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4-10-14 12:10pm Garland: on drone usage

Apr 10, 2014|

Garland talks with Steve Bucci of the Heritage Foundation and Tulane law professor Amy Gajda about the future of drone usage.

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-- in the in the number of throws over the last couple years on drones. I'm absolutely fascinated by the good and the bed that may become of this new technology. And -- so we now have a bill in her state legislature. To make -- cry and use unmanned aircraft to conduct surveillance. -- -- anything gather evidence to collect information about groups owner and on about owner's consent in. Can plug control what 1000 feet all of this being decided. But to me this is how complicated Gibson and a bullet that probably twelve states. Better trying to implement laws and regulations now. But this was marred trip on this list of winners were searching for the show this more troop this year but it last month. CNN. Take some hackers out in London. And they haven't devised the pavement -- colts' -- -- and and it looked like many of the other quadra copter. Drones in -- singled small and it's. And these hackers. Or use Dennis. And the results from what they've done to present to what they called the black -- Asia cyber security conference. In Singapore coming up next week. And this of what this thing -- It connects. Bill hacker that's controlling the -- to all the -- in permission. Includes -- sites you visit. Credit card information passwords. Social Security number location Gator user -- -- a bird -- everything. So soon and when albums snooping and attack corporate -- in London. Thereof less than an -- And they obtain -- Binghamton -- coordinate. -- about a 150. Mobile device. How do you regulate. How they have a law that controls. What we're always go to -- -- we have questions we have one -- themselves who Boucher. Our director Douglas and Sarah Allison center for foreign than actual security policy Heritage Foundation. Steve thank you very much for joining me I have no idea what I'm talking about some thing good teacher would. Thanks for me on the show. Tell me is that is something that can be regulated controlled by government. Well you know the example you give actually beat. What they're doing is already illegal -- you don't need to answer any new laws to make what they're doing -- And you know while I don't get into that you know the political and bill. You know edit this rushed it to do legislation. To ban these things. Frankly about 90%. Of the bad things you can do with the drone or or ready illegal undercover -- established case squawk. They're really should not be this hysterical response to let's ask lots of legislation to try and control -- that new. -- of old technology that he's being used a slightly innovative way. So I don't think people should it quite as nervous as I think some more. It could explain to you boy this is this is -- visual. And I am OK we'll be proud of file whether be. The whole world somebody -- like her family they've got a 300. Dollar drone that the bar at the mall Wednesday. Putter in your backyard outside the bathroom under whatever. Videotape good downloaded to via net and destroy the drone is not the concern. Or loss of privacy. Well today it is someone -- climb up the tree on the street out outside your house and look. In fuel window or look you know down -- year or what they'd be government or an individual. You you don't have an expectation of privacy under the law that area. You know if somebody can just knock on your neighbor's house and eight ankle when you're out for a minute and they -- -- in and I can see in New York. And you're doing something they're. They think in that freeware and Angelique Coleman weathered as a withdrawal. Or from that window even the police. You know if you have you've grown marijuana plants in your back door in an open space -- somebody could -- but look at the defense. They don't need aid truck -- golden now. Now if it was inside your collage. And the only way -- could see in there was finally sent or something pending war. And they'll still legal -- unit that he sensor is under control. So you know a lot of this stuff -- -- -- is already covered and it some keeping calm you know -- those kind of -- pretty much we all do. And someone quietly they already broken the law. Do it by user control. Doesn't make it any more criminal which is sort of a new weight local and. Up fully and pursue more answers sooner about the war -- -- makes a lot of accidents. But -- the individuals. Fear of these drones. -- climb up in -- go to the neighbor can a group of peep through the window. They knew who buy them they've been applied me they can ceemea truly run the rifts. Of being caught and prosecuted. But 300 bucks to do something illegal. Isn't that something society should be concerned about and not debating. Whether or not we have laws in place. But how do you ID -- somebody that does that and I'll probably doesn't become. Well you know. We used to. And I have not downplaying the concern I mean people have a right to be concerned about privacy should be -- as a society like ours. That is free society in -- which we we have rights and protections. We should be concerned about this stuff. I I just think that there's a lot of folks saying oh my gosh in new technology. We need a bunch of new laws principle we -- columns. We intend to pass a bunch of new laws to stop the police from happening so that the president. Laws already apply even though frankly it's easier to happen so. You