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4-9 5:35pm Kristian, LSU Pro Day

Apr 9, 2014|

We get the latest from LSU Pro Day from Saints Sideline Reporter, Kristian Garic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today the host of double coverage -- Bob Hebert and Saints and a poor Christie Garrett and Christie Garrett want covered an issue probate. For WWR Saints radio Christie Garrett also spoke with Saints coach -- Christian look at the data how I got two receivers. -- jumping or give a show overview of today's pro day bedroom. Sure of Anna Jarvis Landry you're picking a winner all the -- that out to a big winner. Joba when it got things. Probably. Helped themselves the most and an -- -- a really good today trimming about two. They're for the second opted not forty time from the NFL come by I'll always -- on it. And jumping to its entirety about is it -- -- you're about. Driving back we're on our back and better but -- that Joba went -- I had a really good day. That meant Carter -- I thought the ball well I was just not so on just how well. He moved around after what reminds. Post surgery on an ACL. It is drops but it looked smooth. You can see he's got just that laser of an arm and Asia at LSU it was a little up off target on some. On some -- maybe the accuracy wasn't there but considering you know I think you know coaches that area in general managers scouts well by -- into consideration considering. I don't ninety days removed from -- surgery. And maybe the timing was just a bit off or you know you a bit rusty would result. It would certainly will what the rugby is -- the arm -- very apparent but around mr. player I thought. That really good days cheer me -- uttered and resolve all -- also running at all by the up forty yard action that you first big he would so I'm pretty much observation there and of course. That is coming out there about Broderick Bunkley. The Saints are restructure his contract. Saving well 2.5 million dollars. -- salary cap so states so right now. -- about or plus million dollars salary cap room. I don't know how to do but he spread his money around. Of course Champ Bailey. Talent 01 point five million dollars salary cap and -- it ordeal I think Eric cheat cheat them this year and I doubt outside of votes. So aggression. Before -- get to Bunkley and the Saints. When you look at LSU players and the question I have is when Jeremy hill. Okay you know you're -- so -- reporting you know you've been right by on on top Chris Ivory in BC car Iran within. How big is Jeremy and I heard you mention his size I mean. It does would he be considered like like well that's a big NFL running back. No I had talked briefly today off the field it just acting. That article or maybe about thirty seconds -- didn't. Strike me as being just -- that running back that. Big east what appeared Thomas -- a little bit bigger on the air that he could really lead today but it leg he got it all on. And you know that that's what one thing that struck me today is. Just how powerful is lower body looks. And I think that's why you see him. -- -- greatly tackles. He does an Indian how honor he's got all the big a top in the upper body. It looked again like I said really lenient and ripped out it really negated. Now Chris a look at the Saints and now Bunkley is a supplement speculating I guess -- we made a lists from day one. What potential players who beyond not release or restructured their deals. Now I mean you think this pretty much it guard do you have maybe. -- -- -- -- could you enlighten me because that is designed that I may be -- was thinking that it would eventually come about and looks like it's a win win. Lovable Bunkley and the Saints. So there's any of players that they also might be dealing with that to restructure -- -- you think this -- pretty much it. You never know it's totally it was Mickey Loomis and and Sean Payton and it finally be creative creative our but it was one -- -- -- that -- move. Broderick Bunkley showed me. But one that's not Johnny -- Champ Bailey contract. Or perhaps -- million dollars not Karadzic's Billick -- track. It dollar cap along with Dunlop -- -- so what you'd better be exact numbers what they created an apple come -- that they'll battle the last group. But you know. I think you know look at the Broderick Bunkley and almost at a one year deal that did not happen this year dump and change it and restructure. A lot of it in the back in the contract the last couple years it got back. So I'll will look at it there's a one year contract. Brodrick Bunkley and they'll reevaluate. In May be restructured next year or they can do what many thought they were gonna do anyway is designate him. As a post June wanna chat -- they release him. Ideal -- dive -- divert some of that money is spread it out over a couple of years -- a captain at least. You know another thing. I think. This summit money being freed up -- also for an individual Jimmy Graham contract and it shows -- You know I feel like -- There's much movement they add especially with the restructured Broderick Bunkley that. They might be starting think about our what you gonna take it Jimmy Graham out. I would rip Taylor in his first year how we're gonna absorbed a lot of at a yet to soured. -- I don't know what your opinion is just talk -- speak about this but if he's not heard because of his experience. Listen he was at a hall of fame. Dealing what is footage -- Shapiro a hall of fame player last you know being Champ Bailey with the Broncos but. If he's held eight. I don't see how the -- start opposite Keenan Lewis and they say he doesn't start and and his age is showing I think this would just make. According white and now impact you roms and if he's healthy even better. Yeah I embody what it and its one point five million dollars against at that point orgy Chapman next. If you purchased daily -- all -- Smart money yet. So any Olympic guarantee Childers is 500 brand and uncles so. It does it's not a very Smart move it does nothing but help they're not they. But the reason that you mentioned where it's you know tutoring. The other players -- cornerback in according light and others a rookie that is like bring it or I like -- -- like. I don't they're pretty island and we saw that last year. Make it either undrafted player. I think it's an ability signing will prove to be. Really really good one on his book all evens it out I think you're right. Probably not be doubled in the starlet Sean -- elevated it and put it could be. You know competing with several people at that position in -- promised sharp -- and all done at that. That attitude and -- let let that competition can't bear out. But yeah agent Billy you look at the numbers. You know look at the Japanese and the amount money that side -- or two year deal. It really makes it more Morse as the boy dissected. Christian what are your -- about it coming up in the morning. -- -- -- -- Brodie -- -- two masters taught our top three -- observations from. Ellis you put dale wallet you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton general manager Mickey Loomis Belichick coached but while and if you're a player as well I'll -- Kristian -- follow him on Twitter at Kristian -- one join him antibodies there were a -- weekday morning six Cincinnati and double -- three WL thirteen 58 and Christian take you so much should that be safe or Peru. -- -- --