WWL>Topics>>4-10-14 1:10pm Angela: with Jefferson President John Young

4-10-14 1:10pm Angela: with Jefferson President John Young

Apr 10, 2014|

Angela talks with Jefferson Parish President John Young about upcoming mileage renewals.

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My first question is how can we keep this weather for the next six months it's as if the French Quarter fest says please please please and it happened. It does not get more beautiful than today except maybe for tomorrow and I hope that we're gonna see you. Out of French Quarter fest but his work to be out there from one to four in Jackson square. And truly if you are out there come by and say hello I would have loved to meet Chilean. Share a little bit of -- -- up strawberry -- which I understand that they are going to be pouring for the very first time it's Friday if we can have a little bit of year. Albright. -- John young's just said it's healthy but. Because it has a fruit and it -- probably isn't as smooth it -- -- All right Jefferson Parish voters will face an important decisions next month when they -- -- the polls may third. Deciding whether to renew a number of villages. Here to talk about them and what else is happening in beautiful Jefferson bearish. Is the man in the know. Parish president John. We're gonna talk about those things thank you always -- it's good to be with you know it's it's always good to take time to -- Tell everybody here's where we are and definitely an -- very good things happening. But what happened yesterday sort of startling. In the kind of controversial thing with your hospital absolutely so -- sort of cut to the chase on that and say. What is happening West Asia has opted for children. Yes west -- the council yesterday voted unanimously to allow west Jefferson hospital. To pursue negotiations. And finalize. Structure of an agreement. To lease west -- to LC MC. We had a children's medical which we knows children's it's part of the children's as part of LC and -- a network now. And and east Jefferson hospital -- asked for additional time. In and yesterday of course unfortunately Washington. Was one of the remaining Suze left EJ. Hospital consider parting with with true. A -- there yesterday morning were you surprised by that some what. I was surprised but it's somewhat surprised that the same time not so surprised because -- due process has dragged on for so long and I'm. I'm sure Russian got frustrated with the process and just decided it was used in their best actresses they inform me giving me the heads up early yesterday morning. That day they thought it was in their best interest in -- and there are a patient's best interest to withdraw and -- dumps artist here that. But I certainly understand you and respect your position. HCA had pulled out also -- that really left just children's. Correct is there any interest -- east just parked on children's known they were so against it before. Well let me let me back up -- minute you know -- hatred to you to come on -- because it's so fluid and it changes so much. But certainly. I'll always believe in the process started on the premise that EJ in west Jeff. Which together go out and try to find one suitor which I still believe. Is in the best interest of the parish in the citizens and the hospitals. -- doesn't appear to be that case right now now certainly you could argue logically that insurance the only one left and has indicated an interest. And also taking over EJ. Should EJ and the -- will be interest in that you do have the new consultant Josh -- often said who questions whether it LC MC. And I rushed for that matter to the stability could could. Have the ability to finance the acquisition of both so that still is a big question mark now that he's weighed in. In that regard. But certainly EJ's in a very precarious position at this point. Because the only remaining suitors through this process is LC MC. And you have one of the consultants saying he questions whether they can swallow financially both hospitals and be able to survive so. That's where we are right now it's not a pretty picture but but certainly. You know everyone will come together and at some point you know try to path forward the important thing to continue to remember Angela. Is we need to continue to focus on what's in the best interest of of that of the two hospitals. What's in the best interest of the citizens of how to we preserve the quality and enhance the quality of medical care that both of those it's. Two Asians in Brian dissents when we did earlier programs. That time was becoming a factor correct that money is kind of going out the window -- correct so it is -- that you have to make up knee jerk decision but you have to. Make a decision you have to make a decision. And if it just sits -- mean and they're really back to square one. Correct -- -- right now a decision has been made pretty much for. East Jefferson at this point in time because. Two of the of the three Sudanese have backed out and in the third suitor according to again the consultant that was most recently. Retained by the council says he he doesn't know that they couldn't afford to operate -- -- Those those issues need to be addressed and need to be addressed fairly quickly. But again it at this point I think the best path forward would be for EJ. General hospital and aboard the Custer and on obviously. Running the hospital. In his present situation and and obviously the stoning very few shouldn't look at other options to see what what is out there and then present those options. To the board and into the council. Just very briefly animal move onto other things that. Were you surprised by the