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Apr 10, 2014|

Dave talks about French Quarter Fest, how many hours do you work and do you get a lunch break, and air in a jar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM the early edition -- WL four's news amnesty and April 2014. But JD before Friday -- like to be the first ones to officially welcome to Friday he I'll take -- days tonight's we celebrated twice your. Offers news. Let's talk on the -- -- she's the one run the French Quarter festivals and corporate it. Disease threatening the French Quarter festival starts today little thing going on on -- -- thing. Or. Where food. Why. The free -- the largest free festival hundreds of thousands of people yeah. And she told me that today is local power play hooky a wizard now. You sang that people fitted. Disappear from work today it should now. Do their. Sign duties at their place and moment. And allow. I think they should go to one fairly and never -- I'll hop and act I never drove. The best opens at eleven did. It works out perfectly if there's -- there Nan Nolan is granting it permission now to play. Board telling news that it okay. Or giving you an excuse that your boss will have to abide high. But. That all having been said. It has sounds awfully tempting year a lot of that are trying. Perfect. Drives them in the music wafting through the year and jazz that's food dudes everywhere. The fantastic food -- ever. City grows each day it is the open more stages. With more music. And today admin a lot of it's going to be on the riverfront to act that way and an urban street world street and and -- and they -- at the mystery. Date the the -- Of the court yes the Supreme Court miss -- court. Yet. French Quarter comedians today in the this is the weekend weather that we absolutely this is the time of year it's just right to get out there and civil. So much on this week him if you wanted to do a little bit and everything. If you wanna hit the -- he wanted to reschedule it poignant if you wanna do you all Leo's stuff go and a maybe it's -- -- spent today at the -- -- festival today. Gotta squeeze it and get -- package from -- All the bossier. Got caught up over here. Make it to the doctor John I just can't get away. From for a record. Intent to get away I just went to grab somebody he had onion on a crowd stopped. Instantly. The Atlantis. Organizer for an order festivals that you're supposed to it worked out. Those that run out of the Boston don't come at a that's like a patriotic thing for the city you're doing it another way guys in his earlier years the bride by that's ditching. And off. Leaving market never go back there that this man. Carolina you'll be back in about fifteen minutes or person is here and WW because my quarters apple hasn't started yet. If you're gonna go -- -- to stand there well that's your business but I think you'll be physically. But more first news about fifteen minutes we'll get that fantastic orchestrated the weekend where you come up after this in sports. With Steve Geller man now what happened yesterday we. Learn a little bit more about what the thing interrupt you and a whole lot more about what -- you. Players who -- during the NFL draft Europe Steve that. And a whole bunch more I want to thank you for joining us here on this day before Friday Fridays. On WW. 5:18 good morning I'm days now and I am so happy that you join us on this day before Friday -- joking about you know the French Quarter festival organizers say it's tied the data play hooky from work at a -- don't come back but. You know what. It's gonna happen people do -- there are going to be lots of locals there today when we get Jazz Fest underway. Coming up in just a couple of weeks is going to be lots of people who find a way down Thursday and Friday creating go to Jazz Fest. And in miss war. And I just wonder who has all these jobs jobs today -- where they can do. You know how many hours a week do you. And do you have a job where you can't if you want to is going to launch and not come back would anyone even noticed you were gone and -- you get in trouble. Just don't think I could do and I don't think I could just you know come around 11 o'clock -- going to walk out the door and does not come back you know he -- When -- where he went in nine and the boss wouldn't be calling him where yet. And I work 5060. -- on the week seventy hours a week. Anyway even work a forty or work weakening how many hours do you work a week and a few -- For -- and didn't come back which your boss notice. If you can get away with -- today it's probably good data due Italy's weather wise. Tons of sunshine today and milder temperatures even for the afternoon another beautiful spring day ahead with 75 today. And and fifties to right around sixty tonight not quite this chilly to seasonably cool Temps. Then tomorrow partly cloudy high of 78 with a few clouds around on Saturday still beautiful and a high of eighty from the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- -- just Clark. Tell there's guys at the airport in -- 53 degrees south -- just three miles an hour slide out clear and 46 degrees with calm winds and gave it the early edition of WWL -- -- thanks mandates navigate to exit. But the weather people are wrong again this weekend. Well I think the set up a little different now of the Iran and its