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4-9 4:45pm Bobby and Deke, Jimmy Graham deal

Apr 9, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Joel Corry, Former sports agent, NFL contracts and salary cap expert for CBS Sports and The National Football Post. Joel breaks down the Jimmy Graham deal, Bunkley restructuring his deal and Champ Bailey's contact.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jolt Corey joins us now talk about some of the moves the black eagle -- this offseason and including a one big move it's that is -- like it's gonna get done jones' former sports agent NFL contracts. It's our experts for CBS sports and national football post and -- big -- moving forward it seems like the deal is gonna get done how difficult is it. To iron out of the -- Faulk out with the magnitude of -- great. Well. I would think you have to be high speed. Tight end. In NFL history right now that distinction belongs to rob grant gronkowski did you averaging nine million a year. And stayed there for. For guaranteed money for Canadians is Vernon Davis 23 million I would suspect he Graham could be the first ten million dollar per year tight. Now Joseph looking at a couple of the moves obviously a hall of Famer in a Champ Bailey. And -- what they've done in the secondary. You know -- bird the top safety in free agency. But look at where the -- threat last year before the overall ranked defense. There right behind Seattle number -- pass defense -- -- the finish is still in the top five animal for even. When they had you know they can -- to Jabari Greer bit. The way could sprain my understanding is that it is still very high and Champ Bailey that he was -- -- a foot injury you know he kind of keep injuries under the radar but. I think the same and those who would rob Ryan's group schemes that they will -- improve in the secondary. Yes signing here -- was huge coup no one expected the Saints beat a player for him. But giddy in the second that -- key free safety behind Earl Thomas. Is only gonna make the secondary better. And people for it didn't 2012. Campaign was a Pro Bowl played at a very high level last year at the list ranked -- injury. Which kept him out of I'll buy regular season games. -- or corner. Game and or quarters sometimes aren't as effective as they used to be the champs going to be out potentially first ballot hall of Famer. He played well in the playoffs so he looks like you still have some gas left in the tank. Now Joseph. Are you impressed -- is just seems like Saints fans and who dat nation we get word about. The salary cap and how Mickey looms is due to manipulate that -- it seems like with the signing of Jerry's burden now. We were speculating. That he still had. A few moves left and and one I was Brodrick Bunkley where you gave of acumen the full. But also to help out I believe you salary cap situation a couple of million. Well here's one thing it's come a lot but a lot of people right now Jimmy Graham is counting a little over seven billion on the cap -- -- instead. That the deal is worked out long term Beckett drop may actually pick -- cap right there own. The increase in the cap going up -- 133 million as opposed to the initial projections around 12620. Million. They're really benefited the Saints without those moves made majors Byrd is possible. Maybe it's not possible to match an offer -- on our field bullish. The only thing. I'm curious about is. Instead of giving bush. It is the lowest restricted free agency tender. Why not the way it's been an additional 7000. Dollars and put -- second round tender on him and then there's no way it has been assigned to offer sheet. I'm and that makes us until now look at it and you talked about the increase in the in the salary cap. It seems like even next year in as is gonna keep going up and up the solo. That if he's getting him the money wisely. That that should benefit a team like this thing to living on the edge. That's correct that the cap goes similarly this year look not a 145 million dollar cap mix here. And the -- benefited the most from the unexpected growth from the cap this year. We're -- explode in Portland. I think I'm better and seeing is how you drew -- next year's cap numbers 26 point four million. He approaching his late thirties I would if I'm his agent. I don't. Do we think the cap number knowing -- have two years left on the deal unless you're going to me -- -- Another three years and we're gonna lower cap number. Didn't -- -- money. And I want more than forty million over the next two years you'd actually going to be in the other. Joseph Torre Joseph how can folks Hollywood on Twitter. Are you can on the act cordial and twitters CO RY -- Jolt thank you so much of the time we appreciate it. I think perhaps then yes sir thank you very much.