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4-10 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, Kaepernick sexual assault

Apr 10, 2014|

The 49ers QB, Colin Kapernick is in a bit of hot water. Kapernick is alleged to be involved in a suspicious sexual incident. Bobby and Deke spoke with Matt Maiocco who covers the 49ers for CSNBayArea.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Met me -- joins us now he -- was a San Francisco 49ers in Bay Area sports the CSN Bay Area dot com what Colin cabernet. Is in the lose -- what they did Jon Bryant tell us about this a developing story if you will. -- certainly not in the news for earned degrees and in and you know here in the Bay Area up again -- than anybody wanted to wait out Cuba I do you want it distress to at this that. Initial report frontier and Z. Mentioned that they -- they sexual assault investigation. And the Miami Police Department is saying that there is no evidence of crime or any sexual assault effect in the report. The woman and ball said that there was no sex all. But what happened is not a one man and after a night. Of -- partying with looked on jeopardy game and Quinton Patton. That the former Louisiana Tech wide receiver now going to be entering its second year 49ers. And Ricardo locked it up from the Seattle Seahawks and spent time with the 49ers and very different to -- that you know the woman reported that. After a third. A night of a couple drinks and in some other stuff that cheap. Turn -- and it retired Q it experiment this -- lots. The inning memories anything that happened after that in in it's actually woke up in a hospital. And so she Boller re record in the -- termed. Look at Miami Police Department is suspicious incidents so. How much he's been interviewed but certainly the -- No charges have been pressed no no hint of a crime within that incident report. But the Miami police also says that the investigation continues. The Hamad economize in the investigation. Continue and then look good the case is different scenario situation where it. As far as victim potential victims are victims passing out not remember kind of what happened. But -- Darren Sharper and I don't know I don't know I'm just speculating I don't know of anything has any connection edges. Find that when ironic you look at the victims there wake it up within in the hospital or Michael what the hell just happened in. -- reflect back and remember and then you know -- reports and I just thought that was instant but with that being said -- now. We'd college cabernet in his contract situation and go to foreign that is definitely. Well wanna get something done a long term obviously they look at him as a quarterback of the future. But -- where does that stand is that all on hold now obviously you know it. Yeah I think so it I don't know that this wool. Will drag on for too long as far as what the next step but the Miami Police Department and mediate there will decide against it. They will continue to pursue something or as the as the spokesperson. Talked to gates says you know that there's no evidence of a crime. That that would tend to be -- believe bit. Then maybe nothing will come a bit so I think the 49ers are surely doing their own study and all work on this in their own investigation. And I'm sure at that point it's a look at what Colin. And liquid bad -- to figure out. It could handle what occurred that night in and weirdest thing you -- But I think it's. That the 49ers have stated they want to sign. On jeopardy to a contract extension before the start training camp. In the -- and said publicly that CEO of the team Jerry York and -- all the head coach Jim Harbaugh that Japanese deserves to be paid like a top. NFL quarterback in in now all they -- ankle and rated eighteen million dollars a year. I think before the -- make -- investments they'll certainly lot that's -- to play out. See where it goes. So I think -- again it because it affects. That the coach each and a lot. He could affect it saw -- or might not affected -- at all I think you can start no charges filed it in. Miami Police Department. -- that there was there was no crime no end of a crime. The I don't think that it will impact. Colin cap for next inning look at the niners and I would fully expect him still societal long term extension before the start drink yeah. That was a four rounds in a Bay Area sports for CSN Bay Area dot com met me -- follow him on Twitter at Mayo Kosier has seen in eight -- CC OC AC met. Thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It or or an event thank you very much.

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