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4-10-14 1:35pm Angela: with Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni

Apr 10, 2014|

Angela talks with newly-reelected Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni about what's in store for Kenner during his second term.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it was a landslide win Kenner mayor Mike -- 175%. Of the votes last Saturday. And now will serve another four years so what are his dreams and plans. Mike Kenny is with us for the next thirty minutes to tell us about it. And first words congratulations to you well thank you and operation aided and am happy to be here initiated thank you 75%. Gentlemen thrilled I was very thorough. Yes you you have been sort of a dynamo. And and have come out with a plan and now you'll be able to work on that for the next four years. In just the 23. Correct so where what he accomplished in that plan and where we go. Well you know when I first got an office got a whole group of economic development leaders from regular citizens to movers and shakers of Jefferson Parish. We worked very carefully together to figure out all we can do to change the image of -- to try to entice economic development -- And really make Canada look better than it does to me and give it a sense of place. So that's how we came out with a 2030 point one of the projects that night and really part of the plan that came out of the economic development committee. Was over 9000 miles of unification. Between -- in the -- to give lake town. An image to give -- town something Ted that people understand -- towns all about. And we're giving the casino casino style entrance starting advantage all the way up queen's -- born in that project is currently underway right now it's just getting started. We were able to attract coconut beach through that wholeness that whole thing coconut beach has been a breath of fresh air to the city of -- We get tons and tons of people coming into our streets on our restaurants you know going to going to be apart coconut beach on Election Day up an espy. Because they had a slam and -- that all the high schools participate in throughout it and on our source -- wall and over 2000. Teens were at the -- buying. Hot dogs hammers drinks as kind of things and having a great time playing volleyball also. That's something we labeling you know give back the sizzling and we weren't using that we were paying to cut now we're making an average of twenty dollars a team per league that's out there. And -- might Torre whose development and peace has invested probably almost two million dollars in this this. Very very Smart and I agree and it was it was it's a great area you get that breeze off the lake you don't quite silly because of the Levy. But at least she gets that lake breeze and we knew when -- at his newborn girl it feels like here in. Pensacola Destin just you know waiting for the -- becoming. -- had great success with the and main street. Yes river to river towns river towns mainstream -- river and we just made a main street -- -- government aren't correct. And so what does that mean -- now on main well the main street program the national program that's run through with the governor's office and have state mean streets. I give you a perfect example if you've been an oak street lately. Oak street with redeveloped as a main street the good news about river town and the court or Williams it goes through there. We weren't exactly in as bad a shape as a lot of other areas we had a bunch old museums. That under the under the previous administration which I was the chief administrative officer. We knew we will lose that money so unfortunately had to close -- some museums that they don't have revolving exhibit's. People -- not coming to you know -- there was nothing we can do to reinvest money into him so we've taken those buildings. And we've brought government down there we've Bob we've got a new catering facility bellows catering has opened up an old. Toy train museum which was the original scanner -- train station which is right on the rails. And the annual Mardi Gras museum returned we have got the states -- open an office of department motor vehicles so we have a branch office now in -- so. Jefferson Parish residents don't have to go to new -- to get a license that 100 veterans they can come right to -- and at the corner of Williams and short street. We also have a registrar of voters office satellite registrar of voters office to make it easy for all residents of the east bank. In Jefferson Parish to be able to come down and an early vote you know which is the new trend now early voting is really taking off. In fact in -- I believe we we voted more people in the presidential election in 23 other parishes in the state right at that location. So if that's not if that's not a draw into into the river town area. So we're getting foot traffic that backed down -- would need to happen because for so long. It was a it was a beautiful coastline you know where you had these nice buildings all paint. The beautiful brick walkway but nobody was walking and to those people that have stuck with the state formed a merchant's association. The merchants association with step one to becoming a main street. Now Kenner tenors -- -- is on the main street map so when funding becomes available will be a little plot that funding and we wanna make sure we have some form of the event down there that we can. You know that'll have that'll give river town its own sense of place you know we've been very fortunate the past couple years the operators of -- house you know or trying to build a new facility since that hospital to their facility. They've come down and on October fest down. That is the largest crowds were Rattan has ever had in fact that the AM they said it's the largest crowd they've never attracted. 