know cause -- -- -- around the area that physically go inside a building that could get to the signal. But the old saying law's goal for so I think you know from street -- standpoint the FAA is gonna have to figure out how to regulate. He airspace not just the big airspace a high level. You know -- the 500 feet from the street. If we're gonna have to ask some sort of of the rules of road and how do you fly around your little device. But again from the privacy standpoint I think. I think or -- -- you know I I get concerned with. A rush to legislate and make additional holes that will hurt the legitimate use of these technologies. It in an -- or just stop something that may already taken care. It's sound like your -- -- pretty common sense of call argument why do you think there is a rush. To legislate it is. Well the good news. You know war -- given time more in which you know -- scandals concerning the trade all their arms privacy -- -- people -- They're they're hyper sensitivity to. Our our personal privacy -- stretch probably -- market. But -- you know. The other thing my -- is pretty educated shortly. And we watched -- sixty minute show were get -- just talk about global or current stuff from Amazon and groans. And she says will scream at their actions -- be hit people you run into power lines and trees and and and I -- Yet that that's a possibility. But keep in mind you know -- these doses trying to do is we want to make money. And you know making money you run already grown into the back Steve -- it. And he gets -- for Brazilian golfers. So you know a lot of that be the concern orchard there's as a very new technology. It's one that. You know or not actual work how it's gonna play out how could it be misused. In some you know in some cases beeper are just very worried about government in particular use it and I just think we all take a breath look at it reasonably. They are our concerns we do need to have regulation we do need to have rules. But I don't think you know banning drones you know is right ago technology's going forward grown and we're not stop it. You need to keep it you know between all lines -- -- it just go crazy. Civilians here added to the conversation I appreciate the time very much hopefully will get true on the show again and the Sydney and issued the golden boy you any time soon. Now. An. Absolutely but I do receive good talk and -- double bill brigades celebrity immoral five to reopen -- -- -- him well -- skewed to its exit rule 170. The whole -- thing. Cause you any pause at all armored finger bud. Drones because senator in the legislature. Has to build that would make -- prone to use unmanned aircraft to conduct surveillance all of the other evidence or collective -- about food -- frankly Euro on -- Record is specifically targeted for duke -- infrastructure what about the owner's consent. And the legislature would cover drones flown below 1000 feet and quite determined. Eggs from but he they're. More verses technology can explain to me. He held 101000 or less than a thousand feet. O'Brien in New Orleans -- what are -- effect. Saw trust anyone operating room at this time and that especially includes the federal government they're there -- say there's track record. It's atrocious. Over 185. In essential -- alone had been killed them a lot collateral damage. Our overseas mainly area Pakistan. So if -- You know it's airport reports that -- -- that type of collateral damage as a government I would think equipment just not think about violating. -- for Portland and like. For example equipment are you using drugs to violate what rights they do because they feel. Not killing anybody you know so it's it's a big deal you know we're marching anybody gas chamber. So. It is so I think government would easily -- -- So you did -- your do your talking exactly. About what I brought up. A couple of 101000 times on the show we were just got a caller hung -- Claiming bedrooms are positioning in the -- wallet and insurance. Send out drone did checked petitions vote. -- to receive we have a legal catch illegal. And in my thought what was all that they went out there and bolt looked in your -- -- you wouldn't have set over that but the sooners -- -- it. The finger at that came to mind is what I was saying the problem is we don't trust in the -- -- three law enforcement. Receive lawyers. We see legislators. Would seem politicians we see business people we seek reviewed -- -- And we don't. Trust anymore. That you know I just haven't -- from The Heritage Foundation. They basically said. Ago -- doesn't make too much out of -- as you know laws already in place. Somebody can climb up the tree and look into window when you don't want them to war as in neighbor they can spy on you and I disagree that. That's definitely. Definitely apples and oranges because of the -- and I won't need the power government -- There's so to neighbor spot you can get. And and you can and that applies them if you see him but it's. 300 dollar and a better article right here like in Poland basically. Drug company invented these small very small. Copter with -- HD cameras and it. And it can record HD video. And it holds down side as element. -- call or wherever. In -- pulled weapons and record something at some private home. They would rather not have on the Internet replied back folded. The size of that you don't know who lives in the tree. That to -- the differences. There in the product project called very -- and actors from a from calling covered up next we're gonna. Talk to somebody on the legal side of this tool in the war