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4-10 9:10am Tommy, acceptance of gay people

Apr 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to D'lane Compton, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at UNO, about the increasing societal acceptance of gay people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- trying to talk about all of this d'alene Compton who has a you know assistant professor of sociology -- also she'd rather I'm sorry also studies. Social psychology and social demography of sexual orientation. From my alma mater UN on I was there yesterday good morning. I'm very I'm very well thank you and thanks taking the time when there's so. Tell me what you're studies what the data indicates in terms of the country overall impressions and is that -- starting to turn when it comes to gain acceptance. I'm fortunate that I start to turn in fact it is more toward acceptance purses. I get into for example 40% of individuals on average. Well the Gallup poll should say about 40% individual said that Q&A huge relations -- wrong. Arms morally. Our 2013. On now. Support for it would not work. And now a coach -- a nine person actually needed beyond the majority. Of individuals saying it's not more -- And just put this in extreme. It. On. 60% individual -- That it conducted our baby at a marriage on the apartment. Check. -- and Eric Thatcher and one that. I'm so extreme and women out at a -- It's is that you have to very interest in -- and that the level is kind of -- part. Seek him out on sex and -- skating it's a joke marriage joke. We just kidding around here don't know email anybody. I'll -- which you know you talk about the different trends about unwed. Heaven babies these out of wedlock without a I'm tired stake in place or some other things I just wonder what it is that. -- about a gay relationship they did so many people angry. -- you know you actually at that point in one minute think that does make it different. Compared to some of the other issues that we are people out -- -- fidelity. Issue out there caller. He had very. Local and -- on individuals that are either very much for -- again. Civil liberties for the individuals or. With -- out of our issues and social. Com. What it should be tolerated so the polarization. Is way contribute to discussions and the controversy. On what. Are you on there are other topics where's the issue still call and more consistent. The thing I don't understand about it is and -- he's just my opinion you know you can believe whatever you want. I don't care I don't care summit -- it if somebody is my money then I definitely care about it -- includes a child I definitely care about that but. With two people agree to do it and I disable that even comes as somebody I don't know cheating on her life that that's not my business I don't care I don't know -- gone -- with the dynamics of the relationship. Why do somebody feel like to do some people feel the need. That they are the auditors of what's acceptable and not in -- society. You know I mean you know like question especially at -- -- yet. On their things where I'd come and it means that incident in my opinion is. I think that although it mean for. So if somebody comes out. We would that mean for me now how -- -- -- what does that mean but the what you can be in action while it might see him. Right and you know -- -- in the incumbent earlier about she's at a preparatory. And I -- I say this or any social and tolerant and tolerant and all actually in. Rooted in. The same art you know so that issues related to like you know the debacle on biblical. Redundant Christian reasons why. What went -- and -- An interracial marriages actually does this -- that we used that same partner in the back keep it all like people were against interracial relationships. On in the sixties. Came in why people her kind of anti same sex marriage now on and and he was that it around that kind of -- -- -- like -- -- enslave people are about and just aren't I -- it was there and work racer. So. At Mercer and intolerant or tolerate it pretty interest and I think the big in that -- cap and on the brilliant actor that sport cock in that. You know we have had role model and that generation to generation can vote now the generation getting into college. They grew up with gay character on TV and hearing about people coming out in the media at the -- different settings and that people who were ten years before it. Yeah I get a -- comes in Tommy it's on gay relationships or relationships of any kind being shoved in my face and I don't know. What exactly that means there have there been any studies that. Show when it comes to a gay life silence more public displays of affection or that people are more offended by those then say you know for security camera catch you outside grenade. And now -- on the -- reaction and it you know I find it yet on the back -- the computer level at home on via. On IT unit to -- more visible area where. -- -- on the street. On that -- like -- a moment or -- -- that the couple and I think that's because it hasn't been quite. In it's not the norm trust C. People also it -- by C. Sex relationship. You know I'd actually a copy edit in a couple of making and -- So some people peculiar couple. You know PDA with the public the public. Please think of when you say and I'm confused -- cross couple what is that. -- -- I'd get a there's something else zionists. And I had an action permutations of which I wasn't. So bottom line -- -- -- Out of success yet so bottom line do you think there'll come a day where. People will be is accepting. Gay people in this country where there won't even be labeled gators cradled his dealer person. You know actually that's an interesting question I'd that and it's an act like the social Pollard. Fraternity into different arm except that are making personal politics becoming a little bit more normative now so -- -- -- you know when you called our top. -- any future contacts. But it. You know -- fired by an -- I'll be. While it may one day become a demographic category on an uncertain where that is the category and it is at a measured -- -- it got its -- shared a look at that I mean. I'm pretty optimistic like that it became. But they're -- eighty people don't agree how people so I'm become -- under contract -- You know where quality you're actually get to cut. The only thing that's always confused me is. Drawing -- line between culture between wanting to be different wanting to be. Considered the same as everybody else I don't think you can keep jumping back and forth and -- make this about race but I don't think you can say you know what it doesn't matter if I'm gay. And then. Proclaimed gay pride I don't know that you can. -- to say you won appealed treated it treated the same when it comes to race but then say. Well I'm black and proud -- I'm white and proud it would seem to me like he got -- yet picked a side either rural us amoral world different. Well here at higher rates so there's certain parts of we believe firmly that there. Quite it's a construction and -- mentioned you are neatly is largely formed by the society and our society and determine. What I think -- become proud of and what I didn't need you feel. You know you wanna hide for a couple. What exhibition that being proud of what's happening there is the fact that you. Say in the packed app machine on and not try it largely because of the culture had been in contact -- and so now you know. On the and then you know we also -- actually product you'll get it out. So the -- that leak actually yet now you know I think you're kidding might attack that into you about it related to civil liberties you got your card talking. So I just went in terms of perception on and I you can on one hand proclaimed to be. Can be where we don't wanna be singled out we wanna just be part of the group but then single yourself out when it's convenient or you feel the need -- -- -- to do that. Right well there are different between that ended identity group so for example we -- -- -- -- we actually are at our individual people I -- be known as a -- on. I don't want because mr. stereotype about. My orientation or stereotypes about three meters true that I'd like cops or occupation. About the frame. The only way -- see. I want you to be able to make room for immediate I don't said that he would take surgically or -- -- not to stereotype -- idea that they're tight critically about it's it's Saturday. Since you brought up stereotype and -- agreement in a controller on one thing that's always. That made me curious is you know a lot of different groups are stereotyped and did a committee assigned stereotypes to different people who was there a pattern of war right here to existed. And existed that causes stereo. Yeah actually is is polling done by committee and it seems like we've -- society. And see. Kind of like that trying to work very -- yeah. And then you look at what -- actually people out. And then at that point we decide that those attribute must be about about where. It's not necessary logical conclusion that we may. But you know learned a great example clinic using -- about how lightning can't job on what I was if he did in -- You know -- I didn't junior high high -- eighty. You know lightning could jump and attacked a white. Great however we're 98 when Utley in the came out. All of a sudden -- accidents -- white athletes into the other sport or or at least in fact and lots of black athlete. On the now is it because lightning can't -- No not necessary however on the there -- something -- be that we. Certain expectation -- people we look at them all your talk about box or oh you're black sea of athletic. -- all the people are better basketball player's. -- Well as legal -- to disagree -- Allan thank you doctor appreciate your Town Car.

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