19 I think they almost 4000 people down in river -- -- and they do it on on three weekends in October so they're coming back the Italian heritage festival with them. We do RO Monday Ross celebration markets beat Zulu. That has taken off -- of course everything is dependent upon the when you have bad weather you have bad -- have great weather the attendance is unbelievable. So we've you know we have a lot of events that happened and the and now. But we -- looking for -- own little niche you know whether it's something similar to the white women night that they do in the warehouse district or some type a small little. French Quarter festival I could you know what's going on -- something that that people -- in a file with river tan. That's were hoping hoping will come out of the mainstream now and our grant writer. Did his thesis on main street so he he gets it he understands and I believe that's one of the reasons we were able to law. To qualify for he did such a great job on that and understanding the main street program. We were able to put the pieces in today and in the right place. So it's very realistic I think that's the word I'm looking for. Of of year fought for 2030. Is very you're getting there. Yes a -- taking two major areas. You're trying to make -- not just a suburb correct we wanna give -- a sense of place opera what -- signs up. Throughout the city matched up power boulevard where the imaginary lines runs runs right through power in west esplanade nobody really knows where -- starts. We put another large entrance sign up. But -- troop B which really catches people's attention we have one on veterans by. -- The Home Depot and Wal-Mart area coming in there we just pull one recently up at Roosevelt and airline. So when people come in the candidate go to C one of those little green markers that says. You know Citicorp and -- -- limits here you're entering -- and we want people know this is a great community this is a community that's going to be a community of choice once again. We're gonna get our population back up and we're not gonna let it dip again. And we're trying to go after those younger families that have may be going elsewhere have going to lake you have go on the river -- is -- going across the lake. You know we have eleven parks and playgrounds in the city -- so we need some kids to fill those parks and play. Everyone stay with -- Morgan being continuing our talks with the mayor of Kenner Mike and we'll be right back. Our very special guests this half hour is Kenner mayor Mike Kim who just won reelection 75%. Of the vote that has to be real. A real statement of you were on the right track and people want you to continue. And you just talked about two very exciting things that are happening both with the main street and this wonderful corduroy that's leading up to that. The gambling vote anyway. But Manger to Kenner is going to be that airport. Absolutely that is gonna change the entire face of -- in a very good way. You know it has been a lot of contention with the airport at one time back in the early eighties. There was discussion of different runways what can residents don't want -- runways there happy with the way it is they don't want more flights coming over their houses through through additional runways but. This new terminal that Meryl Andrew is. It came out -- to make this a regional airport to make people realize you've got to have a first class airport. To attract people to a first class city like the city in the wall once and -- Yeah I believe it's fortunate to house in -- international airport is a very good tax base for us. Since he has done that the few renovations he's done to the old terminal we have seen a small spike in sales taxes because of that terminal and and there are and renovation. If he put the right people on the board. You know you have IT mourn with with commander's palace who understands restaurants you can't have a restaurant that's his French Quarter bar. But now you have -- -- now you have yield college in. People understand that when they get off their plane they know that that's associated with -- wants that's gonna make him wanna go to that restaurant. There is a -- clothing outfit where you can buy crawfish shirts in the airport people get that they associate that with New Orleans and Louisiana. And that's what's at the airport so that is certainly helped -- cause it's it's with encounters boundaries. And the new terminal is like something I've never seen before I'll end it takes your breath and it does it truly does its. You know if that doesn't draw people to this to this region I don't know what well I mean that is mean that that can do to us. What the Atlanta Hartsfield airport due to the city of Atlanta you know I mean where where it where and another southern city just like Atlanta. Andy I mean they blew up when that airport and then when that airport grew and in and got developed and I believe we can we can have the same thing. What I love