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4-10 6:45am Tommy, self-defense

Apr 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Vin Chary, a Senior Instructor at Street Smarts Krav Maga, about defending yourself

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about the attack the knife attack at the school outside of Pittsburgh yesterday 21 people wounded now there's indicative of mortality from that. And who is abusing its octaves in Charlie. Randomized senior instructor at street smarts in crop. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- used in them on how to pronounce last name but no I got a right. You know in terms of Nam. Protecting yourself from being a victim and if fighting back if you were attacked I guess you know just like you don't bring a knife to a gun fight you don't get engaged in. Any attempt to disarm somebody alert flight bag and -- -- Well you know it's. In the corporate audit and you know out. In light of the tragic situation. What. Actually advised people view -- personal matter where are you aware. Yours exit routes. Anyway you can possibly get away a situation -- that -- somewhere. It in if it becomes how accurate and you're faced with some money -- the night of violent. -- -- weapons because it can be real so quickly and then you know. People tonight. Very intimate tax -- they're not ago app you want your church you sort of collapsed. Over. You have to be -- users around whatever you at around you used to you know and actually yesterday. The good book bag you know chair. A yeah. But. Lots and we thought of as in throw a charity guy hit again with the desk if you can disease. He didn't appear to be some big over powering man I'd hit or anything sophomore in high school. Right exactly you know the that we say aggregate you know and what we are students reach you shoot the personal rules. Industry by it or any marketable -- weapon. Each steel users are out -- An -- you're using that to defend or is it separately you'd director you are accurate or not you create space -- get away you don't get in -- year. You can't get. Badly hurt. I you know we -- -- you can that you are in the -- are act. That's where you'll -- -- attacked it in that hurt the harder you can't. Increase in upstate that you can get away. In terms of problems -- guy and I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly is it. Similar to Juneau are karate or any of these things or is it a completely different approach. It would approach the more moderate it and separate -- official up a system a few Israeli military. Failure is regarded crop the our globe as the most respected and handed I'll bet the mobbed by the so what -- that the state of the most respected techniques from all disciplines. Restricting your body like. The broker from judo brown worked completely -- -- and all that there's a lot of companies that are unique problem. Should have to work by your side your athletic ability. Your age. It -- is real -- and reserve military -- from the two years after work for everyone and at. Worked quickly and be -- quickly because people don't have time to train. You know. Like it is our pretty. Entry in our days yours and your ears that is was born out of the top conflict in Israel. Where people work have to be armed -- very quickly learn things very quickly so. -- the very moderate in the in the Bali. -- -- -- -- Multiple attackers weapons we Hewlett and I extra stick out any any sort of possibly imagine it will be on our students -- We -- -- -- you need I don't know if I misunderstood you used it do you need a certain amount of physical activity. Coordination etc. being in some kind of specific shape to. No not at all that that that that. Whether you our you know what you have some sort of athletic inclination or -- seem odd yet. It has to work no matter what that you know that's why he's got a military work work for everybody and the same template or civilians you know we get people. Our youngest student age. Four years old -- you can -- -- a year -- and we have people all shapes -- Background and the main premise behind it all that has the work. -- Sid do you advise you students -- you know if somebody's wielding a knife trying to problem. -- just cooperate de -- or do you did tell them you know now that you have these skills you don't have to have a victim mentality. Bought my first. My first -- but almost even if they want you're. Your profession is it easier all it. Just given that there's a point fighting for that I think now. You know an active time -- again if -- -- the late in the day you know getting this car locked down the Alley or you know. -- You know the -- and get more aggressive with it then you -- you you -- -- and you know 99 to fight it. They're not just -- take earthly possessions from now could be your life. Life and you need to fight. And didn't kick it into that you know -- can say is you know it's going to be means yield on the. Unfortunately we're out of time but very quickly attacks comes in in this could go to what you're saying -- it seems like somebody could use a fire extinguisher and you shot him in the face with a -- is that the kind of thing you're talking about find whatever you have near you and and use it. Exactly you know despite all the evolving -- -- you that you if you are partly the mentality that you know I'm gonna use what ever right -- despite. And has that fighting spirit that never -- it. You know -- you'll you'll come out on top. Tell me real quick if somebody went to find out more about this or take instruction. You cannot go to view. Thought crop forgotten or stock that K art AD and -- GA -- -- -- forget it all at the Q4. You're. Thank you then a informational interview was always -- -- came on. What are receiving money stays embassy over there -- -- done.

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