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4-9-14 3:10pm Angela: on sexual dysfunction

Apr 9, 2014|

Angela talks with Dr. Neil Baum about sexual dysfunctions.

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We'll doctor Neil bomb as we all know what a wonderful urologist. Has been a friend of the show since we started helping us understand. Medical issues but can affect our sex life. And he is back with us for the whole hour. So I'm saying that the doctor is in in if you had any questions male or female. For the good doctor he is expert in answering them. Don't hesitate to call us at 260187. And I also wanna say to all of you who might be driving your kids home from school. That we will be talking about some sensitive subjects but he does it is a true professional. But if I'm just sort of given you a war. But -- these are very important topics and nobody does better and makes us feel more comfortable and I think that is evidenced by. The previous shows we've done the calls we've gotten primarily from men. Who are really having issues and how much you have helped them. So I'm encouraging for any man out there do not hesitate to Collison asked this man something. And to all the women out there today is your day as well. Because doctor bomb made the statement that female sexual problems are more common than men. With sexual problems but women suffer in silence and I was very -- that. I thought why. Why is that happening. And men have the opportunity. Of finding a solution to their problem. If a man has a problem with intimacy with his partner. He can go to the doctor. And -- medication. Hagler the -- see Alice there's a new drug out now cults -- That will help the man so consequently more men are communicating. With. Other men who have this problem and I went to the doctor and now on back on track. Well for women there's really not a whole lot that can be done for them. And so women who have problems with enjoyment. Who have problems with dry news. Who have. Problems with deep -- the beat -- hard drive. That day release sometime suffering in silence and are afraid to bring it up with their physicians. And I think there are things that can be done for most of these women. And they should be encouraged. To talk to their doctor and they can initiate the conversation with the doctor just -- its name. I'm having some problems down there and I'd like to know if I could have a discussion with you about it and then you'll know -- that the doctor. Is approachable. You know for -- for the topic. But I think that women have to do. Understand. That help is available for them. And they don't have to suffer in silence so there is no Viagra for women right now there is not. But there are things that can be done for let's just say deep trees. In the dry that a woman hands and that her interest is -- isn't that really hormone driven. Yes it is primarily hormone driven. And that dude too. Women after the age of fifty have us lie deep crease or significant decrease ansari is significant decrease. In their estrogen level. And if they don't have breast cancer and making go to the doctor. And received estrogen supplements. And the they have to talk to the doctor about weighing the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. But for the most part. You know women who are having hot flashes. Women who are having drying -- women who are. Having significant decrease in their interest in engaging in intimacy. With there a partner in go to the doctor and discuss the pros and the cons. And find out that maybe. Hormone replacement would be in their best interest OK and I think that's very important is there has been some controversy with. Estrogen replacement so he does have to be on a one on one basis absolutely there is the one size does not fit all. In every middle aged women who is postmenopausal. Should not. Coral on estrogen and not recommending it for every. I am recommending it every one. Go to their doctor have a discussion. And find out what they can take in what he can get them back on track. You know it's interesting you're talking about it's easier for men now because. Of these various products that are out there and we all know all of them. Frankly because of advertising. I mean you barely Charlie TV at night we don't have at least one or two of those commercials. And now we're seeing commercials when you talk about the dryness issue for women out postmenopausal women that is an issue. And it makes for a painful but sexual intercourse so if now they're showing commercials on a product that would help that. I'm just interested if you think now that. The breakthrough of women its products may be they will start talking more the very very thing he says and -- I really believe that is going to be the crack in the door did is going to get. Women to start to go to the doctor and talked and start talking about trying us. They'll start talking about pain with the intimacy. They'll start talking about their sex drive. And now it's going to come out and when there is enough interest in this you're going