gonna rain every day all weekend because it would be the exact opposite right now but. The conditions the last several weekends have been such that there's an unstable atmosphere there is definitely the chance. The bad weather could have occurred because it didn't yes they didn't get it quite right but. I don't think they get this one right I don't think just out of nowhere suddenly store -- Just pop up and develop usually there has to be some precursors that right the thing hopes that makes sense today. Sports time now on WWL Steve -- -- does this leave -- We're launch wish for you would be at about 8 o'clock in the morning and could not come back with you get here what three. Then I think we noticed. Although I guess you could concoct a story that they got pelicans practice -- I had that goes. Two allies youth today are at it you might be out of by the way. Make it work. It seems so any time even if I do believe there's still work to be done a -- I it's one of the biggest pet -- my life hasn't me even when I'm at home -- -- -- -- I'm still -- either watching NFL network or on the laptop or listening for. Sports book at night making sure we get show up -- following tweets on your from you and it's it's a constant I was -- and whether it's people who can leave for lunch and to stop working and go to festivals and I don't know I mean I don't know who it. Two people or forty or were we getting what does that such a thing exists. Forty are talking about maybe 56 yen -- document I could maybe bring a laptop and phone out to Jazz Fest in park myself under -- and do my work from there well today it is front court threat that's what I meant for a quarter -- -- couple weeks Jazz -- there. Clinton -- you to -- now I'm covering the event for -- well he's covering sports right now folks it's the gala. Good morning everyone six head coach Sean Payton and his staff -- in full force and Ella she's Prodi to see all the tigers top talent on display. -- was asked about quarterback -- met burger who's just thirteen weeks removed from surgery to repair a torn ACL says a lot about him. And his doctor. It's pretty impressive I mean there was ten years ago you couldn't do that but I I didn't realize when the surgery was -- -- that are real good job. We'll be NFL has announced that the Pro Bowl at 2015 will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The game -- 26 team will be back in Hawaii at Aloha Stadium the new format introduced last season which scrap the traditional AFC or NFC match up. We'll be retained. LSU baseball used nine pitchers to post a school record eleven shut out as the tigers like Lamar five nothing. The record was formally held by the 1996. Ballclub. And other local College Baseball actually knew a lot Fiat took down to the state fourteen to eight or southeastern top two -- five to one. Well might as deputy Davis the pelicans losing streak was extended to six straight as New Orleans felt the Phoenix nine 4088. Davis did not play due to back spasms that have been plaguing him since last week rookie senator Jeff with the says the defense was there they just couldn't score. He just came out of the slow and prudence the justice Warren -- defense -- defenses. Her. For the points. Today apple on sports talk should the saints stand pat wood to 27 overall pick was there a player you would trade -- four or maybe trade down in accumulate more -- I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning to explore. Hi Tony -- they've -- Ron Amadon with -- radio so overall I was talking to about mayberry he gave -- -- Berger and A minus or worst of deep loss. Are his workout yesterday he had and LSU pro day. Said he probably was a little disappointed in a few things he did -- murder but he said his arm just wowed the socks off of all of the pru. Representatives that were there they see he's got an NFL arm while I would. I was reading some things actually that we're saying that it wasn't so much they were concerned over the knee issues but his arm. Look a little weak so -- interest that that they yet he Bob's steak on that some some folks were saying that. They're worried about his arm strength in the NFL going forward but yeah a lot of folks did give raving reviews this -- just been some national media folks with some SEC. -- their aid aren't well coming up right after this brief time out we'll hear from Steve Ott -- there. And what he thought of that man burgers work right here on the early edition of WW well for us -- -- island there will be document 25 minutes north Ortiz Steve Geller I'm Dave on the very interesting text messages about an 878 and about how many hours a week you work. Here's another question. We talking about going to launch and not coming back how many if you go to launch. You go eat lunch you like a lot by launch during the day you get half hour an hour break for lunch. Does that exist anymore or talk about that here from T Bob get your forecast accidents. I'd say about -- -- -- -- -- the oppressor disappoints. Probably somewhere in the middle there were definitely impressive parts there -- reports that I know he would find disappointing how ever. I would stating that what would you expect he's obviously been rehabbing for the last three -- hasn't had the chance to be out there every day. With these receivers in this time announced overall I think is an impressive