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4-10 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, NFL Draft

Apr 10, 2014|

Should the Saints stand pat with the 27th overall pick or is there a player you would trade up for? Or maybe trade down and accumulate more picks? Bobby and Deke were joined by Dion Caputi , NFL draft analyst for the NationalFootballPost.com. Keep up with Dion's updates of the draft on twitter: @nfldraftupdate

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's a guy about it again -- -- the news isn't -- to -- granted Iran for the number two and thirteen picks birth of -- wouldn't give up. The number two and thirteen picks in the first round prize put Jimmy Graham now cause I'd do that yes yes I wouldn't do I think. The good almost every team do. -- -- as far as Dick dedicated to -- -- area and yet the good whereas somebody drafted as -- start as a potential -- of your job the right people two starters a decade in approval and it didn't aghast as did you do -- of their trade Jimmy Graham -- two and thirteen. -- -- All -- Mac number two MI Gammons O'Neal back on the thirteenth -- not a good deal when -- Ed we're a good deal with you can give it. As you negated that that is great Patriots they're do you have to boot and -- credit for that. Beyond -- concluded John does now he's an analyst -- the national football post talk about the upcoming NFL draft. Indiana Bob -- every other analyst we talk to the count this is a deep deeper than normal draft him -- by eight. A -- wide receiver corps and some people feel that if you have a pick. India first 4045 picks maybe an elated that his draft there's some first round talent that goes deep into the second round. I absolutely guys more so than just the -- your position as a number of positions that have side sort of the same luxury. Now beyond look at that this individual -- -- -- Mac at. You know you hear things. I've -- being compared to the Clay Matthews. Could be that dominant maybe a potential like -- Lawrence Taylor. He always look at the comparison so what is what is your take on on him and and the number of mock drafts that I've seen. That. The loss I've seen is probably number six are even higher. Absolutely complete players the best way to describe and we can do it all rush the passer. And the pats make tackles cover a lot -- field very aware player. As far as my personal prediction -- similar comparison of his impact potentially I look at it -- on Miller. And I think that's the sort of measuring stick we look at furcal Womack in terms rookie impact. No idea on look at the quarterbacks and -- once look at for the franchise quarterback and I've always said this even going back. To -- playing late eighties early ninety's in. And that you know when he had 28 at 32 teams. You probably have. For sure aid if not maybe even. Ten to twelve that are looking. For their future starting quarterback to have stopgap but I look at it this year's. Draft and to say like good and I mean I'd be shocked if Andrew Luck would have success to discuss -- and expectations what I am but I thought he would do -- Right now I know Johnny men's -- and how excited he has. But would Blake -- holes and and all. I mean could he be another -- -- indoor. Upon there you look at all these guys -- in the first round in and as dealing necessarily half to two B I'd rather take. And I know people -- quarterback Aaron take a dominant player. Who I think is gonna have an impact for sure they may be hoping -- quarterbacks work out. Absolutely I do agree we do and obviously there's not an Andrew -- in every single draft clock and just talk -- quarterbacks available doesn't mean they're -- -- pan out. I do see three solid slam dunk first round picks at quarterback with access bill and I where they shake out. Totally subjective Fred -- three yeah. Goes through it would be judgmental. Like portals. And of course Teddy Bridgewater. Now I think Johnny mental disorder type of prospect that exclusive to only select -- to -- predicting who was -- like -- sent -- in the year. And my latest market go up mortal -- -- -- -- one perfect Albright fit. Certainly the best fit for bill O'Brien in Houston team of those -- quarterbacks. Bridgewater to Cleveland. He used to. And they sent my latest mock. Really working wish. Their talent around and so he's able to be built around in Cleveland with the limited talent available at its disposal. And that after the match -- we could probably rule out the Raiders for John Inman on I think Minnesota. And memories desperate for a wildcard to change fortunes under center currently have a goal. -- and their DNA in if you wore it when you say slammed -- you mean to slam dunk like I doubt it's a long term starter or do you mean slam dunk like say. Let's say like EJ Manuel -- until