to find the pharmaceutical industries are gonna step but at the plate. And find solutions. For these problems you know once there the demand is there right. You'll see this is not an or -- an orphaned as he has you know that an orphan disease. Is a disease that is that doesn't affect very many people I'll give you an example. It's so common in this community's -- -- trophy glamorous with Steve Gleason disease -- Lou Gehrig's disease that's an orphan disease. You probably won't see a lot of pharmaceutical money dumped. On to that topic because you know so few people have it. You talk about decreased sex desire in women who worked pocketed millions. Millions. Millions millions. Dot com we have a caller let's go to Robin in new world Robin. -- -- On the other question of the -- regards -- -- -- you're saying is typically dark or -- -- Lush and green trees were get addressed. Can mask your age Robin. Forty. And is there any activity that is associated with the pain searches lift seen. Run team. And did you get it to us sitting still yeah. There are several causes of -- testicular pain in the middle aged man. That is the most common is due to an enlargement of the veins. Around the testicle and that's called. I'm very Erica sealed the AR IC OC EO Lee Barrett that seal. And then the other is inflammation. The testicle or there's gonna land behind detestable called. The epic did -- And if that gland behind the testicle gets inflamed or. Is the source of infection. That can cause pain. And also I wanna tell you that trying to scare you but I am trying to mention that there is a very low likelihood rare. Cause is testicular tumor for testicle cancer is the most common cancer in young men. Much more common than prostate cancer lung cancer it is common in. Young men and young man should be encouraged to perform testicles self exam I tell a man to make a fist. And he is if he feels something like -- not call. That should come to the attention of a physician if on the other hand. He feels something at on the outcome at this soft area of the thumb. That so often that is not. Likely to be testicle cancer. And that is probably something. The nine or -- or even normal. So this can be anything from abnormal veins infection and I'm not trying to scare you don't don't rush off to the doctor immediately. Has its its not very common. Man should be encouraged. To at least once a month. Examine their testicles we talked to women about it and women have caught on in women are good or bad. Nan very seldom. Examine themselves oftentimes. A problem in the testicle is found by their partner. Who is doing. An examination balcony. And so that men really need to step up to the plate and and check their own -- Robin I really appreciate the call on and I hope this helped. OK I want everyone to stay with this -- not Mary in particular stay with this will pitcher called but we need to take a break we'll be right back with doctor -- bomb. Doctor -- bomb is our very special guest is say well known urologist here in town and and is now we say a friend of the station because it comes in and helps people and that's what it's all about let's get to some of these callers -- and Ken -- you've been holding on -- Hi I'm trying to make the play. Call one. And look them have been painful -- sorry that you can't do it in the -- they're actually around for awhile. Why don't think there -- more at where ago. He hasn't -- my conscience is no law. I went -- there. And on card -- -- the giant. Replica of that action without the global. A great. But the bottom line is -- what -- -- chicken dance and he went back practice the 25 year will be anyway. Went back edge got educated in the and it. It's. Email that giant problems. And no one knew. I went in that looks like. Equals. In the incredible and wonderful. I know doctor is name is buddy Morris. And by the Morris was a very good friend. Of meg Ferriss father yeah all Charlie pharos wonder entirely -- as. Was one of the national experts. In vaginal pain vaginal drying is. Hormones and hormones he was absolutely you know an expert and I am sure. Doctor Morris. Learned a lot from working with. This wonderful. Wonderful man I think he just passed -- 89 months ago and a ten months ago but he practiced up until. Nearly did date that that he passed away yes and he animal gave his information no way he was wonderful. And I am I know doctor Morse sees it gynecologist. And a. What a great idea to focus on. One area that is you were sank as soon as the medical community figures out the money you've been talking about it. It's gonna happen but he's ahead of the game and I really appreciate this Mary and I think Mary and -- my now. I expert doctor Moore he deserves it thank you again let's go to Bosnian slide down. Hello -- And nobody. I -- on good. Memo lightly made I have made it read mine data to it on Asia. And I don't know -- Is there is something be wrong between man life. Who who had the tubes -- -- are. Yeah actually attitude on and that road. Her she initially had a Tubal ligation or a contraception. Type procedure