about it also in having done a whole program with if the car -- onto his via the general. Director against director radiation clearly is that it's being built for efficiency. It is right in his fact I had realized until seven I'm at the airport -- the there was one whole column course they closed they did it was like mothballed. But this will and having seen that the video of -- you think oh my gosh. It's it's going to do exactly what starts out to do it is going to be more efficient for the passengers. And it's going to be beautiful to being on and ultimately will cut their costs and they'll get more airlines. Right and and you know -- did their thinking about all the things for the passenger you know I mean -- Mitch said. I want this to be good for. The elderly lady traveling on her own. The mother traveling by herself with three kids the business traveler you know the corporate travelers the vacationing travelers they all need to. Have a convenience when they get off their plane or when they get on their point. And the fact that there's going to be one. You know large TSA checkpoint. That's gonna save money you'll go through that area and then you'll be able to break off the concourse you need to go to like modern airports are around the country you know Iraq. That terminals the sixty year old building and there's -- there's very little you can do to a six year old building you can always make it look prettier which they've done a great job that is the last Super Bowl. But she just can't you can't make it up to today's standards and that's what they're doing with that building. We have gone as far as hiring an outside firm who is going to act as our code enforcement. So when the building needs to be inspected. They're gonna go through a private firm to do it so that the city does not my city does not hold up the city of New Orleans. So that they can get that airport built on the deadline he's looking to do in 2018 and so we you know. I have a great relationship with mayor -- probably the mayor -- needs to have a good relationship with the -- -- won't whoever it is because when you house. A large coastal land and also another city you've got to have a good working relationship with that mayor says that what happens out there there's a sense of communication. And accountability and that's that's who we have going on between us -- chief administrative officer. Meets with the airport aviation director mr. Ahmad we have a great represented in Jim Watson on the aviation board -- it was a rep for Kenner. And out council pointed him and he's done an excellent job making sure he's a finance guy so he gets it and that's that's I think that's what's very important specifically do you think. How -- benefit from the new force will right now when you leave the current airport you get on the airport access for an you have absolutely no idea -- in -- And you get on a flyover. And then all of a sudden year in New Orleans. So now where the where the the main entrance to the airport is going to be at loyal. And DO TD along with us and the airport are working one you know making sure we have the right ingress and egress off by ten. People coming from Baton Rouge. Have to go all the way to Williams backtracking a wonder that overpass they have no easy access to. When a traveler gets awful plane if they didn't grab something to you at the airport and they they do exactly what toll they're they're going to be. 101220. Maybe twenty minutes before they get down ten need now they gonna have the options to get off. Go down veterans boulevard be able travel through -- -- doors. And be able to to access whatever they may need whether it's gas for their car or go to a restaurant. Or go to the -- mall or go to -- -- or go to river task so so will -- you know they'll have a lot more ingress and egress and the southern side is still going to be used as a air cargo. And the business park so correct so that's that's gonna help also that's gonna help that airline court or. To redevelop in a different way I mean when you have a city that has the interstate that runs through it. The airport in the heart of its. Rail system in the southern port. I mean that's going to be very very easy for a lot of air cargo and and and you've always heard over the past decade. We need a good air cargo we need good commercial air now you gonna have both house writing Karen -- on the existing footprint of the of the. The current airport I'm here years excitement about it now and it is exciting stay with us we'll be right back. Well we're talking with the mayor Mike -- of Kenner and very briefly you have another project. Sure lake town we you know we wanna make -- -- a form of a destination. We wanna move the casino to the west and and tying in now -- real nice development on fifteen acres of state water bottoms which we've reclaimed and it's already for development. Have a hotel. Convention space in that hotel restaurants because you can't yield beautifully parked train anymore. The West End is going we can recreate a much nicer west in with restaurants stores a hotel. Tied in with the treasure chest casino right there. You are doing so much and so quickly and it's exciting and we're gonna get you back for further -- -- can't -- regulations again on your win thank you so much and everyone stay with this. What are we talking the next hour about son of the saint. Stay with us now let's go to the newsroom.