Cam Newton in this situation had a much better year this year but. Still uncertainty if these guys also can be successful long term to what a slam -- meaning your estimate. My mistake -- should've clarified I think slam dunk in the sense that they are blocks for -- for the first round. But I do with that said I think all three have a great opportunity to be successful despite the fact that the odds are against -- Now if you don't shake out this way and hit it really does. Indicate whether or not if certain players will succeed at the next level by I do think Blake portal that number -- and good -- that's just in my opinion based on the -- I the other two it's it's really up in the air like that said there's there's a lot of different types of quarterbacks that fit. Very different sorts of offensive schemes so he can really. Mix and match at the top. You know -- I just think a potential -- see. Guys turning into and I think this is still lighted candidate to Ottawa Ryan Kenny hill. But I Blaine Gabbert and what was going average eleven or twelve pick don't want to say I'm just a problem I had. And you know strong arm and all that night and say is that fit right plays the right time. You know -- who's coaching you and in and in that regard it with that being said. If you couldn't. I guess -- a genie in a bottle like a Russell Wilson and get a player like in the third round so yeah you look at the value there. But of fans of ask us you look where Drew Brees is that. Is like a young mid thirties almost he's helped -- it. I I just don't think right now especially anywhere earlier that even the Saints had opportunity that their future quarterback is maybe in this draft. I would agree with you two and it would divert the Blaine Gabbert or actual perfect example you brought up. Tonight it's a perfect example of a player with intact and natural talent but. Simply wasn't coming from a transferable offense all Missouri you look at Russell Wilson you'll see uses an example. Fantastic all around player the only thing going in similar size and are able to look past that you would've gotten. A potential top five top ten pick in my mind at that point it wasn't for inside I believe only you would have gone right. Despite the fact that you got -- the draft class with Andrew Luck and Robert -- as well. Now led the a look at it the Sean Payton Drew Brees era the Saints have trainer twice in the first first round. And it really hasn't worked out in 2008 they went at three spot to take give it to tackle Sedrick Ellis. Now he was a good player but not worthy of that pick and now he's part of the suitable team. And then you look at 2011 they moved into the first round in the second to take a Mark Ingram. So -- Saints fans look at well. You know as far as their contribution. That would necessarily. The best moves that you know making those in the Saints have made you look on the back in the great draft picks they've made but if you look right now. And how deep the draft is. The scenario. And as they -- distinct kicking and and and whether Iraq within about 27 pick let's say they were. Moved back in the draft how deep is it to where he still maybe can get the same value. Within 27 -- let's say physical to maybe than ninth or tenth pick of the second round and you still get in the same -- a player RO wears an out of. Absolutely it was fair it is theirs and -- is far far more. First round grade and felt used in -- that in most years certainly more than 32 that will be picked in the first round this year. Now I think. Given that. It really is and I've beneficial I would say for teams in the bottom of the draft to move up in what -- really are targeting one specific player or one specific position. And the Saints are a little bit of a weird spot I I believe. That that team with a 34 edge rushing linebacker leader Jack linebacker position he'd like I believe in south. There are a little bit of a rough spot 47 probably. Colonial actually and keep Fords and all of those sorts of players off the board by there. There in Europe stand need to reach on a player. Maybe slightly toward people and normally in earlier in the second round like they needed the Marcus -- Boise State like really. Up until like a lot. But or maybe even -- murkier Stanford. So it's it. Really beneficial for a team like different could really decide whether or not they want to move up or move down action beat you need it really epic Nick -- into the draft. What they want to do. -- how can Tebow -- onto that you can find the NFL draft update LB like in New York this year and I've got lots. Coverage everybody can follow me -- please check me out. Beyond the green NFL draft analyst for the national football post national football post dot com Deion great stuff thank you so much for the help your legs there.