protesters to city. Regulations and do. Or federal regulations and supersede. All the east nature trying to do. Once the and please do the laws and regulations. Protect people in -- and more than they do wants. Your thoughts or comments to -- 017. -- dubbed. Yeah I am fascinated board rooms and being number shoes years. And more more experts. Country. Now we go to states senator. It is. Tempting to ban drones from playing critical infrastructure sites in particular chemical plants and refineries. In -- cry and holders of things that some might do over -- critical infrastructures. And senator says in one sentences in enemies says. The legislation would cover drones -- lo 1000 beat. All things that as -- Be able to tell the drone below 1000. Chemical company Ericsson to jailed there I mean to court. It's either. Old school -- can look at details of how wise it is. And and and who looked at all that the rule and -- being used for right now. And you wonder if this thing being in the entry comes back as drones will be bull. Bad and good. The biggest question ball -- regularly. Do -- rightful. We just had a gentlemen from the heritage and others -- -- laws -- or so. We thought we would call it lowered to war protestor constitutional. Law and -- invasion of privacy. Issues so anxious for -- -- -- thank you -- the call. So. What we do what went and withdrew in here. With me. War. Hawaii and Illinois. Montana Maryland north Carolina museum North Dakota. Oregon Texas to name just the view that -- -- -- pass legislation regulating drones or working. What was and what is it possible to break. I think that media. And I think that we have on similar laws on the books right now. They actually do this sort of thing and not so much perhaps in criminal context so sometimes for example they're criminal laws. That are written in such ways that. -- copper new technologies. For example he may have heard about -- Skirting I don't know you know what that is not the -- where one. Take the picture. Underneath the woman's skirt usually itself around. Some criminal laws were gone and Britain and such we can not Hubbard act and so what happens is. Legislatures. Scramble to make act. On into effect on and on and crime. By on the -- I agree with the person you refer Q -- before. Bet there actually are all -- on her. Issues involving. Around. Lived there and understand them are really doing that seemed like a -- -- blues boss bought. Here's a researcher. When artsy and then took walk Wear them in London in March for one day. You've been a little drone called snoopy -- -- almost put it in the pocket and and you. Get -- -- I think combination. Combination to have to do. They went out for an hour here and in London in less than an hour applies. This. Into -- got the credit card. Locations. And passwords. What -- No board games GP coordinates. A 150 mobile device. Now number one that I'm sure that's illegal. Even. The guys blocking the girl. Is flying it in the park -- people walking under it. Or that the cops with the laws that are in place you can say. -- -- those two the headquarters. And Morgan put through software in the computer NC would. I mean sure -- something like that can happen as long as they have a warrant anchors and in terms of issues involving passwords. Are and whether or not those people would be able to do the owner of that around. Mean there are issues involving proof that there will always be approved issues. What on net around you can take custody back ground. Deal with adding other cases well so black boxes for example on automobile fuel it. Access to on -- and the information contained. Gary and including on -- automobile went on break get fatter. And -- weak -- current law there's something called intrusion. Into seclusion. And what that means is that you you in true. That means to booking you know on some one who is in seclusion. Or are using some sort of technology to look in on someone who is in seclusion. You can be liable to that person. You you're -- you're looking you know. Wind when I've -- lips of go back to snoopy and consumer that your -- and all they see him doing that attract. Aggregate or aren't -- but I'm reading about companies and won the first are doing the shows are we talking about. There could be thousands. Of drones in this country over the next five years. Some -- it may come from. Estimates that I've read is that like 2030. There will be thirty that was in -- flying off flying overhead. I'm reading about companies that have already sold. And now are so my and my question is. When you got the multiplicity. Of -- sound like they're going to be elect's cell phones. -- laws that we. I guests are adequate in that whatever illegal action is taken the question will be will we have -- people to enforce a law. Well I think so because what will happen and and actually my time. Was walking down this street to New York -- heard something. -- and he booked and there with the round. He has experience. To brown in person I'll flip a friend. Who was at a birthday party and district in California and the friend got got to do round as a birthday present. Think that probably what will happen -- he mentioned there are a lot get a lot of legislation on the odd coming through right now or at least attempt -- legislation. -- congress and with in state I'll be guilt for those who maybe. Affected by -- -- You be if for example it it's the story apparently from Virginia you know it's true or not involved. Girl who was bouncing on a trampoline and a two round came around her. And then when. Parent came out -- -- laughed and then went to. Hover around them other. Young people who were on TV thing. -- gonna be an issue. It's. And right -- I took a break real quickly. More comeback were were talking about the legal side of drones or new laws needed are the ones we have adequate. And the justices -- important question to regularly and can you. Get a handle on these if they turn out to be. Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions. Doubled up. Are -- good about probes that figure about regulations roofing and about laws regulating. And so drones. Here in the Weezer is outlawed to keep. Drones about a thousand speedway from chemical plant and some we've got to at least fifteen states that have found. They're writing different regulations and different launch. And here to help us better understand what we've got what might might need to be done. We have in the guide of with the issues -- professor Tulane law. In particular constitutional law or invasion. Of privacy issues. On on the invasion of privacy issues was 7 NEWS conversation -- guests lists our. If we get somebody that is like cues that recording kids and trembling in their kids' Sunday evening or somebody. We've been hurt somebody. Doing something. In their home when people see somebody. Videotaped -- puts it on the Internet. Understand we have laws that says it's legal you shouldn't do that. But like the kids in the back York what with the law be your your not. Standing on their property is a law that says if you were -- error doing this kind of thing it to -- Well it could be. -- a jurisdiction would define what is the track path. Possible that there is some legislation on war war not comment on depending on the jurisdiction. -- that would infect regularly. Like what what happened is. People are out in public generally. And let's -- it drones fly over them they're out in public and the two -- takes a picture of them. Probably. That would not be the basis for an invasion of privacy law. But if they -- behind the wall of their backyard. Only visible to some one in the back yard. And if that drone flew over an imagined for example. An actor in Hollywood. In his or her backyard. -- -- -- -- drones flying over taking that image and then selling -- onto. Celebrity magazine for example. Something like that. Geary who like me could be an invasion of privacy. Because sometimes. When we are outside. We're still secluded. In the eyes of the law and feel that we're I think that two -- situation is. It particularly interesting on behalf technology camera lenses that allowed allowed to -- houses. Courts had dealt with that and they decided to impact can be privacy invasion he he used the land that -- see inside house. Now we have to -- -- corporate. -- is on a bird's eye view literally. On of things going on in high walled backyard for example until the court will meet to decide I think more cases. -- -- when and -- we he's included. When we're outside. It is is that the reason that. Being FAA had said by the end of 2000 pivoting now I think it clear that can do it. They're gonna have regulations national regulations Ford drones predator and I think they've given like twelve states the option of being. The tests hormones. Where they give them the drones and let them try to set it up into what works and what doesn't. It when we when we say would probably have laws we already need right now was zippy doing that. Because there. Regulation in terms. Public safety. And he's the one issue involving two rounds at regarding safety so whether -- not. You're walking down street ordering your back yard and your hit in the head by someone else's around. That's going to be an issue so they say -- hearing much about what he's flying in the air and here forking regularly back. And again. There might be. Criminalized. And people to prison. Call or fine them. For using drones seem properly and back what a lot of these states are working on right now. So they're working on criminal. Legislation. -- matter actually said regarding how high fly. Criminal legislation might make a decline to as you -- line over on a particularly sensitive area. Or perhaps take on images of someone outside. On the police who would otherwise be recruiting. In addition to being the type of law and we -- simple law keeping people you'd be used to. Should. It to -- Lie over and indeed -- your privacy. Feel really geared to read -- for being in the first of regulation by acting regarding weird around comply. In terms of your stay. And criminal laws in. Which sent people prison are buying them permit you to -- around. And then there are these pride and C bass lines. He can to trial operator's board using. He infecting leader privacy. Lou it's probably gonna become. Subject of a lot of attention to major. Wolf -- one and one and hapless. Announced last week they're sorting through -- practice law. Young and actually -- of interest. One on journalism professor predicted that big brown Egypt journalism would be happening it. And that index journalist would be using to round. To flyover homes and take take video images sent an otherwise. Of our homes and suggested that that in fact he was optimistic for the widespread use center around since society for an acceptance. For journalists and practices so that's the case. Thought that I would think the book 1984. Was -- he. Is gone or. What do -- A professor thank you so much you -- -- projected time. At and make about it she is the -- proposed law proposed. Constitutional law adults who invasion of privacy issues. Aren't covered around actually -- -- do not gold wage of the.