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4-10 5:35pm Steve Korte, Saints Draft options

Apr 10, 2014|

Should the Saints stand pat at the 27th pick in the NFL Draft, or trade up for a specific player…or trade down for more picks? Steve Korte of WWL's First Take gives Bobby and Deke his wishlist of draft choices.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A member of our sport stance if -- New Orleans -- offensive lineman Steve court joins us now Steve. -- the fans first take when you look at the black and gold Steve what would be UC is a -- areas of need Cologne to -- Momentum. You know. That's kind of mature clips and a bit. I mean really if you struggled edit without sort pointing out kind of the obvious of you know I think they addressed a lot of the secondary issues I look at the air. But at such a trick bag because I mean when you when you start thinking about it because. Really just about every position you could look at. I mean. If you're looking at quarterback position the superstar we got there right now what we need to -- -- good and I think if you stand pat. I think you're I think you're a bad situation but I just look at -- -- You know I think obviously need to beat them are -- -- deployment not -- pass rushing got a guy. In the secondary guys that we. We picked up lately I think the safeties and you know that's going to be something nuclear thicker graduate but really it can -- if you look at the whole thing I think. It again I go back and look at it sort of what you could count to develop you'll get done a lot of the life. Are you lose to the line of scrimmage that would matter what you got. Now Australia you bring up in the trenches obvious -- of linemen this is that in use today and yourself labeled the center and guard position. -- if you give him plane now you look at Alex Mack. -- you know I'm restrictive free to from the Browns in and now. People are speculating that the Browns should franchise tag him. And he has got effort about it Jacksonville Jaguars don't wanna say like. -- -- -- -- And and in and now it -- almost in a bind where they don't get any -- and their fans. Because a dominant player like Alex Mack was that. That it looks like that the Browns in a -- -- and keep them because of the stability. And a big -- ages. And I'm trying to think Stephen they just sign them big time tackle. I gave big money so you know like you said it all starts up front and that's why I think yeah club bring Alex my bag that. Well. Think -- thought it brought to a good but the level low but did well. You look at it if there's not many guy is walking the planet -- played those positions I mean that's the sort of that there rare. And I think anytime you by the and it's a bonafide starter yet they need by the guy that it dominating in the trench. Any sort out there there's a lot of teams that need that and and depth is key I mean look you keep up its line. And I think you know. You you're you're sort of best years in a position to where you really have to climb the best five guys each and every week that rotates. You know depending upon health issues and one not that would be fine. You know bonafide guy that's like a couple years ago when I looked -- -- that really hate to lose next that it just gonna -- you know. And I think it did they get hurt as they get hurt as bad a big -- lost Goodwin. The -- in coming back keep him but I'm thinking at that point he's going to be a player that there -- years ago so. You know it takes to pull out and I think any kind you have dominating player like that you got that -- try to do which can't keep them but look. You know salary constraints and at bat to limitations are what earnestly and that a lot of things happen and also make a lot of things happen on the other side. Now honesty what can you tell the fans. When you look when you came out of you know university Arkansas. Yeah expectations bum Phillips in the Saints had the U. That really not being just one dimensional like you really have guards and their -- in regard. And having that flexibility when you look at now. Now I think is not over Julia I think gonna bring in someone else to compete with timlin -- -- -- and here's a guy is first NFL starts. When Jahri Evans went down was a guard. And those kind of a mixed bag. The had a really good game -- Louisiana bag game. I reflect back against the Cardinals and Cardinals yeah he got -- And any had a big game is and it was his mom had passed to waited team rally around him against the Falcons. I'm in Georgia Dome but -- -- -- am bringing up and he explained to fans maybe how hard it is OK let your guard and now they expect you be to -- the decision I gave me a lot more responsibility and how difficult that might be at the NFL. Well these narratives and and that's one of the things I think a lot of people think well you don't like -- -- like circuit that's all they really sort of court just snaps the ball well. The -- out. But it really does not mean that your situation now where you're looking at it get defense is a value required the more experience you have there the more that's required -- basically be a bit. Sort of the quarterback of of the opposite wind in -- all the blocking schemes out. I can reverse several times Bobby that you call two which replaced in the huddle. And then you reject them in the middle of it you know a bit in the middle account. And and be happy to make different calls in order to adjust. You don't get to what's going on the -- legacy ought. To be operative sound. So it's a different deal in the back pictured this snapping the ball. -- usually you know back when I played it you know he was predominate 34 defense is so there was always almost always a nose tackle. And it tilted you know that's my -- arena yeah. Yet there's still those is -- an option and guys are guys that works. No the eagle down which is now really just sort of the same thing it's a 43 defense to. They beat the guy over a three technique over one regards to make shaded the backside at the center -- You know that's just that's just the way it is now and what they try to do is obviously. They each other. -- -- -- A natural question sort of the anger and like an -- European. Senator as opposed to being on the garden in the dark as it was sort of more of ballistic -- about. Position that. The center is sort of a wrestling match and it was I travel like that at that at some point that. Look I was just -- -- have to be able to transition real smooth and you know I went. Obviously predominantly Morse that I did -- that could move back to guard after Saturday it was just it was a it was an easy transition. Steve it's like the way we're structured and say we the Saints you know on the Sean Payton and drew breeze that. Especially how drew a climbs the pocket. Now we almost paid. As you know the guards inside out vs the stated tackles. Example. Evenly brought in Grubbs what we had to pay him along -- Jahri Evans. But to me that's center position now which in the -- token considering the value or Drew Brees. Now I know the two guards can make you better about that could be a lot of pressure on a young guy considering. You know the explosion I think getting can handle it he came from Grand Valley State. Yeah I mean you know it's not like Michigan or Michigan statement in of the people you can play and you look at Harry Evans in. Bloomberg an -- fraud counts and sure but -- that just talk about that the challenges of a young guy out aside and you're expected to play at the highest level considering who you you you protecting its Avant about the hall of fame quarterback. You have not only a Pro Bowl but all prologue guard alongside you. Yeah. The only I get -- that I have is that fact that -- -- and -- after the ball Kent State. And I think in. I I saw a little early -- any -- read it and they did not that I can't let this guy yet. You know and literally the nose tackle Bobbie you know could probably. He can probably reach out and touch it yet do so you know it's a technical assistance to the straight line well this guy's deliberately like that to beat yourself. You know a lot of pressure from the standpoint of you've got to make sure that. Inside out that you've got to be pretty firm and you really have to be able to control that nose tackle or whoever's over that knows that position. I am really. Don't expert -- that you have been gaining ground and it died at least you got Stonewall because. I think it's broken down inside about you know you -- shot you can always step up around the outside that. Utah quarterback know you have no shot step up whatsoever. -- get blown back -- laps so. It's the same for the door just -- no way they can do it so. You have to be firm out there and and that point that watched -- yourself out and it it just seems like got a little -- to the middle part of the time. Velika. Particularly against William that you could climb to the trade to the players -- so. Dead but that course and former hospitals spot gotten operative blog got to get it done. And it doesn't matter inspector body you know that mean they. Couple years ago when when. You know Brady was playing against a giant if you looked. You look but he was pedestrian I mean he looked absolutely yet -- game. You know because they were kidnapped -- -- with a line of scrimmage so. And that can happen to anybody -- drew struggled at times before when he said that EL so. It's the same thing. He's geared up for the any TO policies scroll -- all of your body in saint Louis blues alike in another gear right nasty col it looked pretty good on the end -- the Bruins that's not think the Omega do we Chelsea. Steve cold Steve take and we appreciate buddy are you got a few weeks all right.