performance. From members and run to get remember this news just three months out -- -- -- -- Iowa get antibodies grade for members coming up right now we gotta get your forecast. Love and that's sunshine and more of it around today with highs near 75 so mild afternoon Temps and cool -- tonight dropping to around 52 north of the lake get about sixty on the South Shore. Then right back up to 78 for your Friday partly cloudy skies and just a few clouds mixing in on Saturday. Still mild with a high of eighty from the Eyewitness News forecast center and urologist Laura backed out. Layer 53 in -- clear 46 in Slidell. So one person tax and it's -- -- everything I -- 69 hours a week usually work through on it knows that I rarely go to launch usually eat at my best. That's as hard to leave when you eat lunch at your desk all the time. So a lot of people are not having lunch but other people's -- and it 78 that these and they take half hour for lunch every day. Guys that -- -- five minutes for work so he gets an hour for launching goes nominee to calm everyday and he loves. That would be fantastic. -- text messages after the 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition WWL offers it is this is April the -- this is fourteen guys is that date before Friday Wellcome tough. I believe me you and yours have a fantastic. Friday -- we celebrate the day so nice it deserves to be -- -- as you're ready for Friday it would talking to people. Ever since I recount in my conversation with -- Schramm a French Quarter festival about today is the data play hooky she said to go to -- to not come back. If you're at the French Quarter festival eating in dancing and now drinking and joining the fantastic weather food fun how do you go back to work when -- doing -- well that's the thing. Really do that and that got a lot of text messages and make them an eight that he from people who don't even take on today. He can't go to lunch and come back in again aren't -- wanted to ask now or just skip lunch completely to work right through and a grind another hour out of your at least and -- one president says I work eighty hours a week my boss would definitely know I went. A person I work forty hours a week. And can't sneak off just about any day and nobody would notice Andy but if idea today I'm gonna play. On your prerogative but yet if you have a job when no notices you're -- -- this rally that they get the thing. You're not it. You're so not important that any day just disappeared no doubt is is. Whatever you do doesn't have to get done worse Johnson bin I don't know I'm saying -- a couple of weeks. I do anyway wish. -- We don't know does when he's gone -- not -- Another what does that org about fifty hours a week and they would definitely know I was -- than -- that 84 hours a week. And more and yes my boss would notice and beat this office I disappear grow -- quickly. That's as -- day have a half day Friday picnic nation. Every Friday. Tennis to people who do that. You know I'll take if they get twenty vacation days a year. That's regular little sliver yellows -- -- When he three days and yeah I need to take a week idea hole Narnia discharge -- I agree -- them. Recharge you know that thing yeah in those. They work at a place where you're only allowed to work forty hours a week and can't in -- I don't know if that's good or bad that there you get our act. Now people we've got the stages that it's like a big gold giant picnic with a blanket all folded out. And all the food and all music. I I can see it right now down by the river front you know -- can be bumper and today it's ideal not -- for a few years cool with it your boss doesn't cares you get away with it now. And it all works out for everyone I'm dive more power to if you get to go to French Quarter fest today and hang out -- locals play hook all day and hours and eat and drink and dance and be Mary -- And -- that of -- -- if you went down and did all those things I resent you know and then all of a sudden you look at your right not got to go back. Like after an hour of of pure pleasure I don't practice not apple. A couple. Now. -- Soviet that's of people feel about it hey you know coming up we're gonna hear from Chris and on about twenty minutes when we you to back in here with more room. And they're debating the minimum wage in the nine on the legislation today the governor Bobby Jindal is automatically. That he thinks it has to be. The nationwide. Thing -- said he voted when he was a congressman to raise the minimum wage and he has no problem with raising the minimum wage if it's for everyone equally across the country. He does not want to raise it for Louisiana he thinks -- candidate at a disadvantage competing for jobs and economic development. So these guys can argue and batons ladies and gentlemen the legislature can do whatever they want government and -- bill has ever in the history of Louisiana passed over gubernatorial -- So if they send him bill bill that only raises that in Louisiana or even give cities in Louisiana the right to raise it ourselves. I think he's made it pretty clear he just got a big put a big Vito one up and then I'm gonna come back you know I don't know you know our last and last. You know there's a poll overwhelming support for they can break. You know centuries of history. And one side that Santana an hour and a lot