and continue this conversation. Right to the news -- -- -- -- robbed them would be called the pink. No word -- about racism and the thing imports we do fairly regular base of this time. -- -- -- Initiated by I'm Merrill Andrew talking to one -- top and things in this country via Aspen Institute. It was quoted as saying when people say you weren't post racial America I think their brawl. We've had a discussion on that and the second half file organ of the same as a power. Where -- Kaplan with the executive director juvenile justice project of Louisiana they're welcomed the show. What do you think -- we and a post racial America. Atlanta mayor -- was -- out gain that -- that. Despite the progress that has been made in the country on issues of racial equity. There are still significant disparities. And hand in that country is still plagued by problems. That unfortunately. -- off and disproportionately. Impact community that Cutler can. The issue of violence is one of those issues -- the public health right. And we need to take seriously not only meaningful solution to attract. And also recognized that too often it's a game urban community and community that color and therefore -- interracial justice issue to address. -- -- let me be candid here. I don't watch much television and horrible when I do. I'm reflect what to pastor barrier just said on the show. Let's see you're a young black men and rested for shooting and of the young black man. -- about become hardened to -- up become -- Become. Well then that is tragic. It's not surprising it doesn't shock me and and I don't know what can be done about it I hear. Since I got here in 97 -- We should talk of we should meet. We should debate this and and certainly -- so home improvement ports on me in the black brown and yellow communities. -- when it comes to young black man and killing young black men. I'm not surprised by it anymore and I'm doubtful as to what can be done. This is something that can be down. Well I mean I think it's -- him at Center for Disease Control act and has examined the issue by a great deal. But that they put out that statistic sixteen young people are murdered everyday -- country which is more our members are men are killed in the Iraq War. And so apparently acting you know -- -- at statistics should be shocking and -- bill. Beat them and give that pot but they also said and I quote biosciences not insurmountable. Problem. It can be prevented -- thoughtful systematic approach. And it's that type of public health strategy that I believe is needed and we don't have enough elected officials. Fully committed towards -- art. -- are limit limit take our first -- but older bright there when -- -- can pick it up immediately at that point. Let's talk about what they recommend that it's all that at least potential answers double rodeo big and so more than 53. -- Burt Reynolds that are appear -- -- -- -- and -- our our campuses is saying everything good about -- soon with Dana Kaplan with the executive director juvenile Joseph projects of Louisiana. And and data we were talking about potential. Answers or potential. Plans to do something talked. Our senator Lander actually from Louisiana. Is -- on there a key legislation at a girl fall back it's called the comments. And one of the things that -- legislation would do would be each create local Lee Matt -- planning practice even aging. Community stakeholders and leaders like pastor Barry. And circuit for buyers -- Develop continues her plan and and then bring federal funding into. Two parts and services. We have to understand that because -- in the public health issue if we don't have that type intervention on the ground -- not going to be able to wrap our wrap ourselves around fixing. The young people and our program and there's a great documentary punch -- shot that really highlight that issue. -- apparently have been mapping neighborhood. Better comparable to award every single one of them -- malignant or some type of violence has lost a loved one and gone by and a lot of mental health issues and trauma that. If we're not providing services at that there local level for the young people. Exposed to -- by. And we're not acting employment opportunities. And can. Giving some hope for different -- hat. Then we're not going to interested Japan broke in on the back end and just by more. -- on current local on. Into the deep -- and incarceration we need to on April community program that can actually make a difference. You comment that is just one example federal legislation equity cheap -- Do you see the political will and the money to drew. I think we're being keen to see. Growing political -- on it -- You know mayor Lander opt in stroke where it looked like in the east buyer. You fire model that Chicago absolutely takes a public health approach to violent action. It may Mary Landers and demonstrated leadership and and I think what we're seeing is people recognizing that we had not been met and our taxpayer dollars at the -- As we credit because we're not targeting. -- -- Prevention and intervention strategy. And when we spend taxpayer dollars on. The deep end and incarceration at them. You know we're we're not standing slow. There's a lot of support from the business community and well we re out looking pat how. Taxpayer dollar particularly as it relates to public state. And I think that you speak at the read it later -- -- a lot of people from rocked the political spectrum are acting like Jim. Are we putting too much into and incarcerating the low level offenders. When we could be putting spartans are effectively into art in crime reduction strategy. So the question can we achieve these strategies without raising taxes. We can't we use taxpayer dollars that were already bending. On promote the program more effectively in light -- The limit limit resentment you real quick England's report -- would -- real quick. Figures show you've heard -- figures show you know and it's it's -- -- more people than in the of the country half million more than each and we're -- population five times larger than it's. 25% of the world's prison population in the United States Trulia 5% of the population in the world. -- we Siena is the biggest prison the ball would get it had more people who use heroin. In this of the part of one man scuba. Prison industry complex when the fastest growing industry between now and -- -- of investors. Fallen. Wall Street banks. Advertising company's construction companies architecture companies. How do you convince. The politicians. And the public. To pull money that's being wasted in prisons Powell included in the mental health care when the prison system is big business. You are so right about the fact that Britain is -- it and unfortunately. Our. Present policies and being driven by economic -- Peter Rabbit and on -- -- -- Is this making our country safer which in the question we should be asking. Now I saying that we are going to. She's -- high -- he we are being. So many people from across the political spectrum. But federal -- at the local level eighteen -- question now. Other states such as Texas have taken strides already you changed your form a lot. And are beginning to read the bad. Or is greater population in demand and you know dollars in potential safety in taxpayer dollars. At the national level we need everyone's problem you know you are each. To -- -- speaking about the issue. -- -- -- -- -- Collection a group of people in Louisiana led by the business leaders led by the -- you're. -- A number of state leader that you have to bury -- project. And are forming why it's harder and coalition to say. There is smarter way in the best fun. In the public's safety at them and are missing them and we keep on pouring into the back incarceration for you bet on interest. Instead of funding that type of community based interventions. And employment program -- are -- and make sure that our young and never come in contact with the criminal justice system to begin. -- it's a composition we're gonna continue to have been we're gonna continue people that are burst in the problem. So we're gonna call you again thank you so much free time have a great -- -- then coupling executive director juvenile justice project problem we. We're coming right back double -- BL brigades of the immortal 53 yeah. All right coming up and Julie hill which. You know with talks so much about Obama care we're gonna have a great woman on whose company here. That's really saying what dear Obama care whenever the bottom line is you're in charge of your -- -- So we're gonna kind of break that down them are gonna go back to one. Not talking about a couple of projects one that they are proposing for the holy cross campus and a very controversial but they are bearing interest in listening. And the bottom 13 -- not to be missed -- bombs back talk and sex SE XSC next. -- we -- he does. It's. Easier colleges but he is all knowing. Female and male are you letting -- incomes that yes this is his third 33. Time here with a. We can't get enough board adopting a bomb musical written to vote. All right take a break in the Angelina Jolie has come under way to do not go away. But I BL the Bill -- -- AM one applies to --