and then she had them and tied is that correct. Well there was no. I know I get there -- -- in the -- and -- Amylin madam. Not a man whose what beat the other. And and -- -- and I don't know -- was fired taken so long. But yet very. -- couple things that tubes that. That they had to put back together are vary very tiny -- just a little bit bigger than the size of a pencil. And so consequently they may not have gotten. Connected. Perfectly. And if that is the situation they can do a test where they can check that tubes to make sure that they now are open. And -- that to have to be open. Because and gig. Dad is going to get fertilized has to fall into that -- where it unites with the sperm and then it. Goes down to the uterus where implants. In the woman's womb. And Dan that allows the pregnancy to occur. If that tubes are still blocked because of the Tubal ligation. Then. They may have to do something to retrieve an egg from her. And mix it with your sperm. And -- grow it in a dish for a couple days till it starts to divide and then they. Put it into her uterus it's a very sophisticated. Technique but it is done in Baton Rouge it is done. In New Orleans and it's very very successful well first thing now is to check out there to close yet so have you been back to the hospital took to say were having issues can. You check the tubes. Yeah low drive info. About. About it -- normally -- and and it showed. -- the it is it. And and you and it ended this. You know associated had been -- -- and -- good so. I -- not -- at Bobby that was right after the surgery correct. Right you know need ago -- was the surgery done give me approximate date and our report. Okay you need to go back there and ask him could you please check that the Stoops are open. Because if they are open then you have another solution you kind of bypass the blockage. And this is one thing why I tell both men and women who are thinking of some kind. Permanent contraception. Either too polite to each term and it says activity. Is to make sure. Your family. Is complete. And you have the nature. If you go into one of these procedures. Don't take it lightly. Yes of as actively can be reversed yes that -- will like Asian can be reversed. But you should go into it with the idea that it's a permanent form as there is nation. And so I I think that's real important that you go back there and get that checked okay Bobby. -- thank you so very much for the call and I want to John to stay on we do have to take a break to go to the newsroom but we'll get back with you John. Now let's go to the newsroom and Jim Hansen. Urologist doctor -- bomb our guest today and over talking about all kinds of things about medical issues and sexual issues and it's your show too so give us a call 260. 187. John from Baton Rouge thank you for holding. Decade and -- Or -- operation -- -- -- last year. And temple -- it is did move forward. In and out woman. Go back to target some well what should. It. Well at that that's tell our audience what hikers deal is that for every in our secret is -- -- okay. Tighter seal is -- collection of water. Around the testicle it's -- nine. It has neo. Malignant potential whatsoever. This treatment is exactly which you have that waters act is removed. -- in no way I mean John should that affect your ability to engage in that intimacy. I would strongly suggest you get back to year. Year urologist he will ask you a few questions he'll probably get a blood test called -- testosterone. Level. The nature that's normal. And then he probably would start out by prescribing new one of those drugs. Viagra the -- trying to see Alice or the new drug stand for a so. And a few other questions I would ask -- you have high blood pressure. Could throw a Canadian diabetes. You know OK you have high cholesterol level. It control lopsided but it also is out of control and has been years back in its. I'm pretty well medication now. OK let those two diagnosis. Blood pressure hypertension. And high cholesterol they can contribute to your difficulty. With and an erection so. Please. Check back with York. Urologists who did the operation he will easily be able to take care of -- Explain your problems and it is not related to the operation at all. That's what I needed to know. That you want quick that well. The other side is trying to shape -- get who -- it -- you know you know. It's not a usual to have. Have the -- seal on both sides. So if he would then do the the same test you probably had did you have an ultrasound test -- yeah. Yeah you probably get an ultrasound. Exam if it's small he would probably tell you do let's watch it. And is it that got larger you'll have another -- seal operation but the regarding. The condition of intimacy in not being where you were before you get back give him a call. Explain that to him and I can assure you you will be having intimacy again shortly. Oh you're very welcome John are you brought up something that somebody else -- of us about what about women and testosterone. You know it's very interesting Angela. The hormone for women is