of people certainly would support the pants you know the -- dollars an -- higher than it is an American big difference on the patio and talked a lot expert who says that today yes atomic there was for the people get the paychecks. But they're going to get rid of the people who make less than that or they're going to cut that if that there raised there. There. Payroll and buy say at third they're gonna cut a third of the people. They're gonna keep it at the same place so that more people fewer people doing more work out so I don't. The debate continues thank you David with documents the tournament. That's alive and right yeah these were definitely good morning. As meteorologist Laura but now maybe hot right now. By. Your -- but we're feeling. Definitely bar yet and -- your teams that we have the play in. In whether pretty much. Perfect for folks to go ahead and play hooky today. And go to French Quarter festival from -- -- when he hit a lot of -- days we have French Quarter -- the day -- assets that -- so -- And I are -- your Breyer right it's just too that are coming up the next couple weeks yet now you like me we can't we can't just leave and no one would notice. Right yeah if they were other better and more about that but he. Hey I now however. There are a couple of days where it is theory an official to work in the French Quarter and I would say the next couple of eight athletes and they stayed because I can walk out. Pat Patrick show lot easily outdistanced. Which is actually get to the show for us and that nine and stuff over there -- -- kick off until eleven and out -- yes I can go get lines and yet kind of stroll around and actually going to be lie about their tomorrow morning so. And it's -- -- -- aid and eat French Quarter festival food and was in the French Quarter but the news in the bring it to you one lives that tough job back that up for it -- athletes and Friday actions view it well especially with this -- -- -- -- and a little chilly this morning -- Yet it can be spring time days were yet chilly mornings and mild after means. We're warmup a good thirty degrees north Italy later today that were in the mid to low 40s there this morning but we're going to be in the mid seventies this after a lot out as a steady climb right up. It too chilly for you right now I mean we're gonna make some big temperature jumps over the next couple of hours so you might temporarily -- a long sleeves at the jackets that you won't need them all day. And at sun's gonna come out 175. Today and even warmer Friday Saturdays and. -- we're up to that 78 tomorrow and about eighty for Saturday and Sunday -- just warm up a little that it may feel a little luckier by Sunday but it's still a beautiful forecast heading into the weekend. Rain it's not going be an issue all the way through Sunday 0%. Well that he represented ever had an accent -- -- that 10% on Sunday but it's close out your percent hopefully we get seeking its ascent -- that's not -- Wow that this is the time -- -- where we'd love our festivals of love -- meteorologist Laura about delicate tells us. A forecast like that happens to work out force this weekend. All right did you bring anything back from your vacation you just came back from the Caribbean and -- frolic king in. Yeah crystal blue water for -- actually the island that we stayed on how hot hot out -- Right and French Polynesia is known for their in LI they crew a lot of that -- there and -- we brought back until he's in and Ella. Manila and -- -- in the Philippines actually nobody -- -- -- well you can kind of split the -- -- hoping he can scrape the inside technique in. Is granulated sugar and let the pods kind of sit in the air and it kind of fragrances is that then the massacre makes -- -- -- can make. And it really anything what they can cook with it you know meeting -- it's different stuffs. And well you've brought back Vanilla beans yeah. Artists from Beijing recently took a trip to southern France didn't bring back -- -- now he did not bring back you know. He brought back a sealed glass jar that contains. Clean province air. -- -- care he just brought back the air. Okay in a jar okay he sold it for 860. Dollars this week trust me he says it's art. He says because there's so much pollution in the air in China. That he was making -- point -- bucket -- clean fresh air in a jar that he brought back and -- should be the most value was commodity free debris. For any secret -- guys -- just make that statement he's trying to be cremated 160 box right right that -- an east. More a political and yet I think it it. To me whoever paid 860 dollars -- are very they really can't do anything way. -- -- -- -- Why probably people fly. More power to the artists -- the -- game. -- or selling his. Jar of an air our 860. Well it's an apple that's good hair. Coming from eighties that the Clinton precious Air France and a province for an open off the law sorry love -- -- was confused -- I'll speak as yet. And and now are tied sorry sorry I got union eat -- -- -- from front that area. And French vacation. I right now. -- -- even for the need for five. Obviously I haven't aren't what it's genetic right engines and that the ear to -- were 800 dollars that plane flight over there at the line. And it. It is night and crest. For. At Butler is out there and keep it. We. Expect to hear from you -- that -- -- very fair here well weren't -- the street from mothers and use this much. Crap that's -- this area and that's crawfish boil. Down at. For that -- let's let's if we can development. Yet that's going to be you always wanted to your million dollar idea I think that might be days. -- suburban street there. That's a tough out and it's up. Agree -- -- -- under -- from the Eyewitness News or can't senate -- walls pardon me and they've gone will have its courts with Steve Geller coming up activists. I've got a couple of text messages and calls about a crash I ten west at Williams boulevard that's heading from Metairie in to Canner. Car on the guard rails to do watch out for that some flashing lights there it is backing things up sports time now on WW. Well. Paul hall all right I'm bored with Steve get act. Hello good morning -- Yang again and help line but chloride that province France that he made front walls. Purple. Outfit called talent -- human eyes -- But -- network TV. The Clinton that it's -- -- Oka golf top cop who very night she could jump up over balcony into the crystal blue water. And that's what I'm Dan pollinated news reports. All right -- good morning everyone -- met burger and -- Beckham junior didn't disappoint and -- she's pro -- -- scouts from around the NFL. Gathered to see twenty tigers go through a series of drills. Saints coach Sean Payton recognizes the talent level at the school and hints that the black and gold may have their eye on tiger in next month's draft. Less and his staff do a great job of developing the players and that's why you see so many of these guys play in the NFL and we just saw Randall Gay who was on our Super Bowl team Devery Henderson was the last. LSU player we had been. So -- we don't know. The NFL has announced that next year's Pro Bowl will take place on January 25 at. The University of Phoenix a Phoenix stadium before returning to Hawaii at Aloha Stadium in 2016. The game will remain a week before the Super Bowl as it's been the last five years the new format introduced after last season will be retained. And not LSU pitchers combined to stifle Lamar is the tigers won five nothing. If the eleventh shutout of the season for LSU breaking a school record set in 1996. Elsewhere on the -- in the raging cajun rallied on the road to take down the -- state fourteen to 82 -- lost 521 to SE there. And with deputy Davis sitting out due to back spasms the pelicans lost their sixth straight game 94 to 88 to the Phoenix Suns. Rookie senator Jeff with the had a career high seventeen points in the loss while Anthony Morrow added fourteen coach money Williams -- was not disappointed in his team's performance. Does nothing to complain -- -- Real good team tonight and four -- and scored first and third quarter were. We scrap employee who -- really quite deploy -- -- with the goal of the basket enough times. Today at four on sports talk should this -- stand pat with a 27 overall pick or is there a player you would trade up for. Or maybe trade down and accumulate more picks I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Because -- -- cool but anyway if you go here's what he says. I think -- -- -- burgers anywhere from a B two -- minus -- mean insinuating circumstances that but he performed well all things considered. -- tell. Did. What you expected -- Dell didn't pass because he has to overcome by -- did catch balls he looked good. And haven't dropped so who -- a letter grade on a minute ago -- And I says what he thought of those two players. Are right so you share the comments from saints coach Sean Payton with us. It's time we get another tiger very dangerous thing is the tipping his hand is he pandering to LSU fans what I -- that in and they have the saints do it up with a tiger with what -- think it'd be. -- -- -- Obviously to see them with O'Dell Beckham junior or just an integrated -- to do that right I just don't think it'll be around but he fits a dual meet for the team with the speed receiver and the return -- on special teams. Maybe they'll target a guy like -- Jarvis Landry though whose stock could be dropping. Because he did while he did improve his forty time yesterday he did drop to three balls which people are starting to question now. I'd -- end -- involved but we got to let's take a break we'll get you back in the with more sports and fifteen minutes here on WWL I -- FM and a I have today is according to organizers played hooky day go to the French Quarter festival at launch and never go back to work one person -- -- -- decorated seventy attempt to go to launched. What is happening -- a lot of people wearing from don't get launch at work. What you -- come. Well big story is to be given away Paul McCartney ticket sometime between 6 and 10 o'clock before they go on -- -- to beat the box office and win tickets. To see him in concert June 19 we'll also talk about this. Knife attack at a Pennsylvania school yesterday and would it have been different if the sophomore had brought. A knife to a gun fight to talk about this senate committee bill where it. You know hospitals will be able hires a would we have the right not to hire somebody if they smoked and I don't think smell like smoke and heard anybody won't talk about. I think help the heart -- virus that I think is to get your.

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