consultants. Statement that he didn't think -- questions about the viability. Financial viability of both children's and Washington. I mean that's always been out there I certainly was somewhat. Surprised by the how adamant he was about that and and you know when you look at children's who have actually has more. Cash on hand and you and a high of -- even HCA. But his point was you know obviously. Both hospitals have been all hospital actually because of of which happened when medical care not making the same amount among did before. And it certainly if you take a snapshot. That's true the question becomes well. With percentage -- both hospitals does that allow them to make more money and put them in about a financial shape. He certainly was very complimentary of LC and -- the way they'll operate in the past. Because. Of their ability to you have a billion dollar cash reserve. But again as everyone has somewhat question and it's still the unknown is. What happens to it with the UNC. And it has you know the question out there has LC MC. -- -- too much at one time. LC Dempsey will tell you know they have a plan. Obviously their track record indicates that they know how to operate the facilities are brought back to Euro a menagerie in terms of quality medical care. But again that is a question that's out there and I and you -- nobody really. Can predict what's gonna happen in the future so you have to look at what what. Would data and what empirical data you have at this point in time and try to project out as best you can. But again it's unfortunate because it doesn't appear at this point at least. That both will rule will cool part of with a single suitor. But I still believe that that was in the best interest income of hospitals and the parish to have done that obviously that hasn't worked out yet. Well anyone stay with this we're gonna keep the parish president here we're gonna talk about the villages that are actually during importance of the people Jefferson Parish. Have some decisions to make stay with us. I'm Angela on WWL. Yes we have John Young parish -- president Jefferson Parish president here always appreciative of your time to -- and update us on what's going on. Now on May third you're voters will go to the polls and they're going to be asked to -- new various villages. A minute ride to the chase here none of these are our new. No -- assisting our renewals it's not a new tax it's a renewal. And depending no way you live in Jefferson Parish Angela. You'll see the 103. Measures on the back OK if you live in an incorporated. City. In -- and touch if you live in Kenner. And any incorporated municipality out of their -- feet. You'll see one thing on the on the ballot. A -- renewal of not more than one -- for. A judicial and culture because we pay for the court system and for culture and parks. If you live -- not incorporated Jefferson for instance you live in battery you'll see because denying cooperate Jefferson and the talent shall speak. You'll see two other items in addition to the the judicial culture you'll see the road lighting renewal which handles all Obama. Street lights road lighting for safety purposes and also for crime abatement. Again a renewal and and you'll also see another measure. Called special services in this for what things funded through that special services renewal. And that's senior services. And senior services that Milledge pays all of us senior senators and Jefferson Parish. We have senior senators on both the east bank West Bank so that funds all those activities on us and cellist and also funds there meals. I don't wanna give a plug in the people's health which is a great corporate citizen Jefferson Parish. About a year ago you were you read about the fact that the state cutbacks in funding for seniors in Jefferson -- who couldn't afford meals and who we deliver meals to. Hot meals at least once today and there was a gap in and people's house dumped up to the plate in in. Wrote a check interpret these thousands of Renault was taken off the waiting list and everyone needs Hotmail and jobs and get one well that. Milledge pays for that type of service and follow the activities about seniors and a senior says that we had the second this is all part of that special services. Economic development economic development. Tax incentives to and again -- use. People so people's self was leaving jumps and -- while I was on for parish president. I went to seek out Solomon didn't did know who councilman wasn't. And we judge -- we we did some incentives to keep people's help from moving out of Jefferson to all -- And they were 600 employees strong at that time now they closed with thousands of that helps I was retain and attract new business jobs and garage. His little I can tell people is I'm against new taxes but a lot of new taxpayers. Yes -- beautifully set and then this other thing that did this economic development Milledge does. Is it helps provide an incentive at the parish level to manage to -- the state and soon. Thoughtful films that are filmed here don't tax credits. And we have done a study and in Jefferson Parish alone. Two million dollars in an economic. Tax incentives some film productions that are done in jumps and perished and 88 million dollars -- been spent on production of film and Jefferson Parish. Since inception of this incentives for your investment of two million -- -- 88 this is what inning Rihanna and I'm talking now about the greater metropolitan -- actors Jeff how important film industry is does. We -- now there was a recent trade publication. Louisiana the state Louisiana could you have a film studio and. In Baton Rouge entry point number one in the United