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4-9 5:25pm Bobby and Deke, Master's Preview

Apr 9, 2014|

Bobby and Deke get a preview of the Master's from Whit Waston, golfer and anchor for NBC/Golf Channel.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is the masses of major the chase for the green jacket joining us -- to help -- talk about the masters a tournament -- -- an awful lot about it. Covering it fought EBC and the Golf Channel he's an ankle whit Watson and we thank you so much for the time in now. I noted once everything gets started everybody gets caught up in -- lot of pageantry this is a huge advance. What is it like knowing Tiger Woods is he's not there from a fan perspective maybe now a broadcaster prospectus -- because as journalists. And also as a fellow golfers. Yeah that's a great question and I think let me join you today -- for the big topic obviously for the last two days. A lot of the world wide media that's here and I got there and asking a lot of players. How they feel about tiger not being here and -- Phil Mickelson was very optimistic actually volunteered at -- press conference before somebody can -- them. He said look you know it's more exciting when tiger here and and quite honestly if you win a major championship and tiger in the field. That little extra feather in your cap. But I think the side effects. And it is -- talking about bill is that it's a lot more wide open there a lot more guys that can win there 24 players that are playing in the masters for the first time. I think the general feeling here in Georgia is that. This is the most undecided the masters that we patent a long time and and that's good for fans that means that theory that can watch. No way you bring up wide open field in be a lot obviously a lot of local interest here a pact agreed. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana he went to university high in I was reading where fourteen of this year's rookies are ranked among. The top sixty in the and you look the last rookie to win the event was Fuzzy Zeller. In 1979. So is it that wide -- that we maybe could see a rookie. You could the once -- about a rookie winning the masters is that the masters is the only venue. The only major championship with a golf course never changed -- -- -- from year -- year or so. Local knowledge means a lot got a plated two or three times. Might be saving two or three strokes today war 23 strokes. A weekend because of yeah knowing where it where not to hit it. That's winning or losing a golf tournament that's the difference and and that's why it's been so long for the first timers want. But indicates or read I mean we all know the kid got confidence and he's got a lot of game. And I and he's got that kind of you know one thing that Tiger Woods has done -- created this entire generation of player. It doesn't understand why they can't tell that they're these guys are just they're fearless and an -- you know. -- no reservations at all about winning -- And Reid is one of those guys for the an obvious favorite it's really hard for first time player to win and it got but I think he'd have the confidence and a game to do it. Now wed always like I history no matter what the sport and and looking at Kevin Stadler and his son -- I -- there's as innocent they become the first fallen son duel to play in the same masses in the tournament and it's 81 year history. Pretty neat story at net and they got together for a press conference on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun to watch. -- beat -- committee did Brazil. The idea of putting him in the same -- on Thursday and Friday. And -- probably arrive the that would have been I think just too much pressure to emotionally it would have been way too challenging to put spot or inside. In the same -- But Craig has been pretty kind of you know mushy about it he said. He can't play in the masters after -- on turn professional. In hopes that this would happen. That Kevin would win a term that and it and and Auburn it's on good players in the same year and most likely it'll be Greg -- first final masters because. Kevin finally bit. Which Watson -- was the Golf Channel course folk anchor of the golf town in BC he is at the masses wait how can folks following you on Twitter. I you can follow on meet personally with Watson GC WH IT WH ESO and GC. A Golf Channel -- Golf Channel also a great place because updates on knowing what's on Golf Channel including all of our lives from the -- program in -- on this week. -- also links to All of our writers and columnists and I'd like of those sports. And check yourself on on on And -- the coverage of the masters we have a lot of people here too little army of people that went from Orlando to Augusta to cover this of that so very big week for. Great stuff week thank you so much enjoy the masters are preacher got up here so thank you.

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