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4-10 7:45am Tommy, hospitals & smoking?

Apr 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Amy Feldman, an attorney & general counsel for the Judge Group, about smokers and the law

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about this Billy came out of a senate committee yesterday here on WWL -- The Senate Committees said -- in essence hospitals would have the right not to hire somebody just because they smoked and that's one concern that is the others this third hand smoke concept and quoting the Mayo Clinic here I clings to hair does third hand smoke skin clothes furniture drapes walls -- etc. And that. Com. The B because it's on somebody's skin. It could. Affect somebody else that comes -- contact with him -- their clothing and and boy -- a comment and a hard time with this Amy Feldman. And an attorney in General Counsel for the judge group joins us now in morning Amy how are you. Good morning great -- at. Good tell me about this whole concept of third hand smoke and and has their bill or have there been any legal. Cases as a result of it. Well you know so far no that the relatively new aspect of liability when it come to to back up. But you know in Italy -- and the country attitude toward smoking and it continues to eve ball. And as is usually indicate a law is kinda low. To discriminate against smokers you can't. Either higher or seeking prior somebody they smoke beauty -- there in all I think by -- a tree workplace policy. Couldn't do it -- in in Oakland that I'm a lot education. First about the age smoking and about the big check it. Out like it being the third hand smoking idea -- You know keeping these smoke particles. On globe at their fabrics or wherever they charitable hand could be harmful and now and he he would attempt by the law maker at least. To catch up with back you know back in 2012. And I try to repeal that law. Dep prevent employers from firing we're not hiring smokers and that they. But now there you know chipping away by doing things like this. Saying OK a lot still aspect but now that'll be exempt from and we'll see how far back -- You know -- that come around. How could how could you have a legal case here of of somebody being harmed by tobacco's. The third hand so called third hand tobacco smoke if there's not really a lot of scientific data to prove -- -- does desperately as it really would have to prove it -- -- Yeah I mean I'm sure you know -- not lawyers in the country. That somebody in. Some charts. You know Ali you know a lot of that it nears the end. Patient when it -- became. -- -- Toxic in danger -- there -- -- I'll -- -- the workers work you know getting ill and dying. -- -- after they -- That was. First round. And that's -- dollar a lot of the the people of the workers to work in boiler or round at its products. Would come home at the end of the work day and have that line (%expletive) out there dot. And that why we're getting the feeling that the makers. And I am certain that if you can -- there particle that's how they did it. -- some out meet people developed in the visitor clearly going to expect that you are going to be an M Rhode. To link the lung cancer and other cancers. -- that back particles that are hanging out people out there. -- -- Still the -- all in where we are out from pulling it out now like somebody smoking for thirty years. And I'm gonna pour. Let me let me ask you right exactly let me ask you about. Discrimination aspect of this with non parent somebody because there. That their smoker who is protected against discrimination as it stands now -- either federal or state law. I really regret it federal law that protects smokers. Band geek. The federal government to protect you from work -- determination and there are a bit. They're -- of being a smoker in the however 298. District of Columbia. And a lot. Has created -- -- Not there and there you do your job we don't care about but. How apartment and and now you're gonna. You know technique from me as Hitler and I am looking at backing out and -- and nobody who's been. -- high -- they don't like the idea that employers regulate your legal. Off duty conduct leading ample -- Right now time -- -- about gay people they protect glance. And federal. I mean you know I -- Talking about changing the law. And half. Some -- Some -- at how are you. Shortly. Saw during the security during the interview process I didn't say so Johnny -- You know you know in in each -- it. I don't know that that is the basic here. -- know and understand if somebody's home also to new finance that would they be breaking the law do well there's a lot of people. You aren't making decisions they. Don't think you're not protected class. A lot out the government made a -- you can't thank thank -- appreciate your time.

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