States we ahead of California and New York in fact in that same article Angela. The mayor of Los Angeles is now scrambling to stop the exodus of film production and he is going to his counsel. To put together a tax incentive to keep the film industry from leaving college so that showed you that Louisiana. Has really excelled in in attracting the film industry and having them invest here and just in Paris has done a great job. By matching and then again still with those of special services. We have by judicial. And in criminal justice as we have to pay for a lot of the criminal justice services in Jefferson Parish. We we help on the DA's office juvenile court the West Bank security crime task forces -- through this Milledge. And in culture and parks that's -- parks and also. A lot of this is going to fund the operation of the -- -- performing arts and a which is scheduled to be opened in October this year that was the next thing on my now let's talk about that. It is an open it is gonna open we we reached a global resolution that last October. And we have some certain and a date certain. In the contract under that agreement has until October 2 to turn to turn that over 2000 completed state. And gone back when this was were originally conceived the way before the president counsel present administration myself. What were elected. Thanks to senators hagel and Powell spoke to whom deceased now they they got the state to put up the money to build. Just some performing arts and that was the original -- stay was gonna -- -- funded. And then once once once it was completed it would turn over the Taj to run. So that's why ten years ago this Milledge was re dedicated again without new taxes to dedicated in part to operate in this. Performing arts and because as you know no public building. Makes a profit returns about the you have to subsidize it that's why the public buildings such as. The Larry Ellison and upon entering seventh and even the superdome as successful as the saints have been and now the superdome is. Being here so long it still doesn't make money it still has to be subsidized so. That's the purpose of that -- in addition of doing some on the cultural things in Jefferson Parish. Passes fund aggressive fast and things like that to bring. Again in coming in taxpayers into jumps in -- so that's what's on the ballot. Those those again if you are if you live in -- municipality such as can -- you see one. One measure if you live in -- -- UC three measures but they're all renewals and not a new tax and we renew every ten years in jumps in Paris. So this is the time is coming up for renewal. That the only other thing I'll point out for the sake of completeness. If programme now listeners is there also two of them issues on the ballot that'll only be seen in grand then that would be. They have a road lighting just for grand. Renewal and they have an ambulance service district renewal and again that's just for a grand doll residents and -- The election is may third we wanna encourage everyone to vote and then it's early early voting starts on on April 19 and goes to 26. Stepson and a various live. We have another -- Andersen Alan I wanted to ask you about facts of your Smith. Things are progressing things are progressing in that city. Under the leadership and direction of essentially sharing and I'm planning to promised on a great job we have to give them credit. A lot of things happening you know we have some new restaurants -- of opened. -- -- -- -- -- -- We also have. There -- PC has worked with -- -- To beautify. Suburban which is going to be interest in the Phelps is going to be beautiful solidarity and -- pass and that's that's going to be great. We -- have a major investment by some doctors. The greatest at a clinic that's going to be open kind of look Hoover's posthumous -- has seen being in that. Renovated as we speak taken in a bill and bringing in in in a lot of interest quite frankly. In -- city in terms of investment so. It's it's really coming along and again when you whenever you -- develop things it doesn't happen overnight we -- -- -- the situation overnight. We're also work and by the way where -- when morning call. To try to keep them in Jefferson Parish. They're leaving because there there -- -- doubled so we're working with them in. To try to find a place for them so they can stay in that the effects of the I think it will be very upset if and lead and then I just registered today that that five guys is coming to the old and I'm dating myself now. -- was most recently a while Winger -- But it was that one common ground patty on some bird salute. There there's a lot of investment coming into into that area and we -- happy about that. And I I just remember your words that you see that area Monday as the warehouse district gets in New Orleans absolute so it'll be residents of will be businesses and it was fun. -- look for a day when we you know we have to look at a way of up from running some more parking. And maybe making a public private partnership to build. -- Multi level parking garage to a who wanna develop some green space and have some pocket parks so you know -- -- and and right now there's a bill in the legislature did to -- To set up the district similar to the DDD. So that we can can continuing his cohorts of every one from from the elected leadership -- civic community in the business communities all. United on on making that as I said -- version of the warehouse district. Well we will have you back for further updates thank you John Young parish president Jefferson -- don't forget to vote on May third. And -- come back we're going to be talking to the mayor of -- stay with us.