primarily estrogen a hormone from and is primarily testosterone. That women have a small amount of testosterone to. And if their testosterone. Is significantly. Decreased. They too can have problems with sex drive and libido and testosterone. Is now. Used in women very low doses not the same amount that a man would get. But low doses can turn the light switch on on some of these women. Who have decreased sex drive so that led veto is down on a woman they should get their estrogen levels checked. And -- estrogen replacement doesn't solve that. That doctor. Will probably certainly order a testosterone level in women. And then but could you could take testosterone and it will help small doses of either an injection. I GL. Or that way we do it now is we put a single -- about the size of a grain of rice. Underneath the skin in the office and it lasts four to six months. OK stay with us everyone doctor -- bomb continues with this financial on WW well. We -- back with doctor Neil bomb talking about -- medical conditions that can often affected your sex life. Let's go to your phone to Logan in Metairie Logan thanks for calling. And thanks to buy dot I don't know if you're familiar with displaced calls themselves men's clinic. A -- in the name of it. Yes I am unfamiliar with it. All used to be called the Boston clinic and now it's called men's clinic yes. Well. Act actually the name -- the -- that cannot say it sure. It's -- access. Access medical clinic out there -- -- -- where age anyway it's. Type a situation where you go in and day I interviewed you and they inject. Directly. To the pictures I want you. I and it'll. And it's supposed to give you an erection what are the side effects in and what the dangers is to using. A drug like that as I understand also very expensive seven or 800 I was tickets via a concealed from a compound form it is all over -- Google believes. OK couple things. One I'm very familiar with the clinic. I have yet nothing either. Positive or negative yet to say I'm very familiar. I see a lot of patients who go to the clinic and who are dissatisfied. And come to me afterwards but I'm not. Throwing a stone at the clinic at all the injection that they use. Is definitely an approved. Drug. It's called tri mix TR I height and M I acts and you can get it through pharmaceutical companies it shouldn't be that expensive. You looking to edit much cheaper. Through a regular pharmacy. I can get the medication and what the drug does. Is it opens the blood vessels. It causes the blood vessels to open up more blood rushes in to the chambers in the penis giving the man an -- what. Problems connect Kirk. Usually -- it usually. Caught you know causes the man to have an erection usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Occasionally can cause some bleeding. There is some pain and did you have the injection are not. The market doesn't -- that painful injections. It was extremely. Extremely thankful you injected. Up about an inch from the base -- and a little bit to the -- that the east west. Vote vote vote but let the Peters and I was told that the reason it's so much pain what does that. I hit all went to a urologist and doesn't count properly cope with the problem watched I can't remember what -- but anyway. They say with cronies disease. Yeah yeah exactly that -- right and the doctor gave me some injections to clear that I was supposed to go or visit. And out that he ran out of the medication that the two groups. Are there there's a new drug now on the horizon that needs spell it for you and you can check it on the Internet it's called side flex. XIAFLEX. It's a very new FDA approved injection. For Perot needs disease and let's get back to that pain. Usually we think of having intimacy with the partners very pleasurable very enjoyable. And very romantic. And win you have dead insert an element of a needle. Going in to probably one of the more sensitive areas of the body. That removes a little of their romance. Associated. With the the act. Of intimacy. So the majority of men who I see who have this problem. Don't accept that as a permanent treatment option and usually drop out of treatment. So there are other options available. To -- Logan. And I would strongly suggest you get back to a year urologists. Or if you give me a call and -- is gonna give you my number. I would get you some information on it and also get you information on this new treatment called Zelaya flex XIA. FL EX brand new treatment and it does work for that condition. Thank you look him so much that phone call and I am gonna give out doctor bombs. Number for anybody who wants any more information about anything we've discussed or otherwise. His numbers 89184548918454. Www. -- bomb dot com NE IL VA UN dot com stay with this we're not done. I want to thank doctor -- Bonnie again a wonderful friend www. -- bomb dot com if if any other questions or information. We're gonna get him back and wanted to talk about two things we didn't get to and that is sexual problems over sixty and with the very young. So we look forward to that.